Mom and Sis Ch. 01

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Jessica had promised to pick me up at the airport – where the hell was she?

“Hey big brother!”

I recognized the voice instantly – and it had been much too long. I turned to find her standing over to the side in the crowd wearing a big grin. I turned and walked over to her, grasping her in a big bear hug and lifting her off the ground…giving her a big kiss on the cheek.

She was even more beautiful than I remembered. A girl-next-door kind of beautiful. Jess had shoulder length honey-blonde hair, a light complexion with a golden hue from time spent in the sun, and a smattering of freckles that added to that girl-next-door look. All of this was highlighted by sea-blue eyes that constantly sparkled.

I put her down, but kept my arms around her, holding her close. “If it’s possible, you are more beautiful than the last time I saw you. How is that possible?”

“You are still the charmer, aren’t you Jeremy?” she said laughing.

And I was, I guess. But she had filled out a little more in the 3 years since I’d last seen her. Her breasts were still small, which I’m particularly fond of. Mom’s genes at work there, I think, and not a bad thing. But the last time I saw her, she still had a little girl’s body, and now she had a bit more of a woman’s body – more curve in her hips with an exquisite heart-shaped ass.

Jessica was 22 and had just graduated from college and returned home for the summer until she started law school in the fall. As younger sisters go, I couldn’t have asked for better. Two years younger than me, she had always been bright, inquisitive, impetuous. We had always been close – not like other brothers and sisters we knew. In high school, we shared the same social circles, activities, and intellectual interests. We became really close after our father divorced our mother. We became even closer when one of my friends started dating her during my senior year in high school. And even closer when I pounded the hell out of him after he hit her when she was 16.

She had never dated much despite her incredible looks – the big reason was that the guys she often went out with were intimidated by how smart she was. Guys can be such dicks.

“Charmer, Jess? Only with you. How’s mom?”

She smiled again – radiating a beauty that’s hard to explain. “She’s fine. Anxious to see you. You’ve been away too long.”

I frowned. “I know. I’ve missed you both. After the breakup with Jen a few years ago, I just threw myself into something of a monkish life. Studying all the time, no social life. You know.”

She pulled me close, hugging me harder. “I do know. But I’ve missed you. And mom too. Let’s go see her.”

The drive home was short and it wasn’t long before we pulled into the driveway of the somewhat isolated home where I grew up – a few neighbors around – some married couples and a few more divorced middle-aged women, many of whom were friends with mom. Mom got the house in the divorce along with a settlement that would provide for her, and us, for a very long time. Dad was an ass, pure and simple, but he was a wealthy ass. It’s good to come from family with money. My grandfather was also generous in his will when he died, especially since he was pretty much in agreement about my dad being an ass. As a matter of fact, he pretty much bypassed my dad altogether, leaving everything to Jess and me. All that money helped pay for my graduate degree in physics.

Mom nearly bowled me over as we entered the house. In fact, she did knock me over. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor, mom was on top of me, both arms wrapped around me and blubbering about how I was the worst, most ungrateful son in the world.

I looked up at Jess, who was most startled by this odd turn. I shrugged from a prone position, and wrapped my arms around my mother, holding her close until she stopped crying. I kissed her on the cheek and laughed. “I missed you mom. I love you.” And that seemed to do the trick.

Mom, aka Janine, wasn’t the spitting image of Jess, but she was pretty damned close. Jess was a couple of inches taller, but mom had strawberry-blonde hair and the same sparkling blue eyes. A few more wrinkles around the eyes than the last time I saw her, but the laugh lines and happy disposition were still in full bloom. Mom had much the same body as Jess, small breasts, and full hips. And she kept herself in excellent physical condition with regular tennis and swimming.

We managed to stumble our way off the floor into a standing position, our arms wrapped tightly around each other. I heard her say “I’ve missed you so much”, and I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Jess came over and wrapped her arms around the both of us and she too was crying. I knew I always loved them, but being away so long, I had forgotten how much. But I was finally home with the women I loved most in the world.

I’ve always been an early riser and woke up before the sun the next day and went for a long run down by the river. Back home in an hour, and a long hot shower got me ready for the day. I crept quietly downstairs so Porno 64

I wouldn’t wake the girls, made the coffee, got the paper and spent the next hour or so in quietude. I finally heard someone stirring upstairs and it wasn’t long before I heard someone coming down the stairs.

Jess walked into the kitchen, hair still tousled, looked over my way and grinned. “It’s good to know that some things are a constant,” referring to my early ways.

I looked back at her, and realized I was staring. “Do you normally come downstairs undressed, or is this just for me?” She was wearing silk pajama shorts that were nothing if not revealing, and a light pink cotton tank that had been cut off just below her breasts.

She looked down and then back at me. “What? I’m dressed. Maybe you’ve just been without sex for too long.” She giggled at her own jest, got a cup of coffee and sat down at the table across from me.

“For your information, I have been without sex for too long, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the attire you are currently wearing. Or rather lack of attire. Maybe a robe before you came downstairs?”

But she did look good, long slender legs and one of those flat abdomens that countless TV commercials promise but never deliver. The cropped tank fit closely, accentuating the curves of the small breasts, and accentuating the slight bulge of her nipples.

She looked at me again and grinned. “When did you become such a prude? Besides, the way you were staring at me when I walked in, you might have thought I was a steak and you were a hungry dog.”

I heard mom coming down the stairs just then. “Mom, could you ask Jess to make sure that she…” and stopped mid-sentence when my mother rounded the corner. She was wearing the t-shirt that I had worn yesterday and tossed into the dirty laundry. And nothing else.

She walked across to the coffee and as she bent over the counter for a cup in the cabinet, the t-shirt rode up exposing a well-formed ass in black nylon panties.

I shook my head when I realized I was staring at my mother’s ass. “Mom, why are you wearing my t-shirt? I tossed that in the laundry.”

She poured the coffee and turned, leaning back against the counter. She looked at me and grasped the neck of the shirt, pulling it up to her face and breathing deeply. This action, of course, meant the bottom of the shirt pulled up, again exposing the same black panties, this time uncovering the nexus of her thighs and the prominent mound between them. She let the shirt fall back into place, looked at me and Jess and said, “Jeremy dear, it smells of you and you’ve always had such a wonderful smell. Like summertime.”

My sister, who was taking this all in, burst out laughing when my mom said, “Now what was it you wanted me to tell Jess again?”

After dinner that evening, mom and I parked ourselves on the downstairs couch in front of the television to watch whatever dumbass sports we could find. We found X-treme sports on some obscure channel, got a couple of drinks and settled in. Given our long separation, we were close with my arm around her and her head on my shoulder. Around 8, we heard Jess coming down the stairs.

She rounded the corner into the living room and presented herself. “So, what do you think? How do I look?”

Frankly, she was seriously hot. I chastised myself for thinking about my sister that way, and tried to keep from staring. She wore a deep-blue backless dress that hugged every curve and revealed not so much as an iota of fat. A neckline that showed the swell of her breasts. The hem ended high on her thighs revealing long, toned, golden-hued legs. It was clear to me that she didn’t have a bra, but wasn’t so clear to me as to whether she was even wearing any panties. Given how tight the dress was, and no lines to show for it, I would have guessed no. But what did I know?

Jess looked at us, “Well, say something. How do I look?”

I spoke up immediately. “As a callously uninterested observer, I’d do you.”

She gave me that stern mocking look. “You’d do me? That’s it? That’s what you’ve got?”

I returned her stern mocking look. “Okay, okay. You’re definitely hot. I’d do you with enthusiasm.”

She got that uncertain look where her face scrunched up a bit. “Are you sure? I kind of thought my breasts were too small and my ass was too big. Doesn’t this dress accentuate that?”

As an astute observer of our behavior and interactions over many years, my mother simply asked “Are you two done yet?”

I got up off the couch, walked over to her and hugged her. I whispered in her ear “You’re beautiful and anyone who doesn’t see that doesn’t deserve you.” I’d like to say I hugged her just to show brotherly support, but honestly, since I’d been home, I’d been fighting the increasing attraction I felt towards her. And hugging her was a loss in that fight.

She kissed me on the cheek and whispered back “I love you,” before letting me go.

I glanced back at her as I sat back down. “So what wild and unruly activities are you Konulu Porno off to this evening? A little street-walking over on Main Street to raise a little extra cash? You’re not still dealing are you?”

Jess grinned, “Meeting the girls for drinks and maybe a little clubbing. Do you want to come? You know that Gail always had the hots for you. I’ll call her and tell her to dress extra-slutty. You could get lucky tonight.”

“Thanks for that oh-so inviting invitation, but I’m socialized out between the two of you the past few days. Just going to hang here with mom. Maybe I’ll see you when you get home.”

“Your loss. I’ll make sure to let her know that you’ve returned from exile. Maybe next time. And don’t wait up.” And with that she was gone.

Mom was up another hour or so and we had a chance to talk in earnest – she was lonely since the divorce, more than 8 years now, but had grown disillusioned with dating. I think I’ve already mentioned that guys can be such dicks. And she had had no kind of relationship with anyone for almost 5 years. I think she tried to make up for it with friendships with all the other middle-aged divorcees in the immediate area who seemed to come over on a regular basis when she wasn’t working.

Sitting next to her was both oh-so-nice and a bit uncomfortable. I enjoyed the feel of her next to me – the feel of her head on my chest and her hand laying lightly on my abdomen. But I had to refocus often when I felt my cock getting hard at the continual contact. All I could think to myself was what kind of sick bastard are you – horny for your mother? But she soon said she was going to call it a night.

We were sitting on the couch, and she turned and kissed me lightly on the lips. It was soft, and warm, and exhilarating, and I pulled her closer and kissed her back. When I realized what I was doing, I pulled back and before I could say anything she simply said “I’ve missed you and I’m glad you’re home.” She placed her hand on my face and kissed me again. As she drew away, I was puzzled by the look in her eyes and all I could think to say was “Good night.”

After she went upstairs, I got comfortable by changing into a pair of boxers and an old t-shirt, grabbed a glass of wine, and settled back into the couch. I was a bit confused about kissing my mother and my reaction. I could clearly feel my cock getting hard in response. Obviously it had been too long since I’d had sex since I’d had something of the same reaction when Jess was close. Perhaps I needed to think that whole Gail think over a little more – extra-slutty might be just what I needed.

I was still awake when Jess got home. She hopped on the couch with me like we used to do, nestled herself into the fold of my arm and laid her head against my chest. I heard her whisper, “Mom’s right. You do smell like summer.”

She went on, “So tell me about this monkish existence you’ve been living. It hasn’t really been 3 years since you’ve had sex has it?”

I laughed. “Well, not technically. I do have an extremely intimate relationship with my left hand. I always know where it is, where its been, who its been with and it never says no to sex with me.”

Jess snorted at that and settled in closer to me. My arm was around her, my hand holding her waist. She intertwined her fingers with mine and let her other hand drift down to the inside of my thigh. We sat in silence and I was acutely aware of her fingers as they lightly stroked the inside of my thigh. Her dress was high on her thigh and I could feel the warmth and softness of her leg against mine. I tried to focus on other things, but I was unable to keep my cock from stiffening – the outline of my engorged member was clearly visible through the the thin cotton boxers. I kissed the top of her head and heard her say again “I’m glad you’ve come home.”

I was trying to think of how to extract myself from this position without letting her know that she was making me hard, when I heard her giggle and she moved. She stood up and bent over in front of me and I couldn’t stop myself from gazing down the front of her dress.

She looked me in the eye and asked “See something you like?” And before I could respond, she leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. She let the kiss linger and then pulled back. I then felt her hand drop down and come to rest near the base of my hard cock. Looking me in the eyes, she slowly slid her hand up the length of my cock. “You know big brother, this feels swollen and hard. Is it painful? Maybe you should put something on it.” She then kissed me again and stood up and turned to go.

As she was walking away, I watched her intently, my eyes glued to her well-rounded and desirable ass. She turned and caught me staring and again said “See something you like?” But this time she added, “You know big brother, its a shame you’re my brother. And I mean that in a good way.” And she turned and left.

Meanwhile, my interactions with my mother and sister this evening had left me incredibly horny and my cock hard as a rock. With both Porno İndir of them now upstairs, I unbuttoned my boxers and removed my cock, slowly stroking the hard shaft. I needed release and the relief it would bring.

I looked down – my cock was a little more than 7 inches long and thick. Dark purplish veins lined the shaft in an intricate pattern from the base of my prick to the head. My cockhead was sensitive to the touch, swollen and engorged, a dark reddish-purple and shaped like the head of a mushroom. I stroked my shaft, letting my fingers drift lightly over the flared head, which caused my cock to harden even more. I leaned back into the couch, slowly stroking myself, and the first image that came to mind was that of Jess. I felt her hand sliding gently along the shaft of my cock, and then thought of her standing in front of me, watching me masturbate. Thinking about her pealing off the blue dress and stepping closer to me between my spread thighs dressed only in a pair of nylon panties glued to her body, her nipples hard and erect on the small breasts. I imagined her kneeling between my thighs and as I continued stroking my cock, I groaned at the thought of her leaning over, her warm hands on my spread thighs, and letting the tip of my cock slip between her warm, wet, full lips.

I couldn’t stop my hips from thrusting at the thought of my cock in her mouth. The years of pent-up sexual frustration had me thinking of what it would be like to forcefully fuck her mouth, holding her head as I drove my prick hard and deep in her mouth, to watch as my hard cock disappeared between her lips. Thinking about what it would be like looking down at her on her knees, her pert breasts swaying with each hard thrust. I could feel the pressure building in my balls, aching for release, and I began to stroke more firmly when I heard a slight gasp.

I thought Jess had come back down to find me, and my eyes shot open to find my mother watching me. My cock instantly started to go limp and I jerked upright when I heard my mother say “Don’t.” I stopped, my cock still in my hand, and looked at her inquisitively. She was standing there in my same t-shirt as the night before, but clearly aroused. The outlines of her hard nipples were clear under the shirt, even in the dim light.

It caught me by surprise when she spoke again in a low, hoarse voice. “Finish for me baby. I want to see you cum.”

I then surprised myself. I looked at her intensely and slowly started to stroke my now limp prick.

She couldn’t take her eyes off my cock, but smiled at me. “I surprised you didn’t I? You have such a beautiful cock Jeremy. Maybe I can do something to help you get it hard again.” And with that she stepped forward between my spread thighs just as I had imagined Jess doing. She pealed off the t-shirt to expose the small pert breasts and hard nipples. Her nipples were surprisingly dark – almost a reddish brown color. But this time, there were no panties and I could see the neatly trimmed thatch of soft blondish hair between her thighs. My cock stiffened immediately when she knelt between my spread legs. I began stroking myself again and was quickly hard once more. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and gasped as she bent over and kissed the shaft of my aching cock. The rage of thoughts that then entered my mind were overwhelming, all centered on her – the same imaginings that I’d had about my sister only moments earlier. What would it be like to slip my cock between her lips? To grasp the back of her head and fuck her mouth? To have her kneeling in front of me like she was now, my cock exploding on her face, covering her in cum?

I realized that she now had her right hand down between her own thighs and was fingering her clit, bringing herself to orgasm while watching me. I began stroking my cock faster as I heard her breath increase in sync with my strokes. I was beyond stopping now, and so was she. Her eyes were glazed with lust and slight moans escaped her lips. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to when I heard her whisper “Cum for mommy baby. Rub your cock across mommy’s lips and cum for me.”

I couldn’t stop, I pressed my cock forward towards her face and as I lightly rubbed my cockhead across her lips, I felt the eruption in my balls. I pulled my cock back from her lips as the thick white stream of cum spewed from my cock. I could barely keep my eyes focused on her as my cock twitched again, more semen splashing from the tip, but I heard her as her own orgasm exploded. Her body went rigid and she groaned heavily as the waves washed over her. As her spasms subsided, she was as limp between my thighs as I was on the couch. My deflating cock was coated in warm white fluid, and my back arched one more time as a final spurt of cum trickled from the tip. Mom looked lovingly at me, bent over and kissed my cum-covered shaft. Then she stood, bent down and kissed me softly again on the lips. “I love you baby. I’m so glad you’re home.” Then she turned and started to leave. I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass as she walked away. I realized she had been watching when Jessica had left earlier when she stopped and turned, and then smiled as she saw my gaze on her exquisite bottom. “See something you like?” She started to leave, but then turned one more time. “Jessica is right, it’s a shame you’re my son. And I too mean that in a good way.”

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