One Afternoon Pt. 08


Dirty story that includes trans scat. If you’re not a fan, probably better to give this one a miss.


April knocked on the door again.

“We’re going to be late. She’s not home”, I’ve looked at my watch impatiently. We still had some time before the dinner party, but I really didn’t want to spend it waiting for Karen.

“Well, we made it all the way here, I just want to make sure”, April replied. “It’s been over a month now!”

We did make it all the way across town to see Karen. Karen is a sweet, young asian girl, recently graduated from one of the best universities in town. She’s been renting April’s apartment for about 6 months now, and everything was fine, until just recently she missed her rent payment. April was very patient and waited for a few days before trying to reach Karen over text. Karen hasn’t responded to the initial text, or any of the following texts, or the following phone calls.

“I understand. Let’s just go to the police tomorrow and…”

“Shhh!”, April pushed her finger against my lips and shushed me mid-sentence. “I think I can hear something!”. April stepped up to the door and put her ear on the wooden panel. “I hear… moaning? That little slut is home and just ignoring us! Here, listen”. April scooched over giving me space to get to the door.

“This is ridiculous. Why would she..”

“Just listen!”, April grabbed my shirt and pulled me in. Begrudgingly I leaned in closer to the door and listened. A few seconds passed and I was about to give up, when indeed I heard some moaning coming from behind the closed door.

“Yeah you’re right, I can hear it! What gives?!”

“Right! Told ya! Ok, that’s it, I’m going in and stopping whatever this party they’re having there!”, April opened her clutch and got out her apartment keys.

“Are you sure this is a good idea? Isn’t this trespassing?”, I wasn’t convinced by the plan of just entering the apartment.

“This is my apartment. She hasn’t been paying rent. I have the right to enter my own apartment.” April was mad and very determined to see this through.

She put the key into the door lock, and with one quick turn the door opened. With her most assertive walk, April stormed into the apartment. Even when mad, she looked sexy as fuck. We were on our way to a dinner party in a fancy hotel so April dressed the part.

She was wearing a long, sleeveless, open back black dress that was shimmering with silver threads when she moved. On her feet she had fabulous black leather mules covering her toes and revealing the smooth heels of her feet. Her shoulders were covered with a silky scarf and she was holding a black and red leather clutch. Her dark hair was all done up wavy and posh, and her makeup of dark eye shadow and bright red lips looked as sexy as it gets. You would never know that this gorgeous girl also had a good looking dick.

This beautiful, fierce, angry-looking trans woman walked right into the apartment. I followed her quickly, shutting the door behind us. Couple of steps through the entry hall and we found ourselves in the living-room-slash-bedroom. It was a rather large studio apartment but the layout was very open with the bedroom and the living space separated by an antique looking bookshelf.

All the blinds were shut, but there was enough light in the room from a rather large, round lamp, the one they use for photography and video recordings. In the center of the room was a huge gaming chair covered in towels. There was a laptop with a large camera attached to it right in front of the chair. Some white drape was pulled behind the chair on the bookshelf.

And there she was, Karen, butt naked in that chair in the middle of the room. I was not expecting that. Karen was a beautiful girl. She was a petite asian girl, in her early twenties. Very slim, athletic body, short black hair, tiny breasts, maybe 5 feet tall if that. Big eyes, lovely smile, all that.

Karen’s smooth legs were spread wide open and rested on the arm rests. Both of her tiny nipples were clamped with a chain going from her chest to her wrists. Her wrists were tied together with the same chain as she was holding a large wand with the vibrating end assaulting her pussy and clit.

In her mouth, Karen had a large pink gag on a strap going round her head. On her head, Karen had big, pink headphone. Her eyes were half shut and her cute toes with white nail polish were scrunching with pleasure. The camera had a green light on it and the video of Karen was appearing on the laptop with some sort of chat action going on. Karen was a cam slut.

Both April and I just stood there, watching. Clearly, Karen didn’t hear us entering, or knocking for that matter. With every second it became a bit more awkward. I’ve decided to follow April’s lead, but she was just watching Karen. Finally, April made a move and entered Karen’s field of vision.

Karen opened her eyes for long enough to notice April, and jumped up in the chair all frightened by the sudden presence of her bursa escort landlady in her living room during a show. She pulled on a towel nearby to cover herself from the waist down. April turned around to give the girl some privacy.

Karen dropped the wand and quickly got out of her wrist bindings. She pulled off her gag and her headphones while simultaneously wrapping up in a large towel. With one quick action she closed the laptop – the green light on the camera went dark:

“April, what are you doing here!”, she sounded shocked and confused. “Richard!”, Karen noticed me staring at her from the hallway.

“Are you.. decent?”, April turned around to face Karen. “I’m sure you know why I’m here.”

“Give me a moment”, Karen jumped off the chair and grabbed a fluffy white robe that was lying on the floor nearby. She turned around and quickly swapped her towel for the robe. “I’m so sorry, I completely ghosted you! I was going to text you next week”.

“Right, next week,” April was not buying it.

“Yeah, next week. Sorry I.. I know I didn’t pay my rent this month. I had the money all set aside but then… then I spent it”, Karen’s voice got a bit weak towards the end of the sentence.

“You spent the rent money? On what?”

“I.. I bought some stuff for my business”, Karen sheepishly looked at the laptop and the camera. “I was hoping to make it all back quickly, and pay you, but it didn’t work out that way. I just need a bit of time to get the payouts in my bank account and I’ll pay you I promise!”

“Your business? I though you worked in that fancy law firm?”, April was surprised.

“No.. I.. might have lied on my application form. I have never worked there and the references you got were from a friend. People don’t like to rent places to self-employed cam girls”.

“I see. Well, I’m sorry Karen, but you’ll need to gather your things and go. I want you out by tomorrow evening,” April’s tone changed from mad to more sympathetic.

“Please, April! Please, don’t throw me out!” Karen reached out and grabbed April’s hand. “I’m begging you. I’ll do anything to stay here.” Karen slowly pulled April’s hand

underneath her robe and in between her legs, then glanced at me. “And I mean – anything”.

“Really, anything?”, April smiled. I knew that smile – something dirty and horny was brewing in April’s mind. She slowly started moving her hand inside Karen’s robe.

“Absolutely anything”, Karen gently ran her fingers up April’s arm, pulling her in.

“Ok then,” April stepped up closer to Karen, her lips a mere inches away from Karen’s face. She pulled her hand out of the robe. I could see shiny pussy juices on her black nail polish. Slowly she moved her hand to Karen’s mouth, parting her lips to let the juice covered hand in. One by one Karen started sucking off her own juices from the slender fingers of my girlfriend.

With one hand in Karen’s mouth, April puled on Karen’s robe. The robe dropped at Karen’s feet exposing her petite body. The nipple clamps were still there – Karen didn’t have the time to take them off. April moved her hand towards Karen chest, and pulled down on the chain while pushing her fingers deeper into Karen’s throat. Karen gave out a moan in response, and dropped to her knees.

“Good. I like that,” April smiled towards me. “Darling, you want to have some fun? I think we have a new toy for the evening. Will you help me with my dress?” April took off her scarf and threw it to the nearby chair. Karen was just sitting there on her knees, waiting.

April didn’t have to ask me twice as I got pretty hard watching that scene. I walked up to her, gently kissed her on her neck, and unzipped her dress. The dress fell to the ground exposing April’s beautiful body. Her tiny hormonal tits have perked up, and the panties could no longer fit her fully erect dick.

Karen looked equally surprised and fascinated by my girlfriend’s dick. I guess she didn’t suspect April was a trans woman. There was definitely a glimmer of excitement in Karen’s eyes.

April grabbed Karen by the back of her head and pulled her towards her erected dick: “Now suck”.

Karen obeyed without a word. Using her teeth she pulled down April’s thongs which were barely containing the erection. Once the penis was free, Karen quickly covered it with her wet mouth. Not even using her hands, with a well rehearsed move, she took the whole thing in without breaking the eye contact with April.

“Mmmm good girl, yes”, April was getting into the rhythm. With her hands on Karen’s head, she was slowly increasing the speed and the ferocity of each stroke, nailing Karen’s face onto her dick. With gulping, gagging sounds, Karen submissively continued giving a deepthroat to my girlfriend.

On one of the swings, April pulled Karen’s head right in, and held it pushed into her pelvis with the dick deep in Karen’s throat. She held her until Karen started to twitch, clearly running out of breath. To her credit, she didn’t even try to break escort bursa out and kept her hands behind her back.

April released the girl and Karen took a deep breath. April playfully slapped Karen across her face. “Good girl, that’s a good start.” She grabbed Karen’s chain and pulled her towards the bed. Without getting up, Karen followed April on her knees to the bed. April turned around and gave me a playful smile: “Join us, won’t you?”.

While I was undressing, April sat on the bed and took off her heels, exposing her beautiful feet. I still remember that her feet was one of the first things I noticed when we met. Their slender shape, slightly bigger than an average girl of her size, each toe was beautiful and longer than the previous one, making an astonishing arch.

Her toes were always well looked after and freshly pedicured. Black was her favorite color, and that was the color she was wearing today as well. Her soles looked fresh and soft.

April moved up onto the bed, dragging Karen along by the chain. Once both on the bed, April laid on her back, and grabbed her legs with her hands, exposing her shaved ass to the world. Karen immediately realized what’s needed of her, squeezed April’s dick in one hand, while borrowing with her face and tongue deep into April’s asshole.

I’ve approached the bed, naked and fully erect. April loved getting her ass licked, and was having a great time. I wanted to get in on this action. I reached out and touched Karen’s smooth skin. In response, Karen raised up her ass, as if inviting me to play with her. I couldn’t resist and my tongue immediately found it’s way to Karen’s asshole.

I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pulled them apart to get a better view. I swear the dirty little hole winked at me. I started moving my tongue up and down her hole, playing with her tight sphincter. Her asshole tasted sweet. I used my tongue to penetrate deeper into the hole, opening it up with a little bit of pressure.

For the first time in the last few minutes Karen pulled back. She looked at me with a shy smile. “That’s probably not a good idea. I was… mmm.. holding it for a client that booked me for later this evening. Maybe if you give me a few minutes to go to the toilet and then a quick shower?”.

April lowered one of her feet onto Karen’s head. “Karen, dear, I thought you said you’d do anything. And now you want to go back on your word?”. April moved her foot across Karen’s cheek and pushed her big toe into Karen’s lips.

“No, not at all! Just wanted to warn you.. in.. case you’re… not into it”. The last part of the sentence got muffled as April pushed her foot into Karen’s mouth. Karen grabbed April’s foot by the heel with both hands and started pushing all the toes deeper into her mouth. As if to give out the last warning, Karen pushed out a little fart.

My dick was absolutely bursting at this point. I grabbed Karen’s ass by the hips and moved my cock right over her tight brown hole. With her hole thoroughly wetted by my tongue, all I needed was a little push to get my dick into her asshole. Her sphincter opened invitingly, just enough to wrap itself around my shaft. I pushed in, and very quickly was met with some internal resistance. Karen was literally full of shit.

Slowly, I pulled Karen’s asshole onto my cock until it fully disappeared in her hungry ass, pushing her shit further down her colon. I started swinging away, feeling Karen’s asshole accommodating the new guest, squeezing me nice and tightly at full length.

I looked at April who had her cock in her hand, and both of her beautiful feet on Karen’s face. Karen was working my girlfriend’s toes like a nasty whore. I’ve never seen so much saliva. She was sucking each toe, deeply, hungrily, then switching to a full-on foot gagging, spreading saliva across the pretty black toes. She was either really into it, or just playing her role really well. “Mmmmm,” Karen was moaning with pleasure.

April pulled in her feet and switched over to her knees, positioning her cock right in front of Karen’s face. Karen wrapped her hungry mouth around my girlfriends dick and started sucking it deep. “Grab her hands,” suggested April.

I leaned fully in and grabbed both of Karen’s wrists, pushing them behind her back. With one hand holding down her wrists, and my cock full-length deep in Karen’s ass, I pulled April in for a deep kiss. While kissing back, April wrapped her hands around Karen’s head, and forced her dick as far as it would go. We both could feel Karen started to choke on April’s dick.

With one or two smaller gags, Karen had saliva and a little bit of vomit seeping past April’s cock and onto the bed. April broke our kiss and pulled out of Karen’s mouth, giving her a chance to take a deep breath. She then slapped Karen right across her pretty, young face, then again, with a backhand. She than lovingly brushed her hand across Karen’s cheek, finding her way towards her mouth.

I’ve started picking up the pace bursa escort bayan when April grabbed Karen’s head again and moved on to furiously throat fucking her. With the slopping and gagging sounds, we were spit roasting the poor girl. One more deep thrust from April, and Karen’s gag reflex took over. With a massive hurl, Karen vomited all over April’s cock. At the same time, her ass contracted and pushed me out with a loud fart and a sloppy, soft turd stuck to my brown-covered cock.

Once Karen’s ass was free of my cock, she couldn’t keep the shit in anymore. With a long fart and a sweet crackling sound, the brown hole opened up to expel a long, soft, mushy looking turd. The strong earthy smell of shit filled the room. I grabbed my dick into my hand and started spreading the shit across my fully erect shaft.

April tugged the chain still hanging between Karen’s nipples and pulled her up by her tits. Karen’s eyes were wet from hurling, mascara got damp and messed up. Her lips and chin were covered in a lot of saliva mixed with some vomit. April gently kissed Karen’s lips. The girl answered by hungrily biting April’s lip and joining in a passionate kiss.

I picked up the soft turd on the bed and broke off a half-inch piece. It was warm to the touch. Leaning over Karen, I reached out to the kissing girls. April noticed me, pulled away from Karen for a second, gave me a big smile and carefully picked up the piece of shit from my hand with just her lips. Karen pulled away looking slightly disgusted.

April pressed her lips together, spreading the shit between them. Her eyes were closed, and her face expressed the outmost pleasure. She then used her tongue to gather the sweet, brown waste and rolled it into her mouth, spreading it inside, all over her tongue, covering her taste buds with another girl’s feces. She then opened her mouth wide, showing us the somewhat melted nugget of shit on her tongue.

With her mouth still open, April pulled Karen closer. Karen wrinkled her cute nose in disgust, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. With her tongue, gently and slowly, April pushed the shit nugget from her mouth and into Karen’s. She then added a good amount of shit-spit into Karen’s mouth.

Karen started moving her tongue around, passing the shit from one part of the mouth to another. Once she got used to the taste, she smiled provocatively and moved the shit in between her front teeth, biting on it, causing the piece to break into two while also covering her white teeth in brown goo. April passionately kissed Karen’s mouth, pushing her tongue deep to get some action on that piece of shit.

With my shit covered hand I reached out in between Karen’s legs and found my way over her pussy. She was soaking wet. One after another my fingers disappeared in her hungry wet hole, smearing some shit all around her privates. I started playing with her pussy, moving in and out of the hole, finding her clit and pressing it between my fingers. With my other hand I reached over and grabbed on her breasts, squeezing them one by one.

Between the clit play and the dirtiness of the situation, Karen was getting close. I switched over my hands, now using my dirty, shit-and-pussy-juices covered hand to smear filth all across Karen’s breasts. I then pulled my hand up and stuck two of my dirty fingers straight into Karen’s mouth. Immediately she began sucking on the fingers, getting them all cleaned up.

April moved away from Karen’s lips and licked her way down to the shit smeared breasts. She unclipped one of the clamps and grabbed the little nipple with her teeth. That was enough for Karen to cum and cum hard.

“Mmm so you like to be a dirty little bitch, don’t you?”, April attached back the nipple clip where it belonged. “Get on your back, little bitch”. Karen followed the order and rolled over onto her back. Her beautiful face had some brown marks around her lips and her tiny asian body now smeared with excrements around the neck, breasts and pussy.

April moved over the girl, grabbed her legs and pulled them up all the way over Karen’s head. Karen was a very flexible girl. She then positioned her cock right at the entrance to Karen’s ass. April rubbed her cock around the dirty hole, smearing what was left of the dirty incident right over the cock. Using a small amount of soft shit as a lubricant, she then pushed herself into Karen’s asshole.

With her cock deep in Karen’s ass, April grabbed Karen’s feet and started sucking on those pretty little white toes. Karen was a small girl with a small sized feet, so April could easily fit the full foot into her mouth.

I did’t want to feel left out, so I moved over behind my girlfriend. I wrapped my hands around her torso, kissing her neck in the mean time. I then lowered my hand across her back and down to her ass. With my index finger pressed against her brown hole, I started gently caressing the sphincter. April felt the presence of my finger and pushed her butt out as much as she could without slipping out of Karen.

Within a quick second, my finger slipped into April’s ass hole. I pushed it in deep before adding the second finger. April’s ass eagerly opened up to accommodate. Gently, I started moving my fingers inside April’s ass.

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