My First Apartment Ch. 5


Kathy and Frank invited me to breakfast the next morning. We frankly discussed our sexual situation. I told them that I was not Frank’s fuckboy or Kathy’s gigolo and, conversely, Frank was not my fuckboy and Kathy was not my whore.

They both seemed rather shocked or, at least, a little put out.

Kathy said, “But I thought we had a good thing going here.”

“Me too,” from Frank.

“We do, but let’s not get too possessive of each other. Kathy, I love it when you suck or fuck me. Your pussy tastes great and, Frank, so does your cock. Your cock feels great in my ass and I enjoy pushing my meat up yours. But none of us own each other.”

They both agreed this was true. Frank excused himself by saying that he had to leave for work. Kathy and I chatted a little bit then I excused myself.

Later, I was seated at my desk and writing a short story for my Creative Writing 315 course, when Kathy knocked on the doorjamb.

“May I come in?”

“Sure, Kathy. You are always welcome.”

“Frank and I know what you mean, but we have a special relationship with you. And we don’t want to lose that.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that, Kathy.”

“I hope so. But I came down to talk with you about something else.”

“What’s that?”

“Remember, last fall, when you looked over our yard and said there were several places that, with a little fencing or screening, would be ideal for sunbathing?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well, I’d like to screen and fence them. I want to lay naked in the sun. I want to fuck in the sun.”

“Nude sunbathing is one thing. Outdoor sex, even in the privacy of your own yard, may be something else.”

“So what! I want to jump Frank’s or your bones under the sun. I want to have grass stains on my knee’s or on my back from being fucked on the lawn.”

“Well, let’s start with the sunbathing and work from there.”

“O.K. Jeez, this talk has made me horny.” Kathy rubbed her crotch.

Kathy moved next to me as I sat at the desk. She put her arm around my shoulder. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, as was Kathy.

Kathy leaned over and kissed me. She sucked my tongue into her mouth. At the same time, I slipped my hands up under her t-shirt and hefted her braless breasts.

Kathy slipped her hands into my shorts. In a moment, both of us were naked. We moved to my bed. We ended up in a 69. I was on top with my face buried in Kathy’s cunt and my lips sealed around her clit.

Kathy had her nose buried in my pubic hair and my cockhead deep down her throat.

We brought each other off. Kathy was groaning and gulping and I was wishing she was more of a squirter as we got our rocks off at the same time.

After resting for a minute, I pushed myself up onto my knees. “What had we just talked about?”

“As I remember, it was something about sex and possessing each other.”

I looked down at Kathy. “I guess we just illustrated the point.”

Kathy tugged my cock down to her lips. She licked my cockhead, then grinned, “I see what you mean. Lie down next to me.”

We were cuddled up in each other’s arms. “That was fun, but we are going to have to cool this sex stuff for the next few weeks.”

“What do you mean?”

“My Mother is coming to stay with us for the next month. We’ll probably have to delay the nude sunbathing places and, worst of all, the sex until she leaves.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes. Really. I don’t think she would approve of Frank and I sucking and fucking our tenant and me eating the pussies of my bridge partners.”

“Yes, I can see how that may be off-putting, unless you’re into alternative life styles or swinging.”

“Off-putting? Swinging? My parents hardly held hands. They didn’t know what swinging was. They did the “nasty” once a week, every Saturday night, missionary style, wham-bam-thank-you-M’am, roll over on your back and fall asleep.

“You’re kidding me?”

“No! When I was a teenager, I heard them and I knew what was happening.” My parents were so conventional and straight-laced.

“What did you do?”

“What do you think I did? I finger fucked myself, diddled my clitoris and vowed that I would never fuck unless it was fun.”

I put my arms around Kathy and her pulled over and up and against my chest. “I’m not sure, but I hope that you have had fun fucking me. I know I’ve had fun fucking you and Frank.”

“Yes, Rich, you’re a fun fuck. Frank thinks so too.” Kathy pushed herself out of my arms, kissed me, got out of bed, and went upstairs.

I met Kathy’s Mom about a week later. I was working at my desk when I heard a knock on the doorjamb.

“Come in.”

“Hello, you must be Rich the Renter? I’m Kathy’s Mom, Lily.”

I hadn’t thought of myself as Rich the Renter, but it fit. “Yes, I’m Rich. Please come in, Lily. I’m glad to meet you.”

Lily came into my apartment. I offered her a chair. She sat, instead, on the foot of the bed next to my desk. She was a rather prim looking woman with nicely coiffed short gray hair and striking blue eyes.

“Kathy yenibosna escort also calls you ‘Rich the rigid. Or Rich the erect. Or Rich the upright.”

“Excuse me?”

“Pardon my forwardness. Kathy likes, and recommends, your cock.”

“I beg your pardon!”

“Don’t! Please listen. Kathy told me that she knew about my sex life. Harold, my late husband, was an uptight, straight-laced jerk, if you please, when it came to sex.”

“His idea was sex was a duty. It was my duty to put out once a week when he was ready and whether or not I was ready or even interested. He was Mister Saturday Night. Wham-bam-thank-you-M’am-roll-over-and-go-to sleep.”

“Jeez, that’s terrible. What did you do?”

“Like Kathy, I finger fucked myself and diddled my clit. Harold died ten years go.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be. He was fucking his secretary when he had a heart attack. I only told Kathy he was in the saddle when he bought it. I know she knew it wasn’t my saddle since he died on a Tuesday. I’ve been “dickless” ever since.”

Lily was wearing a housecoat. “What can I do for you, Lily?”

She smiled. “Come here.”

I stood up from the desk and walked over to the foot of the bed.

Lily looked up at me. “Rich, remember, sex is like riding a bicycle. Once you learn, you never forget. You may be rusty and wobbly, but you never forget how to ride a bicycle.”

Lily slid her hand up under my t-shirt. She rubbed my stomach, then pulled my shorts down. She slid her hand down to my cock. She leaned forward into my crotch and nuzzled her face against my cock and balls.

She looked up at me. “As I said, I’ve been dickless for ten years.” She licked my cockhead and then sucked it into her mouth. She certainly wasn’t wobbly and, if she was rusty, I’ll go for rusty every time.

I put my hand on her face and pulled my cock out of her mouth. I pulled off my t-shirt and stepped out of my shorts. I then helped her to her feet, untied and opened her housecoat, and pulled her body against mine.

I pushed her housecoat off her shoulders, then laid her back on my bed. She tried to cover her breasts. I moved her hands.

“Don’t look at my breasts. They are flat and saggy and old.”

I saw inch long nipples that begged to be sucked. And I did.

Lily rolled and twisted her torso as I sucked her nipples. I kissed my way down her chest and belly towards her crotch. Her belly was a little flabby but below it was a cunt covered with shiny gray curly hair.

I buried my face in her crotch. She smelled of bath soap and raspberry douche. “You’ll have to excuse the douche. I hoped to get lucky.”

I pushed her legs apart for better access, then, with my tongue and fingers, I worked my way through her silver thatch, spread her cunt lips and began to search for her clit with my tongue and lips.

Lily responded by moving me around and swallowing my cock.

She responded to the stimulation of her clit by vigorously sucking my cock. I ran my tongue up and down her slit as I licked and sucked her pussy lips.

Lily had one hand wrapped around my cock shaft as she swabbed the head with her tongue. “I’ve got to rest.”

I moved from over her. I wet my finger in my mouth, then ran it up and down her slit. As I lay down beside her, I pushed my finger into her pussy.

Lily turned towards me, held my head and kissed me. She pushed her tongue into my mouth as I finger fucked her. Finally, she stopped my by putting her hand on her cunt and holding my hand.

She sat up next to me. Then she got up on her knees. She wrapped her hands around my cock shaft. “May I jack you off?”

“Please do.”

Lily pumped, twisted, stroked, squeezed and fondled. Her hand job technique wasn’t very rusty either.

“I’m about to cum, Lily.”

“Good.” She continued with a steady stroke. She held my cock as my load shot onto my stomach.

Lily dipped a finger in the cum. She licked her finger, dipped it again, and presented it to me to lick. I sucked her finger into my mouth.

Lily then licked some cum off my stomach. She leaned forward and we French kissed.

She was still holding my cock in one hand. Lily bent down, licked the cockhead, then slid my cock into her mouth. After sucking for a few minutes, she sat back up.

“My late husband would have never done that with me. He thought any sex act other than the missionary position was perverted. She then got off the bed and went into my bathroom. I heard the water run.

Lily returned with two washcloths and a towel. She gently washed the cum off my cock and stomach. After drying me off, she returned everything to the bathroom.

Lily came back, put her housecoat on, kissed me on the cheek, then turned and walked out.

As I listened to her climb up the stairs, I thought to myself, ‘There’s a story the Creative Writing instructor wouldn’t believe.’ And, like Mother, Like Daughter.

I didn’t see any of them for a couple of days. I have one morning class zeytinburnu escort on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m usually back at the apartment by 10:30 or 11:00.

I was just beginning to fix a sandwich when I heard a knock at the door. Before I could answer, Lily called, “May I come in?”

“Hi Lily. Come on in, I’m in the kitchen. Would you like a sandwich?”

Lily walked into the kitchen. She was wearing a suit with a jacket and skirt. She still looked prim and rather matronly.

“I’d love a sandwich. There is something that I would like to discuss with you.”

“Oh? O.K. What would you like to drink? Water? Tea? Beer? Wine?”

“You drink wine with lunch?”

“Only when I eat lunch with a beautiful woman.”

“You flatter me.”

“Let’s see. The sandwiches are roast beef. I believe you drink red wine with red meat. I think it is Italian style roast beef, so is Chianti O.K.?” I got out two juice glasses and filled them with wine.

We talked about general things as we ate. I figured I would let Lily broach the subject whenever she was ready.

We finished lunch and were busy cleaning up the kitchen when Lily put her hand arm my arm. “Rich, I don’t know how to say this without sounding forward, but I want to make love with you.”

“Oh, Lily!” I put my arms around her and hugged her. She looked up and kissed me. I kissed back. She pushed the tip of her tongue between my lips. We moved into a French kiss as our tongues touched and then explored each other’s mouth.

We broke the kiss. “Well, that certainly wasn’t forward of me, was it?”

“No, it wasn’t Lily.”

“Let’s go to your bed, I feel comfortable there.” Lily took my hand and led me into my bedroom.

I unbuttoned her suit jacket, slipped it off her and laid over a chair. Lily unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off me and put it on the chair. I slipped my shoes off as I hugged Lily and began to unfasten her skirt.

She unbuckled the belt and unfastened and unzipped my trousers. Her skirt dropped to the floor. She stepped out of it and then pushed my trousers down. I kicked them aside and removed my socks.

I unbuttoned her blouse as she pushed my t-shirt up. I reached behind her back to unhook her bra. “Please leave my bra on. It makes me feel sexy.”

I opened her blouse. Lily was wearing a dark red peek-a-boo bra. Her inch long suckable nipples projected through the front of the cups.

I bent down and sucked each nipple and ran my tongue down her belly to the waistband of her panties. She was wearing dark red panties. As I bent down she pulled my t-shirt off.

I sank to my knees in front of her. I rubbed my face against her panty-clad cunt then I hooked my fingertips in her panty waistband and pulled them down.

Lily was wearing a dark red garter belt and black nylon stockings. I pushed her panties all the way down and helped her slip them over her shoes.

The black nylons and dark red garter belt framed her pale thighs and curly gray haired cunt. I pressed my face into her thatch. She smelled of ripe cherries.

I used my thumbs to part her curly hairs and get to her outer labia. I licked her lips from bottom to top. Lily used her hands to press my face and tongue against her.

Lily’s outer lips were long and dangly. I sucked them between my lips and tugged on them for a short while. I worked my way to her inner labia when Lily pushed my head away.

She sat down on the edge of the bed as I stood up. My cock was erect and my cockhead was peeking over the waistband of my shorts. Lily pushed my shorts to the floor.

“Damn, I hoped your dick would stay soft! I wanted to suck it and feel it grow hard in my mouth!”

“You turn me on Lily.”

She nuzzled her face against my ball sac and cock. She gave my cock a long lick then sucked first one then the other nut into her mouth for a tongue bath.

Lily pulled my cock down and swabbed her tongue around the crown. Then she stopped long enough to find something that was in her skirt pocket.

It was a tube of lubricant. She applied it to my rigid cock. “I hope you don’t mind, Rich. I haven’t had a cock up my cunt for ten years.” Lily scooted back onto the bed, spread her legs, and worked her well-lubricated finger into her pussy.

I got on the bed, on my knees, and walked up so my stiff dick was pressed against her pussy. Lily spread her lips with her fingers. She grasped my cock and pulled it down so it was aimed at the opening to her vulva.

Lily guided me as I crawled forward and pushed my cockhead into her cunt. I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t believe Lily did either. I didn’t want to hurt her, but the lube helped and Lily’s pussy was surprisingly wet.

I slowly pushed my cock deeper in her body as Lily moved around and adjusted her position so her body could receive my hard cock.

I was finally balls’ deep in her cunt. Our pubic hair was mingled. Lily pulled me down so my chest was against hers’. She wrapped her nylon-clad legs around mine.

“Lie mecidiyeköy escort still. Let me savor your cock deep inside me.”

I didn’t move until Lily started to move her hips. I did a pushup and pulled my cock back. We set up a rhythm where my down stroke met her up thrust for maximum pussy penetration.

I got up on my knees, put my hands under Lily’s legs, lifted and spread them, and then began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy with long slow strokes.

Lily was pulling and pinching her nipples. “Oh, Rich, this is a serious fuck! I want you to cum! Blow your cum load into me! Don’t worry about me not cumming. Hose my cunt!”

Lily was still humping her hips. I began to fuck her with shorter faster strokes. My cock began to get harder and my nuts began to tighten as my cock rubbed in and out against the walls of her cunt.

Lily arched her back, which drove me balls deep into her body, and I blew my wad. Lily humped against me as my cock jerked and twitched as gobs of cum shot deep into Lily.

I collapsed on top of her. We rested for a few minutes then I rolled off of her. I held her face in my hands, “That was the most intense sex I’ve ever had.”

Lily grasped my cock. “It was intense for me too. I haven’t felt a man cum inside of me for years. I love feeling your cock harden, twitch, then jerk as you blow a wad into my cunt.”

We lay for quietly for a while, When Lily suggested we go to the hot tub, I sat up beside her. I unfastened her nylons and rolled them down her legs. There were drops of cum on her gray pubic hair.

She sat up. She was still wearing her blouse. I helped her take it off and then unfastened her bra. Lily unhooked her garter belt. “You may have to help me walk Rich. I haven’t spread my legs that wide in years. Now I know what a wishbone feels like.”

“I hope your wish is being fulfilled.”

“It’s getting there.” Lily sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. “Let’s go get clean, so we can get nasty again.”

I followed her to the hot tub. We were talking and soaking when Kathy came in. “So, there you are. I hope you had a pleasant afternoon.”

“Very pleasant, dear. Why don’t you change and join us?”

“Let me put a few things away, then I’ll do that.”

Kathy returned a few minutes later. She was wearing a housecoat. She turned her back as she slipped it off. “Don’t be bashful. We’ve both seen you naked.”

Kathy turned. “Oh, Mother!” But she opened her housecoat and slipped it off. “Isn’t she beautiful, Rich? I wish I were a man so I could suck your tits and fuck you!”

“Oh, Mother!” But Kathy did place her hands under her breasts and present her tits to us. I leaned forward and kissed a nipple. Lily watched us. Kathy settled into the hot tube after I released her nipple.

“How was your afternoon?”

“Very good! Rich took my cherry. Rather he took my cherry douche flavored pussy.”


“It’s symbolic, dear. You had to be there. I used a cherry flavored lubricating douche because I hoped Rich and I would fuck.”

“I take it your hope was fulfilled?”

“Oh, yes. I haven’t spread my legs that wide in years. I didn’t know if I could get them close enough together to walk from the bed to here.”

“Oh, Mother.”

“You don’t know how much I missed feeling a cock buried deep in my cunt. I’ve never felt a man cum before until Rich blew a big load into my cunt.”

“I know the feeling.”

“Well, dear. I’ve rested. I’m thinking that I would like to pay lip service to Rich’s cock. Would you like to join me and share a succulent piece of man meat?”

Kathy just smiled and licked her lips.

Lily indicated I should stand up. The warm water had relaxed my sac and my balls hung low below my soft cock. Lily leaned forward and sucked me into her mouth with a soda straw action.

She slowed down as her mouth became filled with my hardening cock. She stopped sucking and held my cock in her hand. “I love feeling you get hard in my mouth.”

Kathy leaned in and licked my cock shaft from top to bottom. Lily licked up and down the other side.

They took turns licking and sucking my cock shaft and cockhead.

Lily stood and got out of the hot tub. “I’m ready to put that hard-on to a better use.”

She walked over and opened up a futon. “Come on, Rich. Lie down here.”

I walked over and did as I was told. Lily got down on her knees and straddled my waist. She held my cock and guided it into her pussy as she squatted down. Kathy watched her Mother and I from the hot tub.

As Lily slowly moved up and down, I indicated that Kathy should join us. She walked over next to us. I moved her around so she was straddling my head.

I pulled her down close to me, tipped my head and licked her pussy. Kathy arranged herself as I buried my face and began to lick and suck her pussy lips.

I ate Kathy’s pussy as Lily rode my boner. They traded off and once Kathy was sitting comfortably on my cock, Lily sat on my face.

She spread her lips and I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy where my cock had been just minutes before. Lily’s cunt was wet against my face.

We finished the afternoon with Lily and Kathy taking turns in jerking me off. We showered together. As we were drying each other off, Kathy mentioned that Frank would be home soon and Connie and George were coming over for cookout.

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