My Neighbour Part -1.

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Hello there, all Xhamster Readers, Namastae,

I’m Mr Kumar and I’m from Southern India, I’m 28 years old single male, 6″ feet tall and 90 kg ( little overweight) my optimum weight should be around 83 kg so I workout occasionally to cut out my excess 7 kg of weight. I work in industrial sector and I moved to a new rented apartment in a Metropolitan city in South India. The rent is okay compared to my previous flat. The best thing about the apartment, the neighbourhood is peaceful suburban away from city’s traffic and noise.
After finishing my housewarming ceremony and formalities my parents stayed with me for a couple of days and went to my hometown and I’m all by myself in the flat. My work timings are 8 am to 6pm and I like my job.
I’m currently not in a relationship so I’m single, but deep down I always have a strong feelings for married women and women over 28 years old. It’s because the type of porn we watch will deeply impact our minds. I have a serious sexual appetite for Bhabhis ( newly married women 24 years old to 30 years old) Aunties (women age 0f 30 to 48)
I don’t get attracted to girls at the age of 18 to 25 years old and I think they are quite young and tender. But above 25 to late 40’s women are the most beautiful thing in the world.
I like my whisky and my women to be matured, so they taste better.
Moving on to the story, I’m living in the 6th floor of the 14 floor building, we are having 4 flats in each floor, Next to my flat there is a North Indian family residing, The family consist of 2 members a husband and a wife, they having 2 c***dren studying in boarding school, the husband running import and export business and wife is working as beautician in the neighbourhood’s beauty parlour.
My opposite flat is vacant for a long time before and after I moved in, and another flat is occupied with a south Indian family (we don’t speak the same language) their family have 2 k**s and a husband and a wife, husband is working in Gulf and often visit his family in two months period of time, wife is a homemaker quite conservative family which is obvious for a south Indian(“Stereotype”) I will explain about her in the future,
The North Indian family Mr Nemichand 56 year old and his beautiful wife Mrs Swapna Nemichand 35 years old and her name suits her (Swapna = Dream), she is really a dream ( wet dream) of every men,
She is not gym fit but she is curvy ,5’11” tall, white as milk, long haired with oval face, brown eyes, sharp nose with a Nose ring on the left side, saffron lips, double chin and very few amount of neck fat. Her looks defines her beauty, god oh god one can look her face all day with out even blinking,
She has a curvy body with a “Side Set” boobs (gap in the middle)
They are medium 34 C with a average nipples. Her waist is wide 36″ with the back and belly fat rolled up at the edges while wearing saree, she has long legs with large white, milky, flabby, fleshy and curvy thighs and butt, she has great calves and her white feet with mehandhi( henna) oh god she really a god’s wonder.
I saw her inside my house on house warming day talking to my mom and she was wearing a long yellow tight kurti( long tops) with full sleeve flannels and a green leggings, dear lord my body got heat by seeing her and heart pumped like a piston in a fast moving vehicle, being a south Indian I have seen few white north Indian women here in the city, but never seen such an authentic north Indian woman like her. The moment I saw her I got aroused and stunned,
She saw me, smiled and I greeted her, she then asked my name and stuff ( regular enquiry) then she left to work. I keeping asking questions about her to my mom and know about her family.
Days past, her image and thoughts never left my mind, I regularly saw her in mornings in her nightie( night wear) some times in her chudi with leggings. I stalked her in Facebook and Instagram and download her photos and used it for masturbation, In a week I will masturbate by thinking about her in the shower at least once. The thought of her make me sexually active again like a teenager, I was so desperate and needy, I couldn’t control myself even after masturbation, sometimes I even tried masturbating more than 5 times, even after her image made my dick erect like steel rod but too much pain, sometime I release watery sperm but the pleasure of thinking about her running through my veins via my spine to my head and make my body hot, my penis erect and my heart pounding and breathing heavily, I never felt like this before for a girl or a women, she disturbed me real bad and she woke up my sexual energy and I’m using it for self pleasure, I saw myself in the mirror, lonely holding my dick seeing her photos in my mobile and wanking, I sense how pathetic I am and what a looser was I,
I thought I really need to focus on something and need to give up my masturbation and I really want to get her image out of my mind, so I start to listen music and concentrate on building my body and get involved in my work, 1 week passed by I start to feel different in my activities and I avoid seeing her.
It was on a rainy night and power went off, I was listening to songs and trying to sleep, I heard a fighting noise loud, so I went to my door to check, it was Mr Mrs Nemichand, they were fighting, Swapna was wearing the pink tight nightie, crying, shouting at her drunk husband and he was shouting at her back, she seemed to be upset and her face look sad and so reddish, they both were arguing in Hindi, I couldn’t understand what was the fight is about, because my Hindi is little rusty, but I caught few swear words from both sides, after seeing other occupants they went inside and shut the door yet fighting, I was so curious and being empathy for her because I feel really sad for her I don’t want the woman I love to be upset and crying, I really want to step in and beat up her husband and console her by hugging, but my imagination went crazy so I pour myself a glass of whisky and sat in my balcony hearing their fight and thinking of her.
I don’t know it’s their fight or the whisky I drank or the guilt from the pathetic things I had done since I saw her, I came up with the idea that I want to be with her and I want have her.
The next day I start to enquire with the watchman about her, her family and her husband, I came to know that she was married at the young age and her husband normally drinks and come at late nights, in this one month I didn’t care to notice that, I have spoken to him rarely, so I thought to get acquainted with him to know more about him, that evening I saw her husband walking on the garden so I went to him and greeted him and asked few doubts in import and export that I have plan to export few of my mom’s homemade product to abroad, so the conversation went on for hours and he invited me to join me for a drink, first I hesitated then I joined him, we went to the bar and had a couple of drinks and I open my topic about my family and he listened and he talks about his family, his parents, his caste ( obviously) his marriage and c***dren.
I asked him whether his marriage was love or arranged, he replied with arrange, he told that he was in love with another girl from the neighbour village and he wants to marry her but due to the family feud his family forcibly married him to her. I then asked about his marital life and he told that it was bitter because his wife will always mock him and treat him bad because of his education, being conservative and he wants his wife to quit her job and stay in the home
I questioned him that, “what’s wrong for a women to be in a job?”
He replied with some misogynistic answer, after few drinks we went home and I rushed into my flat before he knocked the door, I don’t want to see her while I’m drunk and I really don’t want to make a bad impression.
I analysed that, she was not happy with her married life and choose to work and she wants to be more like a modern working housewife who likes a modern lifestyle and wants to party. So it’s a win for me,
My lifestyle changed from that day, I grow a new pair of balls (courage) and I wake up at early morning and go for cycling, walking and 3 days in gym, start to eat healthy foods, my diet include food that boost my sexual energy- cashew, almonds, pistachios, garlic, fig, drumsticks and few herbal medicine for boosting the blood flow in my penis, I drank beetroot with watermelon juice, pomegranate juice and coconut milk to stock up my sperm.
I gave up masturbation ( it was hard in the beginning but I thought about the big picture of fucking her and she stroking my dick made me to give up masturbation)
At evenings I massage my dick with garlic oil to extend a few more inch,
being a dark brown south Indian I have a fat dick with roughly 7 inches long, after seeing porn, the black guys in the porn fucking white women making them moan, scream and cry out loud in pain and pleasure by stretching their unexplored white pussy and penetrate their womb makes me horny and makes me insecure about my dick and wanting to get a dick like that, so I researched online and learn “jelqing”, it’s a massage method to pull the penis with one hand and holding the base, after jelqing I will practice few fucking movements with my hips on a time count, I slowly improving from 2 minutes of continues fucking motion to 5 minutes of fucking motion without stopping, I even practice by holding breath and do the fucking motion and check for time, I barely reached two minutes.
I start loving this lifestyle because it gave me results in weeks of time, at the same time, I built my confidence level to approach her and seduce her.
I start to smile at her, she respond with smile, and chat up with the conversation in English and she responded in a fluent English, that weekend I went my hometown and came back on Monday morning after finishing work, I gave her some sweets which I deliberately bought for her in my hometown, she thanked me with a smile,
Then I made a big step forward by giving friends request on Facebook and the time I waited for her response was the worst times in my life, fortunately it took a day for the response, she accepted my friends request and liked few of my photos which gave me a positive vibe and more confidence, three week passed by and my workout regime showed few good signs, I start noticing changes in my body so I start wearing tight half sleeve T-shirts, ( I was told that I should join the military or police for my body before. I have a long hands with tight biceps) so wearing tight half sleeve T-shirts will boost my masculinity, I will apply coconut oil for moisturising and have a shiny look. I post some of my pictures on my Facebook with vest and showing my biceps and chest, I noticed she made a wow emoji for that.
It’s really a positive sign, by the time my diet, exercise and massage for the enlargement of my dick showed a good sign too, I put that into work, by not wearing underwear and wear a tight cotton shorts(half trouser) checked my self in the mirror and I can see my outline of my dick and if erect it can be seen by others easily, (got this idea from a YouTube video crotch cam, women checking out man’s big bulge)
So I roam around with my shorts exposing my bulge underneath my shorts, I checked for reaction and women too checks men’s dick area, I noticed many women checking out my bulge, but I really want Mrs Swapna Nemichand to see, after finishing gym all sweaty and I caught her in the lift, she went shopping and returning home, there was another guy from the 3rd floor also standing, she saw me and smiled and I noticed her eyes checking out my outline of my bulgy dick underneath my shorts, she was surprised and took a long breath, I can see her inhaling the air because her boobs growing up with the air she inhaled, I was so happy and it made my dick erect, so I covered it with my gym bag and got into the lift, the lift door closed and I sensed my sweat smell filled the lift and I can’t even breathe, I was so embarrassed, after the guy got down on the 3rd floor the fresh air refilled the lift and I was relaxed, but soon my sweat smell start to dominate, I greeted her asked about any special offer in the supermarket, she turned back and responded at the same time she looked my bulge, but disappointed by seeing my bag covering my erection, while talking she took a long breath again and again I noticed her erected nipples beyond her kurti, I want to tease her a little more so I slowly moved my bag exposing my erected dick covers by my shorts she looked in no matter of time and breathe heavily by responding to my question, it was a tensed situation inside the lift, I really want to kiss her and smooch her boobs but scared, our floor came and we both got out of the lift and went to our flats.
It was the most wonderful day in my life and my dream of fucking her came closer because it seems that she too want that,
One month gone Good things happened to me one by one, my body start showing results, my dick is growing and stay erect for 30 minutes, I have not even masturbated for once, I even controlled myself from wet dream ( leaking sperm during sleep) by having a cold shower at night and oil bath twice a week, all the sex boosting food starts showing results and my dried ball sack slowly filling up with thick quantity of healthy sperm.
I continued my lifestyle for the second month and one evening after gym I saw Mr Nemichand packed and boarding a taxi, I talked to him and I was told that he was going up north to his hometown for a business trip for 3 days, I was so happy inside but didn’t showed my facial expressions, we sending him off and I walked with her to the lift and the same thing happened she look down for my bulge and talked with me, my sweat smell is spreading and we are the first one to board the lift, and suddenly many persons boarded the lift, it’s capacity is maximum 8 persons, I went back corner and leaned to the lift mirror wall, she stand next to me and it was congested so I turned facing towards her and she is noticing my bulged dick under my shorts, came bit closer and hit my chest with her boobs and it was so soft and pointy with the nipples, I got the full erection and my body become hot and start to sweat, we both start to breath heavily, I thought it was an accident, but she suddenly turned her back towards me, after 3rd floor few people got out and few people came in, I took advantage of this situation and covered my left side with my gym bag and pushed my erect dick against her soft butt, I felt a sudden shivering in her body, I realised that she must have felt the head of my erected dick against her butt and shivered or excited, all of the surprise she didn’t move forward even though she could but she leaned back and grinding her curvy butt against my erected dick, I was in shock now and got mixed feelings, my body got shivered, but I overcome my fear and push harder between her body ( planting my erect dick inside her) I can sense her heavy breathing, I blow my hot air around her neck and slowly caressed her butt, hip and boobs for few seconds and I can feel her hands doing the same thing to my dick, it was for few seconds I was in heaven. our floor came and we smiled each other and went to our flat.
I couldn’t sleep that night and I was in the verge of touching myself but I controlled by showering and talked to my mom over Skype, later I opened my Facebook I saw message, I opened and got shocked it was from her waving Hi,
I was in shock and surprise, I replied back with Hi,

She: How are you and what are you doing?
Me: Fine, drying myself from the shower, what about you?
She: the same, drying my hair. Lol
Me: lol,
Me: had dinner?
She: not yet , I’m feeling hungry
Me: haven’t you cooked ?
She: Nope, not interested in cooking for a single person,
Me: lol, feeling the same, we have lots in common and same feeling,
She: I guess we do,
Me: listen I’m really sorry.
She: sorry for what?
Me: you know,
She: I really don’t know,
Me: what happened in the lift today evening,
She: I was meaning to talk to you regarding that,
Me: do you want to come over for dinner later tonight?
She: Really? I’m married though,
Me: you are married, not today, what you say let’s make a date and you meet up in my place for a nice dinner in this chilly evening. Please please please.
Me: you must be alone, your husband is also not in town,
Me: please.
She: okay just for dinner.
Me: yay, thank you, what you prefer to eat?
She: anything.
Me: How about pepper chicken curry with rice and…
She: sounds nice but and….? what?
Me: a bottle of wine?
She: hell no,
Me: I know that some body love to drink red wine occasionally.
She: I guess somebody collecting information about me.
Me: Mr Nemichand told me.
She: you know that I’m Mrs Nemichand right,
Me: Not today Miss Swapna.
She: lol, you are funny,
Me: so it’s a yes for the wine,
She: stop chatting and get to cooking,
Me: okay Miss Swapna, I will pick you up in one hour,
She: I’m living next door to you,
Me: it’s a date and I will pick you up.
She: okay, as you wish.
Me: see you in 1 hour, bye.

I was cooking with my towel and I heard the bell ringing and it was another surprise, it’s her and she was in her tight green nightie, I’m just wearing my towel and she was standing in her green nightie not wearing anything underneath, I invited her and locked the door, she start to stare at me and I stare at her, I excused myself from the hall and went to the kitchen to switch off the stove, when I came back she was at the kitchen door and hugged me, I got shocked for a moment, but my instant reaction was hugging her back and lip locking her.
We both kissed like a new lovers, I forgot that she is another man’s wife, she forgot that, she is married and a mother of two k**s and I’m 7 years younger to her, our mind is filled only with lust.
Our bodies added more heat in the kitchen and we didn’t bother to care about that and kissed.
I start to tongue her and she responded back, I start sucking her and she start to bite my lips, we were moaning and breathing heavily, I hugged her again and lifted her from the floor, wile kissing her, she lifted her legs and locked around my waist, we slowly moved to my bedroom, I dropped her in my bed and removed my towel, my dick was fully erect with veins pooping out shaking by itself up and down, the black skin was peeled back itself and the pink head is fully expanded, more precum leaking and oozing out I never seen my dick like this before, she was amazed and laughed she told me that,
She: “I know you been waiting for this moment since we first met”.
Me: yes, I am, I can’t wait longer,
I went near her mouth and she start to suck my dick stroking my full shaft till end to end, I’m least bother to notice that, I’m curious to see her naked so I removed her green nightie from the bottom and she is completely naked underneath, I undress her in no matter of time,
What a picture, the woman who is married to another man and mother of his c***dren and 7 years elder to me in age, the woman who I dreamt of every moment is lying naked in my bed and sucking my dick.
Her body is so white, trimmed pussy hair, bracelet in the ankle and wedding chain on her neck, semi dried hairs spreading like a feather, her nipples are erect, with my one hand I smooch her body from her thighs and another hand I massage her boobs tightly, sometime pinching her nipples hard, pinching and pulling her nipples hard made her sensitive and she moaned while sucking my dick inside her mouth, all started a minute before, within the next minute I sense my pleasure running through my veins via my spine to my head, I breath heavily and hold her head with my two hands and throat fucked her starting slowly and increased the pace, she grabbed my back and hugged my back, I increase the pace, within no matter of time my longs stacked sperm released in her mouth splash after splash filling her mouth and her face, I finish with a loud moan.
She tasted my sperm and let drop in here boobs.
She: your sperm taste rich and it’s thick,
I told about my diet and exercise and my massage for the past two months,
She laughed and amazed, by the end of the conversation she teased me by putting my sperm leaking dying dick inside her mouth and licked head of the dick with her tongue, I was in immense pleasure and I shivered and moaned loud and backed off.
We both laughed and my dick start to rise again, she helped me by stroking it few times,

Me: I bet your pussy taste good because, your leaking wet juice stained my sheets, lol.
She: forgot about your sheets, I will make your bed wet, because I’m a squirter .
Me: I like moaning, squirting and loud women.
She: then make me squirt
Me: I will dry you out.
She: lol, let’s see
I kneel down in front of her pussy and I pulled her hips to edge of the bed and spread her legs and her milky thighs, I caressed her inner thighs up and down and I slapped harder, she moaned loud.
I can see her pussy juice glittering in her hair and her pink pussy is erect with soft mussels, her pussy lips is leaking wet juices which is flowing to her asshole and staining my sheets.
I’m in conscious stage, I’m not in a hurry now, and I know what I’m going to do and this what I rehearsed after I met her and since watching porn.
I brought my face towards the pussy and slowly released my hot air, she inhaled deeply, like she is inhaling with her pussy and exhaling via her nose, while inhaling she took a long breath, her pussy expanded a bit and her hips rises and downs,
I hold her inner thighs firmly by separating it and continue to push downwards, by doing this her pussy spreads wide a bit and her ass rises little higher.
I again went near to her pussy and sniff the aromatic fragrance from her leaking juice and send it to my dick via my veins, then I exhaled my hot breath around her pussy shaking her tiny hairs this time she released soft gentle moans,
She: ohhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaa, haaaaaaa, yes suck me, suck me please,
I no longer waited and kissed first, then like an ice cream I covered her pussy with my mouth and without teeth I kissed her pussy again by joining my lips and tasting her leaking juice. I withdraw from it and start licking her pussy from down to up, like a dog,
Slowly I increased my speed and cleaned her leaking juice by drinking it and now her pussy is spread by my saliva. Then I lick clockwise and anti clockwise for two times and I suck, slurp the leaking juices. While doing this my hands were firmly pushing her inner thighs.
Now I pulled further and made her thighs rested in my shoulders, I hold my hand on her hips and smooching her hips and breasts. I bent my head down and clean up her leaking juices with my tongue and slowly penetrate her pussy by opening the pussy lips with my tongue, I tongue fucked her pussy in and out again and again, I went deeper inside with my tongue and when my tongue came out from her pussy, I start licking it in High speed like they show in porno,
Then I insert my tongue deep inside her pussy and my tongue felt hot wet juices flowing out from her pussy, her moaning made mind go crazy, so I start to eat her pussy by my using gentle teeth and playing with her tits and nipples using my both hands, I didn’t care about her hair in my mouth, my ultimate aim is to make her scream in pleasure and splash her orgasm in my face, so I wanted the drink the squirt out her pussy by using all the techniques I learnt in porn.
Her moaning stats to fill the room, and she hold my hair tightly with her both hands and her legs locked around my neck and pulling my face even closer to her pussy, I didn’t care for breathing either because there is no gap between my face and her pussy.
She lifted her head back and forth banging her head up and down in my pillow, moaning loud and screaming “haaaaaa, haaaaaaa ,ahhhhhhh “
I’m feeling that her body is becoming tight and her grip becomes tight too, she leaned her head back and lifted her hips, she is arching her back, her pussy expanded , so does her asshole, she was moaning loudly until her last breath and her moaning increased even more and all of a sudden she lost her breath exhaled all the air and loosened her body and grip over me, her back lied on the bed, she is splashing continuous orgasmic juice outside her body towards my face, I guess all her stress and pain came out with her orgasmic juice she squirted out, she felt relaxed and breath faster like she ran a 100m and defeat Hussain bolt,, her body is full of sweat.
I had a mouth full of her orgasmic juice and tasted and i can feel her taste and quenched my thirst,
I still had some more of her orgasmic juice from her pussy left in my mouth and I stand up went near to her face and looked at her she felt exhausted and satisfied, I lifted her head kissed her lips and transferred her orgasmic juice inside her mouth, she drank her orgasmic juice from my mouth so desperately like she wandered the desert for a long time and drinking water out if thirsty.

We took a break for a minute seeing each other doing nothing and catching our breath, then I insert my Middle finger inside her mouth and took it out, I slowly reached for her for her pussy and inserted my middle finger slowly, her pussy haven’t recovered from the orgasmic spasms, so my finger went inside like a hot knife into a butter, she gasped for breath and I start to finger fuck her slowly, at the same time I was caressing her tits, navel, hips and her pubic are with my other hand.
Then i insert my ring finger inside which she didn’t expect that, she gasped a long loud breath by moaning it out and making her body tight again and spreading her legs up in the air.
With my ring finger and middle finger I curved the both at the edge and reached for her G-spot( I learnt online) and moved my whole hand up and down, front and back and side to side faster and faster. Her moaning turned in to cry and she released her first G-spot orgasm, she splashed in my fingers and squirting out her juices, but I didn’t stop and I continued with the same speed, she was jumping and gasping for large breath and trying to push my hands out, I hold her hands tightly and continued to G-spot fingering her, my hands and her pussy made a “thap, thap,thap” noise and she came for the second this this time with intense squirts and gushed out her juices, her gushing pushed my fingers out of her pussy and her pussy opened up and closed, I tried inserting two fingers and the third finger as well within seconds she had her third orgasm, she had her first multiple G-SPOT orgasm,
OMG, I made the women I loved satisfied and I given what she wants.
I didn’t waste another second, I climbed on the bed and kneel down, grabbed her hips towards my dick, she locked her thighs around my waist and I hold my precum oozing dick near to her pussy and squeezed out my precum from the base to the edge of my dick and apply it on her pussy,
I lubricated my dick head with her sticky pussy juice and teased her pussy muscles with my dick head, I teased her pussy from lower to upper with my dick head and slapped her pubic area with my fully erect dick.
She: Please put it in, I want it so bad,
Me: OK.
I steadied my penis at the opening of her pussy and freed my hands and start playing with her tits, with a one fast moment, I penetrated her pussy until the end of my shaft completely went inside and our pubic area meet with each other, she screamed and gasped and cried in pleasure yelled,
She: haaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhh stop please!
Me: why?
She: not all at once, slowly,
Me: OK.
I paused for a moment and looked at her face and she was damn sexy fully blushed and biting lips,
My dick was in heaven, it melted it’s way inside deep to the unexplored corner of her pussy with the help of her G-spot orgasm, her pussy walls are hot and starting to realise my dick’s presence and retreating it’s old position by gripping my dick nice and tight. She gripped my hips with her thighs and suddenly lifted her body and hugged me and kissed me, I was surprised by her move and respond to her kiss and holding her body tightly I moved my hip up and down by bouncing in my bed which gave my dick some movement inside her pussy and my dick start to fuck her up and down inside her pussy, while fucking she looses her grip for a moment and again tighten her grip both inside and outside, I continued this position for few seconds and my hip start to ache and I don’t want to cum too quick so, I pushed her back on the bed and get down from the bed standing while my dick is inside her and she stills hold my hip with her milky thighs,
I put my moves and exercise in to practice for 7 minutes, I continuously fucked her without no gap for 2 minutes, our body meeting each other in the pubic area and my ball sacks smacking her ass cheeks making loud “thoup thup thoup noise”, she tighten her grip and pulling my hip closer towards her pussy but she is pushing my hips back with her hands and moaning in pleasure, she came for the first time while fucking with dick and gushing out my dick and her orgasmic pussy juice, with out hesitation with out touching my dick I tried inserting my dick back with two or three tries and fucked her continuously until she came again and gushed my dick out of her pussy, this time I took a moment and rammed my dick deeper and harder slowly taking back and ramming it back and forth ,for each ram deep inside she gasped moaned and bitted her lips, I grinded her pussy and power stroked her pussy deeper, the smacking of my ball sack in her ass cheeks made my dick to release the sperm and I realise that I’m going to cum, so I power fucked her with stronger strokes and increasing the speed for each stroke, I can sense my sperm is travelling though my vein and going to explode inside her, so I increased the speed and grabbed her tits tightly and pulled it by banged her faster and faster, we both moaned and I came inside her shooting, thicker hot sperm deep inside her womb. I lay on the boobs still shooting my thick white stickier sperm I kissed and slowly moved my hips for extremely pleasure, which trigger her an orgasm and her pussy loosens and tightened by accommodating my dick to the opening of her womb, I got harder again, with the help of my sperm and her orgasmic juice, I slightly penetrated her womb opening and she moaned loud and pulled me and rolled over me and sit on me still my dick is at the opening of her womb, she then slowly grinded me and massaging my pubic area with her pubic hair and she leaned back and grinding me, I grabbed her tits and squeezed for milk but I’m not in for a luck because she stopped lactating few years before and she is grinding me faster which made my dick head to polish her womb opening and make it open, her womb massaging my dick head with the help of my sperm as the lubrication, after 5 minutes of constant grinding by her, I had a weird feeling that I’m about to cum inside her womb, It’s a new feeling,I never experienced, so stopped her and I lifted my hip and back with her sitting at my dick and grinding and I hold her for a moment and fucked her in and out which i ripped opened her womb and she moaned loud and she collapsed in my chest, I hugged her and hold her tight with all my strength and penetrated her womb fully and fucked deep inside for few seconds, Her moaning change to screaming and she crying out loud in pain and pleasure trying to escape my grip but I hold her and her loud screams made me crazy and tightened my dick and fuck deep inside her womb and no matter of time I ejaculated my sperm inside her womb. We both moaned loud my fresh hot thick white sperm is filling her womb, We then kiss for a minute and I sucked her tits, she then rubbed her clits while my dick is filling her womb inside and got another orgasm which helped my dick gushed out with her pussy juice and my sticky sperm oozing out.

We laid down for a while and had our shower together and while showing we hugged and kissed and rubbed each other not had sex because we were hungry and we changed to our clothes and opened a bottle of wine and had our pepper chicken curry and rice.
I told her how I felt about her since I moved in and saw her for the first time and she knew that I have a crush on her in the first day itself and she told me how she felt about me.

Her version of the story in Part 2,
Wait for My Neighbour Part – 2 Swapna’s Version

– To be continued.

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See you soon in Part – 2.
Thank you,

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