Midnight Snack

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I awake in a pool of moonlight at 3:34 a.m., my vivid dream rapidly evaporating. You are lying next to me, fast asleep, The sound of your breathing is deep and soothing, like the peace of this moment. Outside, crickets and other creatures of the night are filling the air with a steady din. I lie there for a few moments just gazing at your brown, shoulder-length hair splayed across your pillow. You are lying partly on your side, partly on your stomach, with your back to me. As a soft breeze wafts in the window on this muggy summer night, I gather my pillow in the crook of my arm and snuggle a bit closer to you. I am naked and I feel my penis make contact with your skin. Looking down, I realize that your nightgown has ridden up, exposing your bare ass. I love your ass. It’s so sexy in its plump, firm roundness and the part of your wonderful body that never fails to arouse me intensely. Tonight is no different. This discovery is a pleasant and electrifying surprise.

You had come home late after a long day at work to find me already in bed. I’d tried waiting up for you, but sleep claimed me. I now recall being aware of your presence sometime after you came in. You’d peeled off your clothes and gone into the bathroom, leaving me to sleepily think about sex even though I, too, was totally beat. I began to drift off as the silence stretched on. Finally the toileted flushed and it was to the sound of water in the sink that I fell back asleep. As I lie here now in the moonlight, the thought crosses my mind that this is the perfect time to do something you’ve said you’d really like, and that I’ve always wanted to fulfill. The very thought of it makes my penis stir and swell. So I lie there for a few more minutes, just enjoying the sight of your ass and the feeling of my lust. My erection is full and hard, twitching slightly as it rests against your buttock.

At last, I move down — silently and slowly, as I don’t want to wake you. That would ruin the surprise. But you are sound asleep, quite worn out from your day.

I continue my journey güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri until eventually I am lying on my stomach with my face by your ass. Your legs are positioned so that your creamy cheeks are slightly parted, revealing the dark inviting valley between. My cock is aching as I move my face close to the cleft and savor the scent of your anal musk. It’s deeply arousing and made even richer by the fact that you haven’t showered after a long, hot day. You know full well, and get very turned on by, how much I love the sight, scent and taste of your asshole. The intimacy of licking you there is deeply erotic for both of us, and the reason I am here tonight.

I want to caress your soft, plump buttocks and spread them to reveal your delicately wrinkled slit surrounded by dark skin and wisps of fine hair. But that would wake you, and I want my tongue on and in your anus to be what gently brings you to consciousness.

So I spend another minute or so just savoring the intoxicating scent of your ass. Finally, I can wait no more and I gently lick your warm, dark cleft. The taste — salty and more than a little bitter — brings me to the edge of orgasm. You moan softly and stir as I slowly run my the flat of my tongue around your slightly sweaty anus, fully realizing the delicious flavor. Your ass has never smelled more erotic and inviting.

“Mmmmm,” you sigh, shifting and moving a bit as you begin to realize what is going on. My slow licks up the length of your asscleft make you shudder. Before you can reflexively move to another position, I softly cup your cheeks. With my fingers splayed across them, I widen your sweet, musky cleft and push the tip of my tongue into the dark slit of your asshole.

“Mmmmmmm,” you sigh again, moving a leg so as to give me more access. “That’s nice….”

“You taste so good,” I say, my hands roaming the soft, cool skin of your nude buttocks. I kiss your anus, lick it again, and slowly insert my tongue. I love the way your soft pucker gives way until I feel skin that güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri is as firm and smooth as rubber. It’s tight, too, but only at first. The tip of my tongue must work my way in, but after a few more licks, a suck, and some gentle probing, your asshole relaxes and my tongue penetrates to where it can touch the soft, satiny walls of your rectum. And the deeper I go, the sharper and more deliciously bitter the taste. It makes my tongue tingle and thrills me to the point where I must shift to take the pressure off my cock. Pressed against the bed, my erection is overly aroused and leaking pre-cum. My orgasm is just a hair-trigger away.

Your moans and sighs are driving me to the edge, too. You move onto your stomach with your head resting on your pillow and gently thrust your ass against my face. Its soft warmth is exquisite. I take a few moments to kiss each cheek before parting them again and resuming my feast of your asshole, which is now warm, soft and wet with a mix of my saliva and your sweat. The next bit of pressure from my tongue takes it deep inside you and I begin slowly moving in and out, in and out, in and out. Each time I go a little deeper in search of that tangy bitterness that is so very different from the taste of your pussy, which is almost like honey.

You are moaning and breathing hard now, shaking slightly as you push your ass against my face, urging me deeper. I know you are on your way to coming.

“Oh yeah baby, the taste of your asshole turns me on so much,” I sigh. “Give it to me baby…Mmmm you’re so nice and funky…let me in deep….”

“Mmmm,” is all you can say, and for the next several minutes I lick and suck and kiss and probe your tasty asshole as the summer moonlight and cool breeze wash over us. When you shudder and I sense you are on the verge of release, my own excitement becomes unbearable. My tongue is swirling deep inside your asshole, and I can feel your anus begin to spasm and tighten on it as you cry out. Grinding my hard cock against the bed, I güvenilir bahis şirketleri begin to come, too, and for the next few frantic moments we are both riding a wave of intense, orgasmic bliss. As I come, I can’t get enough of your asshole and the pungent scent of your rear. My tongue works feverishly and I can feel the wetness spreading beneath my stomach as my semen soaks into the sheets.

Once the ecstasy passes, I kiss your anus and rest my head on your warm buttocks.

“Mmmm, that was nice,” you say dreamily. “I like when you make me come that way….”

“So do I,” I say. “You made me come, too….”


“Really,” I say, running my tongue into your warm, moist crack once more. “You taste really good tonight….”

“Do I?”

“Sure,” I say as I move up to lie next to you. You turn towards me and our eyes meet. “Taste….”

I kiss you. The scent of your ass is all over my face and it seems to arouse your interest. You lick at my lips and our tongues meet. Your kiss is intense as you explore my mouth, eagerly accepting the traces of the flavor of your anus.

“Good, huh?” I say after our kiss and exchange ends.

“Yeah…” You smile shyly, seeming to be a little embarrassed by your enjoyment. “You must think I’m weird for liking the taste of my own ass…”

“Not at all,” I say, touching your face. “It’s a huge turn-on, like the way you enjoy the taste of your pussy on my lips or cock.”

I also love it when you lick your finger after you’ve slowly inserted it deep into your asshole and worked it a bit.

“Maybe sometime I’ll suck your dick after you fuck my ass,” you say, your eyes narrowing with naughtiness. “You’d like that, huh?”

“You know it,” I say, kissing your forehead.

And with that, we cuddle and soon fall asleep. I am awakened shortly after dawn by a pleasant sensation that I realize is your mouth on my penis. My manhood swells steadily to full hardness and you work on it with tongue and hand until the head is bulging and my cock resembles a shiny railroad spike. I lie there, my head propped on my pillow, watching you and your obvious enjoyment at sucking and licking my sex. Your caress and the velvet of your tongue are so arousing.

At last, you sit up and say, “Want to fuck my ass?”

“Gladly,” I say and we go on to fulfill your next desire.

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