Serendipity Ch. 22



Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style… or Words auto complete…

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

Thank you to all of my loyal readers. Your comments make the writing more enjoyable. We are at what was almost to the half way point of the series, and I think you’ll enjoy some of the twists coming your way.

Thank you for your faithfulness to it.

The reconstruction of the last half of this series, the computer gods decided I needed to re-write it and corrupted the files, has been interesting and has allowed me to expand on some things that were originally just little threads so this may not be close to half way once I have fun with those threads.

Hope you will enjoy the next two story lines I’m working on. One is definitely a Sci-Fi, the other will probably be a Loving Wives, but not sure. And just to be different they will both be primarily monogamous!

I’ll put little intros to them at the end of a future chapter just to keep you interested.


22 – Chocolate covered Mexican

Monday was… a Monday. I had a nice breakfast. Sam and Jean were already working in the sorority house. Maria was waiting for me, in her shelf bra and birthday suit, with breakfast and a warm glass of milk. She didn’t say much, it was like she had a lot on her mind. My guess was all the seamstress work she had, and her first real alteration job for a customer. I got a nice kiss, a grope of firm but soft ass, and then headed for Bob’s.

I got a call from Chuck on the way over that the zoning approval had gone through and he had the signed paperwork from Jake. I was supposed to stop by later and sign my part. The lease for Gladys was all set too. I told him to make all the phone calls so everyone would be able to get things rolling and to expect the appropriate paper work later today or first thing in the morning.

I made it to Bob’s, and loaded the rest of my mobile phone accessories before we got started. We went down to the workshop and started in. He pulled up several video tapes. “What do we have Bob?”

“Somebody’s winning at poker.”

“And that’s bad?”

“It is when it beats all the probability curves all to hell. Been happening for a while, but it’s getting worse and they can’t figure it out on their own so they have finally put it out to the rest of us.”

“Let’s see what we have.”

He grabbed a tape from the stack and popped it in. We played it back and forth several times…nothing. He popped another in that showed a different angle. Back and forth the again…still nothing. And the third…still nothing. We went back and forth several times, going from one tape to another. “Can you play them side by side for me?”

“I can do telemetry and video, but not multiple video.”

“Hang on,” I grabbed the phone and called home. Hopefully Maria was there doing her alterations.


“Hey Maria, is Jean there?”

“Yes Master, they just came back over for lunch. Hold on.”

“Yes Master?”

“Hey Jean, I know you told me, but I can’t remember how many video feeds we can watch on the console?”

“There are three on the main console. We haven’t got the other two on the partial console up yet so only three right now. We need to get the feeds for the other machines in otherwise we will be causing ourselves problems. Why Master?”

“Perfect! Bob and I will be over in a bit so fire up the console for me. Is the red flag up?”

“It has been since just after you left Master. The gate guys are putting their wire in now, the TV cable and the data guys have been working since just after you left.”

“OK, and remind the gate guys we need feeds for an intercom and some spare pairs for me to rig up some kind of system for the flags.”

“Sure thing Master.”

“OK, we’ll see you in a bit.”

“OK Master. And Master?”


“Do we have to be dressed around Bob?”

That made me laugh. “Only bare minimums I would guess, the other guys might not mind that either.”

“OK Bye.” Click… Why does that make me suspicious?

“Grab the tapes and head for my place. I have to stop at Chucks to sign some paperwork. The girls know you’re coming if you get there before I do.”

“Why your place?”

“My console will do multiple videos.”

“You have a console in already?????”

“Jean got it while I was back in The City. I only have the two machines for testing, but the console is mostly up. I’ll see you there,” and headed out.

I stopped by and made my scribble. Chuck gave me a copy for Gladys and had one faxing to her builder. I headed back to the house. I no more got in the door and I was attacked by Maria in her bikini top and tight shorts. She was dressed, but those kartal escort delicious nipples and silky camel toe left very little to the imagination. She backed off enough to hand me a hundred dollar bill. “Why are you giving me the hundred back?”

“You remember the lady needing a wedding dress altered?” she asked leaning back but keeping her barely covered mound against my cock. “Well I got her alterations done this morning while she was here Master. She was thinking she was going to drop it off and pick it up in a few days. When I had her put it on and then wait while I made the alterations she was so thrilled she paid me what I said I should have charged plus a NICE tip.” She was going to kiss me again when Maya cried out. “Gotta feed the kid,” and dashed off pulling her bikini top aside.

I headed on down to the man cave and figured out why Jean was so giddy on the phone. She had a light beige g-string bikini on, not only was it thin enough to let the outline of her areola and pussy show, it looked like tan lines if you weren’t paying attention. I’m not sure what Bob was watching more, the console as Jean was playing with switches or her tits and nipples wiggling and jiggling while she did. “Where did you find this jewel Danny?”

“I found her waiting tables, and she’s worn me out ever since.” That got a BIG smile from Jean.

“I believe that, but I was talking about this.” And waived at the console. “This looks like you stole it out of a casino.”

I came up behind Jean and looked down at nipples trying to get free of her bikini and a delicious camel toe while kissing her neck. “You will have to ask my bikini covered nymph where she got it, but I do know it came in two big pieces so getting one in your basement would be near impossible.” I nibbled an ear and then continued. “So what do you say we let her show us how this thing works?”

Jean was in her element now. Queuing up the tapes and syncing then up, totally ignorant of Bob watching her bounce and jiggle. We went back and forth on them for the next few hours. Jean disappeared for a little while to answer questions from the gate guys. The data guy made his termination in the basement and was about ready to pack it up when Jean came back in. He decided it would be a good idea to make the short run up to the office while he was here. Having a helper in an almost sheer bikini certainly didn’t hurt. If she sweated any more it would have been like she was naked!

The cable guy was doing his thing, leaving a terminal in the utility room.

“Jean, did we run a video feed out to the gate?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Check with the gate guys, if we didn’t maybe we can buy some cable from the TV cable guy before we fill the trench back in.” She bounced out to talk to the gate guys, and then re-appeared and headed to the utility room. Jean and the TV cable guy came out with her hanging on his arm and him staring at her nipples… He never knew what hit him, or more likely didn’t care. Bob and I were getting cross eyed from watching the video and took a break.

We went out the side door and were treated to quite a sight. Now I knew why all the guys were being very cooperative. Maria was serving sandwiches and Pepsi in her bikini top and shorts, said shorts having ridden up to turn that camel toe into a full blown pussy spreader. Sam and Jean were running the extra cable along the trench, each on a side holding the pipe in the cable spool. Sam in her day glow orange bikini that let the glint of her nipple jewelry show in the sun shine, and Jean in her beige g-string bikini, now almost completely sheer from her sweat. ALL of them had their nipples standing out like they were in the freezer section. When they had it run enough to get inside from the house to the utility room, Sam held the wire in front of her tits for the cable guy to cut off. His hands were shaking enough that I was almost worried he might get Sam’s bikini. Sam even got him to put ends on the cables that feed the living room and the master bedroom!

With everything going on the only one that actually made any progress in the sorority house was Sam. Knowing I wanted Maria’s workshop up as quickly as possible. She taped and mudded that and Brittany’s work shop before she went to pick up her painting supplies. By the end of the day she had them sanded, and the two bedrooms, the bathroom, and the kitchenette primed. She had even made the cut out for me to do the sink plumbing on both sides instead of cutting out all the drywall on the kitchen side like I had said. We would have to move the bathroom sink over a few inches to accommodate the hook ups for the kitchenette plumbing, but nothing drastic.

Bob and I had finally had enough and decided to call it a day. I made my way up stairs and found Maria sewing away. She was getting down to the last of her bra orders. But instead of finding my computer covered in bras, now it was covered in dresses. “I thought you would have been done with all the bras by now?”

Maria jumped up and I got a tonsil inspecting kiss while she maltepe escort bayan massaged her tits with my chest! I managed to get a nice squeeze of her ass by putting my hand up her shorts and a groan into my mouth before we broke to breath. Then she turned back to her little sewing table and pulled five twenty dollar bills out and handed them to me.

I raised an eyebrow. “I have four more dresses to alter. Two ladies brought them over a little while ago, and the lady from this morning went down to the dry cleaners and picked up the two dresses she dropped off on her way over here to bring them back to me. I had all of them leave a fifty percent deposit!” And she leaped back against me for some more deep kissing. It was nice feeling the heat from her milk filled tits through my shirt while she hooked a leg behind me to keep me close. She was reaching for my cock and I was reaching for her tits when there was noise on the stairs.

It was really nice until Maribel came around the corner and said something to Maria in Spanish. Maria jumped back and said something back. A Mexican cat fight erupted, loud enough to bring Sam and Jean in from the kitchen. Maribel stopped when they showed up and stomped back upstairs. But it was clear Maria was no longer in a good mood. Well time to fix that. “You know ladies, I have realized we have a problem here in this house.” They all got a serious worried look on their face. “It seems we have had cable TV installed and we don’t have a TV to watch it on!” That got the all smiles. “I’m going to go TV shopping. You wouldn’t know where I could get some scantily dressed helpers would you?”

Sam jumped in, “Could we wear our new outfits Master?”

HUH? “What new outfits?”

Jean nodded to the others and they were off. I was just starting to clear my computer when they reappeared. WOW! Thin unlined white string bikini tops! Nipples standing out, and circles of areola if you looked closely. On the bottom black short skirts like the one Maria had made for Nicole that only came a few inches past their pussies. And they had to flip the front up to show me they were commando underneath.

“You ladies look absolutely delicious! I may have to take you out for dinner.”

“Master, if we go out I’m going to have to pump before we go…and Maribel is getting cranky enough I don’t want to leave Maya with her.” She was worried.

“Of course we can take Maya. Now you go pump and I’m going to go put something clean on that will do justice to those lovely outfits.”

I picked out a simple white shirt and black slacks. By the time I had wiped down, dressed and gotten back to the kitchen, Maria was putting her pump stuff away, but still had her bikini top pulled aside. She seemed to enjoy my looking at her. Sam and Jean reappeared with little Maya dressed in a black and white outfit as well. I called Mary and made a reservation for our favorite table in about two hours and we were off.

We made a quick stop at the rescue. Well it was supposed to be quick. Between me dropping paperwork and several of the ladies seeing Maya it took a little longer. A few of the ladies took a bit of an affront to the thin bikini tops, but little Maya smoothed most of that out. Then they went back to watching the construction guys putting poles in the ground. At least Gladys didn’t have to deal with almost topless women hanging there.

We made it over to the mall finally. I LOVE walking with beautiful women. I had Jean and Sam on one side, and Maria and Maya and my brief case on the other. We made the rounds and couldn’t find what we were looking for. We were on our third department store and I did find something that I could eventually use in the office or something. But the sales lady was being a bit of a bitch to my girls.

Jean had finally had enough of her and looked at me and winked. “Master, we’re really not finding anything you like. Maybe we should give Dean a call and see if he has something that will meet your needs. At least he’ll let us take it out in trade.” Sam was doing all she could not to laugh, and I thought Maria was going to choke until she figured out Jean was teasing the sales lady.

I thought the sales lady was going to have a stroke. “That’s true little one, and you know how I enjoy watching you ladies perform.” We turned to leave with the sales lady gasping behind us. One more day without a TV wasn’t going to kill us, and we had a dinner reservation yet! When we arrived at The Hotel it was an identical reaction.

Everyone stopped to admire my girls. A few of the ladies did NOT appreciate their men staring at my girls, but I knew they were with me so I was proud as hell! We got a few looks headed toward the restaurant, and even more when we walked into the unmarked queue. Especially when a hostess that was headed for the VIP line obviously detoured and sat us ahead of them. I asked the hostess for nine extra napkins and we waited for her to leave after bringing them before I put three apiece for my ladies to sit on.

“Maria, you will need to get with escort pendik Mistress Nicole and have her bring the restaurant seat pad with her. She got it from another enlightened lady. It looks like a small purse, but opens up into a nice toweled seat cushion.”

“Oh that would be much more convenient Master Danny.”

“Jean, is there a particular person on the wait staff that would be better in serving us tonight considering I plan on playing with you lovely ladies all through dinner?”

“Three come to mind Master. There are two gay gentlemen, and a young enlightened woman. I think she would find it interesting to be pulled from the low end section to be our server.”

“What do you mean, ‘pulled from the low end section’?”

“Master, when a server is assigned this table or any of the others like it they are pulled from all others. They help with others here and there, but this table is their primary responsibility. I got your table by pure luck last time as all the other servers were busy.”

“So what did you mean by the low end section?”

“New people are put in the sections near the door where all of the walk in customers are seated, they are generally the low tippers. The further away from the door the higher the status and the better the tipper. She started just after I did so I would bet she is still up in the front sections.”

About that time a rather large ‘frumpy’ waitress came to take our drink order. I looked at Jean and she shook her head slightly. I asked the server if she would send the manager over, we had a request before we ordered.

Right after she left Jean almost spit out, “Nelda is the queen bitch from hell and thinks her shit doesn’t stink Master. Ask for Melissa.”

A short time later a skinny little guy popped in, his name tag said ‘Fernando’ but he didn’t look like a Fernando. “Fernando, please have Melissa assigned to our table.”

“I’m sorry Sir, but this is Nelda’s section this evening. Melissa is currently serving other customers.”

“So we can’t have Melissa as our server?”

“I’m afraid not Sir.”

“I turned to Maria. “Maria, would you be so kind as to get my phone out of my briefcase?”

She didn’t know it was in there, but she barely hesitated. “Certainly Master Danny.”

She handed me the phone and I dialed the main hotel number, Fernando was looking worried. Jake was answering the switch board. “Hello Jake, this is Danny. Is Mary on property tonight?”

“Wonderful! Would you connect me?”

Now Mary had definitely NOT done anything with her on hold music. “Damn woman. I told you the last time I called you needed better on hold music.”

“NO, actually we are having a bit of a difficulty. Could you stop by our table?”

Maria had no more put the phone away when Mary came through the curtain, and Fernando looked like he was going to feint. “Why Danny, it’s so nice to see you again! And you brought your lovely ladies with you too! What seems to be the problem?”

“Well we asked that Melissa be our server tonight, and this gentleman tells me that this is Nelda’s section and it cannot be changed.”

A look came across Mary’s face. “Freddy, send Nelda up to Melissa’s section, send her back here, and then bring Derrick back with you.”

There was a VERY meek ‘Yes Ma’am’ from Freddy.

He no more left and Mary let out a big sigh and dropped to the edge of the booth. “I don’t know what gets into him. Every once in a while he gets like this.”

“Um Mary,” Jean spoke up, “I can tell you what the problem is.”

“What?!!” as her head came up.

“Well until this last week I wouldn’t have, but now it’s clear. Freddy is Nelda’s sub. The only time I ever had a problem with him was when she was working. I just never put it together until now. I didn’t see it then, but I bet if you look at it, your problems are only when they work a shift together. She can’t contain it outside of home.”

“They are both good workers and I don’t want to lose them if I don’t have to. If you’re right, your next meal is on the house.”

About that time a voluptuous blond came in. “Wow Jean, you’re lookin’ hot! Oh sorry Ma’am.”, when she saw Mary

Mary did her best not to laugh. “Melissa, you will be taking care of Danny’s table this evening. The drinks are on the house.”

“Yes Ma’am.” She got our drink order and left about the same time as Freddy and another young man came back in.

“Derrick, Freddy is not feeling well and will be taking the next three nights off. You will be assuming his duties until I say otherwise. I will be discussing other matters with each of you in due course.”

Derrick got a grin. “With pleasure Ma’am.”

Freddy not so much so. “Yes Ma’am.” they both turned to leave.

Mary sat on the edge of the booth. “I tell you Danny, life is never dull around you!”

“Awww if I wasn’t around just think how boring your life would be. By the way, how is Jake working out?”

That brightened her up. “Technically he’s still in his probationary period for another two months, but other than a few transitional adjustments he’s fitting right in. I’m supposed to be working with him tonight, but he’s been out there all on his own since I got here and I’m going home early. If he runs into anything he knows how to get a hold of me, but I doubt it will happen.”

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