Mom Takes Three Strikes


My mother’s name is Melissa; we all called her ‘Missy’ when we didn’t call her mom. Everyone in my family had a nickname except for dad (probably because he was the one who gave them out). We were four boys and no girls. My oldest brother Phillip was called ‘Bossman’ – and he was. I for one always did what he told me. He doesn’t really fit into this story because he moved out when dad did and I saw very little of him as I grew up. They were gone by the time I was eleven. Phillip was nine years older than I and he never slept with mom.

Johnny was ‘Dragon’ or ‘D.Man’, probably because he seemed to breathe fire when he was angry (often) and had a fierce temperament. He and dad never got along and at nineteen, he was the one mom took to her bed after dad left. I always liked him because he took me to the movies all the time told me all about the stars. I saw him kiss mom once and D.’s hand ran down over her behind. At eleven, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on but I knew something was. I heard some strange explanations when I saw Johnny coming out of mom’s room one morning but I learned that we didn’t talk about it and we certainly didn’t mention it outside the house. I got all the details seven years later.

Dragon left and got married about a year and half after dad and the Boss left. I was almost thirteen then and I was turned on to the max by his new wife Karin who was dark haired and big breasted like mom. I visited them a lot when they first got married just to look at Karin. I think she knew why I looked at her so much but she thought I was ‘cute’ and always had a warm smile for me.

Things got heavy and complicated when only Tango and I were left in the house with mom. It wasn’t hard to see why dad had called Paul, ‘Tango’. He loved music and never stopped dancing. He was thin as a rail and I don’t think I ever saw him stand still. At the time I found Tango in my mother’s bed, He was twenty three and she was forty three. When I saw what I saw, I was sixteen and I wished I was him.

Missy makes you look twice. She has large almond shaped eyes and that’s what probably defines her look. When she’s made up, her expressive face, full lips and jet-black hair (helped a little now) makes her look like an exotic princess. Even without the curves of her body, she exudes a sensuous aura. The curves are there; I was aware of them from a very young age. One of my favorite things was when she would hug me to her breasts and tell me, “You’re Missy’s little man.”

When I got older, my fantasies always began at her breasts. I would hold them and run my fingers over them until her long nipples stiffened. I probably imagined them to be long because you could see their outline through most of her bras; my imagination turned out to be more right than wrong.

My name is Greg but I never heard anything but ‘Babe’ or ‘Baby’ when anyone in my family called me. I was the ‘surprise’. After having three boys, three years running, I guess my parents decided to call it quits. Seven years later, I showed up (plans…ahh yes)

At sixteen, it was no longer a mystery what Tango and my mother were doing in the middle of the night; I wanted to see. In the years since sexual awareness had descended on me, thoughts of my mother were never percolating far from the surface. I thought she was unspeakably sexy and obviously so did Tango and the Dogman. Dad probably once did too but he decided to trade her in for a ten year younger version when he moved into his CEO position.

It still makes me laugh to think what I went through to watch them that night. I almost killed myself. Mom’s bedroom is at the back of the house on the second floor. There is a skylight – enough said? I looked down and Tango was on top of her doing what he was always doing, moving. He was in her and her legs were wrapped around my brother’s back. I almost came because I started moving and my cock was pressed against the roof. I waited for him to get off her so I could see her naked. When he did, it looked like she had pushed him off. He threw on his pants, said a few words to her and left. Mom sat up over her knees and her elbows covered her breasts. Her face was in her hands. I couldn’t see much and I was distracted because she looked like she was crying. I found out a few days later why.

I confronted Tango when we were alone. He was the one who was the nicest to me and I could come to him when I was in trouble, but this was different. My heart was beating hard when I said, “I want to know about you and mom…I want to know what its like.”

I could tell he was about to play dumb and deny it but he probably heard in my voice that I wasn’t going to be bluffed so he started with, “Look Babe, it’s complicated and you’re too young for this now…when you get older we’ll talk about it…” He started walking away. I grabbed his arm.

“Tango, I want to know now…she’s my mother…and I live here too…and I heard her crying when you were in there…”

“Man…you know…she’s moody…she’s always crying…oh porno izle shit, all right…we sleep together sometimes…I know you know it…we have sex…but it’s getting to be too much, I never know what she wants…one day she wants it then she goes off and says I’m not sincere – whatever that means, so then I can’t go near her for a week…I’m tired of it and anyway she knows I have a couple of girls at work… so I told her I was going to move out soon…but you’ll come visit me won’t you Babe?” He gave me an affectionate slap and did a few steps as if he was boxing. I wanted to ask him what it was like to fuck our mother, actually be inside her but I knew he wouldn’t answer. It didn’t keep me from getting hard just thinking about it.

When Tango left, I moved into mom’s bedroom and fucked her every night – in my fantasies. Actually in reality, for two years the closest I got to that was having talks with her about how I should behave with girls and what women like. Mom went out with lots of guys and most of it amounted to nothing. She always acted just like the Missy I always knew but I could never look at her and not think of Dog and Tango being inside her and why she didn’t want me to do it too. I guess I built up some resentment over that one. It was a hard two years for me until they passed.

I was surprised when I heard a key in the lock at 9P.M. on a Saturday night. “Mom” I said, “Are you okay; why are you home so early?”

“Oh honey, I think I’m just going to give up…it’s ridiculous…just a waste of time.”

“What is Missy?”

“Going out…the whole man-woman thing…it just gets worse instead of better. I don’t just mean just tonight, which was a disaster, but…I don’t know…they all want to get in your pants and then when they do they haven’t the slightest idea…oh I’m just rambling…forget it…if not for you baby I would think there isn’t a man worth the time of day…I don’t think I’ll ever find someone to love this way…probably the sanest thing I could do would be just to give up sex.”

“Mom, you’re just forty five…somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen…not with your track record.” She laughed.

That kind of banter between us wasn’t unusual. We’d started talking her sex life – without the details of course and my sex life – which didn’t have too many details.

“I have an idea” I joked, “Why don’t I become your boyfriend and then you’ll have a guy you can depend on and I’ll have the best looker I’ll ever get.”

She came over and kissed my head, “You’re so sweet Baby.”

Of course it was a dismissive kiss, given without an inkling that I wasn’t joking at all. The hard evidence of that was in my pants. The low-cut black dress had set me off, but she didn’t have to wear sexy clothes to set me off. I knew what was underneath even if she wore flannel pajamas; beautiful pink tipped breasts and what I now thought of as the ‘succulent’ pussy that I’d seen fleetingly…the best body I could ever hope to fuck… And that’s exactly what I wanted to do.

I guess because of my brothers the ‘she’s my mother’ thing never meant anything to me and I really wanted her no matter what. At that point I was ready to translate fantasy into reality. I started planning how I would become Missy’s lover; and I hoped my plans didn’t turn out like most plans – a list of things that don’t happen.

My first ploy was to do things with her I had never done; she didn’t have many girlfriends and kept pretty much to herself. Now I said “yes” when she asked if I wanted to go to a movie on the weekend. I said “yes” to lunch with her when we both had a day off together. I even agreed to go shopping with her. I complimented her on her dress and on her looks. I once even went so far as to tell her she had great boobs. I saw her face color as she gave me a playful smack on the arm.

I became her confidant, I listened to all her problems at work and I was there when things didn’t work out with her dates. Whenever she started seeing someone more than a few times, I did everything I could to sabotage it. I went out and had a good time and came home to tell her all kind of sob stories about how lonely I was and how nothing was working out for me either. (I know what you’re probably thinking – it gets worse) Soon she was depending on me emotionally and I began trading on that.

It started with, longer and longer hugs, telling her how comforting she was for me and moved to ‘just’ a caress here or there because I found her so beautiful (at least that part was true) finally I had a long talk with her. I picked a time when I could see that she was feeling particularly down about her life; in other words, at her most vulnerable.

Basically the story I gave her was that I was distraught over my feelings for her, I wanted her and I couldn’t get on with my life because of it. I told her I knew about her and my two brothers and it ‘hurt me so’ that she didn’t love me as much as them. I laid it on pretty thick.

She said, “Oh Baby, of course I love you amatör porno as much…it’s probably wrong to say it but you were always the special one to me…my Baby…what happened with your brothers shouldn’t have happened but with D. it was only a few times. Baby I was so distraught over your father leaving me for a younger woman and that was just my way of getting back at him, even though it was the wrong way. And after a few years I just wanted love so badly but it didn’t work out with Tango because he wanted other things. Oh Babe, I love you…but how can I…not with you too…?”

I kept the pressure on her using guilt, love, need, and any other straw I could grasp. Missy, being the loving, sympathetic person she was, after considerable ‘back and forth’, agreed to ‘comfort’ me.

We were sitting at the table and I brought my chair by her and began kissing her. A few minutes after out tongues began playing she said, “If we’re going to do this thing Baby, let’s do it right. Give me a few minutes and then let’s get this out of your system once and for all. I’m afraid, baby boy, that your old momma isn’t quite what you’ve made her out to be in your fantasies, but here’s your chance to find out. After tonight I know you’re going to go out and find a girl that can make you happy. Missy disappeared into her bedroom.

When I went in, she was sitting on the bed absolutely naked in a half-lotus. Her cleanly shaved pussy glistened in full view. She was rubbing lubricant on her fingers and smiling. She said, “At forty five, I’m afraid I’m not as wet as I used to be at twenty; and with that thing…” She smiled and nodded toward my cock. “Come here Baby.”

I said, “What do you mean, mom?”

“Don’t play ‘cute’ with me” she smiled, “I’ve seen that bulge enough times to know what you have there.” I went up to her and she undid my pants pulling them down. I kicked them off and my mother closed her fist around my width lightly coating the length of my shaft. There was a hint of lemon in the air. After two or three strokes, she stopped. Under any other circumstances that act alone could have kept me going with fantasies for a month but these weren’t ordinary circumstances; I was about to fuck Missy.

I bent to kiss her and I was a bit ashamed because the kiss from her was so loving, and giving, and sweet. It didn’t stop me but it did slow me down. I didn’t grab and pounce as I had imagined because she sat me down next to her and tasted my lips and mouth, using her tongue to explore and tease. Her hand went under my shirt and ran over my chest stopping at the nipples to play. She lifted off my shirt and suckled, giving me a tingle.

Her dark hair was up and the silver hoops in her ears set off her nakedness. Her well-rounded breasts sat surprisingly high on her chest for a forty-five year old and the uninterrupted color of her skin from her face down to her toes was beautiful. It was probably the most erotic sight I had ever seen. As we kissed, I fondled her breasts while still managing to run my hands over every inch of her. She made small sounds in my mouth.

My cock was straining and she laid her hand on it, hardly moving. I stretched my mom’s erect nipple between my fingers and then cupped the heavy breast raising it to my encircling lips as she began to writhe. I sucked on it and moved the hardened nipple around with my tongue. Missy sounded like she was enjoying it.

My cock seemed to move of its own volition as it sought my mother’s massage. She smiled at me and said I was ‘lovely down there’. If I wasn’t crazy enough by then, that did it. I moved to get on top of her to get what I came for but she slipped out before I could get my cock into her. She turned me on my back and as I reclined she said, “Soon Baby, soon.”

She used her tongue all over me. She started at my feet and worked her way up to my eyes never touching my cock. When she was through she went to my center. She started with her tongue under my balls and licked and pressed using the tip to tease its way along my shaft. She reached the tip with her tongue and took the pre-cum that had appeared into her mouth. When I thought it was as close to torture as it could be, she finally took the head into her mouth. I must have let out a noise of relief because my mother gave a little laugh with my cock still in her mouth. She held the shaft and sucked the top. I knew that if she would have rubbed up and down even once I would have shot into her mouth but I guess she knew that too.

She released my cock and then she straddled me, walking on her knees to bring her pussy to my face. I took her in my mouth and saw her close her eyes in satisfaction. I teased the flower of my mother’s pussy to open for me. More than once she had told me about how little most men knew about the female anatomy. I had memorized the map and worked my tongue lovingly across the territory, finally reaching under her hood to the swelling button of her clit.

I gently pressed and prodded, circling anal porno and licking the engorged nub as she said, “Yes Baby…yes…there…there…” She let out a high pitched squeal and I could feel her shudder through my hands that rested in the small of her back as she came. She looked at me with a bit of surprise and said, “Ooh that was quick…I didn’t expect to come that fast…or that good.” I looked into a smile I had never seen on my mother’s flushed face before.

She flipped off me and was on her back with her legs opened when she said, “Okay honey; now come put your love into your mamma.” I didn’t need an engraved invitation. I brought my cock up the entrance of her pussy and she took it in hand. It went from hard to steel.

I penetrated my mother’s pussy and I slid into juice that wasn’t artificial lubrication; she was wet. It made me feel wonderful to think that my Missy was wet for me. I pushed my cock deeper into her hole and she said, “Mmmm…I didn’t know if I could do this for you…but I’m glad baby…it’s good to have you inside me…you feel so right for me…oh yes…do that… deep into your mamma…fill me sweetheart…” Looking at my mother’s pussy lips move over my cock as I pressed in deeper was one of the sweetest things I had ever seen. I reached to the end of her channel and ground my hips until I heard a little screech from her. When I closed my eyes, I had to keep telling myself that I was actually inside my mother’s pussy to keep from thinking it was just another fantasy.

I gave her long strokes that traveled the whole length of both of us. Her noises were exciting me more than seemed possible. Even when I had fantasized about fucking her, I didn’t imagine her enjoying it as much as she was. My cock was up inside my mother’s wet cunt and she wasn’t just letting me fuck her, she was loving the fucking I was giving her. That thought was enough to make me come. Just as I heard her sounds get urgent, I lost control. I pumped repeatedly into her and let a torrent of cum fill her pussy. She held me for a long time.

My sleep that night, instead of exhausted tranquility, was torn by a disturbing dream; Tango came back and he wanted mom again. She said that the only way to settle it would be for us both to have her. Mom was on top of me in the dream. I was in her pussy and then Tango put his dick in her ass. His cock was very long and slim and when he pumped her she told him he was the best and how much she missed having him do her. Stupid as it sounds; I woke up pissed off at her until she finally got me to tell her what I was upset about.

She said, “Listen to me Baby, you can’t drive yourself crazy about the past; it happened but it’s done…I love your brothers but this is different…God I hope it’s different because…Baby, you’re the one I want…the one I want to be with…the one I want loving me.” Her hand was in my pants before I could think and soon there was very little thinking going on.

During the next three days, I had more sex than I had had in the three years since I had become sexually active. I fucked her by every whim that struck me. It was a marathon I thought would never end. On the fourth morning, I got up late and came into the kitchen in my briefs. Missy was dressed and just about ready to leave for work. She looked sexy in the dark suit and stockings. I was feeling cocky and hot. Without even acknowledging the wonders of the night before or even a “good morning” I said, “How about a suck before you leave?” She looked at me strangely but I wasn’t thinking or paying attention. She came to me and sucked me.

That night, even tough the subtle changes in her attitude over the past few days had registered at some level, I chose to ignore them. We were in bed and I had her pussy once. After about fifteen minutes, I got an urge and said, “Turn over mom, I think I’ll fuck you in the ass.” She sat up and a hard look covered her face.

“I think you won’t” she seethed as she slapped me across the face as hard as I’ve ever been hit. I was stopped in shock. I had never seen her raise her hand in my whole life. I mumbled something to the effect that we didn’t have to if she didn’t want to and she said, “You don’t understand shit do you…DO YOU?” Tears started rolling down her face. At that point she was absolutely right; I didn’t understand shit.

It took a few days until civility returned to the house despite my apologies, which fell on deaf ears – mostly because I really didn’t know what I was apologizing for. When I got up enough courage and stupidity to put my hand on her, I got that look again and she said, “Listen up, I am NEVER having sex with you again…or anyone else for that matter.”

It was weeks before an inkling of what had happened dawned on me. As the days went by, my thoughts kept turning to all the mundane things that had made up our lives. “It would be nice if Missy was home to talk to; it would be nice if we could watch a video together.” Hell, I even wanted to go shopping with her. My most recurrent thought became, “Fuck me; what an asshole I am.” I had used her like they had used her; I had screwed her and I never realized what she was trying to give me. Sex is great but after you come, it’s over; love is there forever. My mother was trying to give me forever.

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