Sparks of the Imagination Ch. 01

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Hey everyone. This is my first story. Would love to hear feedback! Hope you enjoy it!


It all started out as an evening of relaxation. That night started the gears turning.

I guess I should go a little bit before that night and maybe let you know about us.

My name is Matt. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I own my own retail store that sells various medical equipment and accessories, like crutches, walkers, wheelchairs and what not. Not very interesting but its a 24/7 job. My wife’s name is Emma. She’s a Torontoian as well. Emma and I had been married for about four years now. She was my high school sweetheart and we got married right after she finished her medical licensing exams to become a full fledged doctor. We were both 23 at the time.

Our marriage was like any other I suppose. Ups and downs included. First two years were blissful. We spent time together, went on some short vacations and just really had fun. Then we had about another two years filled with work and career. Emma first starting working at a local hospital and after a while we opened up her own practice. She’s a caring, compassionate woman that really thinks her patients are like family. Between her working at the office and being on call at the hospital and me working at my store all the time, there was little time for us.

As for our sex life, I would say it was normal. At least at first. For the first few years of our marriage, we were at it five to six times a week. Sometimes more. That slowly went down in frequency and ended up once in a few weeks. The attraction was there but we just didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. Work, home, food, and sleep. We both realized how it was not doing either of us any good, so we decided that we needed to schedule a day a week for each other. No phones, no work, no people. Just her and I. It took us a few weeks to get it set in our routine but we chose Sunday to be OUR day.

We didn’t think of that day off as a time we would just have sex. We went to farmer’s markets, watched movies at home that we had missed for the last few years, and just caught up with life. Somedays we would sleep until 12pm and waste the day together, but most we had a goal oriented attitude of what we would do on our day. On those days we would wake up early have a nice breakfast, go to a farmer’s market or shopping at the mall for a few hours, get some lunch or make some at home and then watch a movie in the afternoon. Popcorn and all. After the movie we would just talk, have dinner, or think about what to do for dessert. Oh and yes, the night would end with us having sex.

When we had sex it was pretty standard affair. We would have some dirty talk, but nothing kinky or out of the norm. She knew how to push the right buttons. She had dark brown hair that fell just below her shoulders with big, sexy blue eyes that you could drown in. She stood at 5’6″, and she wore a 34C bra size. They felt soft but firm, and nipples were the size of a quarter. Her pear shaped body always got me going. And her sleek legs in stockings were almost my favorite. It’s had to choose a favorite when you love everything. As for myself, I’m 6’2″, about 190 lbs. Average build. Dark black hair and emerald green eyes. I don’t have a six pack but I keep in shape with 2-3 hours a week of Ice Hockey or Ball Hockey throughout the year and my normal running around.

We live in the suburbs where there is like a few hundred houses in our area, but the house I purchased had a pretty nice private lot. The close houses were blocked by trees or fences. Only one house really could see into our backyard but it was a little further away and friends of ours Joe, his wife Jessie and their 2 year old boy Danny lived there.

During one of our Sundays together, Emma dropped a brochure on my lap. There was a picture of a hot tub and some stock photo of people enjoying themselves in it. At first I was opposed to it, ardahan escort simply the maintenance and effort it would take to deal with it didn’t seem worth it for me. We talked about it and we she thought that it would be a great idea to have a hottub/pool in the backyard that we could use that in the winter, and as a small pool in the summer. Emma is a woman hard to say no to. Especially since she showed me a picture of bikini she would be wearing if we got one. So a few weeks later I got us our very own hot tub.

I got them to deliver it on a Friday since that’s when our Neighbour’s daughter, Priya, would come over to clean up our place. I say neighbour’s daughter but Emma and I are just a little older than Priya and a bit younger than her parents. When Priya was 16 she was babysitting for a few couples in our area. When Emma and I realized it was hard to take care of our house chores, Emma had the idea or hiring Priya to come over once a week to help do laundry, dusting and vacuuming our place. We knew her and trusted her, so we decided to pay her a little more than her usual babysitting rate to convince her to help out. She was 18 when we hired her and it’s been 3 years since she has been helping us out. She has her own key and comes in once a week sometimes twice if she wants to split the work for herself and does what she needs to do. We don’t mind at all since all his work is done and done well. We pay her a bit more per week just to keep her wanting to do the job while doing her university studies.

While I was at work I got a text from Priya, “Hi, Matt. The hot tub guys are here to do the installation. Anything you want me to do?”

I responded, “I think it should be fine but try to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t damage anything while they install. Also, can you make sure its working before they leave? Thx.”

After a few hours I got another text from Priya. “Hot tub works great! They left about an hour ago.” I smiled and reponded, “Hope you enjoyed yourself.” and she responded with a “lol”.

I was anxious to see the hot tub since it did qutie a bit, but that was my fault since I did go overboard on it. I figured it makes sense since I’m not going to be buying these all the time. The hot tub was a 7 person capacity unit that had a cool water setting so for summers we can cool off and warm up on the chillier nights. I sent Emma a text and said “Hot tub installed”

My phone vibrated a few seconds later. A text from Emma that read. “Can’t wait. we will try it out tonight.” That got me excited, I didn’t think she would have time until Sunday to take it for a spin. I figured I should get home a little earlier and get used to hot tub, how to work it so when she’s in there with me I wouldn’t be fumbling around with controls and settings. When I got home I went straight outside to the backyard and saw the hot tub and Priya in it, laying back with her eyes closed. I always thought she was attractive but never really saw her as I did then. When I closed the sliding door behind me Priya’s eyes shot open.

“Oh! Matt! Phew! You scared me. I didn’t think you were gonna be home until later.”

“Hey! Sorry, Priya. I didn’t mean to scare you. I got off early to come check out the tub. How do you like it so far?”

I could see she was embarrassed.

“It’s great!” She replied, “You’re so lucky to have one. I’m sorry that I got in but you did say for me to make sure it works.”

I laughed, “Yeah, don’t be sorry. You can use it whenever you want to.”

Priya smiled and said “Thanks, Matt. You guys are so cool with me. Thanks!”

With that she turned around and started to pull herself up and out of the tub. Priya normally wore very comfortable, baggy clothes whenever she came over. Stuff she wouldn’t really mind getting dirty. This was the first time I actually saw what was under those baggy clothes. Priya’s wet dark black adıyaman escort hair went down to her shoulder blades. She was wearing a one piece black and white bathing suit. I couldn’t help myself from staring. Her back was turned toward me and I was watching every inch of her slipping out of the water. Her back, her hips, then her round tight ass, followed by her legs. Her shimmering legs seemed like they went on forever. When hopped down behind the hot tub and I didn’t get a good look at the rest of her until she walked around toward the lawn chair that had a towel hanging from an arm rest. Priya stood a couple of inches taller than Emma. My eyes started from the bottom. Her feet were nice and clean, her nails were painted a dark red, her legs were indeed very long and sleek. Her almond colord skin looked so smooth. I could see the side of her nicely shaped ass cheek covered in her bathing suit. The suit was tight enough to show all the accents of her toned body. She was fairly fit with enough body in the right places. Her breasts were larger than Emma’s as well. The tight bathing suit really helped accentuate them. Her face was long and had nice full lips with what looked like some lip gloss shining. Her eyes were round and naturally wide showing off the light brown color of her pupils. She had her hair straight back because it was wet, but normally she kept her straight hair down and some of hair covering a bit of that gorgeous face. The view I was taking in started to get my blood pumping. Priya picked up the towel and started to dry herself off.

“Are you going to jump in?” She asked.

Her voice snapped me back to reality. “Uh. Yeah. I will. I just have to change. Are you leaving?”

I watched her pat the towel on her body. Squeezing the towel against her breasts, trying to dry them off.

She wrapped the towel around her waist. “Yeah, I have to go home and get ready to do some more work for tonight. As much as I would love to just soak in that hot tub, I guess I have to leave it for another day. I’m just going to change in the washroom and head out. Do you need anything before I leave?”

“No, I’m good. I’m going to change and try it for myself.”

I followed Priya back inside, I stopped in the kitchen to grab something to drink and watched her walk down the hall to the washroom. Every step she took her hips and her ass moved in a hypnotic way. It felt like I was seeing in slow motion. I was getting hard in my pants. Right before she went into the washroom,

Priya looked back at me and said “I’ll let myself out after I change. Enjoy your dip.”

With that closed the washroom door behind her, and I went upstairs to change. When I got back downstairs Priya had already left. In my mind, I thanked her for the show and headed outside to check out the hot tub. The company installed it on the patio in my backyard which was only about 5 steps away from my backdoor. So it was easy to leave the house and right into the hot tub. I played around with the settings for the next hour or so. I got the hang of the controls pretty quickly and just sat back closed my eyes and enjoyed the massage jets and lost track of time. I heard the sliding door open up and Emma stepped out in a royal blue once-piece bathing suit with a tower over her shoulder. The suit looked very similar to the one Priya was wearing, just different colors.

Emma smiled and said, “I saw you out here and decided to change first. Like what you see?” She spun around. The suit wasn’t the bikini I was hoping for but it looked really good on her. It was nice and tight so it would show off her all the right curves.

“You look beautiful. Come in, its great in here.”

She tossed the towel on the side of the tub and slipped in sitting across from me.

“Oooohhhhh.” she purred, “This is exactly what I wanted. The jets are amazing.”

“I know, I have been in here for probably karabük escort less than an hour and I’m just melting away.”

After a little while of relaxing and talking about each others day, I got out to get a bottle of wine. When I got back in the tub Emma shuffled over and sat beside me. After a glass or two, I felt her hand on my thigh. I looked over and the look on her face said it all. I finished my glass and leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Her arms wrapped around my neck pulling me closer while we kissed gently. I had slipped my hands around her waist underwater and felt her body. I moved my lips lower to kiss her chin, across her cheek, down to her neck and kissed and licked her just over her collar bone. I know all her buttons to push. She moaned with her head thrown back. It wasn’t loud but it wasn’t a whisper either. I continued to kiss her until she moved her hands on to my chest and pushed me off of her and started to get up, she guided me to sit with my back against the wall of the hot tub and sat on top of me pinning down my hard cock in my trunks against her. We were making out like it was the first time we had a chance to. The water covered her from ribs down. Emma started grinding against me, and I reached down and grabbed her nice tight round ass with both my hands. I pulled her closer every time she thrusted toward me. Slowly at first but started getting faster until she stopped kissing me on thge lips and moved her lips to my ear.

“This is so fucking hot!” she moaned in to my ear, “Don’t Stop! I’m so close! Squeeze my ass! Kiss me!”

I grabbed each cheek and squeezed and pulled her against me. our lips and tongues danced and I felt her body tense up while grinding against me. After a shudder she almost collapsed on me. She loved doing that. Falling on me once she has an orgasm and was on top of me. After about 10 seconds, Emma moved off of my lap, and told me to get up on the side of the tub. While I was pulling myself up to the side, she put her hands on my knees and pulled them further apart and slipped closer toward me. and the closer she got her moved her right hand up my leg, under my trunks and with her fingertips ran along my raging member. She wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it.

“Wasn’t this tub a great idea?” Emma asked.

I replied “I’m surprised we hadn’t thought about this before.”

Her hand moved away from it and she said for me to lift my ass. When I lifted myself up, she pulled down my trunks to free me from the confines of the wet material and finally let my dick spring free. She slowly moved closer and took me in her mouth. Feeling the warm wetness of her mouth felt amazing. Emma pulled back then started playing with me with her tongue. Using the tip of her tongue on the tip of my cock. Circling, slipping just under my foreskin, teasing me. She knew my buttons as well. She told me she loved to play with my cock and she was showing it too. She started to stroke my cock while sucking on my head. Licking, sucking, and stroking. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Baby, I’m going to cum!”

She responded with increasing her speed of her stroking and the grip of my cock. Took her mouth off of it and said “Cum for me baby. Shoot your cum out.” Thats all it took. I orgasmed. White streams of cum shot up and she kept stroking me trying to make it shoot higher, and further. She sometimes aimed it at her self, she breasts, face or even her stomach, and sometimes up at my stomach or even straight out. She loved watching it shoot out. This time it was just up, some landed on her arm and mostly back on my cock and in the hot tub. She slowly stroked my cum over my cock and then let go and got up.

“I need to take a shower. So do you but clean up around here first.” with that she winked at me and clibed out of the tub. All I looked at was her bathing suit clad ass swaying with every step until she got to the door, used her towel to dry herself off, wrapped around it her waist and walked inside.

With that, I jumped into the tub to track down my trunks to put them back on. After I got the wine glasses and bottles all tidied up, I hit the clean mode button on the hot tub and wondered to myself.

How long will it be until it gets dirty again?

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