Mom Needs To Cum

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I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. I thought that I heard screaming and crying coming from downstairs. My mother was supposed to be out with her new boyfriend, so I thought that my twin sister Shay had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend who had been staying with us at our villa for the past few months. But Shay’s boyfriend Tony was such a gentle and cool guy and I could not imagine him getting into a physical fight with Shay. He was not a loud person at all and although he was a big muscled body builder the only instances that I would hear him being loud was when my sister urged him to be loud while they were having sex.

I put my shorts on and proceeded to go downstairs in a hurry. I thought that with Shay nothing was impossible. Unlike her boyfriend she was a firecracker who would cause all sorts of mischief and mayhem all the time. How Tony could stand her I had no idea, or maybe I did. She was extremely hot. To die for kind of hot!

As I got closer to the living room I thought I heard my mother’s voice and then my sister’s, and finally Tony’s. What were they all doing in the living room this time of night?

“Fuck…fuck that asshole,” I heard my mother say.

“That’s right mom…to hell with that jerk!” came a reply from Shay.

“Yeah don’t worry about that guy Mrs. West. I knew he was up to no good,” came Tony’s voice in his usual soft manner.

My mother had tears in her eyes and a glass of water in her hand. She sat on a sofa next to my sister. My very hot sister was wearing a very sexy pink bra and matching skimpy panties. Her boyfriend was wearing very tight briefs and standing in front of them. I guessed that they had hurried downstairs in their underwear like me.

“Hey what’s going on mom?” I asked concerned. “Why are you home so early?”

“That fucker,” my mother almost screamed, “that asshole…I’m too old for him!”

“What!” I exclaimed, genuinely surprised. “You’re kidding me right?”

My mother was, and still is a very beautiful woman. She has beautiful silky blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, full lips and large but firm breasts. She gave birth to my sister and me when she was still very young. After a couple of tough years she caught the eye of an aging famous actor, Trent West and married him within a year.

Trent had been very good to us, and the only father we ever knew, but as we grew older we found out that he could not satisfy my mother sexually because of his age. My mother had stayed loyal to him through the years and only a few months ago, a few months after Trent’s passing she had started dating men.

My sister and I wanted her to be happy, so we never gave her a rough time, but we silently disapproved of her choice of men. Maybe because of her long marriage to a much older man my mother needed to date younger guys. Whatever it was, it was not working out and we hoped that she would learn her lesson sooner than later.

Shay put her little hand on my mother’s face and looked into her eyes.

“Mom you’re beautiful,” she said softly, “and you’re young. If that jerk doesn’t want you, it’s his loss! You know that don’t you?”

“I don’t know anymore,” my beautiful mother said earnestly, tears running down her cheeks again. “I mean I’m thirty six and I am like a nun! I talk to my friends and they tell me things that I have no clue what they are about. They have fun….why can’t I?”

“Oh mommy it’s ok,” my sister replied. “You just started dating a couple of months ago!”

“I haven’t even had an orgasm in my entire life for God’s sake!” my mother announced unexpectedly. “I hear it’s Heaven. Other women have it. I have no idea how it feels to have one!”

We all fell silent for a few long moments. I looked at my sister and saw a sneaky smile on her face. She got up, walked to the bar, poured a double Scotch for my mom and went back and handed it to her. I sized my sister’s gorgeous body with my eyes as she walked gloriously to and from the bar. Shay looked at Tony and me and this time smiled openly. It was a naughty smile that came to her when she was about to do something naughty or rebellious.

“You know what mom?” Shay finally broke the silence. “To hell with love and dating….I mean who needs that crap?”

My mom who was not a drinker swallowed her drink straight up and then looked at my sister.

“What do you mean honey?” she asked, perplexed.

“I mean that what you need is some really hot sex and you don’t have to go through a hundred men to get that,” Shay said and took my mother’s hand in hers.

“Then what do I do?” my mother asked.

“I can teach you,” Shay replied seductively. “I mean Tony and I…we can teach you! I guarantee that Tony can give you an orgasm. I see to it myself. Not all men can give a woman orgasms you know!”

At this point I walked to the bar. I poured Tony and myself doubles. We both swallowed our drinks in less than a second. My mother was silent. She was looking down at her hand, the one that my sister kept squeezing reassuringly. I could not bear to look at her, or listen to her response to my naughty sister’s naughty offer. mobil porno I could not believe that my sister had dared to go that far, but then again I could.

She was a tease and just making the offer would be a major adrenaline rush for her. Speaking of adrenaline rushes, I felt that all my blood was rushing to my head and my face must have been as red as a tomato.

After what seemed to be ages of silence my mother looked up at my sister who was still smiling reassuringly. Then she looked at Tony and me. I saw a strange sparkle in her beautiful blue eyes. She was no longer crying or sad. She did not look angry either. She finally moved her lips. The suspense was too much to bear.

“OK…let’s do it!” she finally said.

“Woohoo…yeah way to go mom!!!” my sister screamed.

“But are you sure Tony wouldn’t mind?” my mom asked sincerely.

“Are you crazy mother? He would love to fuck a hot babe like you!” my sister replied.

“Oh…yeah Mrs. West,” Tony said when my mother looked at him. “I’ll be honored…I mean it’s cool…I mean…”

“Don’t be shy Antonio,” my sister said in all seriousness. “Tell her that you would love to fuck her!”

“I would love to fuck you Mrs. West,” Tony said shyly despite my sister’s strict orders.

“So where should we do it?” my mom asked. “Upstairs in my room?”

“No mom…your bed is not big enough for the four of us!” Shay replied. “I’ll make a place for us right here on the floor.”

“The four of us?” I asked almost shivering. “You don’t need me for this…do you?”

“Oh yeah…I need you bro,” Shay replied. “It’s ok for Tim to stay mom…right?”

“Well…I don’t know,” my mother said. “I guess it’s not fair to ask your brother to leave now.”

“Yeah I’m sure that we can find something for my dear brother to do,” my sister said and giggled.

“Ok then…that’s settled,” my mother said and smiled. “Tim you stay right here next to me. I don’t want you to leave my sight for a second. I might need to hold your hand if your sister can deliver what she promised me.”

My sister and Tony ran upstairs to get some sheets and pillows. My cock had started getting hard in my shorts and I caught my mother staring at it.

“Anything wrong honey?” my mom asked.

“Huh? No mom…this is all just a little unexpected you know.” I replied.

“To be honest I can’t believe I said yes to your sister, but it’s ok now,” she paused thoughtfully for a moment, then continued, “but don’t be shy honey…just stay here right next to me and help your sister do what she wants to do.”

Tony and Shay were back. After they made a cozy place for us on the floor Shay told my mother to take off her dress. In a minute my mother was only wearing her lace bra and panties.

“Ok Tim…here’s what I want you to do,” my sister said, “do whatever I do to her with my hand on this side to her other side. Just follow my lead.”

Tony stood in front of my mother and Shay ordered them to kiss each other. As they started kissing each other hotly Shay started scratching my mother’s back very softly. I did the same. My mother’s beautifully tanned skin felt hot to my touch, almost as if she had a fever. Shay grabbed my mother’s wrist and gently put her hand inside Tony’s briefs.

Tony started kissing my mom more intensely as she obviously was playing with his cock inside his briefs. Then Shay went behind Tony and pulled down his briefs. I could see my mother’s delicate hand holding the root of Tony’s thick penis. His cock was hard and big.

“Kneel right here in front of him mom and lick his big balls,” my sister directed. “Tim, unhook her bra and gently slide it off of her now!”

I noticed that she stressed on the word gently and I slowly pushed my mom’s golden hair aside before I reached for her bra and unsnapped the hook. As I slowly slid the strings down her shoulders I massaged my mom’s sexy shoulders. When the bra was finally off I gave it to my naughty sister.

“Wow Tim, look at these babies!” Shay exclaimed. “Get over here and look at her beautiful nipples. They’re so fucking nice and stiff! My God! Wow…and I though that mine were nice!”

My mother had stopped licking Tony’s balls to see the reaction on my face. She smiled and purred as I lovingly put my hand into her beautiful golden hair and brushed it with my fingers. As she closed her eyes at my touch I kissed her shoulder blade softly and lovingly.

“Tear her panties off of her bro,” my sister directed lovingly. “I get this side you, get yours.”

After struggling a couple of minutes we managed to rip our mother’s panties off of her. I looked at the perfect shape of her ass cheeks and saw that my sister was doing the same. She started squeezing and fondling our mom’s right butt cheek and I did the other side. Then my sister readjusted her position and sat right behind our mother. As I continued to move my hand up and down my mother’s gorgeous curvy back shay poked her butt hole with her middle finger. My mom’s reaction was to arch her back and then she pushed her butt towards my sister’s poking finger.

“Mom I’m alman porno gonna have my brother spread your ass cheeks wide open and then I will finger your asshole,” my sister said. “You can start licking my boyfriend’s shaft now. I want to hear licking and sucking noises coming from you. Tony, slap her face with your cock meat…I wanna hear it!”

Tony started spanking my hot mother’s face with his big cock. My mother tried to catch the head of his cock with her lips but Tony was too fast for her. As things started heating up between Tony and my mom Shay had me keep my mom’s butt cheeks spread open.

“Mom I’m gonna spit up your tight little asshole now,” my hot sister announced, “then I will finger you there…ok?”

My naked mother tried to say yes butt she couldn’t since she had half of Tony’s big cock down her throat.

“Then I take that as a yes,” my sister giggled and smiled at me. Then she did exactly what she said she would do.

She spat a few big globs of saliva into our mother’s asshole, then she started fingering her.

“Tim it’s getting kinda hot here, will you take my bra off for me?” she asked. “Just the way you did for mommy ok?”

My sister was right. It was hot summer night and the room was getting really hot. I could see the four of us forming beads of sweat on our bodies.

“Do you want me to turn the AC on Shay?” I asked.

“No honey…I think sweat is sexy. Just wait until mom’s tanned skin glistens with sweat,” she said, “come and kiss and scratch my back now baby!”

I liked the way my sister was calling me baby. I took off her bra for her and kissed her skin up and down her back. As I was kissing the side of her cheek she turned her face towards me and licked my lips. My heart started pumping faster as her tongue forcefully entered my mouth. My mom could not see us kissing. I wondered how she would feel about it.

“Rip my fucking panties off…now!” Shay commanded me breathlessly.

Suddenly Shay stopped kissing me, and fingering my mom. She made my mom sit straight up by pulling on her hair.

“Come over here mom…enough sucking and licking for you!” she commanded.

Shay put a couple of pillows under my mom’s butt as she made her lie down on her back. Then she instructed Tony to put his face on my mother’s cunt and start licking.

I knelt right next to my mother on the floor and she grabbed my wrist tightly. She looked right into my eyes as Tony started licking her harder. She furrowed her sexy brows as she experienced the intensity of Tony’s licking tongue.

“Do you know how fucking sexy you look right now mom?” I asked her.

“Oooh ooh fuck…thanks baby…oh shit…SHIT!!!” she gasped. “Oh my fucking God…yes!”

I caressed her beautiful hair and wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of my hand. My mom screamed loudly when my sister started pinching and twisting her stiff nipple like she was trying to find a radio station. She squeezed my wrist harder and then tried to say something that looked like “YOU TOO!”

I obeyed my sexy mother of course and took her exquisitely long and stiff nipple between my thumb and forefinger and started pulling, twisting, squeezing and pinching. She turned her face towards my arm and suddenly started biting my arm gently. My sister started kissing and nibbling on our mother’s neck.

“Oooh my beautiful fucking babies,” our mom screamed. “This is so fucking good. So fucking goooooooood!”

“Hey guys,” we heard Tony say from between our mother’s legs. “Come and take a look at this!”

Shay and I immediately moved to see what was going on at Tony’s spot. Tony had stopped licking, but our mom’s pussy lips were closing and opening automatically and there was a creamy discharge coming out of her exquisite cunt.

“Ooh mom…good news!” my sister said cheerfully. “Your pussy’s creaming.”

“Is that good honey?” our mother asked, gasping.

“Yes mommy,” Shay replied cheerfully. “That means that you can cum and you can probably squirt too.”

“Oh like squirt pee out of my pussy?” my mom asked innocently.

“No mom….you’re so silly,” Shay laughed. “No it’s when you cum you squirt a lot of cum, I mean pussy juice at once….that’s so cool if that’s the case. I think I can make you cum right now if I finger you, but I want us to wait.”

“Anyone thirsty?” I asked. “I’m gonna go get some iced tea.”

After drinking our iced tea and taking a short break my sister asked me to take my shorts off.

“Wow…look what you’ve been hiding from us all this time, it’s bigger than Tony’s.” my sister said with awe.

“Yeah,” I said, “but Tony’s is thicker!”

Then Shay had me kneel right there in front of them. She went behind me and spat into my asshole and started fingering me there. My mother spat on my cock which was less than an inch away from her face and told me to beat off while she watched.

“I love the smell of your cock baby,” she said looking directly into my eyes.

Her nose almost touched the tip of my cock. A drop of pre-cum escaped my pee hole and landed on my mother’s alexis texas porno cheek. I was not sure if she noticed it because she did not do anything about it.

“Ok guys let’s get back to mom,” my sister said abruptly. “Tim I want you to push down on her stomach with the palm of your hand like this,” she took my hand and placed it on my mom’s cunt bush, “Tony I want you to lick her very gently, barely touching her pussy. Mom why don’t you lean on your elbows so you can watch us play with you…yeah that’s it.”

In less than a minute my beautiful mother was back in Heaven. When the tip of my finger accidentally brushed against the tip of her clit she screamed again.

“Oh God…look at her fucking clit!” my hot sister exclaimed. “It’s so fucking hard. Touch it Tim!”

I touched it gently and my mother screamed ten times louder this time.

“Tim, pull hard on her pussy hair…I’m gonna pinch her clit,” my sister said, “but I need to be careful not to make her cum!”

I pulled very hard on my mother’s pubic hair while Shay pinched her clit twice with her fingers very hard. Our mother started sobbing at this point. Shay looked at me and smiled.

“Look we made our mommy cry,” she said jokingly. “Let’s go kiss her to make her feel better.”

I sat next to our mother and kissed her face, then her eyes and then her lips. She opened her mouth and kissed me back but she did not stop crying. Then my sister cut in and started kissing our mom. I licked her salty tears off her face as she and Shay kissed deeply. Tony started licking my mom’s fuming cunt faster again.

“Look Tim…so cool, she’s covered in sweat and tears…look how pretty her skin looks now?” my sister said.

“Yeah sis…look at the color of her hair against her skin,” I replied. “Ain’t she the prettiest chick you’ve ever seen?”

“Look at her fucking awesome body…those boobs…nipples…her flat fucking stomach!”

“Look at those pretty pouting lips, her beautiful eyes and those sexy grimaces on her face!”

“Look at that creaming throbbing cunt, that hard clit and that sexy curly hair above her pussy!”

My mom started to laugh.

“See…we made you cry and now we make you laugh!” my sister said before closing her mouth around one stiff nipple and sucking very hard. I did the same on my side.

“Shee, do it ike thish bro,” my sister said with our mom’s hard nipple between her teeth.

I took her other nipple between my teeth and started flicking it with the tip of my tongue. Our mother had stopped laughing. She started breathing heavily and mewling loudly.

“Oooooh fuck….you two are driving me so fucking crazy!” my mom announced. “Don’t stop…please don’t stop. Bite my fucking nipples! Suck on them! Hardeeeeeerrrr!”

My sexy twin sister and I sucked, nibbled and bit on our mother’s stiff dark pink nipples lovingly and lustfully, making her scream and mewl in ecstasy.

“Hey guys,” Tony’s said, “her pussy is doing that thing again. I think she might cum if I lick her a couple of more times!”

“No Tony,” Shay replied. “Stop licking! We don’t want her to cum just yet. I want to drive her fucking crazy before we let her cum!”

Shay let go of my mother’s breast and nipple and urged me to do the same.

“Come with me bro,” she said to me and winked. “Let’s go cool her pussy down together.”

Shay lay in between our mother’s legs on her stomach with her face right above her quivering pussy. She looked at me expectantly. Tony sat behind my mother and let her lean against his body to keep herself in a half seated position. I finally joined my sister and positioned my face right above my mother’s hot cunt, right beside my sister’s face.

“Okay bro, start blowing,” Shay said. “Wait! Give me a hot kiss before we start.”

I kissed her softly and lustfully on her beautiful lips. She smiled at me like a naughty angel that she was after we parted our lips. I could see the heat, the burning lust and the mayhem in her sparkling blue eyes. She put the palm of her hand right above our mother’s pussy and started pushing down. Then we both started blowing into our mother’s overheated pussy at the same time.

“Does this feel good mom?” Shay asked. “Is your pussy cooling down now?”

“Mmmm…feels so nice honey,” our mom hissed.

My mother’s thick and curly dark blonde cunt hair parted like a cornfield on a windy day. I watched my sister’s pretty lips forming an O as she kept blowing. I watched her small hand and fingernails on top of my mom’s pubic area and suddenly I needed to touch her. I put my own hand on top of my sister’s and pushed down. She responded to my gesture by taking my hand into hers, as if to say, “we are in this together! We are playing this forbidden game with our mother’s beautiful cunt….together! You and I. A sexy brother and sister team and this is so much fucking fun!”

Then suddenly and unexpectedly Shay threw one leg over my butt and started grinding her pussy against my side. Her pussy was hot and very wet. I looked up at my mother and saw that she was smiling. That must have encouraged Shay because she moved her body and sat on my back. I felt the wetness of her pussy trace down my back and rest on top of my butt cheeks. Then she started grinding her pussy slowly but firmly against my butt. I felt her pussy juices run down my butt and into my asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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