Saved by a cigarette

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I had just got back from a trip from Europe. I traveled France for 3 months, completely out of contact from my friends and family. The only link being the internet. But, seeing as the trip there costed so much money I couldn’t buy a laptop, and plugging in American appliances to Europian electrical sockets.. Well just don’t experiment. (Authors note: I plugged my mp3 player into a socket in France and it fucking fried. Don’t try it.)

Anyway, seeing as I hadn’t talked to anyone in 3 months I spent about 3 days with my family, sharing pictures, talking with them, telling them what it was like. Also how I picked up a habit of smoking. They were upset but I’m 24 now. They can’t baby me forever.

I left my family’s house and went to my apartment where I was greeted by my two roomates. Jeff and Brad have been my friends since high school. Jeff was tall and had short black hair. His skin was tan and he had blue eyes. Girls were always coming in and out with him. Brad however was a little short. 5′ 8″ at most. He had slightly pale skin and red hair to his eye brows. He had brown eyes. He had a steady girlfriend who he always took out with us.

I on the other hand, have no such luck. I had a girlfriend that I got attached to. I still missed her badly. She left me when she heard I was going to France. She thought I would cheat on her. I would have never done that. Ever. Being with her for a year and a half cheat free, I thought she would have known that.

Now some details about me. Im about 6 feet tall, I have short brown hair and green and hazel eyes. I keep fit by running and lifting weights. I refuse to go on a diet though. Too stubborn. I’m a freelance writer for the newspaper. Im turning in a huge project in about a week about France. Enough about that though.

“Holy shit. If it isn’t shit lips” Jeff said.

“Hey asshole.” I said with a smile. We gave a high five and walked into the apartment.

Brad had his head stuck in a video game. It was Gears of War and he was yelling into the mic “NO! BEHIND THE CAR YOU STUPID PRICK!” He swore. I had noticed nothing changed.

I used a knuckle against the back of his head to take him out of the game. I thankfully did it at the loading screen. He wasn’t too pissed. “Hey dick! He–” He stopped and began laughing. “Steve” He said laughing. “How was France man?”

“Incredible. The place was packed and had so much cool shit”

“Thats wonderful” He said, his head back in the game. I shook my head and walked away.

Jeff threw me a beer. “How about a beer instead of that French wine?”

I popped the top off of the Heineken, savoring the cold brew. “Oh man. It’s been a long time since I had a cold brew!”

Jeff pulled out a cigarette and lit it, blowing out some smoke. “I thought you’d say that.”

I pulled out my Camel no. 9’s and lit one. I also enjoyed my cigarette with the beer. “Ahh.. This is the life man!”

“What the fuck, when did you start smoking?” He asked.

“In France. ‘Bout a month ago.” I said. I heard the X-Box 360 being turned off. Brad came by with a lit cigarette. Now the Three amigos were cancer infected. Woo Hoo!

“Nice. My favorite brand.” Brad said. Jeff tossed him a Heineken too. “Brands.”

We all talked and smoked while sipping our beers. It was about 8:30 in the evening when Jeff thought up something good.

“Dude, You know what?” Jeff asked. “We need to party. Hard. Get smashed out of our fucking minds. A good welcome home!”

I laughed and replied “Hell yes. Brad you in?”

He stood and threw his bottle in the trash. He walked to the door, near the key rack and grabbed his keys. “Get your asses in gear! We gotta club to hit!”

Jeff and I threw our bottles in the trash and followed Brad out to his car. I have to say that was an awesome idea on Jeff’s part.

We got to the club and bellied up to the bar. I began slamming drinks down and by midnight, I was close to being drunk. Kind of tipsy, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I was glad I had a high tolerance level. My roomates were out of their minds. Jeff on some random girl he met and Brad just all over his girlfriend. They were both going to get laid tonight. If they weren’t so drunk. I laughed and stepped outside for some fresh air and a cigarette.

I was outside and blew some smoke out. I was out for no more than 10 seconds when Jeff and Brad came out, each with the girl I had seen them with earlier.

“Weee wanna go homee pleashhhe” Jeff slurred. The girl and him swaying.

“Yesh man.. I needa get home in my warmnessness… bed.. thing..” Brad said. He wasn’t swaying as bad but his girlfriend, Amy was like a swing.

“Hey manns.. Did you shhee Jenny? Sshshee was here man!!” Jeff shouted in his stupor. My eyes were wide, but I tried to pay no attention. Jenny was my ex. I hoped she was there but I knew Jeff was just speaking drunk. Was he?

I pulled out Brad’s keys and walked to the car with my friends. I heard a scream. It was a familar voice. “Stay here. And I mean it!” I yelled to my drunk friends. All four sitting on the ground resting their heads on Brads’ car.

I heard the yell again and turned right into an alley and saw a man grabbing a woman. His back was to me and the girl yelled and screamed. “Rape!! RAPE!!”

The man pushed the girl farther. I had no choice. I had to help her. I raced behind the man and pulled his shoulders. Catching him off guard I managed to get him on his stomach. I swung hard and hit him in the back of the head. He rolled over me and my cigarette fell out of my mouth.

He socked me in the face twice yelling “Bastard! FUCKER!” Yelling as many cusswords as he could. I used my knee to push him forward in the ass to his stomach. I got on top of him and grabbed my cigarette. I burned it out and pushed it hard onto the rapist’s face. Right on the nose, next to his eye. He screamed and dropped somthing as he ran away, his hands on his face. He ran into a trash can and turned the corner. I saw what he dropped and it was a razor sharp knife. I saved my own ass with a cigarette!

“Better run you fuckin’ bitch!” I rubbed my face and walked to the trembling girl. She was on the ground backed into a corner. Her shirt ripped pretty badly. Her shirt was ripped down the middle. Her black hair a mess. She was crying. Hard.

“Hey.. It’s okay. He’s gone.” I told her. I extended my hand to help her up. She took it. Her hand was shaking but she pulled her self up. She moved the hair out of her face and I stared into her brown eyes.

“Jenny… Are you okay?” I asked her. Jeff was right!

Her eyes focused on mine. She gasped as her eyes got used to the light. “Steve.. Oh my God. I’ve missed you so much!” She said crying. She wrapped her arms around me.

I hugged her and whisepered to her, “It’s okay.. It’s okay.” I rubbed her back and held her.

She sniffed. “No.. It’s not. Ever since I broke up with you I’ve hated myself. I know you wouldn’t do that. You’d never cheat! I’m so stupid!” Her hands on the sides of her face, she cried into my chest.

“You’re not stupid Jenny. Come on. Let’s get home and clean you up. We can talk later. I just want you in a safer place.” I walked her to my car and she smiled at my friends complaining of how hot they were. The alcohol was doing a number on them.

“Shee mans! I told shoe! Jenny is here!” Jeff pointed in her direction, but still missed in his stupor.

The four of them squeezed into the back of the car. Me and Jenny in the front. Both of us silent, our friends rambling about how the seatbelts were snakes. We got to the apartment and amazingly made it up the stairs. The four went in pairs to their rooms. They were going to be passed out soon.

I got out the first aid kit and a shirt of mine. I pulled her shirt off, and cleaned the scraped and the cut near her throat. Probably from the knife. She sucked in some air quickly from the sting but didn’t complain. When she was good and patched up I handed her the shirt. She put it on and I really wished she hadn’t.

Jenny was a stunning woman. She was 23, had nice firm 32C sized breasts, brown eyes and black hair to her shoulders. She was about 5’4″ and had a curvy sexy figure. She was the girl I had been with so long that I felt as though a part of my heart died when she broke up with me.

“I know it must have hurt alot when I left.. But I didn’t want you to go! I was sure you would cheat. At the time at least. But tonight when you saved me… I knew that it was the biggest mistake I could have ever made. You would have saved any girl back there! Your so sweet and honest.. I realize now that it was a huge mistake.” She confessed. Her voice a little shakey.

“It hurt. Alot. And it still hurts. But being here with you.. it’s amazing. I cherish every moment I have with you. You were the first girl I actually loved.”

She sniffed and almost cried. I put my hand on her cheek and lifted her head. She put her hand on mine and looked deep into my eyes. “Please… Please… Oh my God please take me back!” She said almost crying.

I took my hand and wrapped it around her neck and pulled her in and kissed her. A long romantic kiss. She was surprised at first but immediately kissed back.

We stood up off of our tall seats at our bar. I picked her up easily and kissed her while I walked to my room and lowered her on my bed. I kissed her hard before I pulled away taking off my shirt and pants with my underwear.

Jenny did the same taking off my shirt and skirt and underwear. A black bra with a matching black thong.

She lay there naked, her tits exposed, the pink aerola and standing nipples made my cock twitch. I went straight for them and sucked on her left breast. I rubbed the right nipple between my thumb and pointer and middle finger. She cooed loudly.

Using my free hand I began to finger my girlfriend. I missed just being with her and the sex too. Her pussy was as tight as ever. I felt it squeeze both of my fingers tightly. She shivered at the touch.

I moved my head down to her pussy making a trail with my tongue to her pussy. Down her stomach to her belly button, and finally her hot snatch. I replaced my hand with my tongue. I pushed it in and she began to cry out. “Ooh fuck yeah baby! I fucking missed you sucking my hot fucking pussy. Oh yes you fucking love it you dirty, dirty boy!” Her dirty talk rang in the room, turning me on.

I licked up and down her enflamed lips and used my left hand to push in her cunt. My right hand continued to massage her right tit. Oh Christ how I loved that pussy.

I continued letting her yell her dirty words. All it did was make me lick quicker. I pushed harder and paid attention to the area around her clit, teasing her. “Oh fuck, baby, please give it to me!” She cried. I teased her a little more but dove into that wonderful hard clit. I licked it up and down and sucked it and rubbed it . I rubbed it and licked it when my middle finger continued pushing into her. This sent her off the edge.

“Oh SHIT!” She began to scream now, pulling my hair. I licked harder fingered faster. I felt her pussy clench and felt her cum squirt out onto my upper torso. “Ahh!! FUCK!! Mmmm yeah baby!!” She screamed throughout the entire orgasm.

When it was finally over I crawled up to her. She was panting hard. When she opened her eyes she whisepered. “I fucking needed that” and with a smirk went down to my dick. “And you, need this.”

She began to suck on the head of my erect 6 inches. “Ohhhhfuuuck” I moaned, slurring. Holy shit it felt so incredible! The warmth and wetness of her mouth. I looked down and saw she moved her hair so I could see.

She began to bob up and down about four inches of my cock. She eagerly took it in her mouth and would deep throat to the base of my dick. She would stay there and slowly come up and suck the head balçova escort again. She pulled off and stroked my dick. “Mmm… Like that Steven? Oh I bet you do. You fucking love your slutty girlfriend. Mmm I fucking love being your slut.” She cooed. She went back down quickly and sucked harder.

I took my hand and put it on her head and guided her up and down on my cock. She sucked and slurped as I pushed her down.

“Oh shit” I cried out. “Here it comes. Oh yeah get fucking ready! Oh Jesusss fuuuuuck!!”

My cum just came flying out of my dick. I saw a squirt land in her mouth before I closed my eyes, just fucking loving the feeling of her again sucking my sensitive head. I shot about 5 bursts. She tapped my leg when I stopped shaking. I looked at her and she opened her mouth. Full of cum. She closed her mouth and swallowed it all.

“Oh my God” I cried out. “That was fucking phenomenal!”

She smiled. “Now that we’re warmed up.. We need something more than tongues and mouths.”

I smiled broadly and pulled her close to me. I kissed her not minding the taste of my own cum. I slapped her ass and she growled sexily. “Mmm.. Frisky!”

I grabbed her ass and lowered her down on my cock. It had easily became hard again. She lowered down onto my dick and made it to my pubic bone. She fit like a glove. Perfectly tight and warm. Wet and slick.

She rested her tits on my chest and began to kiss me as she began to fuck herself and me in my lap. I heard our pubic bones hitting eachother as she went at it.

She pulled away and we both began to pant. I pulled her close and continued to kiss her. I used my hand to slap her ass again and rub it up and down. She continued to impale herself and began to moan again.

“Oh Shit!!” She cried. “I’m fucking cumming again Steve! Oh God you make me cum so hard!” She moaned this as I started pumping as fast as I could doubling her pleasure. I felt a wave of warm liquid cover my pubic bone. She collapsed on my chest again and lie there.

I pulled out of her and she began to protest. She stopped when I pushed a saliva lubricated finger into her ass. “Oh fuck yes!” She cried. “I love it in the ass. Put your hard thick cock in my ass!”

I couldn’t say no! I streched her ass with two fingers now. I pulled out quickly, and replaced it with the head of my dick. Now that it was switched it wasn’t so hard to fit it in. And her ass was used to this. No need to wait. I dove right in.

I was all the way in and she moaned in pleasure. “Oh fuck yes! Mmmm yesss!!” I began to go back and forth fucking her quickly. She moaned and it sounded like she was on a bumpy road. “Ohohohohohhh yesSsSSsss!!!”

I slowed my pace around her tight ass and moaned. “Mmm fuck yeah. You like it in the ass. You love your mans cock in the tight wonderful ass don’t you? Do you want it harder? Oh I bet you fucking do!”

“Fuck yes! Fuck me hard! Fuck me as hard and as fast as you can!! Oh push it hard!” She cried out.. Begging for it harder I slammed in and out of her tight ass and fingered her pussy now. I felt my balls begin to tingle. “Ohh shit baby! Your gonna make me cum again!” She cried.

“Oh fuck yes!” I was screaming now. “Me too! Oh Fuuuuuck!!!”

We both began to yell out as we both came. The sheets now soaked with our sweat and cum, we collapsed on the bed.

We panted for a very long time. I pulled my cock out with a little pop and she turned to face me. Her hair was good and wet with sweat.

“That was amazing” She cried. “I love getting carried away.”

I smiled. “Christ I do too. And I love you”

She kissed me and said “I love you too, baby.”

“I’m glad to have you back. Forever.”

She smiled and got into my arms and kissed me. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too” I replied. She put her back to me and let me wrap my arms around her. Our naked bodies together, we fell asleep exhausted, her in my arms.

Anyone want a round two?

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