Mom Discovers It All Ch. 01

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Julie completed breakfast preparations for her two children in plenty of time for them to be ready for the arrival of her ex-husband, John. It was John’s Saturday to have the kids.

“Mom, where are we going?” asked Cynthia.

“Your father will take you to the zoo,” she answered calmly. There was only silence from Daniel and Cynthia.

Finally Cynthia asked, “Why does he always let you decide, Mom?”

Julie smiled. Her new sense of enjoyment amazed her. Never in their past had she actually enjoyed John’s submissive nature. It had always been a source of frustration for her. Only now was she beginning to discover… She answered her daughter after a moment, “some people are like that, honey. They need to be told, that’s all.”

Cynthia never gave it another thought.

“You too had better get changed in a hurry, he’ll be here soon.” Both of them arose from their kitchen stools to race upstairs and Julie murmured to Daniel, “Not you. I want a word with you before you go upstairs.”

“Cynthia, run along,” she added.

Cynthia huffed upstairs, certain she was missing some big secret.

“Daniel,” she said, walking over to him where he stood next to the barstool.

“I want to thank you for this morning.” She slipped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his shoulder and neck. Her lips lightly brushed over the side of his neck as whispered, “It was very sweet of you to offer to take care of me… I like that… a LOT.” She pecked him softly, and then added hesitantly, “sometimes… a mother likes to be… kissed by her son… like you did Daniel… sometimes a mother likes it… often…” Her voice was low and husky and sultry. She felt his erection build and press against her upper thigh. She rubbed her robe against his chest to open it a little more… the bare flesh of her touched his pajama shirt. His cock sprang hard.

Daniel’s hands drew around her waist and held her closer to him. He was hesitant and tried to turn his erection away. She held him still.

“It’s your cock, Daniel. It gets hard sometimes. You’re a man.”

“I know Mom!”

“Don’t be altyazılı porno ashamed of it,” she whispered as her lips lightly traced up his neck to his cheek.

He began to shake from uncertainty. Long had he fantasized kissing his mother… and other things… taking a shower with her… but he had not yet understood the depth of his need for her.

“Okay, Mom,” he added hesitantly.

“Kiss me again, Daniel, like you did before. Now. Hurry.”

She turned her lips to his… offering up her body to him, opening her legs slightly to feel his pulsing cock against her pussy. His lips turned to hers. Theirs eyes closed. Julie’s hand slid down his shoulder to his waist. Daniel pressed hard against his mother’s open lips. Suddenly between them there was not just flesh and pressing lips but now wetness and saliva… and hard kissing… Both of their pelvises writhed. Daniel groaned out loud as her hand slid down inside the waistband of his pajamas and encircled his cock flesh.

“Oh God Mom I love you,” said Daniel in full voice.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh” cautioned his mother… withdrawing her hand.

Daniel lurched forward for more. She broke off contact and held him at bay.

“I love you Daniel… but you must get ready…”

“I don’t want to! I want to stay here with you! With you! and love you mother… and take a shower naked with you and sleep naked in the bed with you…”

“Shhhhhhhhh” she cut him off… “Oh Daniel. You have dreamed of these things haven’t you?”

“Yes Mom a long time!” he answered.

“Your father will be here soon and you must be ready. We’ll talk about this later.”

She smiled sweetly at her frustrated son and slowly rubbed her palm over his bulge. “Mother has many things in store for you Daniel. Many things.”

As he stood there, feeling the shape of her breasts press into his chest, his eyes fixed on them; she opened her robe with her free hand, exposing the flesh of her breast to him. “Touch me, quick,” she whispered. Her hand slid down the waistband again and encircled her son’s pulsing cock and jacked him off. His hands were all zenci porno over her bare breast, mauling her and rubbing hard over her nipple.

She stood there jerking off her son’s cock thinking of her ex-husband’s face if he were to walk in on this scene. She moaned out loud.

“Oh God!” he groaned, as his cock erupted stream after stream of cum inside his pants and all over her hand.

“Yes, Daniel, cum for Mommy… give it to me.”

His face was utter pleasure and overwhelming love; he could not say a thing. It was the first time he had ever had an orgasm without masturbating.

“We must hurry.”

Without another word she dropped to her knees in front of Daniel, pulling down the front of his pajamas. She loosed his rigid and still pulsing cock and licked him clean. She licked her son’s semen from his clothes, her hand and his cock, filling her mouth with it all. And then she stood.

With her mouth full of his cum, she muffled, “Look.”

And she let him watch her swallow his semen.

She licked her lips clean, wetting and smacking her lips.

“Mother has many things in store for you my dear Daniel.”

“Oh Mom! I love you!” cried Daniel as he fell into her arms.

She quieted him and then whispered, “Go… you must go now.”

He tore himself away from her and ran upstairs.

Julie could have sworn she heard two sets of feet scampering up the stairs. Immediately, the doorbell rang. Julie wiped her face and cleaned up the remaining droplets of her son’s semen from her lips. An evil part of her rose up and wanted nothing more than to tell John every detail of how she just sucked off her son to orgasm and swallowed his cum. A fire lit up inside her thinking of this… of this humiliation of John. It did, after all, always seem to be what John wanted.

By the time Julie opened the front door her passion and desire was pounding in her veins. Her heart was thumping heart and she hoped that she had the courage to act this time… to do what she had been dreaming of doing…

She swung open the door.

John had never aldatma porno before seen the intensity in Julie’s eyes. She stood without a word, her breathing rapid.

She was frightened out of her wits… did he really want her to be in charge?”

John stammered, “Oh my God. Am I late? I’m so sorry. I tried to get here…” She cut him off. A thrill shot through her. “Shut up you fucking fool and get in her NOW!” She grabbed his shirt and pulled him inside and slammed shut the door.

She wheeled around to face him.

“Where are you taking the kids?” she demanded in a shout, pushing him hard and not wanting to wait an instant for an answer.

Her power overwhelmed him and he stammered wordless sounds.

“You want me to tell you don’t you?”

“Well.. uh.. yes that’s what we always…” he stammered.

“You need me to tell you what to do don’t you John?” she shouted stepping closer to him as he slouched down into a chair.


That was it. That was what she had been dreaming. He said it. A fire was lit inside her that roared into an inferno. She could not believe how exhilarated she felt.

She stepped closer to John, standing over him, looming over his crouched figure.

“You need me to command you, don’t you John?”

Dead silence filled the house.

The two children stepped silently and cautiously into the room.

John looked up at her. His eyes pleaded. He knew she understood.

In a desperate whisper he answered, “Yes!”

She glared down at him.

“Mistress,” John whimpered.

Across the room, Daniel stood half smiling and half in shock. His cock was throbbing again. He was filled with pride and lust. He held back his sister motioning for the two of them to be silent. She couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge in her brother’s pants.

Everyone was shocked and stunned at the transformation that had taken place in Julie. She stood firmly with legs apart; hands on her hips, her robe partly open in front proudly showing her nipples. The taste of Daniel was still in her mouth, her pussy moist and throbbing.

Julie looked up and saw her two children across the room gaping at her. She looked down at Daniel’s erection and then smiled at Cynthia who was staring at her brother’s hardon. Then she turned back to John, announcing to the family, “Today begins a new episode in this family.”

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