She Wants a Real Cowboy Pt. 04

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It is the end of February and another “Unleash the Beast” event with the “Professional Bull Riding” (PBR). Top cowboys have come into town. Arlen (22 yrs.) draws a top bull named, “Fright Night” for his first ride. He hopes to ride 8-seconds, earn good points and good money. He comes into this event ranked at number
. Arlen rode this bull last season, but was thrown quickly. He’s glad to ride again to get some redemption.

Betty (21 yrs.) is a short-haired brunette (35-24-32) who wears an unbuttoned western shirt. The tight bra lifts up her tits showing some cleavage. The white cowboy hat and boots match perfectly. Her black Levi jeans are tight-fitting too.

She sits at the top of the bleachers looking through binoculars. Her focus is on Arlen who gets ready to ride “Fright Night.” She’s been following him on his You-Tube videos. He always chops wood, wearing only jeans, his cowboy hat and boots.

Betty whispers, “Those broad shoulders… Fuck.”

She knows that he likes to western dance. She’ll look for him after the bull riding competition.

“Fright Night” jumps from the bucking shoot. Arlen rides for 8-seconds who tries to jump off the bull. His hand is caught in the bull rope. The 1000-pound animal jerks him around like a rag doll. He can’t get loose as a rodeo clown tries to help him. His body is slammed hard and the hand is finally yanked free. Arlen hits the dirt and crawls away as fast as he can.

He scores 91 points and the audience Yalova Escort cheers for him.

Inside the country “Stadium.” A local cover-band takes a break and a disc jockey takes over playing country hits. The dance floor fills up with line dancers. Arlen is in the middle of several women. His right hand is wrapped up. He had changed into new jeans, a shirt and favorite cowboy hat. His boots glide across the floor.

He returns to his table to find Betty standing there. He looks for his pitcher of beer and glass.

She says, “Your friend is out there dancing. He asked me to watch your beer.”

He tips his hat showing the jet-black hair, “Thanks. I appreciate it.”

She looks down at his wrist, “You aren’t gonna ride in the second round?”

He raises his hand up, “No, I earned points though. That’s the most important thing.”

She asks, “Does it hurt? That bull threw you around.”

He answers, “Nah… I took some painkillers. I’ll ride next weekend.”

His eyes glance down at her unbuttoned shirt and cleavage.

He asks, “Wanna share my pitcher?”

She answers, “Sure, I’ll pour. Save your strength for later.”

He smiles, “For what later?”

She tips her own cowboy hat, “What you’ll do to me later.”

Inside the motel room. The long curtains are closed except for the small center opening. The heater below is turned on “high” as steam fogs up the window. The lamp on the desk table is turned on.

Jeans, shirts, Yalova Escort Bayan cowboy boots and hats are piled up next to the bed. Arlen and Betty are naked who kiss each other. She un-snaps her bra and yanks it off. Her body falls back onto the bed and she spreads her legs open.

He licks his left palm and rubs it over his stiff 5 and ¼-inch cock.

Arlen says, “Put your butt-cheeks on the edge of the bed.”

Betty positions herself. She looks up at his shoulders.

She says, “Love your shoulders baby.”

He smiles, “Thanks… I’m gonna push your legs up and cum fast.”

She asks, “Is your hand okay?”

He nods his head, “Yeah, it’s okay.”

His hands slowly push her legs up. The wrapped hand doesn’t hurt. Her thick black pussy is revealed.

She whispers, “I watch you chopping wood all the time.”

He replies, “My videos eh?”

His body leans over and the cock-tip opens her pussy lips. He pushes in slowly and his black crotch hits those lips.

Betty is hot… Arlen closes his eyes and turns his head to the left.

He whispers, “Fuck… You are tight.”

His shaft begins pushing in and out fast.


Her tits jiggle wildly.

Arlen pushes in deep and explodes, “My-Gaaaaaaaahh.. Aaaaaaahh.. Gawd..!!”

He keeps his cock inside and let’s go of her legs. He leans down onto his elbows. They kiss deeply.

5 Minutes later. Betty’s head is leaning against Escort Yalova a pillow. Both of her hands grip the tits and fingers pinch the nipples.

Arlen’s head is in between her legs. Both of his muscular shoulders lift up those legs.

His left middle finger digs deep into her cunt. His tongue concentrates on her clitoris.

Her flat stomach quivers as the pleasure shoots through her body.

She screams, “Unh-Unh-Unnnnhh… Unnnhh.. Arlen-Arlen.. Unnh-Unnh-Right-There.”

His tongue pushes hard on her clitoris.

Her head jerks back and forth on the pillow.

She responds, “Unh-Unhh-Unh.. There-There-There.. Unnnnhh..Uh-Unnnhh.. C-Cumming.. Gawd-Cumming…”

Her lower back arches off of the bed, “Uhh-Uh-Uhh.. Uuunnnnnhhh..!! Unnnnnnhhh..!! Gawd-Gawd.. Unnh-Unnhh..!!”

Arlen lifts his head up as she comes back down.

20 minutes later. Betty is bent over the bed. Her butt-cheeks point in the air and her legs are spread open. Arlen stands in between those legs. He smiles down at her buttocks.

He licks his left-palm and wipes all over his cock. He then grips his shaft and guides it toward her pussy lips.

The cock-tip rubs her lips up and down. He then pushes in slowly.

His groans, “Ohhhh… Fuck.”

Both of his hands are placed on the bed. He opens his eyes to watch his cock push in and out.


He stops and explodes, “Uhh-Aaaaaaaaahh.. Aaaaaaahh.. Gawwd.!!”

The next morning. Arlen suddenly wakes up under the bed covers. He looks around and Betty is gone. He sits up and sees her cowboy hat on the bed… His hat is gone. She had switched them.

He says, “I just bought that hat too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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