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Jill Sinclair walked into his office with a no-nonsense attitude. She had an air of sexy confidence.

The outfit she was wearing was just as alluring as the others she’d worn every day for the last fifteen months, since Robert had hired her.

It consisted of a slim-lined straight black skirt that covered her thighs. It had a slit running up the side nearly to her petite waist.

Her low-cut red top would have knocked him totally out of his socks, if he could have seen it properly. The black blazer she wore kept up the professional appearance, but it covered the sheer silk material beneath.

Her long legs, which seemed to go on forever, were clad in silk stockings and on her dainty feet were four-inch black stilettos. A French knot pulled her long auburn hair away from her face, but left most of her gorgeous curls unbound to cascade halfway down her back.

Her sparkling green eyes observed his surprise as she walked into his office without knocking.

“Mr. Alessandro,” she announced, walking straight towards his desk. “Your meeting for two this afternoon has been canceled. Do you wish me to reschedule it?”

Robert looked up quickly from his desk and met her eyes. His face was flushed; he knew he had been caught. Hidden behind his desk, out of her view, his pants and boxers were around his ankles. His hard cock in his hand.

He felt his blood engorged member give a twitch in arousal at the thought of her catching him. Seeing her unconsciously lick her warm red lips had him again imagining them wrapped around, and sucking, his cock, he grew harder still.

Robert brought his hand up onto his desk as he left his cock waving freely below. He was enjoying the feeling of being exposed in his total arousal without her knowing … concentrating to appear normal, but knowing his flushed face couldn’t be hidden.

Jill looked into his dark eyes and saw that he looked …confused? … annoyed? She was not sure what emotion was crossing the lines of his face. She stepped closer to his desk. “Mr. Alessandro… are you all right? You don’t look… well.”

As she walked closer, Robert’s cock flared and his heartbeat rose. He was unable to utter anything sensible, and covered his mouth with his hand to splutter a fake cough.

He pressed his belly against the edge of the desk, his cock tip rubbing on the underside, precum leaking down his shaft. All he could think of was her rich red lips pressing down on his hard-on.

“Sir… are you okay?” She asked again, as she leaned over the desk, getting closer to him. Her jacket lapels widened and her breasts nearly spilled from the already too low red top. As she began to move around to the side of his desk he stopped her with a signal of his hand. She looked into his warm brown eyes and waited. There was an emotion there she had seen fleetingly before and her heart raced as she recognized it: lust.

With their eyes locked staring, he knew that she knew … maybe she couldn’t tell that her boss’s cock was waving freely under the desk, but she sure understood that he wanted her … right there and then.

He cleared his voice and said, “Thank you, Ms. Sinclair. Have they given any indication of a new meeting time?”

Another thing he knew is that she was very much available to him. Maybe he could stand up and show her what she does to him … it’s just a moment of craziness … he tried to concentrate on her reply.

Jill licked her lips again and stared deep into his eyes, hearing his question, but not comprehending at first. She stammered as she fought to pull her eyes away from his. “No… No they haven’t… I guess the rest of the afternoon is free for you.”

She watched him as he moved a hand back below the desk. A rush of heat swarmed through her. “Mr. Alessandro…. are you sure, there is nothing I can do tohelp you?” She asked as she ran her tongue around her lips again. Her nipples tightened to buds as she imagined what he might be doing beneath his desk.

Jill Sinclair, a young grad student who couldn’t find a job in her field in the current economic climate, was hired fifteen months ago by Robert Alessandro to work as his primary secretary. And she had been hopelessly in lust with him for the last fourteen and a half of those months.

His six-foot-two frame was solid, but not overly muscular, though Jill knows that he works out regularly. She knows everything she needs to know about her boss. His social calendar is nil, except for the occasional cocktail/dinner soiree with the higher-ups. He attends the gym three times a week. He has a maid come in to do his cleaning and laundry once a week at his home. His mother invites him to dinner every single Friday evening.

The hardest part about knowing everything about Robert Alessandro is that his mother, his cleaning lady and his secretary are the only three women Ordu Escort in his life. He’s too damned intelligent, warm, friendly, caring and good looking to be without a woman in his life… a serious one.

Jill stared deeply into his warm brown, lust-filled eyes. She wished that she could see beyond the desktop; believing she would find his luscious cock tenting his pants. He might have even unzipped his trousers a little to allow it some freedom. She has adored his athletic frame for months, from his tight ass to his muscular thighs and has occasionally glimpsed his glorious manhood, covered of course, when he had worn his shorts to the gym. She had wondered fleetingly what, or rather who, might have caused his aroused state.

Robert’s breath caught in his throat when she leaned closer and offered to help him. The stress in the wordhelp was revealing. What had he been thinking? He had made partner so quickly and now everything was at stake because he’d been stupid enough to get caught wanking by a secretary.

Maybe not… maybe it was just his imagination. As much as he was trying to act cool, his now throbbing cock was taking control. The whole idea of being caught with his pants down, literally, was driving him insane with lust. The words slipped through his lips. “I’m not sure, Jill … uh Ms Sinclair … I feel rather hot, my forehead here … could you feel it for me, please?”

As Jill walked around his desk her heartbeat escalated. As much as she wanted to look down into his lap, she forced her eyes to concentrate on his face… on his words. She placed her hand on his forehead. It was cool, though his face was flushed.

Her eyes, of their own accord, drifted and she saw the purplish tip of his cock beneath his shirttails. Jill Sinclair had never been brazen before, but an overwhelming urge swept through her as the words simply tumbled from her mouth. “Mr. Alessandro… I don’t think a fever in your forehead is your problem.” She winked at him as she bent to push his chair back to get a closer look at his glorious cock.

Robert stared at his, until then, very prim and proper secretary. She had seen him exposed and would either a) call his own supervisor and report his unsavory behavior or b)God help him, she might take his cock into her warm, wet mouth and relieve him of the pressure that had been increasing steadily since she walked into the room. Her wink told him she would much rather do the latter and for that he was eternally grateful.

What could he do other than grin? He put on a dumb smile and let his buddy play the game: his cock seemed happy to be given the chance to show itself to the object of his greatest desire. Her rich breasts, oh those fine looks…. Robert couldn’t help but roll backward a little more in his chair, thoroughly exposing his raging hard-on, spreading his thighs a little more and saying “Any idea how to solve this problem, since we have plenty of time now this afternoon, Ms. Sinclair?” Calling her by her second name made the situation even more taboo and increased his arousal.

Jill had no words, and no second thoughts, as she dropped to her knees and ran her perfectly manicured nails up the inside of his thighs. His cock twitched in anticipation and she stared hungrily at his meat. She lightly kissed the tip and it twitched away from her lips. Her left hand moved to wrap firmly around the base of his shaft, to steady it as she began again. Her tongue made a lazy circle around the plump head and as she began to take him deeper into her mouth, her tongue spiraled downward around and around the length of him until he was nearly fully into her wet mouth. Gods, he tasted like heaven. His thickness stretched her mouth wide open and she knew that he would soon fill her wet, aching pussy.

Robert leaned back in his chair and moaned very softly at her expert ministrations. She was good… damn good. Her lips and her tongue rolled over his stiffened cock like they were meant to be there… meant to please him. His right hand fell softly upon her head and he ran his fingers through the silky auburn tresses as she began to bob up and down the length of him. His eyes rolled back into his head, but not before a brief glance at his partially open office door. His words were strained coming from his throat: “Ms. Sinclair. Do you think we should have a little more privacy?”

Jill glanced up into his eyes, her mouth still around his throbbing member. The slight jerk of his head told her that she had forgotten to close the door when she had come into the office. Without a word she released him from her mouth with a slight popping sound, got up off her knees, and went to the door. She closed it soundlessly and then turned the lock. She flicked off the overhead lights, but the sunshine still illuminated the room through the windows. To anyone passing by, it would seem that Mr. Alessandro was not in his office.

She slowly walked back to his desk, removing her black blazer jacket and exposing her bare, tanned arms. She watched Ordu Escort Bayan him admiring her and it gave her a powerful feeling. She threw the blazer towards the couch in his office, but it landed short, onto the floor. She didn’t care. She walked back behind his desk, got to her knees once again and continued as if there had been no interruption.

Robert felt his balls tightening within minutes of her coming back to kneel before him. He liked her in that position. Perhaps a little too much. “Ms. Sinclair?” His voice was filled with husky desire. “I need to fuck you.” Her eyes met his and she raised an eyebrow while her lips were still around his cock. “Very soon,” he added.

He gently extracted himself from her, feeling the loss at once. He knew it would soon be inside of her willing snatch and this thought made his cock twitch again with delight and anticipation. Robert pulled her to her feet and then placed his lips on hers in a hungry kiss. Their tongues were twirling and twining with each other. She moaned low into his mouth and the hunger grew.

His hand found her nipple through her blouse and bra and he toyed with it, budding it to pebble-like hardness. It wasn’t enough. He moved the blouse and bra out of his way roughly and her firm breast bounced free of its containment. His tongue left her mouth and swept down to swirl around her nipple. His teeth nibbled and she moaned again, louder this time.Did she like it a little rough?

With a little force his other hand freed her other breast from the bra. Once free he began to pinch that nipple with his thumb and forefinger as he suckled hard on the other. Her gasps told him that she did indeed like it rough. Her fingernails dug hard into his scalp as he lavished attention on her glorious globes.

Jill had never been so aroused so quickly in all of her life. Mr. Alessandro knew exactly where to touch her and how to push exactly the right buttons. His forcefulness of releasing her breasts from her bra was nearly akin to ripping her clothes from her body. It was animalistic. It was desire. It was exquisite.

Her nails dug deeply into his head as his tongue and teeth nibbled and sucked at her nipples. He twisted her other nipple and she gasped in painful arousal. She barely registered his hand leaving her nipple as it went lower and pushed her thong panties to the side.

Deftly plunging two fingers into her tight cunt Jill let out a moan of desire, “Oh fuck!” as a wave of passion rode through her veins and she flooded his hand with her slick juices.

Robert swiftly placed his arm around her waist and sat her on the desktop, his right hand still plunging in and out of her wet hole. She leaned back on the desk as his hands moved her skirt up around her hips and he ripped the thong from her drenched pussy.

Falling to his knees this time his tongue, as wonderful as it had felt on her nipples, was now initiating an assault on her clit and she came again. This Italian Stallion was one hell of a passionate lover!

Sweet nectar of the gods was exactly how she tasted, Robert thought. He had ripped away the thin fabric covering her snatch with only a slight tug. He’d forced her up onto his desk, piled with papers he suddenly didn’t care about anymore. Her skirt was bunched around her hips and her creamy thighs were still clad in the silk stockings.

Her breasts were bouncing free from her top and her bra and as he licked her delicious honey, his hands reached up to cup them, pinching the nipples. She came again and her juices flowed into his throat and down his chin. He pinched harder, she gasped and came again.What a delightful little button, he thought. He licked her clit deftly and then penetrated her core with his tongue, delving as deeply as possible, not wanting to miss a drop of her sweet essence. He heard her beg and he looked up from her clit, much the same way as she had looked up at him when her lips were around his cock. Her eyes pleaded with him to fuck her. There was no way he was going to disappoint her.

He plunged into her with one solid thrust and filled her completely. He was so thick and large that she ached a bit from the pressure of him, but knowing how thoroughly he had prepared her for his entry, she sighed longingly as her muscles relaxed and then tightened around his hard rod in passion.

He fucked her good. He fucked her hard. Jill bit her lip to prevent a scream from escaping her lips as her titties, unbound, bounced in rhythm with his hard pounding. Her legs instinctively went up to his shoulders, her high stiletto heels grazing his collarbone. He slid her closer to the edge of the desk, getting a firm grip on her hips as his cock pistoned in and out of her tight, wet pussy. The more she moaned, the harder he thrust. He was getting close, she could tell. His cock was swelling inside of her, filling her even more. He let loose a muffled roar of passion and thrust deeply into her as he filled her with his seed. Her own orgasm clamped around his cock like Escort Ordu a vice and they rode the passionate wave together.

* * *

As their panting breaths became more regular, Jill sighed dreamily as she realized he was still inside of her. He wonderfully filled her, stretching her to the point of pure pleasure, even now, after he had spent his hot cum deep into her body. “Mr.. Mr. Alessandro…” she breathed.

“Oh my god, Ms. Sinclair! What have I done?” Robert was horrified to look at her. The one woman who had been in his thoughts and dreams for many months was now sitting on his desk, naked from the waist down and he had just taken her like an animal. He should have wooed her, seduced her, taken things much more slowly than he had.

“I believe,” she giggled. “That you just fucked the stuffing out of me.”

“Yes.” He withdrew his cock, still semi-hard, from her and looked around for the towel he kept close at hand when he had masturbated thinking of her. He took the dirty one home daily and brought in a clean one; that had been the routine lately. He wiped himself clean and then her, apologizing. “I am so sorry, Ms. Sinclair. I … we… should not have….”

“And why not?” Her emerald eyes blazed at him. “Was I not satisfactory enough for you?”

His dark brown eyes burned with lust again for her. “Quite the contrary, Ms. Sinclair. But still… here in my office… we shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t have justtaken you like that.”

Jill looked around the room and he was right that it wasn’t the perfect setting for a seduction, but still, she was very glad it had happened. She had been lusting after him for months and seeing him with his cock exposed had driven her over the edge. She felt more like she hadtaken him, more than he had taken her. The strong urge of desire was building within her again as she looked into his eyes. “Perhaps not the best place, but I couldn’t help myself. You… gods you’re so handsome… and your body… mmmmm.” She purred.

Robert looked at her incredulously. “You couldn’t help yourself? Ms. Sinclair. It wasI who rutted you like a animal.”

Her long fingernails traced the collar of his shirt as it skimmed over the firm muscles of his chest. “I did not object. And it was I who saw you exposed. My lust for you took over and … are you sorry, Mr. Alessandro?” Her green eyes held a pleading glint in them and she chewed nervously on her bottom lip.

“Oh god no!” he exclaimed. “Do you know how often you’ve been in my thoughts… my dreams?”

She blushed. “As often as you’ve been in mine?”

He crushed his lips to hers after her words and drank her into him again. He needed her again already. He was getting hard again, just thinking of how sweet and tight her pussy had tasted and felt.

She kissed him back hungrily until suddenly she heard voices outside of his office door. Quickly they dressed and she tried to adjust her hair. “… Of course, Mr. Alessandro,” she said louder than normal. “I will leave you to those reports now.” She quickly exited the door and took her seat at her desk, just outside of his office, hoping that no one would notice that she had just come out of his office with a flushed face. She also hoped at that moment no one noticed that his office lights weren’t on.

Robert could not believe they had almost gotten caught. But now that he had kissed her, tasted her and drove his thick rod into her wet cunt, he wanted more and as soon as possible. He wrote a note on a slip of paper and then walked out of his office with his briefcase in hand. “Ms. Sinclair,” he said formally.

“Yes, sir?”

“I need you to run this errand for me. I have some reports to do and they require a lot of concentration, perhaps endless hours of preparation for Monday’s meeting. I do hope that you can drop off those supplies,” he pointed to the list, “at my home this evening and it won’t interfere with your Friday night plans.”

Jill quickly scanned the list and replied with a very professional smile “It won’t be any trouble at all. I won’t take me very long to get these together and I shall be at your house as soon as I am finished here.”

“No, I will need them right away. These supplies are needed to help me prepare my documentation for Monday’s meeting. You can take the rest of the afternoon off and be at my house as soon as you’ve completed the list.”

She nodded her head and Mr. Alessandro strode out of the office with a lighter than normal spring in his step.

* * *

Jill walked up the front steps of Mr. Alessandro’s townhouse carrying one brown paper bag that contained all the supplies he had needed for his reports. She had no doubt that he would be working very hard all weekend long. She rang the doorbell and Mr. Alessandro opened it himself. She wasn’t all that surprised, but she did know that he had a maid.

“Ms. Sinclair!” he smiled brightly. “Please do come in!” He opened the door wide and she stepped across the threshold into his luxurious townhouse. “Did you find everything I will need this weekend?” When she nodded yes, he took the bag from her and set it near the stairs. He put his hand in the small of her back and led her towards the dining room. “I hope you don’t mind, but I had Rose fix some dinner before she left for the evening.”

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