Mom’s Bad Boy

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Big Ass

It was 1am as the cab drove me back from a night out downtown. I reflected on what a lousy year it had been so far; divorced at 26, dead end job, back living with parents and, worst of all, I hadn’t been laid in months. I’d gone out tonight determined to set matters straight as far as the latter was concerned. It seemed that my luck would not change though, since I’d picked a night when the rest of the world had decided to stay in. To console myself a little I hit the bottle. Only now, as the cab pulled up outside my Mom and Dad’s place, the alcohol merely served to increase my desires. I could feel the heat in my loins and I seemed to get a hardon every time I looked at a girl. Maybe everyone’s had that feeling at some time in their life that if they don’t have sex soon they’re going to explode. Anyway, that’s how I felt as I quietly put the key in the front door so as not to wake my parents.

As I entered the living room, en route to another night of jerking off in bed, I noticed a light on in the kitchen. When I put my head around the corner I saw Mom standing at the breakfast bar with her back towards me, waiting for the kettle to boil. I looked her up and down. She was wearing a knee length, white satin robe and a pair of matching kitten heeled slippers. She is only about five foot four and still has all the right bits in the all right places. I was sure that she was the object of many of Dad’s friends’ desires. She was balanced on one leg, the other gently rubbing up and down the leg of the bar. It was at that point that lust took me over and I began to fantasise the forbidden. The aching in my groin told me I was going to have Mom tonight whether she wanted it or not and face the consequences tomorrow. I decided to make my move. I felt my heart in my mouth as I sneaked up behind her. Mom jumped as I put one arm around her waist and one hand over her mouth. I felt her body relax when she recognised the voice that told her to do exactly what it said and she wouldn’t get hurt. My hand moved away from her mouth and with a laugh in her voice she said she’d do anything.

Mom’s beautiful slim neck lay tantalisingly close, so I bent my head down and let my lips brush up and down it. I felt my dick harden and wondered if she could feel it sticking into her back as I pulled her closer towards me. I figured she must have because I felt her try to move away and she told me to behave myself. I turned Mom around to face me and forced her against the wall, trapping her there with my hands on her shoulders. The slight look of fear porno in her eyes only served to excite me even more. I bent my head to her left ear and told her that I wanted to dance with her. She protested that the music would wake up Dad, but I replied that it would be low and besides, he’d been out drinking with his buddies all night and wouldn’t be this side of conscious till morning. I told her to go upstairs and put on some dancing shoes and lipstick. I squeezed her shoulders and told her that if she wasn’t down in two minutes that I’d come up and get her. Mom’s eyes reflected her uncertainty at the unfamiliar way in which her only son was talking to her but she must also have seen my determination.

I went into the lounge and put on some sexy, slow music and dimmed the lights down low. Soon I heard the soft tread of her footsteps on the wooden staircase. Mom entered the living room still wary of my motives. In her hand she was holding a pair of white, high heel strappy sandals with about a four inch heel. She accused me of being drunk and that I’d feel silly in the morning but I simply told her to put her shoes on. Mom sat on the couch and crossed one leg over the other to help her fasten the strap that went around her ankle. When she did this for the second foot, the front of her robe fell open and I glimpsed the nakedness of her thighs. Quickly she covered her legs. I didn’t mind because I knew I’d soon be seeing all of her. I offered Mom my hand to help her up. Even with her high heels on she was still a head and a half smaller than me and the power I felt made me more excited than ever. I told her that she couldn’t dance with the robe on and that she should take it off. Slowly her hands went up to the ribbon around her waist that held it together. She trembled as the bow came apart and I went round back of her to slide it from her shoulders. Underneath she was wearing a short white slip that just about came down to her mid thighs. It was held up by two thin shoestring straps and had a plunging ‘v’ that went down as low as the small of her back. Her long, dark hair contrasted with her milky white flesh. I turned her around to face me and pulled us close together. Mom begged me to stop but by now I was too driven with lust to worry about future implications. I told her to put her arms around me as I put mine around her.

Slowly, we moved to the music. The stiffness in my trousers ground into Mom’s midriff and I made no effort to disguise it. My left hand moved up and down her right arm. I could feel the goosebumps anime porno of fear stand out on her soft, white skin. My other hand wandered over her naked back. To touch a woman’s body after all this time was wonderful, the fact that it was my own Mom’s almost made me come there and then. My hand was now just above the crack of Mom’s ass and she was still pleading with me to stop. I whispered that she’d soon be liking the attention that her son was giving her and I let both of my hands drift up to the thin straps of her slip. I bent my head and started to nuzzle on her left ear. As I let my tongue flick in and out I sensed Mom’s body tense up; she must have known what I was going to do next. Slowly, I slipped the straps off Mom’s shoulders. I held her arms to her side and the flimsy material dropped to the floor.

There stood my Mom naked in font of me except for those sexy high heels. Her breasts were full and ripe and she had a small mound of neatly trimmed fuzzy hair around her pussy. I pulled her to me and crazily planted my mouth over her full red lips, the taste of her lipstick was divine. At first she kept her lips pursed together, but as my hands roamed over her smooth, round butt cheeks Mom’s mouth slowly opened. Greedily, I devoured her, pushing my tongue as far into her as I could. I pulled Mom over to a little alcove beside the fireplace and positioned her against the wall. As I continued to kiss her, my hands wandered up from her ass, over the flatness of her belly and began to maul those two lovely full, firm breasts. As a child I’d sucked at her nipples to satisfy my nourishment desires, now I was sucking on them to satisfy my carnal desires. I could stand no more. My dick just had to be in her. I let her go while I undid the zip of my trousers. It was a struggle to free the beast within, but when it appeared both Mom and I were surprised at it’s size.

I had never been this turned on and the evidence was right between us. Mom said there was still time to stop and we could laugh about this in the morning, but I was too far gone. I let my hands slide down the back of mom’s long, soft legs, admiring the way her strappy sandals made her calf muscles and butt stand out proud. When my hands were behind Mom’s knees I lifted her up, her back wedged in the tight spacing of the alcove. She was light as a feather and I ordered her to wrap her legs around my waist. My dick was perfectly vertical as I lowered Mom gently down towards it.

As my knob touched her pussy lips I’d expected that arap porno I’d have to force it a little to get it in, but surprisingly, Mom’s love box was moist. When my bell end was inside, I just let go of her and Mom slipped down the wall and poleaxed herself on my prick. The shock and size of it made her gasp and draw breath. Holding on to the underside of her butt cheeks I began to piston long, slow strokes. Each time I’d almost let my dick come out of her and then I’d drive it right in to it’s root. I could feel my own ass starting to thrust faster as my lust heightened. Mom was panting as I fucked with a passion that I’d not known before. I began to groan and grunt like an animal as climax approached.

Mom could tell I was about to come and pleaded with me not to explode in her down there because she hadn’t taken any contraception for a week or two. She offered to take me in her mouth. I told her she’d better be quick because I wasn’t far away. I let her down and forced her to kneel in front of me. My rod was so stiff that I had to bend forward to get the right angle for it to go into Mom’s mouth. It glistened with her pussy juices as Mom parted her lips and enveloped my purple head. Looking down at my own Mom giving me a blow job sent me crazy. I took hold of the sides of her head and began to fuck her mouth. She didn’t gag at all as my groin moved back and forth. I groaned loudly. I was three thrusts away from coming… two….one. All of a sudden I felt months of pent up spunk spurt into Mom’s throat with the force of a jet spray. I told her to squeeze my heavy balls to get every last drop out. As she did this I noticed that some of my stuff that she couldn’t swallow had slipped from her chin onto her breasts and I told Mom to drink this as well. Then my legs buckled and I collapsed in a heap on the floor. When I’d recovered a few moments later Mom had already collected her slip and robe and gone upstairs. I was still high from the combined effects of the drink and the sex and went to my room.

Dad closing the front door behind him as he went to work woke me up. In the cold light of morning I recalled the night’s events and wondered what would happen to me. Just then there was a knock at the door and, before I could answer, Mom walked in. Her expression said nothing as she came up to the side of my bed. She was wearing a long dressing gown now, not the short one that had first tempted me just a few hours ago. She looked down at me and said that what I’d done to her was very bad. I turned away from her gaze just the way I’d done as a boy when I’d been naughty. Then I saw her dressing gown fall across the foot of my bed. I looked up at her. Mom stood there wearing just a flimsy, pink teddy.

‘Slide over’ she began ‘I want you to be Mommy’s bad boy again.’

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