She Couldn’t

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She couldn’t get the water hot enough to wash him off her body. Her pussy was still swollen and sore from all the fucking…it itched and burned from the remnants of his cum inside her. There was not enough soap and water to wash away the hurt and shame. It seemed as if her body had a physical revolution to his semen insider her. Shoving the showerhead up against her swollen flesh, the hot water forced up inside her pussy couldn’t wash it away.

It had seemed that Mike was a solution to ease the pain of her broken heart. For years he had tried to bridge the gap between them. She was certain that his thoughts of their youthful romps were built up in his mind. The memory of their young bodies together, sweet and firm, blissfully unaware of the effects of time. In his erotic memory she sought comfort. Too, at times, her own recollection of his thick hard cock had invaded her mind. Remembering the pain of it piercing her tight, young pussy had left a lingering throbbing effect over the years. His cock was so big and thick, she wasn’t a virgin then but it felt like he was ripping into her. Though the pain was real, so was the powerful orgasm that shook her body, not her first sex, but her first orgasm. It was a memory that would never leave her. Over the years she mentally compared him to her other lovers, Mike’s cock was the biggest and most memorable. But when she compared her memory of his cock against Greg’s – she wasn’t sure.

Gregory was the love of her life. The passion between them knew no boundaries. Together they reached physical and emotional heights that were unimaginable. He took her to places that are not from this plane of existence. There was so much about Greg that captured her heart. He was more than a lover, more than a friend. It was as if he was part of her soul. A physical manifestation of her deepest dreams, her brightest hopes, wildest fantasies, the core of her being. With him she could lose herself in a sexual wonderland, cast aside her inhibitions – be HIS whore.

There was no shame in loving him, the old Catholic guilt thrown aside. She could spread her legs and tease him with her wet waiting pussy, playing with it, shoving a finger or two inside. Or open her pink virgin ass to his tongue. Oh such taboos. Her own mouth eagerly searched out his ass, sucking and licking his cock, slick with her spit she would devour his balls and trace the drool that ran down his bottom to his ass and fuck it with her tongue. God how she loved to fuck his ass with her tongue and jack his cock slick with spit in her hand. She could feel his orgasm grow with her mouth in his ass and his muscles contracting as he shot hot cum, caught in the hand clenched around his cock. Her religious upbringing had left her with so many sexual inhibitions. Sex was a sin. What made things so easy with Greg, was the feeling that God understood how she felt about him, he knew their love for each other and applauded the sexual intimacy between them. It all came together with Greg. He was God’s gift to her.

At first their relationship had been sweet and timid. Small encounters that led to roving hands. How she loved his body, running her hands all over, the feeling of his muscular body, his skin against hers. She looked deeply into his beautiful brown eyes and ran her hand along his crotch. A deep thrill shook her when she discovered the huge beautiful thing that lay between his legs. The wetness in her mouth equaled that of her pussy as she eagerly licked and sucked at it. His cock was enormous, thick and long. She relished getting it slick with her spit and running her tongue up and down the shaft and dancing on its head. Sucking his cum filled balls into her mouth. His size prevented her from taking all of him, so many times she tried, gagging and puking in his lap. But she could suck and jack his huge cock and lap up the long streams of hot cum that shot out. Oh, and he was such a giver too! His tongue would dart across her body, slash at her breasts and suck her swollen clit until she would burst apart with a powerful orgasm. It became an instant response of her body, at the mention of his name, the sound of his voice, a brief, fleeting thought, and her pussy would be wet and heavy with an ache that could only be cured by his touch. Maybe it was because she convinced herself that God approved of her love for him, without the guilt, she was free to be outrageous and sexual with him, more than with anyone ever before. With him she was complete, emotionally, spiritually and most importantly as a woman.

Thoughts of their encounters never left her mind. Sometimes his sexual fantasies scared her. He had wanted her to let another man fuck her while he watched. Though she was comfortable in exploring erotic things with him, that did not extend to other men. Would he really like to watch her gulp another man’s cock down her throat, and see him drive his hard cock into her pussy? Would it bother him to see her open mouth on another man? Someone else’s fingers playing with her wet swollen clit, or better yet another woman drilling her tongue into her vagina? That kind of sexual play was more of a turn off for her.

She was pretty, voluptuous woman. With bright blue eyes, heavy breasts and an inviting smile. At a very early age men (and women too) had started to notice her, there had never Rize Escort been a shortage of suitors at her door. They all wanted a little taste of pussy. What a prize to conquer the sweet pink meat between her thighs. There were hundreds of them and they all wanted the same thing. Stick their dicks in the nice hot hole of the pretty girl and move on. Some tried harder than others, some tried force, even rape. Some got lucky. To her there was nothing sexy about them. If the mood struck her she would allow herself be used by them. Some she would let touch her, some she would suck off or jack off, and some she would let fuck her. But, no one ever got the “brass” ring. That sweet rosebud asshole. They all wanted it. It was off limits, expect for maybe one day her husband. More than anything, she wanted Greg to marry her. But married or not she wanted to be as close to him as she could get, she knew she would let him have her ass one-day. Thinking about him fucking her ass was a private fantasy that she didn’t share even with him. It was secret, all hers, to dream about being erotic, and nasty, with Greg’s cock up her ass his balls slapping against her clit.

A new sexual world was opening to her, she loved to push the limits with him. Her pussy was constantly aching, wet and heavy thinking about him. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, she would rush to feverishly rub the heavy burning sensation between her legs. After all, she couldn’t chain Greg to the bed. But she would relish telling him about her antics later, how hot and heavy her pussy got, how she masturbated with her vibrator, on pumped her pussy with one or two of her fingers inside. He would share his own tales with her. That sent her reeling. The thought of him standing there with his pants around his ankles, thoughts of her running through his head, stroking his big fat cock, hot streams of cum shooting out across his belly. More often than not, that caused her to go for another round of masturbating herself. She loved to watch him jack himself off, she loved to play with her pussy in front of him. It was so naughty, such a thrill.

How far could they go? Still with all the openness between them, she didn’t always tell him about her fondest memories. One in particular they have never spoken about. Once on a drunken night, Greg was a little more adventurous than usual. She had gone in to use the potty and came out to find him standing there, wearing her panties. His huge, hard cock tearing the delicate lace. God how that excited her, to suck his cock while he was wearing her fresh panties, to smell her own pussy on the fabric, pressing her face into his crotch and feel her own wetness that had been left behind. Not a day passed where the memories of his cock filling her pussy or mouth, she hard swollen clit shoved up in his face would replay in her mind. The taste of her own cunt on his mouth, or the wet glare across his cheeks from her cum. Her pussy rocked at the vibrant thrill of those thoughts and what would come next. Together they pushed the envelope, exploring new things. There were times when she would let him insert a finger or two into her ass while he was sucking on her clit, times when she would insert her own finger up his ass while sucking him off. The powerful orgasms that followed were amazing.

Two weeks ago it all came to a screeching halt. Greg had married someone else. In an instant her world was torn apart. All the hopes and dreams. She was living a nightmare she couldn’t escape. Now an insurmountable wall had been put up between them. She would do anything for him, she dream of being his wife, being his friend, his lover, his whore, but she could NEVER be his mistress. It was impossible for her to bear. How could she go on? She felt as if someone had ripped the breath of life out of her. She couldn’t eat, she couldn’t think, she couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t escape the thoughts of him and the future she had dreamed of that were around every corner. He filled every hidden recess of her mind. How could he destroy their relationship? Destroy her? How would she survive when she needed him so much? Throw away the parts of her he didn’t want, the love, the passion, and simply be a friend? How????????????

Her heart was torn apart by anguish. The hurt and rejection stung every part of her. The future he pursued was not the one with her sharing his bed, his body, and his life. Nothing could comfort her, as she fumbled through the days. Even in her pain, the passion she felt for him still burned and trembled between her legs.

How he knew she need him is a mystery, but Mike knew. She had talked to him over the years, keeping a secret his undying interest in her, something private to reflect on when she felt forgotten or unloved. And then suddenly Mike was there – larger than life. Anxious to use her broken heart to his advantage. She sought the comfort of his strong shoulder to cry on. The chance to feel so important, so desired, so loved. All the while, Greg was creeping around in her head. Even so, the old thrill came back to her as she riffled through her memory archive. Was his cock as big as she remembered? It had been 20 years since she had last fucked him. What was it about her pussy that he couldn’t forget? What would it be like to fuck him now? Quickly she thought of Greg again. Rize Escort Bayan Really, who’s cock was bigger? Would Greg be turned on by the idea of her fucking Mike? He had wanted to watch her fuck another man, but in reality would it turn him on or be a dagger in his heart? Her pussy was wet thinking of Greg and his reaction to what she was contemplating doing with Mike.

Before she could think, Mike was on the next plane out. He was coming to comfort her and of course relive his youth. All he could talk about was how he wanted to fuck her again, to feel the tightness of her pussy on his cock, and her warm wet mouth on his. At least now she had something else to think about, but would Mike be disappointed in her? Would Greg be hurt if he knew? Somehow she was finding pleasure in thinking of how he would feel. With deliberation she prepared for Mike’s visit. She picked out a beautiful teddy to camouflage the effects of the years, one that she thought that Greg would have loved. He had always enjoyed it when she wore a skimpy little nothing that left her ass and pussy hanging out for him to see and toy with. Yes, he would have loved this outfit. It gave her a little thrill to think of his watching her wearing it for Mike, watching him fuck what should be for Greg alone.

He had taken a beautiful hotel room right on the water, she was trembling when she approached his door. Prepared for a man that couldn’t compare to a 20-year-old memory. Then there he stood, tall, strong and bronze as he was all those years ago. A little gray touched his temples, a few character lines his face. But it was the same strong arms and broad shoulders that greeted her. The years melted away in a flash, he took her into his arms and kissed her with all his pent-up passion. There was not even a chance for a greeting to pass her lips – he had her undressed on the bed, no time for a naughty little nightie. He spread her legs in front of him and drove between them with his huge, aching cock. She wasn’t ready for him, and the dryness between her legs made it seem like the virginal pain was a fresh memory. Then the thrill found her, his desire for her after so long, no evident disappointment from reality. He pounded her pussy and kissed her mouth with the same fervor as the 20-year-old boy he had been. It felt so good, to be fucked long and hard like that, only it wasn’t the man she wanted. It wasn’t Greg. To soon she forgot the fact she was getting fucked so well and lost her thoughts to him once again. Impatiently waiting for Mike to shoot his load, she rubbed her clit enough to climax on his cock and let him be proud of himself for making her cum.

The greeting was done and his climax left and awkward silence. She didn’t know what to say to him, she had to fake passion and praise on a man she could have cared less for. Yes, she was using him to forget about Greg, to seek revenge on his heart and flatter her own ego. Mike she was sure, was feeding his own ego – how could he really have feelings for her after all this time? He didn’t even know the woman she had become. Oh but under his gaze she felt adored. So sweetly he washed her and helped her back into her clothes. It was time to celebrate under the starry, moonlit sky. Mike had always known how to romance a girl. A beautiful candle lit dinner, the perfect bottle of wine, so lovingly holding her hand as they strolled along the beach. He was motivated by a sole purpose and she knew what it was. Walking along the beach he grabbed her and slid his hand down to toy with her clit, he opened her blouse and exposed her breasts to his waiting mouth. He forced her hand down into his pants, to grasp his pulsating cock. It was at that moment she was able to compare his long forgotten cock to Greg’s. She was stunningly disappointed to realize that Greg did have the bigger cock. Somehow she had found pleasure in thinking that Mike’s manhood would be greater than Greg’s, that she could make him suffer by telling him that Mike had an edge over him. But as she had imagined Greg’s cock was truly the biggest and most beautiful tool she had ever had the pleasure of encountering. Once again she felt lost.

There was no time for sulking once they had returned to the hotel. She had contemplated telling Mike that one of the kids had called sick and she had to run home. She didn’t want to fuck him again. But she couldn’t be that cold. He had come from so far away to be with her. Despairingly she followed him back into the room. There was a bottle of champagne on ice waiting for them. The wine and the warm glow from the fireplace relaxed her, and she felt the familiar warmth growing between her legs. Isn’t this what she wanted? To be desired, to be fucked, to forget all the pain? Was she going to walk away from this? All she had to do was push Greg out of her mind, and throw herself into a sexual frenzy with Mike.

Mike’s mouth found hers again in an instant, unceremoniously he disrobed them both and forced her head down to his crotch. The shock struck her. Being so close to his cock, right in her face, she couldn’t help but compare his to Greg’s. It was so different, he was circumcised and the head was larger and fatter than the shaft. And she had no memory of his balls being so big. She might have struggled getting Greg’s cock in her mouth, but Escort Rize there was no way that she would get Mike’s balls in. Still struggling for some familiar ground she sucked on his cock the way the Greg loved. She didn’t try and take him down her throat, but she got is slick with spit and soaked his balls. Then while she was sucking him, she started to pull down hard on his sack, just the way Greg loved her to. Instead of moans of pleasure Mike was pulling away from her, too rough, she was hurting him. He liked being licked and softly sucked. She got a little angry with him for that, she didn’t like having to be so gentle with him. She didn’t like sucking him either. Everything about being with him felt wrong. His smell was different and she was going to freak if he shot a load of cum in her mouth. Innocently while she was sucking on him, she started letting her teeth brush against his sensitive dick. Can’t help it if the technique can’t buffer the razor teeth! She felt a thrill in being mean to him, in hurting him just a little. He was paying Greg’s dues. It didn’t take long for him to pull her off his cock and push her down on all fours. His cock was still wet from her mouth and slid into her not ready pussy more easily than before. At least she didn’t have to look at him, thankfully as with most men, he loved to fuck from behind. She let him pump away at her pussy all the time pretending it was Greg, knowing it wasn’t, and masturbating to heighten the fuck.

He wore himself out, fucking her another two times before he had had enough. Finally with her in his arms he feel asleep, worn out from his efforts. She cried, so quietly, careful to not wake him. A terrible feeling of shame washed over her, the old Catholic guilt, betraying herself, betraying Greg. That was crazy, Greg was married to someone else. She had to get over him and she had to do it with Mike. Mike the magic fucker would make her forget all about her woes. Sometime in the night she finally fell asleep. When she woke the next morning the bed next to her was empty. Her head ached from the wine, and her pussy stung from the previous night’s workout. But where was Mike? Was he in the shower? She got up and inspected the room, but he was gone. Wherever he was, he would be back soon she was sure. They had a full day of sight seeing planned.

She hurried to shower and clean up. She couldn’t stand the feeling of his cum inside of her. She scrubbed and washed herself with water so hot that it burned her skin. She was still toweling off when she heard him come back in. Mike, ever the gentleman had gone to get breakfast. Just eggs and toast, but on the way he had picked flowers for her too. Why couldn’t she feel romantic about this guy? Why was she so angry with him for all his sweet gestures? Thankfully there was no time for another fucking, it was check out time, time to hit the road to adventure.

The plan had been to tour the town and sample as much beer as possible along the way. Driving on a scenic route the countryside was beautiful. They really didn’t have much to say to each other, instead he blared music from their youth, the Stones, Aerosmith, on the radio and drove in silence. Along they way they stopped at roadside stands and put together a charming picnic, he serenaded her with silly little songs that he had written about the sweet girl from his youth. Of course his hand was always seeking hers, to put on his crotch. No doubt he was thinking he was going to get his monies worth. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t get into him. Her thoughts never left Greg. So instead she decided to play out his fantasy. Let another man use and fuck her like he had wanted.

She was miserable, but focused on pleasing Mike. He was insatiable. He wanted a blow-job while he was driving, pulling up next to truckers on the road so they could see the action. Or, flaunting her breasts to them as they drove past. He pulled open her blouse and left her breasts exposed for his enjoyment, and pulled over long enough to take off his pants. There was going to be no break for her. It was amazing, he could cum and get hard again in an instant. She hated him. That day they ended up in a little western town. He found a tourist trap bar and spent the rest of the day on the barstool. Good she thought. Maybe he will get drunken enough that he won’t be able to function, her pussy, hands and mouth would get a little break. Not surprisingly that wasn’t the case. His sexual appetite was ragging. He didn’t seem to notice that she wasn’t interested in him. Her pussy was still wet from his previous fucking and the loads of cum he left behind. All she had to do was assume the position and let him fuck away. Her pussy was so hurt and swollen, she would fast forward in her mind to him being done. Luck finally found her and the second time was over quickly. He didn’t try and get her to suck his cock anymore either, it was sore from her teeth. He just fucked her tired pussy, not caring if she came or not. As soon as he finished up, she curled up on her side and pretended to be asleep. At least he didn’t try to cuddle her. She was starting to get disgusted at the thought of his touch. Finally tired himself he fell asleep. What the hell was she doing? She missed Greg so much, she was literally sick. She hated being with Mike, hated what she was doing. She felt like a dirty whore. No matter how erotic things had gotten with Greg, no matter how much she acted like a slut with him, she never felt like one. Things with Mike could hardly be called erotic, but she felt more like a slutty whore then ever.

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