office daydream

Abella Anderson

Hi its me again, haven’t had much time to write my diary recently but I’ve made some time without completely ruining my innocent image; you know a white lie here a headache there, but you get to the point where, you just need a little me time and that is what I’ve got and I ‘m going to use it.   Wow what a few weeks, work has been crazy, new accounts landing so fast that we not only can’t service the demands we are beginning to lose track of what they were.   The orifice day is just one long fire fight just not to go backwards too fast. That is definitely enough of even thinking about that place now. I have much better things to slowly luxuriate over for the next couple of stolen hours. One more week and my raven haired temptress from the west will have time off at the same time as me and is coming to visit. (Excited stamp of feet and jump with glee.)   Not, you understand, that I have been counting off the hours, even thinking about this now sends a tingle into my sex and has done over these last weeks, sometimes in rather embarrassing moments; appearing distracted during one of the sales directors ranting sessions about lack of backup from ops being one, but there is only so much macho rant one can take before a small purple fantasy is ever so appealing especially whilst looking down the ample cleavage of his P A. Excuse the meander in the pros but if I wasn’t madly in love at the moment I could certainly imagine myself Ümraniye Escort spending an afternoon in mortal combat with those beautiful orbs and a bottle of baby oil; real I’m led to believe by Jane in accounts who does know everything. Though working on the I can still look but can’t touch principal, massaging those lovely jumper lumps whilst doing her backside with my favourite strap on is certainly bringing some firmness to my nipples and what the hell lets have a little explore of this idea.   Now I hope you are not getting the idea that I make a habit of cleavage staring but just this once, you understand I had to make an exception. I think it must be the tiny back and just the way wobbled and bounced in the meeting and just maybe the blouse which she just seemed to have forgotten to do up Pheobe normally wore sexy clothing but that day its was what was missing, not that I was checking her out but tight pencil skirt no VPL sheer top open maybe three too many buttons showing just a hint of lacy bra that couldn’t have been too much in the support department. I wonder who all that was for, she did sit directly opposite me and were all those buttons open before we sat down and as I remember I did think she was smiling at me when of course I looked up.   I lie back on the settee listen to the gentle sounds of Norah Jones and my hand starts to move over my belly wallowing in the feeling Ümraniye Escort Bayan of the lacy top on my skin then up to my breast avoiding the swelling nipple, then circling around and gently brushing the top of bullet like peak sending sparks of blue, gold and purple to my sex. My mind returns to Phoebe we are working late trying iron out some of the details of the largest new account the clock ticks towards eight thirty we look at each other as if to say enough’s enough I look down at her boobs and notice here nipples are stuck out like Scammel wheel nuts, its not cold as I look up to make eye contact I’m busted but she smiles and says “lets get some dinner, if you’re free I’m starved.” As we pack up she stands behind me reaching across and I feel her rock hard nubs rub across the thin material of my blouse sending a shiver into my groin, as she moved away I turned round to look at her; maybe just a little the wolf who has just entered the sheep fold. Her dress today is gorgeous a green satin number elegantly tailored; showing off to perfection those magnificent orbs, well if you got them flaunt them, and the idea of having her for dinner on the desk was generating a heat in my sex that was making office decorum more and more difficult. Then I smelt the unmistakable musky aroma of sexual arousal, mine? Or was it both of ours, Phoebe walked to the door and locked it just as I was going to ask Escort Ümraniye what was happening she turned around and kissed me hard on the mouth. I kiss back our tongues gently dance and my hands move up to massage those glorious orbs I start gently working round then to gently roll the nipples she starts to kiss down my neck and almost says almost rasps the word harder, not being one to disappoint I rub harder ad twist the nipples, have I found a woman who can orgasm from breast rubbing alone I continue and she moves her hand up my skirt and gently stokes my thigh working hirer with each stroke. I kiss her ears and rub her breasts and nipples harder as she implores me, her back is arching her moans become louder and more urgent then as she comes she straddles my leg as it disappears in the slit in her silk dress I feel sodden silk triangle and smooth shaved skin. She kisses me long and hard then lets me know that is her first time with a woman and the first time she has orgasmed without clitoral stimulations. We adjust our clothes and head for the lift it seems I will have to wait till later   In the lift we discuss restaurants and pubs I mention a quiet discrete bistro ten minutes by cab with that decided she looks very blonde and says what about you, dropping to her knees in the lift and lifting my skirt, moving my soggy knickers to one side she places her long tongue gently on my sex, looks up smiles then keeping eye contact laps at my clitoris working round then across as the drop through the floors I’m getting higher until I explode at the third floor with my knees weakening she rearranges my clothing and kisses me deeply just before the door opens. We smile and say goodbye to the security man and order our taxi.

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