Sex Games With The Au Pair Ch. 01


After the birth of our second child we decided to employ an Au Pair to help my wife with the kids, as I was moving up in my company and having less and less time to spend with the family. After interviewing the first half a dozen Au Pairs it look like all we were going to get were quite frankly either over weight or ugly, then in came Lucky Number Seven her name was Agnes and she was 19 years old from Malmo in Sweden. She was a Swedish beauty extremely stereotypical 5’6″ athletic build, shoulder length white blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned and great curves, the moment I saw her I wanted to employ her and fuck her and surprisingly my wife choose to employ her.

The problem I had was that Agnes was going to stay with us as part of her employment, and I was regularly given a erection watching Agnes parading around the house in and out of her working hours but I always found myself trying to catch her coming out of the bathroom draped in a towel or catching her in our garden on her day off sunbathing in a bikini. This continued for 3 months, and I just found myself wanting to fuck her more and more.

My wife and I continued to have an amazingly good sexual relationship at least doing it 2 or 3 times a week regularly, however in the last 2 weeks we had not done it once and I was near to bursting. For whatever reason both Agnes and my wife had arranged to go out on the same Friday night, and I begrudgingly agreed to come home early from work to babysit the kids I wouldn’t have to do much anyway so I grabbed a bottle of Red Wine and my work papers and sat at the Dining Room table and started reviewing the documents.

My wife had already left before I got home from work early and Agnes went upstairs to get ready to go out with another Au Pair she had travelled from Sweden with, I was already onto my second glass of red wine when Agnes came down the stairs. She looked great in a very short little black dress which really showed her lovely long tanned legs off, ‘You are always working, you never have much fun’ Agnes said sitting in the chair adjacent to me. I’m not sure if it was the wine or the smell of my perfume but I felt compelled Niğde Escort to reach out and touch her, resisting the temptation I continued working through my paperwork and stopped suddenly as I saw Agnes teasing her finger around the rim of my glass.

I looked up at Agnes and she smiled at me holding my gaze, she whispered something to me what I couldn’t make out as my heart was pounding and my temperature was rising. Just then without knowing what I was doing I reached across to her and kissed her on her lips, she responded immediately by thrusting her tongue back into my mouth as out tongues gently fenced with each other. My cock was throbbing with the anticipation of Agnes sweet lips and pussy being round it, as it grew larger and larger in my trousers.

Agnes shifted her position on the chair so that her legs were spread before me, I ran my hand up her smooth leg and up her thigh until I reached her panties which were dripping wet. I moved my chair closer to her and used my fingers to move the gusset aside, before I started to rub my fingers up and along her pink slit and clitoris. Agnes breathing deepened as I rubbed her clitoris she was loving it and started to grind herself upon my fingers covering them in her juices, I then pushed one and then a second finger into her lovely juicy wet hole and started to finger fuck her pushing harder and deeper with each movement. By now Agnes was moaning with pleasure and my hand was soaking, as I brought it up to my mouth so I could taste her taking one finger in my mouth I savored the flavour and her salty but sweet.

I lifted Agnes from the chair and lifted her onto the table edge, Agnes quickly took her panties off and spread her legs hitching her skirt up so I could admire her freshly shaven pussy. I moved in closer and inhaled her aroma I started kissing along her thigh until I reached her pussy, where I used my fingers to spread apart her pussy lips so I could see her pink hole. Like a Wildman I dived down upon her pussy and started licking along her labia, penetrating her pink hole occasionally with my tongue before teasing her clitoris licking, nibbling Niğde Escort Bayan and sucking on it. Agnes started grinding herself onto my tongue as suddenly she yelled out and held my head onto her pussy lips and came hard in my mouth, she tasted amazing as she jumped off the table and started kissing me licking and sucking her juices off my mouth and tongue.

I was absolutely rock hard as Agnes reached down and started rubbing my cock through my trousers, I adjusted myself and loosened my belt and undid my fly allowing her to drag my cock out to play. She immediately went down on her knees and took my throbbing cock in her mouth, though she was on 19 she was skilled with her mouth and tongue she wasn’t as good as my wife but she was a good second as she started sucking me deep taking as much as my length in her mouth as she could. Toying with my massive throbbing head with her lips and tongue, licking up and down my shaft whilst playing with my tight balls. She was taking so much pleasure in bringing me off, so much so that when I released my first drop of pre-cum she greedily lapped it up I wanted so much to shoot my hot wad in her pretty little mouth.

She must have sensed that I wasn’t far of cuming that she stood up, I grabbed her by her waist and brought her closer into me. Her breasts were inline with my face and I pulled them out of her dress they were pert and tanned I’d say 34C, and her nipples were solid as I took each one into my mouth and nibbled and sucked hard on them making her moan with pleasure. Agnes pushed me away from her and hitched her dress above her waist and bent over the table inviting me to enter her juicy wet hole, I stood up and quickly slid two fingers into her pink slit adjusting and making her hole wetter ready to take my raging erection in her.

Agnes was absolutely dripping wet as I took up the challenge and started to feed my cock in between her juicy pink lips, she was a tight fit around my cock but she managed to take my full length as I gradually fed it into her inch by inch. I pushed in and out of her a couple of times making sure that she was comfortable with Escort Niğde me in her, then I took my whole cock out and looked at it covered in her wet juices the smell of her sex perfumed the entire room. I then roughly pushed my cock back inside her pussy and started to take her from behind deeper, faster and harder, pushing and pulling her hips back and forth in time with my motion to maximize my penetration into her pulsating pink slit. Agnes was moaning so loudly I thought she would wake the kids as I felt my climax begin to build inside me, ‘fill me with you spunk’ Agnes screamed as I felt the adrenaline surge through my body and focus it’s energy into my cock. Then all at once it come as I pushed as deep into her hole as I could, we both tensed and I felt her pussy contract upon my cock as we came at the same time. I pumped shot after shot of hot salty spunk deep within her pussy, Agnes just laid across the table enjoying the sensation of it filling her up.

I gently pulled my cock out and moved back to admire my handy-work as the first drops of spunk slipped out between her slit, just then there was a knock at the door it was Agnes friend. Agnes didn’t even panic as she picked up her panties and pulled them back on, ‘that’ll keep the spunk from dropping out, I love the feeling of hot spunk in my pussy’ Agnes said as she walked up to me kissing me on my lips as she continued to the front door. ‘See you later boss’ she said as she smiled and winked at me whilst opening the door and walking through it to join her friend, I sat down and breathed a great sign as I pulled my trousers up and tidied up the table. I don’t know what it was but the whole experience though mind blowing seemed staged, I wasn’t complaining as I wanted to fuck Agnes since I saw her but I just felt out of control. I finished my glass of wine and decided to have a bath to relax and think on things, as well as washing every trace of Agnes of me as the front door swung open and my wife walked through the door.

‘What are you doing home so early Honey, I thought you was out all night? I was just going up for a bath’ I stammered as I realized to my horror that I wreaked of Agnes perfume and sex, ‘I didn’t specify a time I’d be back at, don’t go sit down I want to talk to you quickly’ my wife replied. The colour drained from my face and the panic set in – Shit, I was busted and if I wasn’t already I would be once she smelt me!!!

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