My fFrst Time


My first time was totally freaky, scary and exciting. All those emotions were all at the same time. That makes it so memorable that it will be in my thoughts and basis of my fantasies forever.

I was on the volleyball team. We were pretty good. We won a lot more than we lost. It was high school, I’d just turned 18 and I’d made the varsity as an 11th grader. I guess one reason I was moved up to varsity was because I was taller then most of my classmates. 5’8” in the 11th grade. In fact I was even taller than some of my teachers. Part of the reason was I’d been held back a year due to some illness that forced my mom to home school me. So, besides being taller, I was a bit more mature too. Well, mature in non sensual ways that is. As far as sex was concerned, I was totally without a clue.

The first time I saw her was the year before. She was shorter than me by 3 inches and older by 18 years. Her presence was electrifying. It was during a junior varsity game the first time I’d realized she even knew who I was. I’d just won a point on a spike that had actually knocked down the blocker. She came up to me after the game and said she expected me to report for varsity practice the next day. I watched her as she walked away. Her short page-boy cut blonde hair made her look almost masculine except for the graceful neck and swaying hips. My ‘do’ was only slightly longer than hers actually. God, I hoped I didn’t look masculine but would have loved to be as pretty and sexy as she was. Maybe looking a bit masculine wasn’t so bad.

Most of the men teachers appeared to leer after her whenever she walked the halls but she seemed to be above their feeble attempts to draw her into more than school or activity conversation. I didn’t know for sure but had head she’d actually told a couple of the more aggressive men to “bug off.” I laughed to myself over that. I said the same to a couple of football players that thought they owned every girl in school by just being on the football team. No-way!

I’d gone on just 3 dates with guys in the past and all in the last 7 months of this school year. Two dates were to a dance and one was to a movie. The dances were ok until the guys wanted to maul me on the way home. As for the movie, not with another guy for sure. All he wanted to do was touch my breasts. Little did he know there wasn’t much to touch but I didn’t want him to do it at all. My mom hadn’t let me date the year I was home-schooled and there wasn’t a chance at all prior to that to go out. I had to be over 16, that didn’t happen until I was already at home and totally supervised. Besides, not going to school really cramps your meeting anyone other than the neighborhood guys. No thanks!

God, I was so elated and excited. Varsity…WOW!

She came into the locker room while we were dressing for practice. She went around to each girl and said words of encouragement to them. When she got to me, she said, “Listen Renae, I just know you’re going to be a fantastic addition to the team. Just listen to what I say and always do everything I say.” Little did I know how much she really meant by that.

She was blonde, pretty and, well, sexy too. Most of the time she wore shorts or a sweat suit. When she wore shorts, everyone could see she had fantastic legs. The bulky sweats she wore hid her breasts so that was anyone’s guess. I guess I was as curious as the others when it came to wondering what was under her ever present sweatshirt but it was more idle curiosity than anything else. Or at least that’s what I believed.

Her piercing blue eyes could make even the toughest female in gym class step back with caution. The way they looked at me when she was telling me she knew I was going to be her best ‘pupil’ was altogether different though. They seemed to pierce directly into my soul. Rather than be concerned about her wrath, I had a feeling of foreboding but intermingled with some perverse anticipation too.

What I was anticipating I wasn’t sure of. I just knew I was totally honored and thrilled to have been chosen by her to be on varsity. The fact she seemed to favor me at the same time was just extra.

The change in the way she treated me was slow and subtle. At first she was just patting me on the back and complimenting me on my play and hustle. Then, occasionally, she’d add a small rub on the back of my shoulders following the pat. I had to admit, I liked the attention. Some of the other players sort of observed what she was doing and started to call me coach’s pet. I must confess, I started looking forward to her escort bayan merter congratulatory pats and rubs.

The coach started to visit the dressing room more often when we were dressing out for practice and games and suddenly never ever missed being there after practice. We were all required to take showers after practice and games. Some of the girls liked to prance around nude with their towels around there heads or shoulders to and from the individual shower stalls. I never did that. Not that I was a prude, I just felt to exposed to all’s view and always had the towel wrapped around me on my trek to and from.

At first I didn’t notice but then I started to observe coach paying a lot of attention to those that like to be exhibitionists. But, well, it seemed she like to look at me a lot too. I didn’t know why because I was more covered with the towel than I usually was when in our playing uniform; shorts, sports bra, (even though my 34 A cup breasts didn’t need it except when I was cold or excited, and then my nipples gave me away as they extended like almost half an inch), and tank tops. Oh yeah, and panties of course. Some girls wore body suits but I never did like the feel of them when playing. To restrictive.

The shower stalls had a draw curtain across the entrance for individual privacy. I welcomed that and always closed it. A few times one of the girls that liked to do practical jokes would walk through the shower room and open all the curtains. Sometimes she’d toss in a pitcher of cold water onto the person inside. One time she did it to me and I saw the coach standing outside looking in and I got really embarrassed when I saw her eyes sort of narrow and a smile appear on her face as she looked directly at me as I stood there totally naked. I knew I turned at least 4 shades of red. I tried to close the curtain but in my haste, it got stuck and I could feel her eyes taking in all of me. I got a really funny feeling deep down inside my abdomen and I kept trying to close the curtain, standing on my toes facing her and knowing she was seeing all of me. I don’t know why I was feeling so funny and tingly inside. I mean, even though I’m modest, as I said, I wasn’t a prude. What was different was the way see looked at me. It was almost like my pet cat’s look when she was studying a bird on the ground and crouching in a position of leaping towards its prey.

The rest of the season was dramatic. We kept winning a lot more than losing and the coach kept patting and rubbing me. I was liking it more and more. What I also liked and started to allow happen was to keep the shower curtain open a little longer every day as I knew the coach was standing there almost expecting me to do just what I was doing. I couldn’t explain to myself why I was doing that or what exactly I expected the coach to do. I just knew I was starting to feel really comfortable and cozy letting the coach see me. It embarrassed me at the same time too because I couldn’t explain in my own mind just why I was suddenly being such a flasher.

The day after our final game, we lost in the quarter-finals, we were all feeling pretty low even though everyone thought we’d played very well and coach was very proud of how far we had made it in the playoffs.

Coach always wore a pants suit to games. She looked very business-like and could almost be mistaken for a young man…again if they didn’t look at the sensuous face, striking eyes, and hint of a bust. She never wore heels except for games and then they were 2” heels. She commented often on how she’d prefer 3” spike heels but being on a wooden basketball court for the volleyball games made that a school “no-no.”

I always thought she looked the best in a black pin-stripe double-breasted suit. Very aggressive and domineering in appearance. Other than a bit of lipstick, it didn’t look like she used make-up. Maybe she was one of those women that didn’t need enhancement or cared to use anything. The initial effect was one of wholesomeness with a hint of dominance. Once you got to know her, then it wasn’t just a hint.

Coach had called me back to the bus to console me over the loss so by the time I got to the locker room, most of the other girls had already showered, dressed and left. There were just two others but they were finishing there shower. I started to undress but the coach came in and told me she had to leave on an errand and couldn’t wait for me to shower. The other two girls came out, finished dressing and left to meet their boyfriends who were waiting for escort bayan şişli them in the parking lot.

Coach said, “Just get your clothes; I’ll give you a ride home. I’ve already sent the bus to the barn.”

She knew my mom was out of town for the weekend and it being Friday, I’d planned on riding the bus home. My mom had made plans for the team bus to ensure I got home after the game. Mom is an account executive and does have occasional weekend business trips. She was really disappointed she’d missed our playoff game but had called me on the way back to school from the match and had commiserated with me over our loss. She told me she’d be home late Sunday evening.

I guess I was still in denial that we’d lost so I just mumbled my assent, picked up my clothes and got ready to ride home.

It was soon apparent we weren’t heading to my house and I said, “Coach, Ummm, this isn’t the way to my house.”

“I know sweetie, I have to go by my place to pickup something. You don’t mind do you? And call me Kay, not coach!”

Calling me sweetie was totally out of the blue. I didn’t know how to respond to that. She’d always called me by my last name, “White,” before. And her telling me to call her ‘Kay’ didn’t sound like a request, more like an order.

When we arrived at her apartment, she ordered me out. I complied without even a murmur as her tone left me no choice. I got out and as she sort of pushed me forward, entered her apartment.

“You smell, go in and take a shower while I get the things I need before I take you home.” she demanded. She pointed me towards the bathroom, tossed me a large towel and, watching me closely, opened a cabinet and took out a bottle of Chardonnay and 2 glasses.

I demurely complied and wondered if the glass of wine she was going to pour was for me. I’d never had a drink before and didn’t know if I should try or not if she offered it to me. I didn’t think I had a choice when she walked in and said, “Here, drink this, it’ll relax you. You seem really tense. No wonder after the great game you played. Now get in the shower.”

I did as I was told. I carefully closed the bathroom door, got undressed and got in the shower. I suddenly had a panic attach when I realized I’d left my tote bag with my school clothes out in the other room.

‘God’, I thought, ‘I can’t go out there naked.’

Then I thought, ‘oh well, I’ll just finish, wrap the towel around me and I’ll be ok.’

I had the hot water on and was luxuriating in the spray easing the game soreness out of my shoulders when I suddenly felt hands on my back. God, I must have jumped a foot.

I started to turn around but her hands held me in place and then she moved her body up against my back. I could feel that she was nude too. I was totally scared to death. I didn’t know what to do or say. This can’t be happening I thought. I mean, I’d heard about gays and lesbians but, well, never really dwelled on it. I mean, that was what people talked about in the dressing room but it was just usually stories and, ‘he said; she said’ or, ‘did you hear; did you know; did you read?’

I wanted to scream but who would have heard me? I tried to squirm but she held me tight and then she started to kiss the back of my neck and ears. At first it made me feel squeamish but then, well, slowly I started to feel warmth creeping down my neck and into my shoulders. I could hear my groaning turning to moaning. God, it started to feel good. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I tried to stop the growing feelings as I knew they weren’t right.

Suddenly she spun me around, forcing my hands behind my back, holding them with one hand while the other grabbed my chin and held it as she stared deeply into my eyes and slowly moved her mouth towards mine.

Yes, I’d been kissed by 2 of the boys I’d gone out with but this was different. Kissing a woman and my coach at that…no-way!

When her lips touched mine it was very softly, like a butterfly just flittering on a flower. I didn’t know what to expect or think and suddenly I felt my reluctance fading away. It was unlike anything I’d imagined or even fantasized about. That was for sure. I’d never ever fantasized about kissing a woman.

As soft and sweet as my first female kiss was, it suddenly became very demanding and aggressive. My mouth was forced open by her demanding mouth and tongue and I felt just a bit of pain as she pushed my arms back against the shower wall and pressed her body against mine. I could feel her breasts escort bayan şişli thrusting against my rib cage below my pitifully small boobs. They were large and I could feel her nipples jabbing against me. They were as long as mine get and hard as a pencil eraser.

Her mouth was sucking the life out of me as she demanded more and more of me. I could feel her tongue deep inside my mouth, seeking, exploring, and demanding. I was so shocked at first I just let it happen but then, without my bidding, my tongue took on a life of its own and started to reciprocate.

My knees started to buckle but she held me in place. I could feel a pressure building deep inside my lower abdomen. ‘Oh God’, I thought, ‘my body is starting to like, even want this.’

As fast as the kiss happened, it stopped and she pulled me out of the shower and growled; “Now slut, you’re going to learn how to service your Mistress!”

She toweled me dry, pushed me into her bedroom and threw me down on the bed. Before I could even move, she had pulled my arms over my head and attached a fur lined cuff to each wrist. I tried to struggle but she just laughed at me and pulled my left leg to the side and attached a similar cuff to my ankle. When I tried to kick out with my left leg, she just smacked me along side my hip with her hand really hard and pulled my right leg wide to the other corner of the bed, attached the cuff and stepped back and looked at me.

God, I was sooooo embarrassed. I was spread-eagle on the bed, helpless and she could see all of me. It was a stupid thought but it ran through my head as she stood looking and almost licking her lips, but I was glad I’d trimmed my bush the previous week.

My mind wanted to scream for help but something was holding me back. I started to actually see her. She was totally nude. Her breasts were large, at least a C cup, and her nipples were extended, redder than her areolas. They were protruding, almost like an extra extension of her breasts. Her figure was to die for. Narrow waist, flaring hips and exquisite legs. What got my attention was her mons. It was totally covered in hair. Lots and lots of hair. Much darker than the hair on her head. It looked totally out of context to how pretty she looked and was. I thought that she must have a hard time wearing a bikini with that much bush because it would have been pushing out all around the cloth.

I’d see most of the girls on the team when they were naked but her figure and her bush was suddenly appealing to me. None of the team members nakedness had ever even gave me pause to notice.

Now, suddenly, here I was wanting to take in every viewable inch of my coach’s body.

Her stare with those penetrating blue eyes started my blood to feel like it was going to boil. I stopped struggling against the cuffs and just sighed.

Her voice was low and almost guttural when she snarled, “Ok slut, now I’m going to take you to the end of the earth and back. You’re going to beg me for more and you’re going to be my personal slut sub until I tire of you. You understand.”

I watched as she took a harness like thing from a drawer that had a huge phallus like devise protruding some 10” out and had to be as big around as my wrist. I stared wide-eyed as she stroked it, laid it on the bed and said, “later for this my pet, but you’ll be begging for me to use it, over and over!”

Before I could respond, she got on the bed, strattled my torso and walking on her knees, started inching forward, rubbing her thighs and bush against my breasts. I could see her bush coming closer and closer. I didn’t know what to do…I couldn’t move my arms or legs. Her pussy was suddenly at my chin. I tossed my head from side to side but she just grabbed my head between her hands, held it tight and thrust her pelvis forward and my mouth was covered by her hairy cunt.

When I tried to open my mouth to protest, she shoved harder and it felt like she was inside my mouth.

All the time she kept saying, “My precious slut, I’m going to make you the best cunt licker I’ve ever had. You’re going to service me every day and you’re going to beg for me to give you my pussy and drink my cum when you’ve been taught to eat pussy the way I like and want.”

Her words were foreign to me as I was forbidden to use profanity at home and never did. For some unexplained reason, her use of the nasty words and what she was doing to me was causing my own pussy to suddenly feel very wet, hot and wanting.

As much as I tried and my mind was screaming “NOOOOOO, my body was totally betraying me and shouting “Yessssss” even louder.

I gave in and did as she demanded and expected.

Not the end, but that was the first time….

by Flowerlove

I apologize if I’m too wordy but, as the best as I can remember, that is the way it happened.

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