My One and Only Same Sex Experience

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This story is real and happened to me about five years ago.

I was on campus at a large college in New Jersey when I happened to run into Stephanie, who I had known a little before since we had some common friends. We weren’t close at all, but we were about to get much closer than either of us had ever planned.

One of the common friends we had was a former boyfriend of mine named Alec. Alec was the same age as me at the time, 20. Stephanie was a sophomore at 19. She also hoped to be a teacher, wanting to teach English in high school, while I preferred to deal with younger children, maybe 2nd graders.

I have to describe Stephanie to you. While I am not a big girl, since I am 5-4 and weigh 125 pounds, with a slender shape and am not big up top at 34B, Stephanie is smaller. She probably went 5-2 and maybe 110 pounds. Her breasts were smaller too, but she was in very good shape with a thin waist and nicely flaired hips.

In contrast to my long, straight (well a curl or two in there) blonde hair, Stephanie had dark brown hair which she wore fairly short above her shoulders with some curls. Stephanie loved to wear short skirts which showed off her lovely legs, while I preferred to wear tight, low-cut jeans to tease guys with my ass. I always figured that since I wasn’t blessed with big boobs, I should highlight the part of me that was my best “ass-et.” LOL!!

Stephanie was an Italian, while I’m about as waspy as you can get. So in many respects contrasts, but since we were both small, some similarities.

Anyway, on this particular day, Stephanie and I got to talking about Alec. I knew she had thought he was cute, but I didn’t know that they had gotten to dating, let alone sleeping together. I had broken up with Alec about four months previously. He was a good lover with lots of stamina but wouldn’t listen to anything I said in bed about what would please me. His technique about oral was always to go straight for the clit, and for me I’m either not there yet or am too sensitive to start there, usually the latter, since I get turned on easily.

One thing led to another and Stephanie and I both started laughing about Alec’s oral experiences with us. She felt the same way about oral that I do. We both love it but shared the same feeling about Alec in his efforts. I said how I like a guy to use his tongue all over between my legs, to suck on the folds of my pussy, to put a finger or his tongue inside, and when going to my clit to sometimes put a finger in my ass. Stephanie said she was glad to hear that she wasn’t the only one that liked her asshole toyed with when having foreplay.

We laughed about that and realized that we had some real similarities. There was a small pause as I thought about something. We had just shared some very intimate experiences and Stephanie was a very cute girl. I had always been curious about how it might be with a woman. So I asked Stephanie if she had ever had a “bi” thought. Stephanie said that she had wondered about being with a woman, but what did I mean about a “bi-thought.” poker oyna I said did you ever think that you might be bi-sexual. Stephanie said no, but was curious about the experience. Since she wasn’t shocked, I surprised myself by asking her if she would like to try it sometime for real.

Stephanie paused and said, do you mean with you. I said yes. She said that I was one of the most attractive girls on campus and that I was major competition for the guys we both found hunky. Then she said that if she was going to, it would have to be with me. Wow, I thought, we’re about to take a really big step into exploration here. I decided to not let the moment pass. I asked her what she was doing tonight. I said that my roommate left in the afternoon to visit her family and I would be home alone in my off-campus apartment. It was a Thursday night and Stephanie said she only had one class tomorrow. She said she would go back to study and then bring over some wine. I said fine and we agreed on 7:30.

I stopped by store on the way home and picked up some crackers and some Brie cheese. I tried to make a hot hors d’ouevre but I screwed it up and threw it away, and decided to stay with the cheese and crackers. I had on a nice pair of jeans and a tube top, no bra and of course, a thong (that’s all I wear there).

At 7:35 Stephanie arrived. She looked great in a short black skirt and a flowered, light buttoned blouse carrying a bottle of white zinfandel. She said a nervous hello and I invited her in to my place. I gave her a quick tour of the apartment with our living area which included the kitchen downstairs and two bedrooms and a bath upstairs. After the upstairs tour, Stephanie sat on the couch behind our coffee table while I got the cheese and crackers, napkin, and a corkscrew. Stephanie opened the wine and I got out a couple of glasses and she poured. I joined her on the couch and we began to chat about life and our boyfriends.

I complimented her about her outfit and she did the same saying I always looked hot. I told her that I thought she looked very nervous and then admitted I was too. It was funny but I was more nervous that night than I ever am with a new guy. I think because I’ve been with so many different guys I have a better feeling about what to expect and how to proceed. With Stephanie, I just didn’t know what to do, or how to approach it.

I slid over on the couch closer to her and whispered do you want to go through with this. She only nodded as if she couldn’t speak the words. I moved my head to hers and brushed my lips against hers. I pulled back to get her reaction. She still had her eyes closed. I moved back again and this time held the kiss longer. Stephanie pressed forward and opened her mouth slightly. I took this sign as one to proceed and we soon began enjoying the feelings of our tongues dueling with each other. I sucked in on her upper lip and then her lower. We broke and hugged, kissing each others neck.

I then reached out my hand and placed it against her breasts, pressing them up against it as canlı poker oyna I felt her breathing quicken. We continued to kiss before she had the courage to place her hands on my tits as well. No words were spoken but the moans of our desire filled the room.

I took my fingers up to the first button on her blouse and began to open to peer inside. She was shaking as I proceeded to open up her chest to my gaze. Stephanie moved to hug me and I thought she wanted me to stop, but she then reached down my back to grasp hold of my tube top. I let her start and then I brought my hands back to help in front and pulled it up over my head, releasing my bra-less breasts into full display. Stephanie just stared at my small tits. I then pulled her blouse the rest of the way off. I moved closer and reached behind her to unsnap her bra. I quickly got it with no fumbling since I wear one much the same. Her bra unfastened it soon joined my tube top on the table. I looked her over as well, then took my mouth down to her right nipple. I kissed all around it and then sucked on it, the way I like mine sucked. We then hugged and our bare breasts pressed up against each other. She broke away and then began to suck my tits just as I had kissed and licked hers. I felt a familiar flood in my pussy as my desire took hold. I shook with my first mini-orgasm of the evening. Stephanie felt it as well and I went back to kissing her lips, moving my tongue to her.

From there I slid my hand onto her thigh and gradually under her skirt which had ridden far up on her leg. As I reached her panties, the warmth that was coming between her legs felt incredible to my hands which were cool with the nerves of anticipation. She parted her legs further to allow my touch and I felt dampness on the fabric between her legs. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I stood up. I unsnapped the top button of my jeans and with one quick motion, my jeans and my thong had reached my knees. Because my jeans were so tight I had to sit back down to remove them. While I did that Stephanie stood up and unzipped her skirt. She left her white bikini panties on. When I got the jeans off, her skirt was on the floor and she was still standing before me. I was now nude and wanted her to join me. I grabbed the panties by her waist and tugged them down exposing her neatly trimmed black bush to my eyes. I grabbed her around the waist as she stepped out of her panties exposing the folds of her sex to me as well.

Still standing in front of me Stephanie found me pulling her to my mouth. I grabbed her by her ass cheeks and just pulled her. My mouth began to kiss all over her stomach, down her thighs and as I started to go inside her thighs she sat back down and parted her legs as I have done so many times for my lovers. My blonde hair slid down between her legs as I applied kisses and licks all around her pussy. I tasted the first drops of her juices as Stephanie moaned that I had her so turned on. I licked all around and then put a finger into her warm and very wet hole. I pulled out and licked my finger internet casino clean, loving the taste. I did it again and this time offered my finger to Stephanie for her to taste as well. She took a tentative lick and with my other hand touching her, had her first orgasm.

I let her recover a little and then went back to licking her, now moving my finger to her tight little starfish, while moving my lips to her protruding clit. My first tongue touch on her clit was like an electric shock and Stephanie arched her back and moaned. My finger was so wet, I slid it into her starfish, while I began to lick and suck her clit. A second more complete orgasm followed and Stephanie bucked her hips and shook all over. I stopped my intense ministrations and just kissed and licked her while she came down from her orgasmic high.

Stephanie then said to me that it felt incredible. That if that was my first time I certainly knew what to do. I smiled thanks and said that I know what I like so I figured you might too.

Stephanie sat up as did I and we kissed again. She tasted herself on my lips and then she pushed me back. I took the hint and laid back myself, stretching my legs out to her. Stephanie kissed my chest, held my breasts, kissed all over them and sucked on my tits. I began to leak again around my pussy. I was as turned on as ever. Stephanie traced her tongue down my body, licking in my deep navel on her way. I knew she was going to repay my efforts and now had no qualms about what we were doing. Stephanie didn’t take quite as much time with the teasing as I had, but this time it didn’t matter. I just wanted to feel her hot breath and her tongue against me. She licked the folds of my pussy and I screamed something unintelligible. She licked up and down my slit and pushed one finger in my pussy and another wet one into my ass. I came again. But unlike Stephanie, I don’t need time to recover because I can do one right after another and I wanted her to continue. So I pressed her head back to me and said please do my clit. She went right there and I came again. I bucked and bucked as her tongue kept hitting that special spot. Her finger was moving against my g-spot at the same time and her finger was up to her knuckle in my ass and I squeezed both holes continuously as I went into orgasm again. This was so incredibly intense and so different for me at the same time.

Now came the problem, when I have had a reaction like this before, there is nothing more that I want than to get fucked hard. I want a hard cock in my pussy and I will just continue to cum. Stephanie’s finger wasn’t doing the trick and as good as it was, it was then that I confirmed in my mind that although I am probably bi-sexual in thoughts, I am not a lesbian primarily.

Stephanie never said that she wanted to get laid that night and I never asked. We kissed some more and decided to shower together. We had fun soaping each other up and playing around but our lesbian experience had run its course. Stephanie went home to her room later that night and I reflected afterwards on my one and only same sex experience.

Stephanie and I remained good friends through college and she broke up with Alec about six weeks after our experience. After I graduated I have never heard from her again.

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