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It was after dinner when Gloria and Lynn Hydelman watched his favorite show. He had plenty of favorite shows, she not so much. As an associate editor for a local magazine Gloria was more into fact-based narratives, her attention tonight was not focused on the show.

Gloria ran her fingers down the sides of the Cosmo filled tumbler, watched little drops of moisture settle around the bottom edge. Lifting the glass, she noted the perfect dark ring on the coaster. She took a sip of the cranberry and vodka mix, and having thought out how to approach her husband.

“I need to know something,” she said.

Her husband’s attention didn’t waver.


“What?” he said, not breaking his connection with the TV screen.

This conversation with Lynn had begun several weeks ago, but had never been brought to fruition. It had to be now.

“This is important,” she said, her voice controlled and calculated.

“Okay, then.”

He tore his eyes reluctantly, Gloria thought, from NCIS agent Ziva David dragging a fellow agent from a burning vehicle.

“What is it?”

At the harshness in his words, her eyes widened, showed white around the centered ring’s of green. It was a rerun for God’s sake.

“You don’t have to be such an asshole.”

She grabbed a magazine from the side table and threw it at him. It crashed into the wall just above his head, pages all fluttery like some broken wing bird.

He’d ducked, but his attention was now riveted on his young wife.

“I can’t believe,” she said, “that I just did that.”

“All right,” he capitulated, giving her a sharp look. “What’s . . . so important?”

She scowled, bulldozing frustration lines across a smooth forehead. For a second she was almost at the gates of not speaking to him.

“Don’t be such a creep. This is significant.”

“I’m listening,” he said, softer this time.

“What do my orgasms look like?”


“You heard.”

“You want to know that, right now?” Lynn said, turning back to the TV with a huff of indignation.

“Yes, damn it. What do they look like?” She leaned forward, snatched the remote from the Danish coffee table and pointed it toward the television in an implied threat.

“I think they’re beautiful, honey,” he said, too fast.

“You’re so full of shit. I’ve been told that a woman looks grotesque when she cum’s. Like she’s in pain.”

Her husband was silent, mouth open, defeat on his unshaven features.

On TV, David pulled her companion further from the incinerating car. It exploded, but Lynn’s eyes never left his wife’s face.

“I don’t believe that’s true at all. When you cum, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.”

“I cum hard.”

“You do . . . and sometimes you’re all over the place.” He laughed, mocking yesterday’s strenuous jousting. “But I don’t mind in the least.”

“Now you’re making fun of me. Stop it. I need to know.”

“Take it from me, honey.” His voice softened. “When you cum, it’s a wild and wonderful ride.”

“Do I look happy?”

“Not, right now.”

“I mean when I cum, shithead. Do I look happy?”

“I . . . I never thought about it. Who isn’t happy when they climax?”

“I must see for myself.”

“I don’t know how we would manage that.” His eyes flicked to the TV screen when she wasn’t looking.

“I’ve been thinking––we could place a small mirror at the head of the bed . . .”

Gloria watched him consider the idea. She also felt that the sound and picture from the TV faded from his mind for a second, and in its place the naked image of herself doing things to him that were in some states definitely illegal.

“There’s the headboard,” he said, “it’s in the way.”

“It doesn’t have to be permanent. Just for a few days. We could use those plastic picture hangers, the kind that has the stretchy stuff.”

She envisioned Lynn thinking about the work involved, as well as how he might benefit from a mirror in the bedroom.

He shook his head.

“I can’t really see that working baby,” he said.

“You’re smart . . . you think of something.”

He was silent for a long minute, then said, “Honey, I’m sorry, but there’s no room or place to hang a mirror at the proper angle that will show what you want.”

She studied his craggy face, could tell by his expression that he wasn’t into mirrors. Lynn needed an incentive. What did he want more than anything? Oh! No. She heard that hurt too much, so that’s not going to happen. A threesome was way out of the question, even with that cute little Miranda next door.

This was driving her crazy. So, what was she willing to give up, or do? Gloria toyed with another idea, but could she overcome the dread that had plagued her for years?

“If you find a way, and I have faith that you can, I’ll do something for you that you’ve always wanted.”

His eyes locked with hers. “Look, that’s really great that you’re willing to do that, but¬¬¬¬––.

“You can cum in my mouth.”

That stopped him.

“You’ll . .?”

She nodded.

“This mirror is that important to casino siteleri you?”

“If you promise, you can do it to me right now,” she said, reaching for him.


His voice was so harsh she stopped in alarm.

“You want this so badly,” Lynn said. “I’ll find a way, and you don’t have to do anything for it either.”

“But I want to,” Gloria said.

“Look, I’d love for you to do that,” he said, “but never, to get me to do something for you.”

“I want to please you.”

“You please me all the time.”

“But I want to please you in ways that other women please their men.

“You’ve always said . . .”

Gloria nodded in agreement.

“I know, thinking of something in my mouth the consistency of cooked Okra always made me puke. That was before. Realizing that nothing coming from you is immoral or nauseous has helped. I should be able to take your stuff like a loving wife, without my stomach rebelling. It is exciting knowing what’s lying in Peter’s two oval friends. Just thinking that I’m the one to make you cum, there’s butterflies in my stomach already. It’s time that I taste you.”

A huge gasp escaped from her husband as Gloria’s mouth closed over him.

He was already pole stiff. Pre-cum seeping from the tiny slit made her head swim. She sucked harder. Talking about it had made him more than ready, and when Lynn reached orgasm, she was in no position to do anything other than what was ordinary.

Afterward, when his breathing returned to normal.

“That was really fantastic, sweetheart,” he said, and hugged her close.

“I hoped you’d like it.”

“Oh, yes, I liked.”

She licked her lips. Wondered if they were bruised, because her partner had been very active, especially at the payoff.

“You didn’t mind?”

“Didn’t have a chance to find out.” It was a shy smile that greeted him.

“Tell you what, I do have an idea about the mirror. I’ll work only half a day tomorrow,” he said. “Have something up before you arrive home.”

Her eyes grew bright. “Thank you.”

“Humm,” he murmured. “If I’d known you wanted a mirror this badly it would have been done days ago.”


He’d thought about the mirror all morning, wondered who enticed Gloria with the idea. One of her girlfriend’s perhaps, or someone at work? Lynn would have liked to thank the person who helped Gloria give him the best blowjob ever, and the mirror wasn’t even hung yet.

He’d purchased all the hardware, and something else he hoped would suit her fancy.

Eurban Ct. was empty of vehicles when he arrived home. He hurried inside; happy the neighbors didn’t see his purchases. Not that it mattered. Until they were installed, no one could guess how the packages would be used.

An aromatic scent accosted his nostrils when he opened the door, and he took a deep breath. Every evening Gloria lit candles. Cinnamon still coursed through the house. Tonight a different flavor would waft through the rooms. The one that bothered him was pumpkin. In pie, pumpkin was delightful, but as a scent, it lacked a certain favorable ambience.

Lynn grabbed hand tools from the garage, and several hours later waited with great expectation. Apples on the kitchen counter reminded him of breasts, Gloria’s breasts. This time instead of just passing, he grabbed one, took a bite. He sat to wait, teased the apple. Took little nibbles around the entire circumference, like he would do to her with his lips. He heard her walk the steps first, then the doorknob turned and Gloria opened the front door.


She smiled, threw her arms about his neck. The quick kiss was more pillage than passion. Gloria took off her summer jacket, looped it over her shoulder with fingertip hangers. Had Lynn been able to accomplish the task they’d talked about the night before? His face beamed, so that must be a positive. She strode to the bedroom, heart fluttering with hopefulness. The mirror was a little larger than she had considered, but a very fine looking glass. Alice would have been proud, and this was going to be a very welcome wonderland.

The frame color even matched the headboard. Nice job Honey. Anyone seeing the mirror however, would know why it was there. Turning to hang her jacket in the closet, Gloria flash-froze. A sharp thrill went through her entire nervous system. This was so, unexpected. Where the bi-fold closet doors had been, full-length mirror doors hung.

“Ohhh, I like,” she said, her voice piping. The reflection of the entire bed addressed her like a long lost Playgirl magazine.

“Meets with your approval then, my queen?”

“Certainly does.”

“Shall we try it out?”

“Soon as I bathe and you feed me grapes,” Gloria said, a quick giggle coming through the pink sensual lips. She threw her arms about him, feeling like royalty.

“I would rather feed you something else,” he said.

“That too, but later,” she said, “when I have the smell of printers ink and these smudges washed off my skin.”

“I can help,” he said, running his fingers over her shoulders.

She trembled, her eyes took canlı casino in the entire scene in the glass. Her mind worked many quick scenarios. Their clothes were gone and he sat on the bed with her kneeling. Heat flashed across her groin. An involuntary clenching of the lower muscles with further quivering weakened her knees.

He kissed her neck, the slim, strong shoulders; the thin-corded muscles drew more caresses. A soft bite and a kiss extracted a ragged breath. His fingers ran to the middle of her neck, kneaded the tightness there until she issued a low groan and he pulled the tab of the zipper. A sigh of plastic ticks ran to the bottom of Gloria’s spine. The dress fell to her ankles and when she stepped over the cloth, he picked it from the floor. His lips caressed the small of her back, lingered over the twin dimples that arched above the firm buttocks.

“I’ll take you up on that promise,” she said, with hushed undertones.

A knowing grin came to his lips.

Reaching under the clasp at the back of her bra, he snapped his fingers and she shrugged out to press against him.

He was reminded of the leftover fruit in the kitchen and the future in tasting these apples. Both soft mounds crushed against him with wonderful assurances of what was to come. She pulled away; her erect nipples poked his chest. Gloria ground her pelvic region into his leg and kissed him on the mouth. Her fingers worked the buttons of his shirt, forced it open and brushed the peaks of her breasts across his chest.


“Don’t get too worked up,” Gloria said, laughing at him. “I still need my bath.”

With that, she ran from the room. He caught a glimpse of her dark triangle, then her tiny brief covered buttocks doing their best to lure him along. He stepped forward, but water rushed into the tub seconds later. He hung her dress, retrieved towel and washcloth to consummate his promise.


Upon entering, he found Gloria half submerged, her head resting on the slanted back of the tub. Steam rushed to fill the mirror over the sink with a million dewdrops. The irises of her eyes mere slits of green laziness watched as he laid the towel between the double sinks. Her arched eyebrows gave Gloria an expressive face, and brought out the high cheekbones. He loved the way she could raise each eyebrow independent of the other on command.

With each breath, her body rose in the water. During the upswing, her ribs were easy to point out. The kissable flat stomach with the indented belly button was a delight. Her breasts not influential enough to float quivered with every move, driving his desire one step higher. He searched for the soft spot between her legs, but soap foam covered the top of the water. Damn Bubble bath.

Lynn dipped the washcloth, felt the warmth of water rush into the fabric.

She leaned forward and he splashed water on her back, moving the cloth in sensual circles over the area.

“That’s so good.”

He traced the line of her waist, the ripples of her backbone, reached under water and washed her buttocks.

“Okay, lean back and I’ll do the front.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you would.” She gave him a coy little grin. “I’m perfectly capable of reaching those spots.”

“I was hoping.”

She leaned back. “Be gentle then.”

“Aren’t I always?”

“Not always,” she said, an enlightened grin advanced across the sexy line of her lips.

“You’ve not complained.”

“Maybe I had nothing to complain about,” she whispered, her eyelashes fluttering.

“Humm. You little tart.”

“You always said I was sweet.”

“That too.”

He washed as she wished, kneading the soft mounds, tweaking the nipples until she moaned. Downward to her knees, the well formed calves, and then her feet where he rubbed the toes, in between, then the ankles. He didn’t miss one spot in all the skin of those over-long legs. Softer than velvet Lynn’s fingers reached the reverse vee of her legs, touching with great concern until her lungs sucked in quick-labored breaths.

“Up you go,” he said.

“What? Finish what you started.”


“Damn you. I’ll tease you so much that you’ll cry for me to finish, and I won’t.”

“Hahahha. Stand.”

When she was out of the tub he toweled her dry, dropped to his knees, dried the back of her legs, the fronts, placed a kiss upon the little mound above the joint of her legs.


He pulled away.

“Fuck you,” she said, her voice soft.

“I hope so.”

He reached in, his tongue tracing the outline of those succulent lower lips. Gloria’s legs

parted and Lynn ducked from the bathroom.


“Follow if you dare,” he said.

Gloria ran, dove at him as he sat on the bed taking off his shoes. They fell back in a huddle of bouncing arms and legs.

“Ow, ow, ow.”

“What, what?”

“My booby, my booby. You’re pinching my booby.”

“Well . . . give it here, I’ll kiss it well.”



“Damn, I didn’t think to use the mirror,” Gloria said, a satisfied half hour later. The red and black highlights kaçak casino in her shoulder length hair glowed in the light from the window, made her complexion softer and skin more bronzed.

“I must have done really well to make you forget.”

“Shithead.” She smacked his arm with her fist then kissed him on the cheek “Yes, you did. I’ll return the favor . . . I promise. You’ve made me so lethargic all I want to do now is rest in the afterglow.”

Lynn smiled.

“Go to sleep my love,” he said, brushing the hair from her eyes. “I’ll be in the other room when you wake.”

He rose from the soft-side waterbed, gazed at his loving wife who was asleep already. She’d pulled the sheet about her and he wondered about that. He’d seen and touched every inch of that trim body and loved every spot, so she wasn’t embarrassed for him to see. Covering up must be an after-sex-woman-thing, he mused.

He turned the handle of the door and pulled it closed behind him, not releasing the handle until the door was full against the jamb. The soft little click of the latch going into the striker wouldn’t bother her.

Everything in the house reminded him of sex . . . even door latches had male and female parts. He smiled wider wondering what she had in mind when she woke.

There was one body part that he had never fully explored, except with his fingers and only during oral. She never mentioned attempting an entrance and he hadn’t brought it up, though he’d thought about it thousands of times.

Gloria’s small, heart-shaped ass intrigued him more than normal. He made sure that he touched every inch of her well-formed buttocks, and that little sensitive pink area where all the nerve endings existed. He was thankful for the firm ass cheeks that remained that way because of the walking she did in her job.

His grin became a smirk when remembering that once when he’d been in the rear position and over exuberant, he’d slipped out. On the following thrust, he’d slipped inside her anus. She was up and out of bed so fast, a hand over those cute little buttocks. He was left with his mouth open and a pulsating frustrated cock.

At first, he hadn’t been sure what had taken place.

“Damn, Lynn, that’s my ass.”

“I’m so sorry, honey. I hadn’t meant for that to happen.”

“Be more careful. That hurt.”

Inside, he was at war with himself. He’d never felt anything like that. Tight like dry massaging fingers, so unlike a warm, wet pussy. Couldn’t tell Gloria how wonderful he felt about it taking place.

“Are you all right?” Lynn had said.

“I’m okay,” she’d said, coming back to bed. “It was a bit of a shock to have something that big up there.

“You are very tight.”

“Don’t expect that’s ever going to be happening again.”

“Okay,” he said. “Not something that I dream about.”

He’d lied. Thought about it more than he could count, but she’d been so animate he’d never mentioned it. Every time he thought of that strong ring of muscles clamped about his cockhead for that one startling second he became aroused all over again. Gloria was a good lover, and though not experienced, she was learning, and he didn’t want to destroy any of her explorative nature.

He undressed down to his skivvies and fell asleep on the couch, the TV babbling.


It was seven in the evening when Gloria entered the living room. She stifled a yawn. Her well-formed legs played peek-a-boo where the Terrycloth robe folded around in front. She left him sleeping and went to the bathroom. She came out forty minutes later, feeling very cool, to find him still gone to the world. Lawyers would have called what she did next premeditated. She knelt beside the sofa, opened the front of his briefs and drew him out. Studying the limp thing in her hand she knew would not soon be small or as soft. It wasn’t a good-looking thing to give so much pleasure, but she loved it none-the-less. She giggled. In the eyes of the beholder . . . Gloria kissed the wrinkled, blunt head, lingering over the glands with tiny nibbles. The full lips parted just enough to suck the spongy head into her mouth. This time her mate tasted like skin . . . she grinned. Sometimes he tasted like her. At others, there was a slight salty flavor but when excited, musky, especially the pre-cum. Thank heaven he had plenty.

This clear fluid turned her on more than she would admit, because Gloria reasoned, her patronage had brought it all about, and was disappointed when it changed to real cum. Not that the taste of his cum was unpleasant . . . that just meant playtime was almost over. Enjoyment for her was building to the final act, not termination. She tittered, thinking that she never used extra salt on anything and wondered about cum’s value as a seasoning, or did it help retain water, like salt tablets? Had she gained weight lately? She chuckled around Lynn’s gathering girth.

It seemed only hours ago when her mouth had been filled with Lynn’s essence for the first time. It’d been strange, primeval and swallowing had been total reflex. Either that or choke. She remembered that small thick consommé slipping down her chin. He’d scooped it onto his finger, and before he could do anything, it was ingested. His eyes showed pure disbelief that she was that learned. It had been pure instinct on her part, and a shyness she had not experienced overcame her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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