New Beginnings Ch. 04


I had not heard from nor seen Steve since our original week end with Ben.

His wife Sara and I had hooked up and he had led me to think it was fine with him, but I was wondering if he was having second thoughts.

So it was with mixed emotions when I saw his name and number on my caller ID.

Answering I said: “Hi Steve what’s up with you, everything OK?” I was trying to keep it light in case he was unhappy with Sara’s’ and my liaison.

“Yeah, I’m OK, but this job is really getting me down. If you aren’t too busy and it isn’t an imposition think I could drop by and just dump this shit?”

“Sure you wouldn’t just like to dump a load?” I said relieved that this wasn’t about something I had done.

Now he was laughing and said: “I knew there was something I liked about you, you are a real smart ass aren’t you?”

“That I am. Where are you and when can I expect you?” I continued.

“I’m still at work but leaving any minute. Would it be OK if I showered there? We have a locker room but just want to get out of here.” He tells me.

“That won’t be any problem, I need one myself, should I wait or would you rather some privacy?” I probed to see where and how far this might go.

I honestly was in awe of his big cock and had been lusting to get some of it all to myself.

“No, having someone to massage my back and shoulders would be just what I need, thanks” He says hanging up.

I was getting excited now. I knew I couldn’t suck all of that big cock yet and no way would it fit in my butt but just feeling it would be a treat.

It seemed like forever but must have been less than an hour before Steve arrived. When I opened the door he looked like a beaten man. I knew he had a high level executive’s job of some type but didn’t know much else.

Knowing he shared my love of a dry martini, I met him at the door with one.

He dropped his jacket and bag.

We shared a tight hug and I ushered him to an easy chair. I had a joint rolled and we fired it up and passed it back and forth and had a couple of martinis before either of us spoke.

“So what is going on, bud?” I asked.

He went on to explain how he was working with a variety of people who didn’t share his drive and enthusiasm.

After a while he paused and realized he had been talking for some time. He apologized and said: “Sorry John, I didn’t mean to dump all of this on you, we hardly know each other.”

“Steve I am really honored you feel comfortable with me to be able to do this. Sex aside I felt we had a real connection during our week end together with Sara and Ben and to be honest when you called I thought you might have a problem with Sara’s’ and my time together. So, I was relieved that you weren’t coming over to kick my ass. I was glad to listen.” I told him.

“John, Sara and I have a real special relationship. We are very open and honest with each other. We know that sex has nothing to do with love and she really does love a good butt fucking and I just can’t do it without hurting her. But she did tell me you were a very tender and giving lover.”

Embarrassed now I said: “Just how much did she tell you?”

Smiling he said: çanakkale escort “She told me everything!” He accented the everything.

“And I want the same treatment if you are up for that. I am not trying to be a dick but because of my size, everyone wants me to be the top in things and every once in a while I want to just be fucked, as embarrassing as that is to admit.”

“Wow, this is something. I expect you to be mad, then not sure how we will do this and this is an unexpected turn. If I can be honest too, I have been fantasizing about your big cock and how much I would like to handle it. I have always been a little hung up on my size and even though I always seem to get my partners off wish I had a bigger cock.” I confessed.

“Dude, you sucked me off a couple of times and were as good as any and Sara

was still wet when she came home from fucking you and the embarrassing confessions continue. I want you to do me like you did her and then you can do anything you want to my cock. Just let me be passive and fuck me senseless.”

Now I was into this, all my foolish fears gone, so I said: “Lets’ hit the shower and let the pleasure begin!”

We quickly got to the shower and as the water was warming we stripped each other. As soon as we were naked I had to hold that cock. Soft it was as big as mine hard. He didn’t seem to mind the difference in our sizes as he was stroking me to hardness quickly.

As we jumped under the water I filled one of my hands with soft soap and handed him the bottle. I spread the soap between my hands and started to cover his chest with it building up a nice lather. He was doing the same thing to me but was letting me lead. When I got to his crotch I added more soap and covered his now hard cock and ball sack. I spread the lather between his legs as far as his ass hole and worked it up good. Before he could get worked up I had him rinse and he did the same to me.

I then had him turn around and started at his arm pits and then over the shoulders, down his back but skipped right past his ass to his legs. He moaned in what I could only think was disappointment.

After I did his legs I relathered and spread the lather all over his ass, caressing and needing the cheeks well. I then ran some soap directly to his ass crack and worked it up and down. He spread his legs and pushed his ass out to my caress. I worked his anus gently and then increased the intensity until I felt his anus relax and started working a finger, then two and finally three into him. I hoped he had forgotten all his troubles of the job and was lost to my attention.

Wanting to enjoy this in bed I had him rinse off and he pretty much did the same to me. We turned off the water and dried each other off without speaking.

I took his magnificent cock into my hand and led him to my bed.

“Just relax and leave this all to me and tell me anything you want done.” I said smiling.

I rolled him over and went back to caressing his butt. When I felt he was relaxed I started spreading his cheeks and leaned forward to kiss his opening. Wetly and with a lot of tongue. I worked him over and didn’t know who was enjoying it more. That is the joy of fucking someone you like and enjoy being with. It is taking a relationship to its’ fullest. I have learned over the last year that sex should not be limited to just men and women. It is becoming more acceptable for women to be more open sexually and know it should be the same for men.

His ball sack was right there but I ignored it and that cock I so wanted, but was getting into pleasuring this man who so many others had received it from.

“If you don’t put your cock in me and I mean right now I am going to scream!” Steve told me.

Always one to please I reached for one of the towels I keep handy and worked it under him. I took some lube and started working it into his ass hole. Steve was moaning with greater intensity now so that I knew it was time. I spread a liberal amount on my cock and sat between his legs to place my cock head on his ass hole. Anxious he pushed back and my crown slid right in. I held there for a moment like I always do to give my partner time to adjust but he wanted it and he wanted it right now. My cock slid completely in until I was balls deep in him.

“Oh fuck that feels good; you don’t know how long I have thought of this.” He says.

“Since Sara told you how it felt?” I laugh.

“You got that right, now fuck me and don’t stop until I pass out or die!” He tells me.

I wasn’t sure how serious he was but my cock was deep in a nice tight ass and I leaned forward so I was covering him and started slow stroking him. I would pull almost out and pause then push right back in. He was flexing his anus squeezing my cock almost painfully.

“Oh man this feels so good, give it to me faster and harder.” He demands.

After a while I pulled him up unto his knees and squatted behind him and could really drive forward. I like anything that has my legs spread so my balls hang free. I could rub and stroke his back.

This entire time after we left the shower I never touched his cock or balls. This was tough for me but from past experience with any good partner knew that if you give them as complete a pleasurable experience you will be rewarded.

All too soon he said: “Oh fuck I am going to cum fuck me harder, faster, of God now! And he came. I couldn’t see how much but after swallowing a couple of his loads knew it would be sufficient.

I slowed my stroking and when I felt him fall forward let my still hard cock slide out of his ass hole. I paused to look and saw what I like so much. A just fucked ass hole and watched it slowly close.

He seemed to need to gather himself and savor the moment so I got up and went back to the shower to wash my cock and a quick rinse so I would be as fresh for him as he was for me for whatever his pleasure was.

When I returned he had rolled us another joint and had another shaker of drinks for us.

He passed me a martini and clinked our glasses and said: “Well done my friend, well fucked. Sara was so right.”

Over the years I have fucked many asses but never a husband and wife!

After we smoked the joint he said: “What can I do for you?” Your wish is my command.”

“I would still like to enjoy that cock.” I let him know.

He lay back and spread his legs showing me the object of my desire. One semi hard uncut cock and big ball sack both shaved and looking fine.

I knelt between his legs and began to fondle him. Caressing his sack with one hand and slowly stroking his shaft with the other.

Being uncut I am really fascinated with his foreskin. I work it up and around his corona and then back exposing it.

This is unfuckingbelievable. As good as it is, and someday I would like to use a lot of lube and stroke him to orgasm, but right now want to feel him in my mouth. It is simply awesome to feel him get hard in my hands but want it in my mouth. I take the head in my mouth and suck it wetly, more like nursing on it. I savor the feel, the texture, how hard yet soft it is. I man’s cock is his essence, his source. And to have one so magnificent in my hands and mouth almost brings me to cum. I am sucking on his foreskin and licking his crown.

Needing more, I start taking more of it an inch at a time into my mouth and then back to holding just the head. I continue doing this until I reach my limit and start working my mouth up and down on him.

Steve is having a hard time just lying there and is moaning and groaning when he says: “I don’t know who is enjoying this more you or me. But continue on my friend. Enjoy.”

Knowing he can hold off his orgasm forever it surprises me to feel him working his cock in and out of my mouth.

He says: “I know you are loving this but I have gotten off and want to show you the same fun so either let me do you or I will let go and cum, your choice.”

As much as I want to prolong this fun I elect to taste his cum and tell him so. “Let it go bud, give me you cum.”

I am surprised that as soon as I get his cock back into my mouth he starts blasting his load. He cums forcefully and copiously.

I hold his cock head and run my tongue around it as I stroke his shaft. I feel his load shooting up the length of his shaft as well as its’ force hitting my tongue. Shot after shot of his hot cum fill my mouth. I can’t believe he cums so much right after doing so just moments ago, but am enjoying it so much do not care.

As his orgasm ceases I sit back on my heels as if to enjoy my work. I look up and he is smiling at me and says: “Man you really put me back in the right place. What can I do to return the pleasure? Do you want to fuck me or can I suck your cock, the choice is yours.”

“Steve, I am almost as spent as you and as much as I would like to fuck you how about sucking me?”

As he it stacking the pillows he maneuvers me to a comfortable sitting position. Spreading my legs he takes my now semi hard into his hot mouth. Right down to the balls.

He sucked me like I was the last man he would ever have in his mouth.

Caressing my balls he asked for the lube and had me squirt some on his fingers, He told me to put a pillow under my ass and then started working my anus. Softly and slowly and before long he had two fingers in me and was massaging my prostate.

I had been so excited all day that it didn’t take much of this before I came strongly. He swallowed shot after shot of my load swallowing it all until he felt me soften then held me until I had to pull away. Smiling he rolled next to me and we both dozed off…….

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