Submerged: Sarah and Melissa


When Melissa, a girl I’d met a few months ago through a colleague at my new job, invited me over for drinks one Friday night in the middle of the summer, she made me promise to bring a bathing suit.

“There’s a pool on the roof of my apartment building,” she said, grinning excitedly and flipping her wavy hair over her shoulder. “It’s so much fun up there in the dark. We’ll have it all to ourselves!”

I was happy to go; I’d only moved to the city a few months before and I needed all the friends I could get. Melissa was fun and pretty, and spending time with her put me in a good mood. In fact, I was nursing a bit of a schoolgirl crush on her.

I stepped out of a cab in front of her place at nine o’clock that evening. The oppressive heat of the day was finally retreating, and a warm breeze began to make the air more breathable than it had been in weeks. I was wearing an ankle-grazing chiffon skirt in seafoam green with a white tank top and strappy silver sandals, and the night air felt like heaven grazing my just-shaved legs as I walked toward the front door. From the moment I stepped into the wood-paneled lobby, I couldn’t believe how posh Melissa’s building was.

A doorman greeted me and pointed in the direction of an elevator lit by a glimmering crystal chandelier, which silently whisked me up to the 18th floor and deposited me in a hallway lined with Oriental rugs. Hmm, I thought. This is awfully nice for a 26-year-old entry-level advertising exec…looks like Miss Mel might be hiding a trust fund somewhere.

The massive oak door to her apartment flew open before I could raise my hand to the brass knocker, and there was Melissa, smiling and chattering and pulling me inside. She looked exotic and gorgeous, as usual, in white bikini with a flowing pink sarong slung loosely around her hips, her long hair framing her glowing, flawless face with shiny ringlets that hung halfway down her tan back. After dropping little kisses on both of my cheeks, she handed me a tropical-looking drink topped by a cherry and an umbrella.

“Surprise! It’s Hawaiian night!” she said. I laughed—I couldn’t help feeling giddy around her—and raised my glass. “To new friends,” I said, taking a gulp of something fruity and strong.

“And I must mention,” Melissa said, stepping back and looking me up and down, her eyes full of mischief. “You are quite the tasty little treat tonight…dress up for me, darling?” She giggled, flirting with me in the way girls do with their friends. I blushed, hoping she wouldn’t notice I’d just glanced at her breasts. Her nipples were poking visibly against the thin triangles of spandex that covered them, and I was trying my best not to gawk.

“Oh, please,” I snorted. “I could never compete with this!” I waved my hand toward her tiny waist and her long, toned legs.

“I don’t know, Sarah,” she replied. “Maybe we should hit the town tonight after all—I mean, two girls like ourselves, a striking brunette and a sexy, leggy blond? Face it, we’re a team no man can resist.”

“Forget those losers,” I said, rolling my eyes. “I’ve been looking forward to swimming all day.”

“In that case, get your suit on and we’ll go up whenever you’re ready.” Melissa pointed me toward a hall bathroom, where I changed into my orange flowered bikini with the bows at the hips. I ran my hand over my bare stomach, hoping it looked flat enough, and pulled at my bikini bottom a little, trying to stretch it to cover a little more of my—um, voluptuous—ass. I vamped into the mirror above the marble sink, batting my blue eyes and trying to work up the confidence to walk out. When I finally emerged, Melissa whistled and tossed me a towel.

“I’m calling 911,” she teased. “You’re gonna burn this building down!” She sashayed to the door and held it open for me, landing a light smack on my butt as I walked out in front of her.

The türbanlı escort pool was even prettier than I’d imagined. It was dark on the roof, but the lights of the high-rises all around us cast a muted glow over the blue water. The wind blew my hair across my face, and I closed my eyes, pretending I was on a beach. Melissa unwrapped her sarong and bounded toward the water, barely breaking the surface as she showed off with a well-practiced dive. She came up laughing gleefully, and seeing me still standing there, grabbed the ladder and hauled herself back out. In the next instant, her wet arms were around me, and she was dragging me toward the edge of the pool.

I shrieked as she pulled me in, dunking me to make sure not one hair on my head stayed dry. “You bitch!” I yelled, splashing her and paddling toward the shallow end, where my feet could touch the bottom. But I was glad to be in the pool. The water was warm and silky, and utterly refreshing.

Melissa swam toward me, and soon we were both submerged only up to our waists, wading toward the edge to take sips from our waiting cocktails. Melissa opened her mouth to say something, then stopped. Her eyes widened.

“Don’t look now, but a group of guys are watching us from that window across the street,” she said. I waited a couple of seconds, then turned my head slightly in the direction she indicated. There were about six of them, middle-aged men drinking beers and elbowing each other, no doubt enjoying the show.

When I looked back at Melissa, she was smiling an evil little smile, and I could tell an idea was forming behind those deep brown eyes. “I think I’ll give them something to talk about,” she said. She turned around, her back to me, and leaned her head forward, pulling her dripping hair up off her neck. “Untie me,” she instructed. I didn’t even think about it; I reached out and pulled the string, and suddenly her top was floating in the water below us. Her breasts were exposed and pointing directly toward her audience. She shook her shoulders a little, and even from behind, I could see her tits swaying from side to side.

“You, too, Sarah,” she said, advancing toward me. I was staring openly at her chest now. I couldn’t help it…they were perfect. Her breasts were high and full; her nipples were a rich pinkish-brown, just slightly puckered at the tips. I tried to tell myself it was jealousy—not lust—that wouldn’t let me look away. “Wanna touch?” Melissa whispered, seeing my expression.

“Oh, that’s OK,” I said loudly, trying to laugh it off. But my voice caught. There was a tingling between my legs, even underwater.

“Come on, the boys will like it,” she taunted, taking a couple of steps closer. I tried to think of a joke, anything to break the tension, but I just kept staring. Seconds passed, and then I let my right hand float toward her, slowly reaching up to cup the side of one of her tits, like you would do with someone’s cheek as you leaned in to kiss them.

Melissa’s eyes stayed on mine; her expression was open, she didn’t move away. Her breast was so soft—it was the first one, other than my own, I’d ever touched. I kneaded it a little, watching it squash into her chest, then moved my thumb toward her hard nipple. I circled it, squeezed it for just a moment between my fingers, then let my hand drop back into the water.

Melissa gave a little sigh, and her shoulders fell. The heat rising to my face was so intense, I thought I would melt and drown in the pool. I was mortified by how much I wished I was still touching Melissa—a woman and my friend—and I waded hastily toward my drink, grabbing it and taking a sip to hide the flush that was surely invading my cheeks.

“Hey, look,” said Melissa, seemingly unabashed, as she came up next to me and shifted her eyes toward our fan club—which I’d forgotten. tüyap escort There they were, practically plastered to the window, their beer bellies heaving, their mouths hanging open, waiting for us to make another move. I giggled, a bit manically.

“Let’s ignore them,” Melissa breathed, leaning close to my ear. “Sarah, I want you.” When I didn’t reply, she got even closer. Her naked tits pressed into my arm. “Sarah, do you understand what I’m saying? When you touched me just now…oh, God.” On the last couple of words, her lips were actually resting on my earlobe.

Goosebumps covered my body, and I shifted into her, just a centimeter in her direction, enough to let her know I wasn’t opposed.

“Let’s move to the corner, where they can’t see us,” she implored. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I never once thought of stopping it. I followed Melissa to a side of the pool not visible from any of the surrounding apartment buildings.

“I’m tired of being the only topless one here,” she said, reaching behind my back and unhooking my bikini top. She pulled it off and tossed it on the concrete, where it landed with a smack. “So, is it my turn to touch?” she asked, her arms circling my waist, her eyes on my melon-sized tits, which were floating heavily on the surface of the water, dangerously close to hers.

My stomach contracted; my nipples ached for the moment they would graze hers. I nodded eagerly, but instead of fondling my breasts as I had hers, Melissa backed me up against the edge of the pool and began roughly, hungrily kissing me on the lips.

I responded without hesitation, wrapping my arms around her neck and sucking her delicate tongue into my mouth, biting it with my teeth, feeling her warm, full lips smashing against mine.

Our tits slipped and pressed against each another in a jumble of nipples and taut flesh; when her hard nipples flicked across mine, the sensation shot straight to the balls of my feet.

We moaned into each other’s mouths, making out like desperate teenagers in the back of a truck, barely able to breathe. Her legs snaked around my hips and crossed under my butt, and she pushed her still-bikini-clad mound into my lower stomach. I raked my fingers through her tangled hair as she sucked my bottom lip, then released it and curled her tongue toward the roof of my mouth.

“Sarah…” she gasped, pulling her lips away from mine. “I hope this is OK. Every time I see you, every time I talk to you, I think about touching you…” She buried her face in my neck, licking my throat and grasping my lower back with her elegant, manicured hands.

Was I really hearing this? Melissa, the girl men made fools of themselves over, my friend who looked like a Playboy centerfold, who went shoe shopping and out to lunch with me…

“It’s more than OK,” I murmured. “I want it so bad… ” I rested my neck on the ledge of the pool and arched my back. Her head moved toward my tits, which were just barely out of the water.

She took one nipple between her teeth and bit hard enough to make me gasp, then pulled it deep into her mouth and suckled it until it was hard as a marble. She let go and moved to the other side, this time lightly chewing my nipple and jerking it from side to side, like a dog with a new bone.

She edged her face back toward mine, and when she began kissing me again, I reached my hands into her bikini bottoms, squeezing her ass and pulling her cheeks apart with my fingernails. “Let’s go back down to my apartment, Sarah,” she begged.

Reluctantly we separated and climbed out of the pool, gathering our bikini tops and towels and rushing toward the elevator. As we waited for it to arrive, Melissa grabbed my free hand and brought it to her mouth, nibbling my water-softened palm. I followed her into her apartment and slammed the door tuzla escort behind us, wrapping her in a tight hug and corralling her against the door as the lock clicked into place.

My hands squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples, and she started tugging at my bikini bottoms, inching them toward my knees. When they were in a limp puddle around my feet, she shimmied out of her own and began leading me toward her bedroom.

In the dim light, my eyes strained to watched her ass bounce invitingly with every step; I noticed how she placed one foot directly in front of the other when she walked, like a model on a runway.

We both hesitated for the briefest moment once inside the bedroom. But all it took was for Melissa to reach her hand toward me, and quickly, silently we intertwined our arms and legs and fell onto the thick, down comforter covering Melissa’s wide bed.

We kissed and kissed, devouring each other and not caring if we bruised our lips. Melissa straddled me and lined her mound up with mine; our pussies ground together. We were both so wet there was an audible squishing as we squirmed to make our clitorises meet. We took turns sucking and playing with each other’s nipples, and finally, Melissa leaned back and pulled my knees apart.

I was on my back, my arms spread across the bed, and I watched her face as she looked between my thighs for the first time.

“Ohhh,” she said, stroking the pillow of flesh above my pussy lips. I lifted it toward her, but she was in no hurry. Melissa’s fingers traced my sodden triangle, then gently spread my labia open and pressed her thumb onto my clit. I was in ecstasy as she rolled and tweaked it between her fingers, pulling at the hard little nub until it throbbed.

Then, before I could even consider what would happen next, two of her fingers plunged so deep into my vagina I could feel them hit the wall at the very back. I screamed in surprise and pleasure, reaching my arms toward her and tightening my muscles around her thrusts.

She was plunging in and out of me with as much force as a man about to come, and her wet hair tickled my stomach as she frowned in concentration.

“Do you like it, Sarah?” she mumbled.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I moaned, in time with the rhythm of her fingers. She didn’t want me to finish just yet, and she soon pulled her fingers out—there was a slurp as the suction was broken—and began smearing my own whitish juice across my cheekbones and temples.

“I need to touch you,” I told her, staring into her eyes.

She smiled and rolled onto her back, drawing me on top of her and guiding my body so that my breasts were suspended over her face. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes, and I lowered a nipple between her waiting lips. She sucked it as urgently as an infant, while my hand crept blindly down the side of her torso, across her hip.

I pulled my tit away and inched myself toward the folds of her mysterious pinkish-purple pussy, which I saw was surrounded by just the faintest amount of soft black pubic hair. The strands curling closest to her vagina glistened with moisture. Melissa clasped her hands behind my head and urged me between her legs.

“Do you want me to taste?” I asked coquettishly, nuzzling the whites of her inner thighs with my chin and forehead and inhaling her sweet, musky odor.

She moaned, massaging my neck.

“Do you want me to… lick?” I teased, positioning my index finger at the entrance to her slippery hole and slowly, ever so slowly, twirling it deep inside her burning flesh, surprised at how easily and deeply I could move inside.

“Sarah, mmm…,” she sighed, spreading her legs even farther apart.

“Do you want me to suck?” I asked, darting my tongue ever so lightly over her hardened clit and digging a second, a third, a fourth finger into her engorged vagina.

“Unh,” she grunted, half entranced, half tormented as her hole stretched wider and wider.

“Do you want me to…” but the rest of my question was lost.

Melissa jerked my head forward, smashing my chin into my mostly buried fist and forcing my mouth at last to consume her beautiful, greedy cunt.

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