More Than a Meet Ch. 02

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As Dave led me to his bedroom, he stopped to pull the covers back, bending at the hips, giving me full view of his smooth arse. I could not help myself, placing my hands on his cheeks, sliding them all over his arse. Dave moaned in a way I took that I was doing well, gradually working my thumbs deeper between his cheeks when suddenly Dave passed me some lube, explaining that lube is a must! I kept one hand working his arse before pulling one cheek aside as I squirted some lube between his cheeks, dropping the tube on the bed as I began sliding my fingers along his wet crack, pressing against his hole as my thumb passed.

I began sliding a thumb inside him, getting a groan of delight from Dave as he told me to use a finger instead. I did so, gently sliding a finger deep inside his arse, working it in and out before adding 1 then 2 more fingers inside him, working in and out, pushing deeper with every stroke.

I began to rub some of the lube on my cock, stroking it long and slow, as I began to moan from a more enjoyable feeling than I had ever felt from my own hand. Dave must have heard me or sensed this and turning his head towards me, demanded ” I want your cock to cum inside me, do you want to slide inside an sincan escort arse for the first time?” without saying anything, I moved the head of my cock along my slick fingers, removing them from him as my knob found its first male arse, barely pressing against him when I slid easily inside his hole, Dave pushing back swiftly as he took me completely.

I held there inside him as my cock twitched, the feeling being something I never imagined. With my eyes closed and hands on Dave’s hips, I heard him say ” take me as you please! Don’t hold back!” I started to slide slowly from him until almost coming out before sliding fully back inside. I continued this, picking up pace when before long I felt the cum boiling in my balls, letting out a moan, telling Dave I was about to cum! He thrust back onto me ” fuck me hard, fill my arse with your cum, don’t stop!” I did such and within a few hard deep thrusts, I pulled Dave to me as I unloaded deep inside him, letting out an enormous groan of pleasure, screaming ” oh fuck yeah, that feels so good!” holding myself inside him as we fell on the bed until my cock softened and slid from him.

I moved off Dave to lay beside him as he rolled to face tandoğan escort me, this time I moved in for a deep kiss before saying to him ” sorry I didn’t last long” he replied with ” that’s ok, it happens on your first time, hope its not your last!” I told him I hope not, pressing my lips to his as we again fell into a deep passionate kiss.

Without breaking the kiss, Dave moved on top of me with his legs between mine, lowering his hard shaft against my now soft and sticky cock, kissing me much more deeply as his hands ran through my hair.

He pulled his lips from mine, moving to my ear as I moaned at the sensation before kissing and licking my neck as he moved down my chest, working over each tender nipple, down to my navel, running his tongue into it before moving to my cock, taking its soft stickiness in his warm mouth, cleaning it completely. Dave had moved his hands under my thighs, lifting them up as I felt a strange but highly erotic feeling of his tongue entering me.

He worked my arse with his tongue until I wanted his cock inside me again! I reached for his head pulling him up my body begging him ” I want that cock in me, fuck my arse!” he squeezed some lube tunalı escort on my hole as he knelt between my legs that he made me hold against my chest, sliding entirely inside me as I pulled his face to mine, kissing hard and deep with his cock deep inside me.

As we kissed, his cock barely sliding out, he slammed it back in. I screamed out in pleasure ” oh yeah, fuck my arse deep, pound me!” Dave kept slamming just that little bit of cock into me before he sat up on his knees and began moving in and out of me further each stroke, making me bellow in pleasure.

I felt my cock harden, wrapping my hand around it, stroking it in time with Dave. I laying my head back, arching my back as the feel of having my arse fucked while my cock throbbed was beyond heaven. I felt my own cock pulse, about to cum when Dave slammed hard deep inside me, holding my arse on his cock pushing my hand from myself, Dave taking over when I felt the hot throbbing of his load pumping inside me as my own cock unloaded, spraying cum on my chest and some on my chin.

With another of Dave’s loads inside me, he lay down on my spent cock, licking my seed from my chin. With his tongue still covered in my cum, I felt as if Dave was heading towards my mouth to which I opened, Dave pushing his tongue inside my mouth as I sucked myself from him, ensuring I had every sweet drop before we began a tight embrace filled with much more lip wrestling, his cock still inside me as we finished with laying in each others arms.

Chapter 3 cumming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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