Queen & Her Affair


Queen & Her AffairIt was a hot summers night and Queen Bethany laid on top of the sheets of her king size four poster bed, wearing only a red lacy baby doll dress and matching panties. A cool ocean breeze flows through the window, carrying the distant sounds of a bustling city. The cool breeze flows across her body causing her lace covered nipple to harden. A few minutes later she hears a rustle from the trees outside the window and like magic her lover appears at her window and climbs inside.She looks at him and smiles with a look of desire, and with her finger beckons him over to her bed. He slowly walks over to her removing his shirt and climbs onto the bed beside her. He leans in and caresses her face with his hand and slowly kisses her sweet tinder lips with his while looking deep into her green eyes.She puts her hand up behind his head and pulls him closer, so not to beak the kiss. The touch of his lips on hers sends flames of desire throughout her body. Like always when he visits, she could not resist the lure of forbidden love that he brings, knowing full well that her husband could return at any minute and find them together.As he slowly breaks the kiss, all the remaining will power she had to resist his charm disappears and she surrenders fully to him. His fingers slowly sides down her face towards her breasts, and slowly passes between them but not touching them, they then continue down her body and across her belly and then back up along her side to the thin shoulder strap of her dress.He slides the strap down her arm exposing one of her breasts making her nipple becomes even harder, both from the direct contact from the cool breeze and the lust for her lover. His hand gently caresses the base of her exposed breast and slowly makes its way to her nipple. He gives a quick kiss on her lips, then slowly kisses his way down to her exposed nipple, where he then gently caresses it with his tongue causing her to quietly moan with desire.She rolls onto her back giving him full access yozgat escort to both breasts. He doesn’t hesitate and exposes the other breast and caresses it the same way. He looks up at her face and slowly leans in for another kiss on her sweet tender lips. She reaches around with both hands and pulls him closer. He places his hand under her lower back and rolls over and brings her with him putting her on top. She breaks the kiss and sits up causing her dress to fall to her waist. He reaches around and grabs her ass and pulls her further up his body. He keeps his hand on her ass and gently massages it while she shivers in passion.Queen Bethany reaches behind and grabs his hands and slowly places them above his head and with a look of hunger in her eyes leans down and kisses him hard on the lips. He moans in pain as she bites his lip as she pulls away from them and licks her lips with mischief in her eyes.She then works her way down his bare chest pulling on his chest hairs with her teeth till she meets his hard nipples, where again playfully bits them with her teeth cause him to moan loader. She looks up to his face and with an evil grin on her face continues down his body nibbling his tight flat stomach along the way.She reaches the top of his pants and slowly starts to caress his crouch with her hands, feeling the bulge hidden within. She quickly undoes the buttons holding his pants on and reaches in and pulls out his erect cock. It wasn’t a large cock by any means, but she didn’t care it was all hers.She wraps her hand around it and starts to slowly stroke it up and down. She leans down and kisses the tip of his cock with her lips, then slowly works her way down one side the shaft with her tongue and back up the other side and finish with another kiss on the tip. See grabs the sides of his pants and pulls then off leaving him completely naked. She runs her finger nails up the inside of his legs causing him to arch his back and moan with pleasure, she arrives at the top of escort yozgat his legs and caresses his balls, looks at him with a cheeky smile and squeeze them firmly. She leans down again, and this time take all his cock into her month teasing the tip with her tongue. She looks at him and sees the pleasure on his face as she slides her mouth slowly up and down his shaft.He reaches out and caresses the side of her face with his fingers. She releases his cock from her mouth and smiles at him, he runs his hand under her chin and gently pulls her up towards him. With his other hand he grabs her arm and throws her and throws her onto her back, he then jumps on top of her and grabs both her wrists and with one hand and pins her arms above her head. With his free hand he reaches out and grabs the cuffs that are behind her pillow and places them around both her wrists and attaches the chain to the end of the bed.He slowly slides his hands down her arms and to her breasts, where he gently massages them, the whole time looking deep into her green eyes. He leans down to start kissing her on the lips, but at the last second stops, pulls back and looks at her and smiles, and goes to her breasts and licks each nipple making them hard.He then continues down her body kissing her belly along the way till he gets to her panties. He looks up at her and smiles, skips her panties and continues down her leg kissing the inside as he goes down. When he finishes the first side he crosses over to the other and proceeds up the other till he arrives back at her panties.He kisses the front of her panties and tastes the sweet nectar of her juices that has seeped through. She moans in ecstasy from his touch and arches her body into his face. He quickly grabs the side of her panties and slides them down to exposed her neatly shaved pussy glistening in the light. He once more leans in and tastes the sweet nectar on offer. His tongue finds its way to her clit and gentle massages it, causing her to moan even loader. yozgat escort bayan Her body starts to rock under his touch, he can feel that she is close to cumming, he looks up at into her eyes, and with an evil smile on his face withdrawal from her pussy and slowly kisses his way back to her lips.He reaches up and release her from the handcuffs, she brings her hands down and raps them around his neck and pulls him in for a kiss. She slowly brings her hands down to his shoulder and rakes her finger nails down his back like the hell cat that she is. She then brings then around to his chest and pushes him over to his back and quickly jumps onto him.She leans down and kisses him hard on the lips and again bites his lip as you pull away. She reaches down between her legs for his cock and raises herself up and guides his cock towards her pussy. She lowers herself down onto his cock moaning loudly as it enters her pussy. She looks down into his eyes and starts to rock gently back and forth on hard cock. She leans back and picks up the pace.He senses her getting close to cumming and again grabs her and pulls his cock out of her pussy. She looks at him with disapproval, but he does not care, he pushes her to the side, gets up behind her and pushes her down ready for entry from behind. She realizes what he is going to do and looks at him with desire and shakes her ass at him. Inviting him to enter her, hoping that this time he will let her cum.He aligns his cock to her pussy and entered with a hard thrust. She moans loudly while he continues to pound her pussy. Again, she feels herself building up and hopes he lets her cum this time. She senses him building up and them with a roar he cums inside her. She feels him cumming inside and that was enough for her to explode and screams with ecstasy.They fall into a heap on the bed, laying there recovering from there release, in the distance they here the bellowing of her husband heading towards the room, they quickly get up and helps him gathers his clothes and she pushes him towards the window that he entered from. He grins at her and quickly gives her a kiss on her lips reaches pass her and grabs her panties from the bed and climbs out the window just as her husband’s walks into their bedroom.

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