My Day At The Spa Ch. 02

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After my terribly innovating bikini and leg wax I was anxious to continue my day at the spa with my deep tissue massage. It is usually done by two Swedish girls that I swear are lesbians. Inga is the taller of the two; she is about 5’9 or so with long lean slender perfectly tanned legs and long blonde hair with piercing green eyes. Amazingly beautiful she is; her tongue is pierced which we’ve discussed before because I’ve always wanted to get it done but been too afraid, and her nipples are always perky and pressing firmly against her crisp white dress. Hillary, the other one, is around 5’5 with thicker legs and nice firm thighs. They both have great tans that look even more sun-kissed against the white dresses. Hillary has shorter blonde hair with blue eyes and the nicest breasts I’ve ever seen, next to my own. You can tell from her uniform that they are pert and lifted and welcome any wandering eye. Inga always whispers things to Hillary while they massage me and giggle, but it wasn’t until today I found out what they were laughing about…

Undoubtedly oozing sex from my pores I floated into the steamy room completely naked-hey I am a regular. My bare pussy exposed for all to see, and my tits lightly bouncing with every step I take. I feel like the queen of the world and I sense that Inga and Hillary can tell that my previous engagement was more than a little satisfying. I lie down on the table face down and spread my legs shoulder width apart so that they may begin my massage. Generally Inga does my left side and Hillary does the right and they work from top and bottom inward and out again for all over pleasure that’s hard to beat. However today was just my lucky fuckin’ day. A mere ten minutes into my massage, I’m loss in sensual paradise when I here them whisper and giggle, and then Inga says to me, “would you like to be the first to receive our new special technique?” Who am şişli escort I to turn down exhilarating new tidbits? I close my eyes expecting maybe a new pressure point or maybe a water massage but what I got wasn’t expected…

Inga tells me to flip over, and I do so obligingly thinking nothing out of the ordinary, until that is, I notice her unbuttoning her taut white dress. Still high from my previous rendezvous I just stare. Her body is absolutely amazing. Her long legs stretch all the way up to her ass which is rounded only slightly to meet a slender and defined back. Her stomach is perfectly flat and definite showcasing a feminine six-pack and bejeweled by a tiny belly button ring. Her breasts are about a 34-C but a full C-braless of course with hard little nipples that are just slightly pink, her pussy is beautiful and wears just a small patch of hair in the shape of a heart above her clit. She giggles and says to lie still and relax myself. Inga then walks over to Hillary and undresses her, releasing her bulging tits, nearly two cup sizes bigger than Inga’s with larger and harder nipples, resembling two erect grapes. Hillary’s ass is much fuller than Inga’s, creating more of a teardrop in her profile and meeting perfectly with her thick, muscular thighs. The two of them stood there, naked in all their glory and then in a perverted similarity to my regular massage Inga stood on the left and Hillary on the left, and they both began to suck my now hard nipples.

I stroked both of their heads while they milked my tits like needing infants, flicking and gently biting, sending waves of pleasure through my body each time. Then, Inga climbed on top of me and while straddling my body, she began to kiss Hillary slow and seductively at first, but then more rough and passionate. The sight began to get to me and I grabbed Hillary and started to kiss her myself. She was playful and soft, mecidiyeköy escort slowly teasing my tongue and biting my lip almost trying to orally seduce me. While Hillary and I kissed, Inga began to massage my inner thighs, moving all around my pussy but never touching it in any way, which left me wanting and yearning to be touched down there. Then in a feeling I have never felt before Inga begun to grind her own pussy with my own, our lips kissing and our clits rubbing against each other sending tiny waves of bliss throughout my body. I decided, if I’ve come this far I might as well have some breakfast.

I broke my kiss with Hillary and whispered in her ear, “I want to taste you.” I even amazed myself, in saying so but the intensity of the passion outweighed the reasonable side of my head. Hillary climbed on top of my and literally sat on my face. I embraced her warm pussy with open arms and met her lips with my tongue slowly stroking and circling, stopping only to gently suck her clit. In the midst of me eating Hillary, Inga must have turned around because she was now tongue fucking me, while getting orally assaulted by Hillary. With her ass up in the air, Inga fucked me slow then fast, alternating and flicking her tongue rapidly against my clit. I, totally enjoying the sweet taste of pussy that I had never been exposed to prior to this, began to focus on Hillary’s clit, sucking and tracing figure eights around it, feeling it harden in my mouth. Our moans began to quicken and get louder and I could feel Hillary’s juices invading my mouth, as I greedily licked it up. I could tell Inga was about to cum because she was flicking the hell out of my clit and had begun finger fucking my g-spot, causing me to buck wildly against her face, my body begging and pleading to cum all over her face. I had Hillary moaning into Inga’s pussy, panting and whimpering, wanting to cum when I şişli escort bayan inserted a finger into her ass-hole obviously sending her over the edge, as she flowed all over my face. Her sweet juices causing a flood as I tried to swallow what I could while lightly continuing to flick her now super sensitive clit. Hillary’s orgasm must have caused a chain reaction because now Inga was moaning loudly and squeezing her breasts and I came all over her face, due to her continuous attack on my G and her tongue ring’s foreign attack on my clitoris. I came so hard and there was so much cum that I could feel my ass get sticky and see the glisten in Inga’s beautiful blonde hair.

Both girls climbed off me, and smiling Hillary walked over to the chair to have a seat, meanwhile Inga reached under the table and pulled out a two-ended dildo. Without so much of a warning she shoved one end inside of me, causing me to yelp out in surprise, and pleasure. She lie down on the table opposite me and inserted the other end into her dripping wet pussy. We both grinded against the dildo moving up and down, occasionally feeling each other’s juicy flesh meeting. We moved faster and faster, up and down and I could feel a guttural moan coming. I looked over to Hillary to see her masturbating vigorously and expertly sucking her own tits. She was frantically fingering her pussy and the sight, along with the 9 inch plastic cock rammed inside me was becoming too much. I forced the cock all the way inside me and pulled myself closer to Inga and grinded up against her rubbing clit to clit and within a minute we were both having the most earth shattering orgasm you ever wanted to hear. I squeezed my nipples and closed my thighs tightly around the dick, never wanting to stop orgasming. My body shook and pulsated and I think I felt a tear forming. Hillary came shortly after us, after having inserted three fingers in her saturated pussy and two in her ass.

The two girls dressed quietly, stopping occasionally to share a kiss between the three of us. I could not believe my luck, and amazing sexual drive for today…I wonder what else could go right today?

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