I know this seems like an unlikely story, but it actually happened. In the interests of clarity, I have converted a foreign language to English. If I didn’t most of you probably wouldn’t be able to read half the story and I can assure you, I wouldn’t be able to write it. My foreign language skills are abysmal.

This story was told to me by a friend of mine (I’ll call him Mike) and I’m going to try to write it in the first person, as that’s the way he told it to me.

I was on a hiking tour of Europe. You should go there sometime. It’s a fascinating place, and it’s all so old. While I was hiking through Greece I was told I should take the time to visit some of the Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea. They’re picturesque places, some of them having been inhabited for thousands of years. Accordingly, I managed to bum some rides on some fishing boats and visited several of them.

It turned out that calling these places the Greek islands is a bit of a misnomer. Most are Greek, some are Turkish and, scattered here and there are these little places that don’t acknowledge either Greece or Turkey as owning them. They consider themselves to be independent countries, and they tend to be so small that neither Greece nor Turkey really wants to waste time and resources bringing them into line. So these places have their own little governments and their own sets of laws.

Landing on one of these places, I was enthusiastically greeted by the local authorities. They were trying to encourage tourism, and had dreams of one of the big hotel chains building a resort on their island, bringing in mucho big bucks. Until that happened, they were doing everything in their power to make a good impression on any visitors. After all, one of them might be a hotel magnate doing some preliminary surveillance.

It also turned out that the island had a problem with inbreeding, and for that reason, they were anxious to get new blood onto the island. Accordingly, they had set up some new laws that were, shall we say, beneficial towards tourists.

I was handed a brochure that detailed these laws, written in Greek, of course, but with an English translations. (They had several sets, offering different languages, depending on the nationality of the tourist.)

I found a couple of these laws remarkable, but they were clearly spelt out, with fines for the locals if they didn’t abide by them, and a reward system if they did. I didn’t expect to want to try to enforce these laws on any of the locals, as I like to do things by mutual agreement rather than waving a big stick, but it was nice to know that in certain instances I could point to the brochure and say but….

I told the local cops, or whatever they were, that I was just here to explore the island, and they had no problems with that. I might point out that even though these islands were small, even a place ten miles by ten miles has one hundred square miles to explore. That’s quite a bit of land when you’re walking, and in this area, a lot of it was mountainous.

Anyway, I hit the trail, and a couple of days later I was wandering around in those mountains, thoroughly lost. That didn’t really worry me. There were tracks, and as long as I followed one I’d eventually find someone and get directions back to the port.

Find someone, I did, and what a someone. Coming around a curve in the trail, I found it petered out into a bowl-like valley, and standing at the head of the trail was the shepherdess, keeping a watch on her flock.

Seeing they were a herd of goats, I guess I should say goatherd or goatherdess, but shepherdess sound rather more rustic and wholesome.

Also she wasn’t actually keeping a watch on the herd. She was swearing at one poor goat that had got itself tangled in a thorny bush, and it was struggling while she was trying to free it.

How to describe my shepherdess. She was tallish, about five foot, ten. Slender, looked fit and seemed healthy. She was dressed in some sort of rough wool trousers, and wore a light sleeveless blouse.

Did I mention her breasts? No? Careless of me. They were lovely, at least a C cup, creamy white with this little pink rosebud tip. How could I tell this, you’re wondering? I said she was wearing a blouse. She was, but she was also bending over trying to help that stupid goat, and I could see straight through the arm hole, which was gaping, to where one of her breasts was dangling in front of her. It’s also possible I moved around a little to make sure I had the best view.

Anyway, I coughed to let her know I was there, and then politely offered her a hand. She jumped, because as far as she knew she was the only person around for a couple of miles. Longer if they’re walking along those stupid tracks. She thanked me for my offer, and asked if I would care to strangle the damned goat for her. Failing that, could I hold him still by holding onto his head, so she could get him untangled.

I chose the second option, and with the goat held still she very quickly had it free Van Escort and running for the rest of the herd with her boot swinging at its rump.

“Good morning,” I said. “I’m Mike, and I’m lost. Which way to the port?”

“Good afternoon,” she replied. “I’m Chara, and as you’re standing on the only trail in or out of this valley, I’d say the port is that way.”

I had to laugh at that. She had a point.

“Morning, afternoon” I said, tilting my hand slightly from side to side, “it doesn’t really matter. It feels like lunch time. I have a few things in my pack. Would you care to have lunch with me?”

She looked me over for a second and then gave a little shrug, which made her breasts bounce in an intriguing manner.

“I rarely have company up here, so why not?” she said. “It’ll make a change from talking to a goat.”

So we sat and had some lunch and chatted for a while. I told her lies about myself and what I was doing and she told me about herself and what she was doing. After the meal we just sat around for a little longer. Finally, I broached a subject close to my heart.

“I’ll be heading off soon, but before I go I would like to spend a little time making love to you,” I told her, smiling.

“I’m sure you would,” she responded, “but we’re taught to be chaste, so it isn’t going to happen.”

I’d expected that answer, but I had the big guns ready.

“I can understand that,” I said, “but what about the new tourist laws?”

Chara looked blank.

“What new tourist laws?” she asked.

“You haven’t heard about them?” I asked her.

“No,” she replied. “I’ve been up here for a couple of months now. I knew they were discussing ways and means of getting tourists to come here, but I haven’t heard of any laws they might have passed.”

“Not a problem,” I told her. “I have a standard brochure that they hand out to tourists. It explains the new laws and any penalties or rewards that are applicable. It’s also translated into English. I assume that you can read?”

“I can read,” came the rather cold reply. “I went to school.”

“I said I assumed that you could read,” I pointed out. “Not couldn’t. My assumption was based on the fact that you appear to be both articulate and educated.”

“I’m sorry,” Chara apologised, blushing. “It’s just too many people seem to think because I’m a woman and work as a shepherdess, I can’t read or write.”

She read through the brochure, and she didn’t seem too happy about what she was reading.

When she’d finished, she just sat there, glaring at me.

“This is infamous,” she snapped.

“It is unusual,” I conceded, “but if you consider it logically, it is quite a clever idea of solving two problems at once.”

Just so you, the reader, can understand what they’re talking about I’ll give you a synopsis of the problems and the proposed solution.

Problem one was a lack of foreign currency. They wanted to find some way to encourage tourism.

Problem two was inbreeding among the rather small island population.

The solution they came up with was to use the tourists to get new genes into the island mix. Any island girl propositioned by a tourist had to accept and do her best to get herself pregnant.

The theory was that tourists would come for a bit of free sex, leaving behind money and new genes.

To get around religious concerns, the tourist and the island girl would be deemed to be married for the length of the tourist’s stay on the island, with an automatic divorce when the tourist left.

The girls would be financially compensated for giving their all, so to speak. There were also fines applicable if the girls turned down a likely candidate.

The brochure went into a lot more detail than that, but that’s the gist of the new law. You can see why Chara wasn’t too impressed.

“I don’t care,” she snapped. “You can’t make me.”

“OK,” I said.

“OK? That’s it? That’s all you’ve got to say?” Chara demanded.

“Like you said, I can’t make you. I’ll just note that I did ask but was refused on the exit statement I have to make before I leave and that’ll be that.”


Chara ran that comment through her mind and finally zeroed in on the last bit.

“What exit statement?”

“I have to swear an affidavit before I leave as to whether I had sex with any girls and whether any girls turned me down. It’s for the compensations. You’ll see there’s a form at the back of the brochure that I have to fill out.”

Chara looked at the form and then looked at me.

“Do you have to mention that I said no?” she demanded.

I shrugged.

“What else can I do? It’s an official document. I have to swear that it’s correct in every way when I hand it in. If I falsify it I can get into all sorts of trouble. Bureaucrats are rather fussy about things like perjury.”

Chara threw me a killing look and started rereading the brochure, spending time carefully looking through the penalties and remuneration sections.

“This is Van Escort Bayan not fair,” she snapped. “They shouldn’t be able to do things like this.”

“They’re men,” I pointed out, “and they have power. Therefore they think anything they do is right, because they thought of it.”

Chara knew the local power structure much better than I did, and it was obvious that she considered them quite capable of enforcing the penalties laid out in the brochure. She was cursing under her breath, and a couple of names seemed to come up regularly.

Suddenly, she just capitulated.

“All right,” she said, anger underlying the words. “I’ll do it, but I won’t enjoy it, and if those bastards say one word out of place when I get my compensation I’ll strangle them.”

Next thing I knew she had stripped off her blouse and pants and was standing there, magnificently naked. Then she lay down on the ground and closed her eyes, waiting.

I stripped, ready for action, but if she thought I was just going to jump on her and use her she was sadly mistaken.

“When you made that comment earlier, about being chaste, did you mean it?” I asked. “Are you still a virgin?”

She opened her eyes to give me another glare.

“Yes,” she said, and then I saw her eyes drift over me down to where my erection was standing tall. She blushed bright red and hastily closed her eyes again.

I settled down next to her and started stroking her, not playing with her breasts of pussy specifically, but rather just touching her generally. I ran my fingertips lightly over her face, traced her mouth, ran both hands smoothly over her shoulders and down her arms.

Back up her arms to her shoulders, then a long sweep down to her tummy. The fact that my hands passed slowly over her breasts on the way past seemed irrelevant, but I noticed her nipples perk up in interest.

I rubbed Chara’s tummy, and could feel her moving a little restlessly under me, wondering what I was doing. Then my hand slipped to her sides and I trailed them along her thighs and down her nice long legs to her feet.

I spent a few moments rubbing her feet before my hands started moving back up her legs, this time stoking the insides. Chara moved her legs further apart the higher I went, and I couldn’t be sure if this was deliberate or just instinctive. I suspected instinctive, as she was not really co-operating with me yet, but was certainly starting to get restless from all the touching.

As my hands approached her pussy I could hear her catch her breath and hold it, waiting for that first touch on forbidden areas, only to lose her breath again when my hands neatly spread apart and slipped past her pussy, close enough for the outer edges of her lips to feel the hair on the back of my hand, but not otherwise touching.

My hands passed over her tummy again and I could feel it cringing away slightly. I ignored that for the moment and continued up to have my hands drift solely over her breasts, feeling her erect nipples rasping against the palms of my hands.

Again I was smoothing her shoulders and down her arms. This time I had a little surprise for her. When I reached her wrists, I jumped my hands from her arms to her tummy. To her lower rib cage actually, where my fingers dug in on either side.

She exploded. Giggling and twisting and swearing, all at the same time, cursing me unmercifully as I tickled her.

This time when my hands moved up and captured her breasts her eyes were wide open and glaring at me, and she seemed almost relieved that I was only playing with her breasts.

The relief didn’t last long, as she was finding my touching and squeezing her breasts and teasing her nipples highly distracting. She was finally accepting what I was doing and I could feel her breasts swelling under my administrations and Chara was pushing upwards slightly, offering them to me.

I obliged, and bent my head to accept, hearing a little squeak when my mouth fastened over her breast and started sucking gently on her nipple.

One hand started straying downwards, and I could feel Chara tense as it paused just under her ribs, then heard her faint sigh of relief as it moved on. Then she gave a gasp of shock as she found out where it had moved on to. Slipping between her legs, I cupped her pussy and squeezed.

Chara’s back arched slightly at the sudden forbidden touch, resulting in her breast offering itself to my mouth while her pussy pressed up harder against my trespassing hand. I took full advantage, squeezing and massaging.

I finally let her breasts go, raising myself slightly and looking down at her. Please note that just her breasts were let go. My hand was still down below, plundering her treasure and sending these funny sensations deep into her, slowly stirring up the embers and encouraging a fire to burn.

With my free hand I caught one of Chara’s hands and placed it on my erection, closing it around me. As soon as I let her hand go she snatched it away, but I promptly Escort Van picked it up and replaced it. This time, token protest made, Chara took hold and just held me, squeezing slightly.

My fingers had been running up and down Chara’s slit, now and then pressing slightly harder. Now I eased her lips apart slightly and let a finger dip inside and start exploring internally.

Chara’s grip on my erection tightened slightly at this, and then, as my finger started exploring within her, her hand started exploring my cock, running up to the top of it and feeling the head and then tracing it all the way down to my testicles. A gentle squeeze of them was, to say the least, somewhat nerve wracking, and I was thankful when her busy little hand returned up the shaft.

Meanwhile, my probing touch had found Chara’s clitoris and started idly rubbing it. I considered it an idle touch, but Chara’s reaction was anything but. She gave a throttled squeak, clamped her hand tighter on my cock and her hips pushed frantically upward against my hand. A few more touches at the same place and Chara’s was almost at screaming point.

Deciding my time had come I moved to kneel between Chara’s thighs. Any decision she might have made to just lie quiescent was being totally ignored by her body. Her knees came up and moved out, ensuring I had plenty of room and an easy access. Her pussy was wet and flowering, waiting for me.

Chara’s mind was at slight odds with her body. She gave this little squeak of anticipation as I parted her lips and eased the head of my cock into her, but when I started pushing, she started protesting.

“Oh, god,” she started off, speaking softly, but her voice started to get louder as I advanced. “That’s too big, how do you expect me to handle that? God, not so fast. That’s hurting.”

‘That’ in this case, was my pressing against her hymen. A bit of gentle pressure and it tore and I was moving a lot deeper into her. With her voice as accompaniment.

She gave a small scream as I broke her hymen, and then her voice started in full cry.

“Ow. That hurt, you bastard. Can’t you be more careful? Oh, god. How far in are you putting that thing? Oh. Oh. Oh. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. Enough already. You hurt me you know. Oh! My! God!”

Her commentary continued until I was fully inside her. I’ve never know anything like it before. Now that I was fully inside her, I held still for a moment, giving her a chance to shut up. She didn’t take it.

“Is that it? Is it all in? Thank god for that. I couldn’t have taken another inch. This feels strange. Is this all there is to it? What are you doing?”

This last bit came out with a bit of a scream, as what I was doing was pulling out a little and then thrusting back in.

Seeing I now had a chance to talk, I did.

“Shutting you up for a bit,” I told her. “Is it still hurting?”

She shook her head.

“What about when I do this?” I asked pulling back and pushing forward again.

“No,” she squealed, “but don’t do that. It feels funny.”

“Oh. Would you rather I did this?” I asked, and dug my hands into that sensitive spot under her ribs.

My, but that got a reaction. She practically bucked me off, while she screamed.

‘Don’t do that either,” she protested frantically, her whole body writhing under me.

“How about I just settle for this?” I asked, and slowly pulled out and equally slowly came back into her.

Chara shuddered slightly when I did so, but nodded OK. Apparently she found that a lot more acceptable and the alternatives.

“OK. I’ll stay with this for the time being,” I told her. “You’ll probably find it easier if you move with me.”

I started slowly taking her, just easing in and out, while Chara hesitantly started to match my movements. Pretty soon I could hear her making little squeaks of excitement, as all those gentle thrusts started to add to the turmoil within her.

“Are you comfortable with this?” I asked, and she nodded enthusiastically.

“This isn’t too bad,” she gasped. “I can put up with it if I have to. Um, maybe you should go a little faster.”

“I wouldn’t want to do anything you don’t want,” I assured her.

“No. It’s OK. A bit faster will be fine,” I was told.

Accordingly, after I’d pulled nearly out I rammed back in hard and fast, and Chara screamed.

“I’m sorry,” I murmured, dropping back to slow and easy. “It appears you’re not ready for faster.”

“Damn you,” she gasped, pushing herself against me. “I am, and you know it. Do it properly.”

“Are you sure?” I teased, still doing the long gentle strokes.

“I am going to kill you,” she calmly informed me, “If you don’t start paying attention to what you’re supposed to be doing.”

I laughed and poked her under the rib again, using her frantic squeal and twisting as the signal to start moving faster.

Now we were moving along quite nicely, holding a steady pace but leaving some in reserve for the end race. Chara was giving little noises of satisfaction at the way things were going, quite content to let it flow at this stage.

Finally I could feel Chara starting to squirm a little under my attentions. Things were heating up and she wanted more.

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