Shower in the Dark Ch. 02

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The rest of that day passed in a memory fueled hard-on frenzy.

When they both came home from work I at first kept my distance from Lauren waiting to see what she would say to her Mom. To my relief and excitement she said nothing except at dinner when she said that the second day of the hair treatment was supposed to be much harder to get out.

“It’s going to be very hard, I have to rinse for at least 20 minutes,” Lauren said while looking straight at me.

After dinner it was soon bedtime. I was all over Hope, trying to fuck all the horniness and dirty thoughts out of my head and my cock.

Still, sleep was hard to come by. But eventually I dozed off, and when I woke I was watching the clock, ready to get in the shower as soon as Hope left, just in case Lauren was serious.

I didn’t have long to wait. Id barely stepped under the water and wet my hair when the lights clicked off. I hadn’t even heard the bedroom door open.

I did hear the shower door however, and intentionally moved closer to it just in time to feel a warm naked body press against me.

My hands had been at my side but immediately moved up to cup the full breasts Van Escort and hard nipples that had invited themselves into my shower. I left one hand there and slid the other down to feel the slight bristle of her small bush then inserted a finger inside to see if she was wet.

I wasn’t disappointed, my finger was greeted by a gush of moisture and an audible moan.

“I really do need to rinse my hair,” Lauren said in a playful voice as my finger explored her.

“I know, let me guide you,” I replied. I slid my finger out slowly, then moved my hands to her hips and turned her around. Then I gently pushed her upper back with one hand to encourage her to bend over as I lowered myself to my knees.

I wasn’t sure this would ever happen again so I wanted everything, starting with my tongue on her ass and pussy.

As she leaned forward to wet her hair, I grabbed her round bottom with both hands and spread her cheeks then ran my tongue from the top of her cheeks to her rosebud. I heard her gasp as my tongue massaged her tight hole then slid inside her.

I knew that Lauren had been very sexually active with her ex-boyfriend, but Van Escort Bayan that relationship had ended months before and she’d barely left home since. All that pent up sexual energy was clearly overcoming her and she moaned and pushed back against my tongue.

I kept my tongue on her ass for several minutes, thoroughly loving it without touching her pussy at all. I planned to make her cum hard with my tongue then enter her while she was still spasming so I wanted to keep building her up.

When I sensed she was needed to cum, I slid my tongue lower, tasting her sweet nectar which was flowing heavily. I explored her, sliding my tongue over her labia and then deep inside her then flicking her clit. My second time on her clit her orgasm came so quickly it surprised me but I immediately stood up and slowly slid my rock hard dick inside her pussy and my thumb into her tight ass.

I could feel her pulsing with her orgasm but she was aware that I was in her and kept repeating “oh god oh god oh god” over and over as I slowly slid in and out.

She felt amazingly tight. I’d thought about cumming in her ass but it was so tight around Escort Van my thumb that I knew it would be too painful for her, at least for now.

Instead I grabbed her hips and began to slowly penetrate her deeply, then withdraw until I was almost out before slowly sliding all the way in again. I gradually increased my pace and the depth of my thrusts until she was grunting and rocking each time I reached my maximum depth.

The water running over us was very warm but not as hot as she felt inside. She was so tight, even soaking wet, that I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. As much as I wanted to cum deep inside her I knew I shouldn’t, so when I felt my orgasm building I grabbed her waist and started to pull out, planning to spray all over her and let the water wash her clean.

She had one more surprise in mind however. As I pulled out she spun around and wrapped her lips around me then pumped my cock with her fist until my seed exploded down her throat.

My knees were wobbly so I was holding my arms out to steady myself as she lovingly milked my cock and then licked it clean.

When she stood I reached behind her and shut off the water. Then I grabbed two thick towels to lay on and led her out of the shower into my darkened bedroom.

She moaned when I leaned her back and lowered my mouth to her pussy again.

“I’m not done yet,” I told her…

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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