Mile High Moment

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I’ve told you a couple of my stories so far, but I’m going to let my husband Dale tell this next short one.

Well, this is going back a good few years now to when I was nineteen and still a virgin. I was on my way to Tenerife, a well known party island, with a handful of my friends. Typical plan for a lad’s holiday; sun, sex, booze, sex, sleep, sex etc. etc. I did okay on the sun, booze and sleep part, but only managed sex just the once. It may have seemed a bit of a failure in comparison to some of my mate’s achievements, but when I look back, and as you will see, it was far from it.

We had rocked up early at Heathrow airport and hit the drink at about 8 in the morning. Well most of the others did, I was not renowned for being a big drinker back then so I took it nice and easy, didn’t want to make an idiot of myself by throwing up before we’d even boarded the plane. Our flight was called and we made our way to the gate and got ourselves settled into our seats. This of course didn’t go without one or two of my mates making lewd suggestions to one of the air hostesses and almost getting themselves chucked off. Fortunately that didn’t happen.

Eventually the plane took off. I don’t mind admitting that I have never been a great flyer, so I put my music on and settled down trying to shut off everything around me. Well almost everything. I hadn’t noticed, as we had got on the plane before them, but there was a group of girls sitting a couple of rows behind us across the aisle. As far as I could make out, without appearing to be overly nosey, there were seven of them in their group. A couple of them had clearly got drunk already and were trying to gee up the passengers around them to a holiday sing-a-long. It wasn’t working. It was obvious they were heading out to Tenerife for a good time. I wondered if they would be staying at the same place as us. However, it wasn’t those two that had grabbed my attention. Sitting in the gangway seat in the row in front of them was one of their friends. She had short dark hair, in a kind of bob style, very striking brown eyes and from what I could tell, a very nice smile. I only discovered that last part as I kept, clearly not very well, trying to sneak a look at her without her noticing. This was something I was definitely not very good at. After about the fourth attempt, when I was trying to check her out whilst talking to one of my mates sitting behind me, she gave me that gorgeous smile. I felt myself go bright red, having just been caught out, and quickly averted my eyes before sitting back in my sit feeling a proper idiot.

I put my headphones back on and went back to listening to my music. A few minutes later I tried to sneak another look at her as a stewardess was passing by. Shit, she was still looking at me with a cheeky grin on her face and her friend sitting next to her was also looking at me and me smiling. The red cheeks quickly hit again and I shrank back into my seat. I made a mental note not to look at her again, although I did wonder whether she was smiling as she liked me, or was actually smirking as she knew exactly what I was up to.

After an hour or so into the flight I decided to go to the bathroom at the back of the plane, which of course would give me another chance to sneak a peak. I got up as casually as I could, throwing out a fake stretch and using the Sinop Escort opportunity to look across the plane. She was deep in conversation with the girl sitting next to her and hadn’t even noticed me get up. I felt a pang of disappointment. Oh well, I didn’t have a great deal of experience anyway so I was already worried that I wouldn’t pull when we got on holiday let alone on the flight going there.

I made my way into the loo and did my business. Just as I was finishing up there was a tap on the door. Some people were so impatient.

“Hang on,” I called, “almost done”.

There was another tap on the door, a bit louder. They would have to wait. I washed my hands, dried them and then opened the door. I didn’t get very far though. The girl that I had been looking at bustled me back into the toilet and quickly locked the door.

“What the…” I tried to say.

“Do you like me?” she asked, “only you kept looking at me, so I thought you must do.”

Did I? Heck, she looked even better close up and the smell of her perfume was intoxicating in the small space.

“Er yeah,” was about all I could get out.

“Great,” she answered.

She grabbed hold of me around the neck and planted a big kiss on my lips. I tried to push her away.

“What if someone wants the loo?” I asked.

She giggled, “there’s others, don’t worry about it.”

Again she planted a kiss on my lips, this time working her tongue into my mouth. Clearly she was more experienced than me, although from the alcohol I could taste on her breath I assumed she was a bit drunk. Dutch courage? This was definitely a whole new experience for me and for someone who had barely hit third base a couple of times, it felt fantastic. My cock was already bulging and I heard her make a little pur of approval as it pushed against her in the very confined space. We continued to kiss, our tongues probing deep into each others mouths. Her small, but very pert breasts were pushing into my chest, nipples standing at attention through her flimsy top. She let go of me.

“You’re a really good kisser,” she said breathlessly. “I wouldn’t normally do this sort of thing, but you looked really cute when you were staring at me.” She smiled and I went bright red again.

We went back to kissing and as she pushed close into me again she started to rub my cock through my shorts. Shit, I was so turned on I knew I would cum within seconds. How embarrassing would that be. I took hold of her hand and moved it away.

“Aw,” she groaned. She looked at me, “oh, right you can’t hold on,” she said.

“I…” well I couldn’t actually think of anything to say.

She grabbed my hand and put it up her top. I pulled the front of her bra down and played with her tits as we went back to kissing. They felt so good. The nipples so hard underneath my hand. I clumsily, as most nineteen year olds would do, groped at them. She didn’t seem to mind. I was sure someone would be banging on the door any moment. I wasn’t even sure how long we had been going at it, probably only a couple of minutes.

“Finger me,” she suddenly said, “finger my pussy, I’m so horny.”

I didn’t need asking twice. I slipped my hand down her stomach towards the top of her shorts. She let go of me and quickly undid the button and pulled her zipper down. She Sinop Escort Bayan then went back to kissing me. I slid my hand under the elastic of her underwear and felt the top of her pubic hair. I’d only ever fingered one girl before, but just that familiar feeling of my hand against her pubes was so erotic. I slid it lower until I could feel the wetness of her opening. She squeezed me tighter and I knew she was happy for me to proceed. I hoped my inexperience didn’t let me down, but she seemed so horny I didn’t think it would be a problem. I slipped my middle finger inside her vagina, which was wet but so tight. I wasn’t entirely sure of what I was doing but she groaned in approval and I moved my finger around feeling her getting wetter and wetter. She kissed me deeper, our tongues entwined. She let out little gasps as I continued to finger fuck her pussy. All of a sudden she squeezed her legs tight against my hand and let out a long groan. I could only assume that she had just cum as she was now panting slowly and had stop squeezing me so hard.

“That was really good,” she said between little breaths.

I slipped my finger out of her, leaving a glistening trail of her juice on her pubic hair as I took my hand out of her shorts.

“Your turn now,” she said and grabbed the front of my shorts and quickly undid them. As she pulled them down my cock sprang out of my boxer shorts, already covered in pre cum. I just stood there.

“Nice,” was all she said.

She turned round and slipped her own underwear down the back of her legs and then bent over as best she could. Fuck me, what a sight.

“Stick it in me,” she gasped.

Wow, I was about to lose my virginity and join the Mile High club all in one go. She grabbed hold of my cock and and pulled it towards her opening. This was a girl who clearly liked to take the lead. She gently rubbed my helmet around her soaking wet entrance. I could feel the warmth of her pussy and was desperate to fuck her, but unfortunately that was enough for me, I knew I couldn’t hold on.

“I’m cumming,” I groaned.

“What? Oh..”

She started to wank my cock as best she could in the position she was in. Within seconds I felt the rush of an orgasm hit me and there was nothing I could do to control it. The first stream of cum shot from my cock over her pussy and down the back of her thighs. This was followed by what seemed like an endless river of my juices flowing out of my cock, onto her pussy, her shorts, her hand, her legs, the floor, what a mess. It didn’t seem to bother her as she didn’t stop wanking me until every last drop was out of my cock. Keeping hold of my now softening cock she turned around and kissed me again.

“Well that was a bit unexpected,” she said.


“Don’t worry, it was fun,” she giggled, “maybe we can do it properly another time.”

I sure hoped that was the case, I could think of nothing better than spending my holiday with this girl, beautiful and clearly sexually more advanced than me, which wasn’t saying a lot admittedly. We did our best to clean up the mess in the cramp space, but there wasn’t much hiding the cum stains on her clothing and mine for that matter. I’ve no idea how long we’d been in there, so I was praying no-one was waiting outside. I undid the door and breathed a Escort Sinop sigh of relief. The toilet opposite was occupied, but no-one else was around and the rest of the passengers seemed oblivious to anything untoward. I let her slip in front of me and head back to her seat. I turned to my right to see a Stewardess at the back of the plane shaking her head at me with a smile on her face. I, of course, went red again, but knew this was not the first time she had witnessed two people leave a cubicle together.

I went back to my seat, with one of my mates asking if I was okay as I’d been gone ages. I claimed I had a bit of air sickness and he left it at that. I glanced over at the girl I had just had that moment with and found her in deep conversation with one of her friends, but she wasn’t looking at me. Oh well, I thought, if I never got to see her again I would certainly never forget that experience.

The plane landed and we headed off to collect our luggage. I noticed that she and her friends were walking just behind us as we went into the airport and she quickly appeared beside me.

“Thanks lover boy,” she whispered in my ear, “Don’t forget, if you want to do it again sometime…” And then she was gone.

All I could hope now was that I bumped into her sometime on the holiday as she was clearly up for a repeat performance. Sadly though that wasn’t to be the case and neither was she on our flight home. Try as I might, I couldn’t get her out of my head the whole time I was there and despite my mates racking up the conquests, my virginity stayed well intact.

About two months later, when I finally got around to clearing out my rucksack that I had used for hand luggage, I found a piece of paper stuffed in one of the zip compartments. I opened it up.

“Call me sometime, Litty xx (short for Elizabeth, blame my sister)” along with a phone number that was from the town next to where I lived.

It occurred to me then that we hadn’t even swapped names, so frantic was our meeting. I could feel myself sweating. Should I call her? It had been two long months and I guessed she might have thought I wasn’t interested. I had no choice, I hadn’t been able to get her out of my head, so what did I have to lose?

I went upstairs and made the call. A youngish sounding girl answered it.

“Hello,” she said.

“Oh, er hi, could I speak to Litty, er Elizabeth please,” I stammered, assuming that couldn’t be her voice.

“Oh sure, just hold the line please.” Very officious for one who sounded about fourteen.

“Litz, there’s a boy on the phone for you,” I heard her shout.

Moments later a different voice appeared on the phone.

“Hello, who is this?” she asked.

“It’s…”, of course she didn’t know my name, “er, it’s Dale from Tenerife,” was all I managed.

“Dale? Sorry I…”

“From the plane,” I blurted out, she must have remembered that.

“Oh my God,” she said, “I didn’t think you would ever call me.” She sounded pleased to hear from me, so that was good news.

Well, we chatted for about half an hour after that and arranged to meet up to go to the cinema. The rest, as they say is history, which in our case meant she took my virginity (we’ll save that story for another time), we got married, had two kids and now have the most fantastic sex life, which still manages to surprise both of us after all this time. Of course it turned out that she did not quite spend all her time in Tenerife thinking about me as I did her, but she likes to wank me off whilst telling me those stories. Fuck, she really is the sexiest woman I’ve ever known.

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