Redemption Falls


Here we are again, I’m posting one of my little stories. In this one I wanted to deal with actions and consequences. Please remember this is a copyrighted work and all disclaimers apply. The story in its entirety; comes from no other place than my fertile imagination.

I need to thank Wolf-vixen, EKMathean, Raney and the brokenhearted111 for all their assistance in editing and help with the story.

I hope you enjoy it.

* * * * *

It was late, or early depending on your view of things. For Amber, it was late and she was tired. She trudged up her stairs to her shared apartment. She hoped Heather, her roommate, didn’t wait up for her again. She was a big girl now, living in the big city. She didn’t need a nursemaid.

She fumbled with her keys until she found the right one to open the door. After unlocking the three locks, she pushed her way in and dropped her big shoulder bag on the floor next to the door as it swung closed. She put her coat on the hook and sighed. She needed a shower then some sleep. She was sore, but she thought it was in a good way. She knew she wouldn’t start craving sex again for at least a week.

“Look what the cat dragged in.” A sleepy eyed and rumpled Heather said as she stepped out into the hall in her night clothes.

“Oh, Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. You should’ve been there… it was great.” Amber said as she passed to go into the bathroom, starting to remove her top.

“If you are going to take one of your marathon soaks, let me go pee first…. Besides, I like my sexual partners one at a time, thanks. Not in groups. I don’t know how you do it. I want privacy when I’m getting laid.” Heather said as she left the door open so they could talk while she took care of her business.

“It’s all good for me. Once I get started, I don’t care who sees or plays…. You’ll never guess who I did last night.” Amber started stripping off her tight jeans, getting ready for her shower.

“Who…?’ The slim Heather flushed and stood out of the way so her roomy could get to the shower. “Who the fuck scratched up your back…?” She exclaimed as Amber stepped into the shower.

“Tara Pulaski, and I took her where no man has taken her before.” Amber laughed as she turned on the shower and waited for it to get warm.

“I thought you hated that cunt?” Heather ran her long fingers through her tangled chestnut hair, sitting on the edge of the sink. She didn’t want to get her favorite pink bunny slippers wet from Amber’s overspray.

“Yeah well, the thought of her coming over here and begging me to fuck her again, has a certain appeal….”She smiled and then flinched. “Man my ass is sore.” She rubbed her soap squishy over her pussy and butt crack. “Some dipshit didn’t know what it means to use lube before shoving it in. Not that I cared at the time. I was too busy making that cunt mine.” She smiled at the memory as the water washed the smell of raunchy sex off her body.

“You’re such a fucking slut… what would they say back in Throwback Falls if they knew their precious girl and preacher’s daughter, was the favorite fuck toy of the local swingers club?” Heather had become used to these little talks over the last two years, since she moved in.

“That’s Stillwater…. And just like the name implies, they haven’t moved out of the stone ages yet. Hopefully I’ll never have to go back to that hell hole. Daddy, the preacher, died years ago and Trace can take care of my mom. He’s the favorite anyway. I’m the proverbial unwanted mistake and useless girl, they should’ve never had.”

“So, who was fucking your ass while you were muff-diving Tara?” Heather shook her head. It wasn’t that she was opposed to some good girl on girl sex, but she preferred something resembling monogamy. She at least wanted to know the person she was having sex with for more than five minutes before they were diving into her shaved pussy. And her ass, that was an exit only.

“I don’t know… some black dude. We weren’t formally introduced.” She shrugged. “He had about nine inches of fat cock that he didn’t know how to use. He popped his cork in about fifteen strokes. Didn’t even get a chance to relax and enjoy it. I guess my skinny white ass was too much for him.”

“That’s what I mean… I could never let someone fuck me unless I knew who they were.” Heather said, trying to get her roommate to see her point of view.

“It’s all just sex to me…. You should have seen it, the real funny shit happened while I was making Tara cum. She’s a screamer….” Amber opened her favorite Lavender shampoo and started lathering her long dirty blond hair. “Some dude thought it would be a good idea to feed her his six inch pecker to shut her up.” Amber tilted her head under the spray to rinse her hair, letting the scented soap sluice down her D cup tits and sore body.

“And…?” Heather took stock of her roommate and wondered what these people saw in her. She looked average. She was five seven on a good day. Sure she had big tits, but other than that, her ass was flat with the beginning of thunder thighs. She güngören escort bayan had a plain face, even with all the makeup she put on. Her nose is too big and her eyes too close together for beauty. Amber would never win any beauty contests, but she never lacked in either pussy or dick to help cure her insatiable craving for sex.

“What…?” Amber looked at her roommate’s frank appraisal. “Oh, yeah I was saying…. I had my brass beads up her ass, and licking her slit like there’s no tomorrow. She came and started screamin. Dude put his dick in her mouth, not that it stopped her screaming…. Just at her peak, I yanked out my beads and sent her into a full body climax… didn’t make her squirt though… I was trying…. Anyway, she just about bit off dude’s little pee-pee, and things went to shit after that for awhile. Dude’s wife is pissed at me, like I did it on purpose. It’s not like she wasn’t getting pounded by a couple of other guys earlier. The last I saw her, she was seeing how many holes she could get filled with big black cocks since hubby is going to be out of commission for awhile.” Amber turned off the shower and reached for the oversized bath towel.

“How many couples were there this time?” Heather shook her head at the description. Who needed porn with Amber in the house?

“About twenty I think… I made sure I got mine before I went after Tara. I’ve had this itch deep in my pussy for about a week, that’s why I went tonight. I found this new guy who had a ten incher and a cock ring. I rode him for like an hour….”

“So, does this guy have a name?” Heather asked and laughed at Amber’s shrug.

“I suppose…. Anyway, I waited until they had her strapped into the swing. She was getting fucked by her husband’s brother until his wife came in and pulled him out. I was on that quim in seconds flat. Teach that bitch to fuck with me… I made her cum like five times before I let her climax. I can’t wait until work Monday. See if she’s got the stones to look down on me now. Just think of what the boss would say if he knew… He’s such a ‘holier than thou’ piece of shit. Treats her like some virgin goddess and there she was, fucking her brother-in-law as her husband looked on.”

“I knew it was a bad idea to let my ex Tom, talk us into going that first time. I didn’t mind the skinny dipping, but I’d at least like to know the guys name before he tries to fuck me. Then to find out it was a set up and Tom was trying to pimp me out…”

“Yeah well, the host tossed him out on his ass. I was there, so I tried it, and found that I like it. I don’t push it on you… I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to play, but you’ve made your position clear… To each their own.”

“I know… but still, you went from like this innocent virgin to a total slut in one weekend. I’m surprised you haven’t caught the crud yet.” Heather knew she could never do what her roomy did. As a matter of fact, she’d thought many times, of asking Amber to find another roommate. Someone, who could deal with her lifestyle better.

“Yeah, well that’s why I like that group. They all have to have tests and stuff before they join. At two hundred a head a year, plus fifty at the door…”

“What happens when you find Mr. or Mrs. Right? How do plan on explaining this to him… or her, if you fall for a woman? I never thought a preacher’s daughter could be so open minded.”

“Why explain anything? I love sex… all kinds of sex. As long as no one is getting hurt, I don’t see a problem. If they’re right for me, then there should be no explanations. I’m tired… we can talk more after I get some sleep.” Amber walked past Heather nude, heading for her room. With her hair still damp, she slipped into the grove of her pillow, when the phone rang.


When Amber opened her eyes, she realized she was at the hospital. She smelled the astringent order of fungicide and Pine-Sol. She wondered why she was there.

“You scared the shit out of me.” Heather said from her bed side, still dressed in her night clothes, wrapped in Amber’s big coat.

“What the fuck happened?” Amber asked tasting the ammonia in the back of her throat.

“You tell me… I was going back to bed and the phone rang. A few seconds later, I heard you fall, breaking one of my glass figurines. You wouldn’t wake up so I called…”

“Oh shit! That wasn’t a dream?” Amber tried to sit up.

“No… who was it?” Heather wanted to know as one of the nurses came in.

“She’s awake? The doctor will be back in a little bit.” The nurse squeaked back down the hall, with her shoes as Amber tried to fit all the pieces together.

“So, who was on the phone, and why were they calling so early” Heather asked again. She was grumpy and tired and needed sleep. Not having to stay awake at the hospital because her roommate passed out after a night of fucking around.

“It was one of my mom’s best friends…. She said mom’s had a stroke and Trace isn’t taking care of things. She still in the hospital and Susan said a lot of stuff is missing from mom’s şişli escort bayan house. She said my mom might die….”

“Oh fuck… No wonder you flaked. I’m sorry… What are you going to do?” Heather was instantly by Amber’s side, offering her friendship and support.

“I don’t know… It depends on what they say here. But, I guess I’m going to see what the fuck’s going on.” She wanted to say more, but the doctor came in.

“Miss Mouser… Um, I need to talk to you in private please. Your friend can wait out in the reception area… It might be a good idea if she could bring you some clothes… I will be releasing you shortly.”

“I brought some in my bag… What’s going on? Is she alright?” Heather asked instantly.

“Good, good… but unless you’re her spouse… I need to talk privately to her.” The doctor looked down at his chart. He made that mistake once and didn’t want to again.

“No, she’s my roommate. I’ll be right here….” She told Amber as she left the room.

“Okay… So, what’s wrong with me doc?” Amber tried to sit up straight in the

uncomfortable bed as soon as Heather flounced out of the room in a huff.

“Um, I need to ask if you are a working girl?” He stammered

“What do you mean… are you asking if I’m a prostitute?” Amber looked shocked and embarrassed. “Why would you need to know that?”

“I have to notify the local CDC… The types of infections you have…”

“No… I’m a bank clerk… I work at First Federal… Why?”

“Well Ms. Mouser… you have several sexually transmitted infections and they try and track them.”

“What…!” Amber screamed. “I don’t even have a boyfriend! How could I…?”

“That’s why I’m asking… according to your tests results; you have Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, the start of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease complicated by E coli bacteria tainted Vaginitis… and a yeast infection. So far, we haven’t found anything that can’t be cured, but you’ll need to take tests for a year or more to make sure. HIV and Herpes and Hepatitis, can’t be cured. They can be controlled now, with the advances in treatment, but never cured! Depending on how many schedules of antibiotics you need to clear these up…. Well you’ve put your ability to get pregnant and give birth at risk. If you were a working girl… there are some programs I could sign you up for.”

“You’re kidding… I’ve been careful with who I have sex with… I can’t have all those….”

“No ma’am… I’m sorry, but….” The doctor looked at her with something close to disgust. “The only time I’ve see STI’s this bad before, is in working girls. Even with what protection they use. Well anyway… the playground is closed for at least two months if not longer. I’ll give you the starting dose of medicine, and then you can pick up the rest at the pharmacy.”

“I have to take a trip… My mom….”

“I’d use the hospital pharmacy… they won’t ask the questions….” The doctor ignored her protests.

“I can’t believe it…” Amber’s head spun. She thought that….

“I have a form that you have to fill out, and then the nurse will come in and give you the shots. The only caution is that you make sure what pills you are taking. Some of them are for insertion only… those are basically a poison if taken orally. It’s the best way to clean things out down there and try and get you healthy again. Are you sure you don’t want me to put you in the working girls program? The medicines are going to cost over a thousand dollars if not more.”

“You’re kidding… I can’t afford that!” Amber didn’t know how she was going to afford the ER bill let alone the plane ticket home.

“Okay… Just fill this out and give it to the nurse before they release you.” The doctor gave her a packet of paperwork and made notes on the chart before exiting quickly.

Amber wanted to cry. She thought she had been so carful. She thought that the club would keep on top of things like this. She knew she was going to send them a nasty-gram. She didn’t even know what half of the things, the doctor said she had, were. Having to put poison up her twat to clean it out… That’s just gross. But having all those sexually transmitted diseases….

She looked down at the forms she had to fill out. She had to give the name of every person she had sex within the last six months and keep her address on file for the next year so they could track the spread of the disease, or notify her, if one of her sexual partners showed a more serious infection or disease.

Amber couldn’t figure out when her life lost control. She blankly stared at the forms as Heather came in. “So are you going to live? What did the doctor say?” Heather asked seeing the look on her roommates face.

“Yeah… I have an infection….” She almost said more, but pulled back at the last second. Heather had told her time and again about catching something like this. “They’ll let me out once I get a shot. I have to find a way to get home… Maybe work can give me an advance…” Amber looked off in space.

“That bad esenler escort bayan huh…. Well here are your clothes… I’ll wait out there. At least they have a TV. Come get me and I’ll drive you home… well to the apartment that is.”

“Okay… At least we didn’t miss work….” Amber commented absently.

“Yeah, but you’re buying dinner tonight.” Heather flipped her long hair back and walked out.

Amber knew she had sex with a lot more people than she had on her list. But she didn’t know their names. It was easier that way. She didn’t want to know. She wanted the sex, not the complications of a relationship. She put the name and address of the club on the bottom of the list, to make sure the host would receive notice. She wondered if she could sue.

When she signed up for the club, they boasted about how clean and careful they were. It pissed her off that they lied to her. Her only bit of satisfaction, was putting the last name on the list. Let Princesses Tara explain why she got a CDC notice at the bank. She hated herself for being so shallow.

“Well, I know you girls have to make a living…” A big black nurse came in unannounced. “But you need to be more careful. If you have to do this, you need to find a good escort service. Trust me I know.” She put two big syringes full of medicine on the counter. “You’re lucky I’m here. The rest of these prissy bitches wouldn’t touch you. I’ve been there. I’ll tell you right now it isn’t worth it… Turnover and let me see if you have enough meat on your ass.” Amber was mortified as the nurse didn’t draw the curtain.

“Ouch…!” She yelped as the first needle jabbed her in the hip.

“If this is the only pain you get from living this lifestyle… Girl, you’re lucky! I’d find me a real respectable job. Now the other cheek…. This one’s going to burn going in. Don’t flinch; it will only bruise your ass. I know you’ll make less money but… you’ll live longer” She jabbed the needle in and slowly pushed the thick fluid in. “Okay as soon as you’re done filling out the CDC forms, drop it off to me at the station and I’ll give you the scrips. The pharmacy knows you’re on the program and will bill you.” She left just as abruptly as she came, still not closing the curtain.

Amber face burned with embarrassment, knowing that everyone at the hospital thought she was some kind of hooker. She got dressed, as the old man in the bed across the way ogled her tits before she could pull her top over them. She felt relieved that Heather hadn’t come with her to get her meds, as the pharmacist told her.

“Please leave a good address. If you girls don’t pay some of this, then others can’t get the help they need. Think about that while you’re healing up and before you let some stranger poke at you. If a pimp made you do this, remember he has to sleep some time to. No one should have to live through this… Just think of the ones who die because of turning tricks.”

Amber mumbled something noncommittal and made a hasty retreat. She was quiet all the way back to the apartment, as Heather tried to get her to talk. Once she got home, she gathered up all her sex toys and put them into a black garbage bag and tossed them into the big dumpster, making sure no one saw her and that they couldn’t be traced back to her.

“You just threw close to a thousand dollars worth of stuff in the trash!” Heather exclaimed astonished as Amber walked back in.

“I’m not going to need them, and you don’t want them, so… Let’s get some sleep.” Amber took her big bag of drugs to her room before Heather could look and see what they were for.


Amber shivered and sighed, five days later, as she stepped off the bus in the main square of her home town. She looked up and saw the freshly painted water tower that looked over the small town of Stillwater. Not much had changed in the past five years since she ran away. She left a week after her father’s funeral and never looked back.

Deep down, she hoped her mother was still alive. Not being able to call from the road for the last three days as the bus stopped in every little town on this side of the country, left her back sore and she felt grimy. The bus driver tossed her bags at her feet and turned away without a word.

Amber picked up her bags and dreaded the five mile trek to her mother’s house. She wasn’t paying attention as she shrugged her bags up and started walking. She knew the route so well, she just started walking. She got three blocks before she heard a familiar voice.

“Amber…? Amber Mouser… is that you?” A woman called out pushing a baby in a carriage. “It’s me… Sherry Tyner… well Martin now. I never thought I see you here again. How is your mother? We heard she’s in the hospital.” The name and babbling speech pattern jogged Amber’s memory.

“Hi Sherry, it’s been a long time. Yeah, that’s why I’m here. I got a call… I had to take the bus. I’m headed out to mom’s house now.” Amber told her once best friend.

“Oh… well put that stuff down, and we can go get my car. No sense carrying it any farther then you have too. Where’s Trace? I’d expect him to be here to pick you up. Although, since Mary tossed him out, he’s changed a lot.” The round faced woman prattled, unconsciously giving Amber more information than she intended. Amber dropped her bags and looked astonished at Sherry.

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