Starbucks Encounter


Lily woke up horny that morning. The sheets wrapped around her legs pressed into her pussy and sent chills up her body. Her hands glided up and down her bare stomach, tickling herself—making her nipples tighten up and poke out against her tank top.

She immediately thought of the guy she had seen the day before, working behind the counter at Starbucks. His broad shoulders and lean arms, his tight ass when he bent down had made her feet tingle as she watched him make her drink. This was a new guy at her usual coffee spot, and yesterday she had to breathe hard to conceal her excitement.

“Thanks,” he said to her, looking her in the eyes as he handed off her drink, “Have a great day.”

She looked him in the eye hard and sexy and wished him the same great day, but she really wished they would share a great day together!

“You’re new here, what’s your name?” she asked, hopefully.

He didn’t look as impressed as Lily had hoped. He told her Mathew and went back to working without so much as another glance.

This morning in bed, now pressing her tits hard against herself, she imagined him on top of her; imagined his scruffy face next to her ear, breathing hard, then his hard cock (which she had imagined seeing the shape of the day before), entering her without hesitation. She wanted him to fuck her real hard and slow, slamming into her pussy over and over. Legs spread, she slapped her pussy with her hand while squeezing her nipples. In her mind he grabbed her arms and held them above her head, almost hurting her wrists. She let out a long, loud groan as she stuffed her pussy with three fingers and rubbed hard on her erect clit. Her arms pushed her tits together and her hard nipples pointed up to the ceiling; she stuck out her tongue and wished she could reach them—would love it if Mathew were sucking on them as he fucked her… harder… harder! until finally she came with a loud, fucking, scream! She released a breath and gasped for air.

There was no way she was going to let this guy ignore her today, she thought as she dressed after her shower. She put on a new pair of tight jeans and looked at herself in the mirror. Her long legs came together, with a little space just below her ass cheeks. She felt her ass, and it was fucking firm, with just a little cushion. She slid on her shirt, pulling it down, tight against her big jugs; it was peach, almost shear, and she didn’t need a bra to keep the shape of her full, but slightly hanging tits. Since about 8th grade she had had full, D cup boobs, and they were never an embarrassment for her. Her friends used to giggle and ask to feel them; they were heavy and soft, and she secretly loved having her friends touch them. She used to get wet in the hallways of school while her friends gave her and her bust the attention they deserved.

She knew how to hold herself, and in this case, she didn’t hold her tits up at all, but let them hang there, moving around naturally in her shirt. In the mirror, she could just make out her artvin escort little areolas coming through the shear top, her nipples poking slightly upward. She put her hands above her hips, holding her thin waist. Her wavy dark hair fell just above those massive jugs. She didn’t wear much makeup, but she never had to. Her pointed Italian features gave her a sexy, exotic look and the mascara made her look like she would screw just about anything that came her way; which is how she felt at this point! She was ready.

And not without a plan. Starbucks was packed. The place buzzed with machine noise and people talking. As she waited in line, she was assaulted with sideways glances and outright stares, though none of them made contact with her eyes. A young guy ahead of her in line practically turned around just to stare at her unbelievable, free-hanging breasts. Shamelessly staring at her, she could see that his dick was hard. Wouldn’t it be fun to let him have his way with her, she thought? She smiled at him, and he turned back around, embarrassment.

The girl at the counter took her order, and smiled up at her. This Starbucks girl wasn’t bad herself and was showing some cleavage from her low-cut shirt. They gave each other admiring glances and Lily wondered if there was any way to get her in on the action too. She smiled to herself thinking of it, and wow was she horny as hell.

“Have a good one,” she said, and purposefully took the Starbucks girl’s hand when taking her change. She gave her a little wink too; She was so fucking horny!

The boy making her drink looked up at her this time. She pressed her firm breasts against the high counter, pushing them up just a little. Her boobs were so level you could have set something on top of them (She was picturing his cock laid across them, slapping her nipples).

“Hi Mathew!” she said, and he looked up to see her glorious tits and beautiful smile. This time he noticed!

“Hey,” he said, “How are you?”

He was struggling not to look at her nipples showing through her top, but she caught him glancing down at them. He barely knew what he was saying, but kept talking.

“What are you up to today?”

She was thrilled by the effect she had on him. He was probably weak in the knees (which would put him in perfect position to suck on her pussy, she thought).

“I’m just cuming in for my daily fix,” she said, smiling at him, practically winking. She moved so that her breasts slid on the counter a little, and she bounced almost imperceptibly, looking like she was waiting patiently for her drink.

Mathew almost spilled the drink trying to hand it to her.

“Have a great day,” he said, cheeks red, completely unable to make a smile.

“Thanks,” she said coyly, “I will. And you too! I’m just going to leave this here while I use the bathroom.”

She turned around, her tits bouncing from the counter, and moved her hips sensually as she walked around the corner. She aydın escort half expected him to just follow her right into the bathroom, rip her clothes off and start pounding her! Instead, after a minute, she came back out and poked her head around the corner. Over the noise of people talking and the machines running, she called out to him.

“Mathew! Could you please cum here a second?” She showed worry and urgency on her face to be convincing.

Mathew looked petrified

“Just a second,” he said, looking twice as worried as she did.

In a moment he was there, poking his head in the bathroom door

“Is everything OK,” he asked through the crack in the door.

“I’m having a little problem and need your help quickly. Please come in here and shut the door.”

Hesitantly he walked in, the door closing behind him. Lily stood facing him, her shirt soaking wet, holding her hand over one of her breasts, pretending to try to cover them up.

“I accidentally got my shirt wet, and its totally see through,” she laughed. “I can’t go out there like this, its too embarrassing.”

Mathew tried to avoid eye contact and moved his head erratically as he talked. “Ok, well, here, why don’t you take my undershirt so you can get out of here?”

He unbuttoned his shirt as fast as he could, and pulled his shirt up over his head. Bare chested, he held out his shirt for her to take. Now everything was where Lily wanted it. She slowly lifted her shirt up, and over her head with both hands, not even pretending to turn around. Mathew tried not to look, but slipped and took a couple of glances at her chest, her huge tits being held up as she lifted her arms. His cock was now pushing against his pants, and he tried to push it down.

Lily, looking Mathew in the eyes, took his shirt and dropped it to the floor with hers. He looked up nervous and expectantly at her. Lily looked at him long and hard, and without another moment’s hesitation and without further explanation wrapped her arms around him, pressed her tits up against him and started kissing him.

“I’m so fucking hot!” she almost shouted in his ear.

Mathew’s head was spinning. He grabbed at her jeans and pulled so hard that he got them over her hips and down to the ground without unbuttoning them, then did the same to his.

As his cock rose to meet her pussy, he grabbed at her while they kissed. He spread her ass cheeks wide and Lily lifted one leg up onto the toilet seat. He stuck two fingers up and into her soaking wet pussy. He was finger fucking a complete stranger without so much as a word! He was putting his thumb into a complete stranger’s asshole! He couldn’t believe it, but he was so fucking horny he would have done anything at this point.

Lily pushed her ass down into his hand as hard as she could. She wanted him to stuff her holes. She reached up and pulled his head down to her tits and he started sucking on them hard, suckling on her nipples like a baby, balıkesir escort and biting them wildly.

“God, these fucking tits,” he shouted… there had been a knock at the door but they ignored it; the thought of being fired didn’t even cross his mind.

Taking her by the hair, Mathew shoved her down to the sink. Bent over, her tits fell perfectly into and lay in the sink. From behind she felt his hard rod begin pushing into her soft pussy. It came into her without apology and began ramming into the walls of her dripping wet vagina. Her pussy wanted it soooo bad.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! I want to be fucked so bad,” she yelled. “fucking please screw me hard!”

Mathew put his hands down into the sink and caressed the tissue of her tits as he pounded her hard, then fast, then faster, smacking into her ass cheeks with every thrust.

She was moaning hard now, “Ooo! Oooooooooowooowooooo!” was all she could make out. He pinched her nipples and licked at the back of her neck.

“Wait!” she said, and turned around, sitting up into the sink. “Suck my pussy! I need my pussy sucked hard!”

He bent down and put his mouth right into her pussy lips, slipping his tongue in and out hard, then began sucking, licking her clit, sucking her clit, swallowing all the juice her cunt was dripping. He stuck a finger into her asshole and fucked it. She sucked on his fingers as he sucked hard now on her cunt, spreading her pussy lips and just lapping hard at it, getting his tongue as deep as he could. Her asshole tightened up and she began squirting cum all over his face. “uuuuuuungh! Fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Suck on my cunt! Fuck you, uuuuuuuuuuuungh! Uuuung, fuck! Fuck! Fuck my asshoooooole!”

He started swallowing and sucking, let his tongue slip into her asshole. He was drinking the cum of a complete stranger! He couldn’t believe it, but his cock was so fucking hard.

Now she lay across the toilet seat and he leaned over behind her. Her asshole was wide open and he lay into it. Her head was shoved against the wall and her neck was bent uncomfortably, but she didn’t care. “Fuck my asshole! Cum in my fucking asshole!” she screamed. As he pounded into her tight hole, over and over, her tits slapped against the toilet. Wack, wack, wack, as he drove his cock into her ass.

“Make me shit your cum!” She was saying this to a complete stranger!

He almost lay on top of her now, held her down with his body as he fucked her hole, then, thought that he wished he would make her pregnant, he moved his cock into her pussy and banged her as hard and fast as he could.

Someone was calling from outside the door, “What’s happening in there?”

He put his lips down to her face, up against her lips and slid his tongue into her mouth as he nailed her, and he was cumming, gushing cum into her cunt

“Oh, fuck! Momy, fuck you” he yelled.

“Oh, yes, yes! This is what I want! Cum in my pussy, fill my pussy up!” She spread her legs as far as she could so he could get deep into her cunt. He shot his load way up inside her and she felt it up in her hips.

They were panting and neither of them could move. What just happened? Lily thought. I just got fucked by a total stranger in a Starbucks bathroom. The last drips of cum came from the head of his cock and her pussy lips quivered.

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