Thankfulness and Submission


Thankfulness and Submission[For gt15go…for his many thoughtful comments, etc.]Duane smiled inwardly as Thomas, the older man from the church was now naked, bent over the edge of his bed, as he waited for Duane to impale his ass hole on his far bigger, and black cock!”Fuck me,” Thomas said, looking over his shoulder as Duane walked up behind him, his much bigger, and black cock, swaying slightly from side-to-side. “PLEASE?!”At that Duane smiled even more broadly. Thomas was not the first older white guy in the area (Georgia) that he had fucked like that. In fact, it seemed to him that there was a surprising number of men of Thomas’ gender, and generation, that seemed to actually crave being fucked by a black man!Duane was lightly stroking his cock as he approached Thomas leaning over the bed. He was excited, and his cock was stiff and ready to ravage Thomas’ virgin ass hole, but first, and after applying a generous amount of lube to his finger, he inserted into Thomas’ rectum, and he quickly found his prostate. As he did, he pressed upwards, firmly, and he heard Thomas letting out a long moan of pleasure.”Oh—YESSS!! That’s it.”Duane vigorously fingered the older white guys rectum like that for a while, until Thomas’s much smaller, and limp cock, was beginning to ooze pre-cum; and Duane liked that reaction very much!”When I do fuck your ass,” Duane said, “I’m going to fuck you good and proper; as befitting a man who’s family once traded in my people as slaves.””Oh—yesss,” came the reply. “Please! I want you to fuck me. Take me! OWN me! I beg you.””Hmmm,” Duane said grinning at the eagerness in the older white guys voice. “It’s your lucky day, then. Because I am definitely going to fuck your ass like you’ve only dreamed of being fucked! Do you understand?” He was still probing the older man’s rectum with his lubricated finger as he had been talking.”Yes,” Thomas replied, without hesitation, “that’s exactly what I want!””It’s gonna hurt a little you know,” He said, as he withdrew his finger from the other mans ass hole.”I know,” Thomas answered, sarıyer escort “but I don’t care!””Well then,” Duane replied, bringing his cock head up to the slippery asshole, “then—here GOES!” With that, Duane began pushing his cock head firmly against the older white guys ass, and at first it tended to resist it’s advance.”Relax!” Duane said, barking out the word more as a command, than a suggestion.Thomas’ ass hole quivered slightly as he tried to follow the others instruction, and then, suddenly, Duane’s cock slipped inside; and as he got nearly half way inside in a single thrust, Thomas gasped out loud, in what seemed both discomfort, but delight as well, and Duane remained motionless for several moments, letting Thomas grow more used to having his anal passageway filled with his long, thick, black cock before going on!”Oh–GOD!!” Duane heard Thomas gasping. “Oh. My. GOD!””Take it—bitch!” Duane was surprised to have used the word ‘bitch.’ It wasn’t a word he normally used in his everyday life; but in this particular context, it had just sprung from his mouth automatically; and it seemed to fit the occasion perfectly—for this older white guy really was, in both a physical, and an emotional sense, his ‘bitch!’ “Ohgodyes!” Thomas said, his legs trembling slightly as he stood there, bent over, face down on the bed, as Duane stood behind him, his cock well inside his ass hole; and even though there was an uncomfortable sensation associated with it, it also felt strangely pleasurable at the same time!Since this was Thomas’ first ass-fucking, Duane decided to finish more quickly than he might otherwise have; and he began slowly thrusting his cock in, and then part way out, in, and then part way out again, keeping Thomas’ sphincter muscle stretched open; and Thomas kept up a steady moaning as his anal passageway adjusted, more and more, to that big black cock. The discomfort didn’t entirely go away, but rather, it became part of the curious pleasure that also accompanied esenyurt escort the experience!”Take it, bitch,” Duane kept saying, with each inward stroke of his fat cock head; and each time he said that, Thomas would moan in the only reply possible; and Duane enjoyed reaming this older white guys ass.As he fucked him, he could look over at the dresser next to them, and he saw a variety of photographs of Thomas’ wife (now deceased) smiling out of the gaudy picture frames, and he found it strangely satisfying to think how upset she would have been had she known, at that very moment, that her husband of some 50 years previously, was being fucked in the ass by a black man! What was the saying? She’d ‘turn over in her grave’ had she known! ‘Oh yes!’ Duane found himself thinking, ‘she definitely turn over in her grave!’ She, more than her husband, had been a very racist person in her days as a local school teacher. She had treated Duane with particular contempt. Even then, years later, the memory stung him—but what helped assuage that unhappy memory was the sight of his black cock deep insideher husband’s eager and willing ass hole!He reverie was broken by the sound of Thomas’ moaning.”Oh, god! FUCK ME!”Duane proceeded to do just that, and by the time he was almost ready to come, he had managed to work all eight inches of his cock inside the older man’s ass; all the way to where his balls were pressed firmly above the others balls.”I fucking OWN you, old man!” Duane said out loud, somewhat surprisingly aggressive; but the memory of Thomas’ wife had somehow brought that out in him; and he decided to just go with it. Besides, he was incredibly excited, and he need to unload his cum; and he intended to do so deep inside Thomas’ anal passageway—his ‘man pussy!’Thomas wanted this as much as Duane did, so Duane just let it happen—and as he began ejaculating, he shoved even deeper into the other man’s ass, and he held his hips in both hands, as he pumped and pumped and pumped his large load of fresh, hot sperm; avrupa yakası escort gasping out loud as Thomas did as well!”Ah–FUCKYESSS!!!” Duane said as he unloaded, and he didn’t withdraw until he’d unloaded every single drop of cum he had in him—and then, slowly, he withdrew his cock. As his cock head passed through the still snug ring of sphincter muscles, there was a slight push, and he could see his cock glistening wet and greasy. Thomas’ ass hole was a bright, almost angry red color. There was no blood, but it was obvious that no one else’s cock had ever before been where his had just been! Another virgin ass broken in properly, he thought, very pleased with how everything had gone.”Oh my god!” He heard Thomas saying as he crawled up onto the bed.”That ass is now mine, you know,” Duane said, gloating a little.”I know,” he said agreeing.”I’ve ‘bred’ you, so that means I OWN you, too. Don’t forget that!” Duane was wiping his cock with a handful of tissues that Thomas had handed him.”Thank you,” Thomas said as Duane dropped the used tissues into the nearby trash can.Duane smiled. “Your welcome! Just remember that you are MINE now!””I know,” Thomas said. “And I’m yours anytime you want! I mean that.”Grinning, Duane said: “I’ll take you up on that! Sometime. Eventually. Just remember who owns who here!””How could I ever doubt that?” Came Thomas’ reply.”I just don’t want there to be any confusion about that. Because I don’t intend to share you with anyone. Understand?””I understand completely!””Good!”Then, as Duane prepared to leave, he glanced again at the photos of Thomas’ deceased wife, and he clearly remember her spiteful, racist treatment of him as a boy in school, and his only regret was that she could not have lived to see him ‘take’ her husband in the ass, and ‘breed’ him like woman!’Bitch!’ He thought. ‘Harpy.’ As Thomas let him out, he thanked Duane for what he’d just done.”I needed that!” He said.Duane smiled, and said: “Yeah, I know! It won’t be the last time, either!””May I masturbate now?” Thomas suddenly asked.Duane paused for a second, and then said: “Okay. Why not? I suppose you earned it.””Thank you SO MUCH!” Thomas said, his face expressing relief.”Just remember as you do, that I now OWN you! Okay?””Absolutely. Of course. I’m ALL yours!””That’s right. You are!”Then Duane left, satisfied at yet another well deserved reparational ‘breeding!’The End 

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