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I decided to take a day off in the middle of the week and go and commune with nature. I set off bright and early, heading towards the mountains. I was going to go to one of the public parks surrounding a reservoir. Free admittance as the public pay for those parks through their water rates. Once a year there’s an extra charge on your bill for park maintenance.

Seeing it was the middle of the week I didn’t expect that there would be too many people at the park and I was going to stroll around the longest path they had. I’d get some exercise and enjoy good scenery, there being some magnificent views up that high.

I had a backpack with food and drinks and I was set for a leisurely day with no problems. Once I was at the park I visited the official kiosk that they had and picked up a couple of packets of unsalted peanuts. For some reason the rosellas loved peanuts and would come down and land on your hands if you offered them. I’d take some selfies when I fed them — you never know how they’ll turn out.

After an hour or so I was deep in the park when I spotted some rosellas in the trees. Normally you only see rosellas in pairs as they are rather territorial, but they do accumulate, however, when there is a decent supply of feed. Seeing the birds seemed to be watching me it was my guess that they had me marked as sucker of the day and were waiting for nuts.

To test this theory I tossed a small handful towards the nearer trees. There was an immediate outcry and the peanuts didn’t stop bouncing on the ground before they were all gone. The birds then turned to regard me again.

I held out my hand, peanuts on my palm, and the birds descended. I had five on my hand in an instant, with several others on my arm, edging down and trying to push their way in. I had my phone out and was trying for some selfies. I was somewhat startled when someone spoke.

“Let me take the photos,” I was told and the phone was taken from my hand. I didn’t hang one on the man as all he did was step back and take a few photos. As soon as the peanuts were gone so were the birds, although they were in the trees and watching.

“What was all that about?” asked a sweet voice and I turned to look.

The man wasn’t alone. He was accompanied by a very lovely young lady. Twentyish, blonde, heart shaped face, fair skin, and a sensational figure. She was wearing a short sundress and I was prepared to swear she wasn’t wearing a bra. Not with her breasts gently swaying the way they were.

I mentally slapped myself and told myself not to be silly and addressed her question, not her figure.

“The rosellas love nuts,” I explained. “They’ll come if you scatter them around and, as you saw, eat off your hand if you hold some out for them. I’ve even known them to land on people’s heads while waiting their turn at the goodies.”

“Oh? Do you have any more nuts?”

“I do, but you can always buy some down at the kiosk.”

“We’re not going back to the kiosk,” the man said, firmly, talking to the woman.

“I know. I know.” She turned and gave me a dazzling smile. “Would you be able to lets us have some? I’d love to have some photos taken with some rosellas.”

“Why not,” I said with a grin. I was prepared to pour some nuts into her hand when she told me to hold back for a moment. I swear I could have swallowed my tongue when she whipped off her sundress and tossed it over to the man. I’d been right about her not having a bra on but I hadn’t gone far enough. She didn’t have a stitch on under the dress and she was now standing there naked. She held out her hands and I poured some nuts into her palm, moving like an automaton as I was feeling somewhat stunned. She was really sensational.

“Mind standing over eskort taksim here?” called the man. “Sorry, but I don’t want you in the shots.”

I didn’t care where I stood. I was just happy to stand and stare. She opened her hand and the rosellas descended. She was half laughing, half squealing, as the birds had their dinner, while the man with the camera pranced about taking a multitude of shots.

“Quick, more nuts,” he ordered as soon as it seemed she’d been cleaned out.

I strolled back to where she was standing, enjoying the view the whole way. I gave her a larger handful and asked if she wanted to hold the bag. She shook her head, looking a little nervous about the birds. (They’re quite big birds and their talons are rather sharp. I could see she had tiny little pricks on the arms, courtesy of those talons.)

I stepped back and to the side, letting me drop a few nuts on her hair without her noticing. Then I retreated to the camera man.

She was expecting the birds on her arm and hand and was rather blasé about it. She wasn’t expecting a couple of birds to perch on her head and there was nothing blasé about her reaction. Pure shock was how I’d define the look on her face.

The cameraman was giggling as he took his pictures. I managed to sneak a few too, using my phone.

As soon as those nuts were gone she started brushing her hands together.

“That’s it,” she said. “No more nuts.”

“Hold on,” she was told. “Just put your dress back on for a moment.”

“Okay, now lift your hands as high as you can,” he said, and she did that.

I could see what his intentions were. When she raised her arms that short sundress lifted, just high enough to show her pussy.

“Yeah, that’ll be good,” he said. “Just a few nuts and lift your hands right up and we’ll have an accidental reveal.”

She pulled a face but did as she was told, lifting her hands high, dress rising, camera clicking. Well, it was totally silent actually, but if it had been an old-fashioned camera it would have been clicking.

“There’re only a few nuts left,” I observed. “Just a suggestion but why don’t you have her bend over and scatter them below the trees? You’ll get an accidental reveal and rosellas as they land in front of her.”

The nice cameraman liked my suggestion and passed it on. She took the last of the nuts, moved closer to the trees, bent over and scattered the nuts around. Most people would have just scattered the nuts while standing, or crouched to strew them around. Not blondie. She smoothly bent at the waist, dress riding halfway up her bottom, revealing all, as she scattered the nuts, almost patting the rosellas on the head as they came to her.

“The name’s Joshua,” I told the cameraman. “Call me Josh.”

“Dave,” he said. “She’s Rosemary, also known as Rosy Delight in certain places. She’s trying to become a model.”

I didn’t ask what sort of model as I could figure that out for myself.

“What I find odd right now is why you aren’t over there fucking her just as hard as you can. It seems obvious to me that she’s quite aroused by the posing she’s been doing. That last rear view should show you that.”

“That is true but there’s something you’re not taking into consideration. I’m gay. Queer as a football bat, that’s me. That’s why the girls hire me to be their photographer.”

“I see. Tell me, do you know the best places in the reserve to take photos? There are some areas that have spectacular scenery that would be a superb backdrop to Rosemary’s natural beauty.”

“Not really. First time to this reserve. Rosemary heard of it and wanted to come.”

“Too bad. Still, if memory serves me correctly, and it does, the kiosk sells maps giving escort şişli the directions to the best spots. Why don’t you wander back and get one. The attendant there could tell you which ones are best for shooting a few pics.”

Dave looked down the trail to where the kiosk was situated, a fifteen minute walk at most. Then he glanced over at Rosemary.

“Don’t worry about Rosemary,” I told him. “I’m not in a hurry to go anywhere. I’ll just stay here and take care of her.”

He gave me an amused look, looked at Rosemary again, shrugged, and nodded.

“Good idea,” he acknowledged. “I should have thought of that earlier.”

He turned and trotted off down the trail. I gave him a bit of a start and then meandered on over to Rosemary, who was currently crouched, petting one of the rosellas. Some will let you do that. Others will give you such a peck…

“Um, Rosemary, you might like to refrain from actually petting the pretty birdie,” I suggested. “It’s one thing for them to come to you and eat out of your hand but if you reach for them and they feel threatened they have been known to peck.”

Rosemary looked at the bird she was petting, probably noting the hooked beak and the way the birds crunched the nuts. Slowly and thoughtfully she withdrew her hand.

“You seem to have the advantage on me,” she said. “You are?”

“Joshua, commonly known as Josh, purveyor of nuts to the multitudes.”

“I see. Thank you for those nuts. Those photos should do well. Speaking of photos, where’s Dave?”

“Dave being the chap with the camera? Unfortunately I felt it necessary to hit him over the head and hide his body behind the bushes. He won’t be bothering us at all.”

She looked shocked, which I suppose she should. She also looked towards where I’d indicated to see if she could see a body behind the bushes. Quick on the uptake, that girl.

“What bushes?” she demanded. “There’re a lot of trees but no bushes so where’s the body?”

“There’re bushes,” I protested. “Down that-away, next to the kiosk. Dave’s too heavy to carry that far so I told him he had to walk there.”

“And just why has he gone down to the kiosk? He sounded dead against it earlier.”

“He wanted a map of the park and to have the best spots for a photoshoot pointed out to him. I promised I’d look after you while he was gone. I didn’t want you to feel as though you’d been forgotten.”

“I don’t get it. He’s also supposed to act as my bodyguard, there to keep away bystanders who will inflict unwanted attention upon me. You know — people like you.”

“Bite your tongue,” I gasped. “You couldn’t possibly mean people like me.”

“And why not?”

“Because my attentions won’t be unwanted,” I said, maybe sounding a little smug. Maybe.

“And what makes you think that?”

“Um, the fact that you’re standing there right in front of me, despite knowing that I know the only thing you have on is that flimsy scrap of a dress. You are magnificently naked beneath it. You know, when you did that bend over to feed the birds, with your dress rising up and revealing all, I decided then and there that I was going to have you do that again and take full advantage of you.”

“You wouldn’t dare. Dave will be back soon.”

“Get real. Dave knows what I intend and he’ll be a half hour, minimum. So, shall we get started?”

“You have to be kidding. Anyone could come past.”

“Unlikely, and so what. That possibility just heightens the thrill for you,” I pointed out. Taking her arm I encouraged her to turn around. “Bend over, there’s a good girl,” I murmured, wondering if she would.

She did. She took a deep breath and then bent forward, resting her hands on her knees. Her dress obliged eskort beşiktaş and rose that short amount required to reveal all.

I caressed her bottom, my hand drifting down and sliding between her legs, firmly cupping her mound. I could feel the heat in her, her lips reaching out and wetly kissing the palm of my hand. That was all the cue I needed to undo my trousers, letting the monster come out to play. I simply lined myself up and slid smoothly into her.

As soon as she felt me entering she gave a small gasp and pushed firmly back to meet me, quite willing to take all of me as fast as possible. My hands went up over her hips, inside her dress, finding and closing over her lovely breasts. I stayed like that for a moment, cock firmly embedded, hands holding her breasts. For some reason it wasn’t enough.

She was the one who chose to go commando under that dress. I didn’t see that she’d have any grounds to complain if I helped her out of it. After all, she had been out of it a couple of times already. I took hold of it and lifted it up, with Rosemary quite willing to lift her arms and let it go.

From there I got down to some serious work, if you could call this work.

I thrust into her hard, only to pull back and thrust in again, just as hard. At the same time I was massaging her breasts, finding the hard nubs of her nipples and teasing them, rolling them around under my thumb.

While I was giving it to her hot and hard, with her responding in a similar manner, I was also aware that I had to be reasonably careful. Chewing on her neck or breasts was contra-indicated, not because of a lack of desire but because I didn’t want to risk bruising her white skin when Dave resumed his photography. One didn’t want model photos to be blotched with bruises.

I didn’t know how long we’d have. Sure, Dave would give us plenty of time but who knew who else might come along. True, I was damn sure that Rosemary was getting a kick over taking the risk but that didn’t mean that we wanted to get caught. I kept an eye on the trail in both directions, while happily giving my best regards to Rosemary. (Perhaps under the present circumstances I should refer to her as Rosy Delight, because a delight she certainly was.)

Feeling reasonably safe from unwanted intruders I kept things going for a while. Sure, I could have finished things off with a bang, but I wasn’t sure that Rosemary was really ready for that, so I lingered. Not an arduous task, lingering over what we were doing.

Finally sensing that she was ready I turned up the heat, banging in hard and fast. Rosemary gave a small shriek and climaxed nicely, which suited me as it let me cut loose, thoroughly spraying her internally.

Once we separated Rosemary pounced on a backpack that Dave had been wearing. I’d noticed that he’d dumped it before hiking back to the kiosk. She grabbed some bits and pieces and started cleaning herself up. I was fascinated to see this included reapplying cosmetics, mainly because of where she applied some of them. I wondered how hard it would be to remove what looked like lipstick from my old-fellow, as I suspected that some had been rubbed onto me.

“Visitors,” I said when I noticed movement further down the path. Amazing how fast you can get dressed when you only have to pull on one thing. Rosemary was covered and standing there, looking innocently demure as a couple of little old ladies came trotting up the path. (Maybe not trotting, but certainly walking briskly. Slow down girls. Take your time and commune with nature.)

Shortly after that Dave returned, carrying a map of the park. I debated going along with them to admire the scenery. I decided not to when Rosemary smiled and said goodbye.

“It was interesting meeting you,” she said, “but I do have work to do and we don’t need any distractions.”

I bid them farewell and went on my way. Nice to know that a nude model considered me a distraction. Normally girls just tell me I’m a pest.

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