The Bidding War


Jenny slipped off her bra and panties and reached for the black silk robe closest to her. Stacy stashed the clothes in the duffel bag for her roommate. “So let me get this straight,” she said. “This is how you’ve been paying your rent?” “Yep.”“How much are we talking?”“Months at a time.”“Months?”“Plus some to spare.”“And all you have to do is let them touch you?”“See, touch, and then the winning bidder gets to fuck you.”“But what if nobody bids on you?”“Every girl gets bid on. Three of three.”“Who’s doing the bidding?”“Rich guys mostly. Doctors, lawyers, trust fund playboys, that kind of thing.” Jenny smiled as she slipped into her favorite black stilettos. “But there are women too, sometimes.”“How does the bidding work?”“Winning bid chooses first, then second highest next, like that. Every girl gets fucked eventually. That’s part of the fun.”She tied her hair into a high ponytail and admired her long bare legs in the mirror. “Do you want to come?” she said absently, tucking a flyaway strand of hair against her head. She reached for her lipstick. “To the sex thing?”“Elite sex society,” she corrected. “It’s very exclusive and very hard to get into.” Her lipstick smoothed onto her lips like velvet. Jenny always had the perfect lips. Jenny shrugged nonchalantly. “Someone owes me a favor.”“Everyone owes you favors,” Stacy laughed. “I don’t know how you do it.”“Is that a yes? You’ve got five minutes.”The venue was a swanky basement bar in a restored building. The lights were dimmed and the ceiling was low. The walls were covered by brightly colored satin fabrics in silver, gold, orange, pink, and emerald green. Crystal chandeliers dangled from the ceiling. An aerial dancer spun on a hoop istanbul travesti in the corner, wearing only a few leather straps wrapped around her body.A harpist strummed harmonies in the corner, her breasts bejeweled in diamonds at the nipples that shimmered as she played. Waitresses draped only in similar fabrics as the walls served champagne on antique silver platters. In all, there were only around twelve people in the room.At the far end were three enclosures like giant round egg pods with an opening on one side. The pods all faced away from each other. They were covered inside and out in red velvet that looked black in the dim light. “They’re turned away for privacy,” explained Joyce in her British accent. Joyce was the fifty-something chaperone assigned to stay with Stacy throughout the inspection and bidding process. Every participant had a chaperone, and every chaperone knew what each bidder wanted the most. “A good time,” Joyce answered when Stacy asked what that was. She handed Stacy a tote bag—velvet, by the touch—of things. “Take off your clothes and put on this robe. There are also other things for you to prepare.”Stacy didn’t know what that meant, but she was excited. Her hard nipples proved it. Besides the robe, there were some high-end hygiene products, lotions—mostly brands she’d never heard of—that she used and put aside. She pulled her hair into the same high ponytail as Jenny and opened the door. “Right then. Let’s go on.” Girls were already being introduced at the pods. Stacy wasn’t sure where Jenny was. It was hard to see what was going on anywhere different from the pod one stood by, but the gentle moans of pleasure blending with the harp undertones istanbul travestileri throughout the room suggested good things. She stood at the door of the first pod. Inside was dimly lit with a half-circle leather bench, a few satin pillows, and one man in the dark. He seemed reasonably fit and wore dark slacks and a gray polo shirt. He was a little older, maybe fifty, and sat comfortably as she entered the pod. Stacy grinned. Some of her best encounters had been with older men. “This is Sam,” introduced Joyce kindly. “Sam, this is Stacy. You have five minutes, as always.”“Hello,” Stacy said dumbly. Joyce stepped in and pulled a curtain closed behind them. There was just enough space inside the pod for the three of them to stand comfortably if they wanted. It was also quieter in here. “Nice to meet you,” said Sam. His voice was deep. He was British like Joyce. From then on, as was explained to Stacy before, bidders would generally address the chaperone. “Show him your tits, Stacy,” Joyce instructed. It felt a little robotic at first, but Stacy always did love a good reveal. “Closer,” said Sam, examining her curves. To her surprise, Joyce gently bent Stacy forward so her tits pressed forward toward his face. Stacy pressed her hands against the wall behind him for balance. Sam cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing them gently. “Hmm…” he thought aloud, then he licked her left nipple.She gasped in surprise. He licked the other, then pulled at her tit with a gentle suck once, twice, three times. Stacy moaned quietly. She couldn’t help it. His tongue felt deliciously rough against her nipple. “You like that, do you? Let’s see how much.” He cupped her pussy and stroked travesti istanbul a finger between her labia. “Quite,” Sam remarked of her wetness. He sucked at her other tit like the first. Stacy’s legs felt shaky in this position. “That’s enough,” Sam said, stroking his hard cock through his slacks. Joyce helped Stacy stand and reclose her robe. “Questions?” Joyce asked him. Stacy brushed a strand of hair away from her face. The pod felt warmer now. “How long can you stand like that just now, Stacy?”“Longer than this,” she confirmed coyly. Sam smiled. Somewhere outside the pod, a bell jingled. “Very well,” said Sam. “I hope to see you again. Goodbye for now.”They left the pod. Joyce smiled at Stacy’s flushed face. “Try not to look fucked already. We have two pods to go.”The second pod was a younger man, also in slacks and a polo shirt. Jason was his name. “Hello,” Stacy greeted, more confidently this time. “Turn for me,” he said hastily. She turned. He looked to Joyce, who nodded knowingly. “Show him your hips, Stacy.” Stacy lifted the back of her already short robe and turned again, emphasizing the curves of her hips and her smooth ass by rocking her hips in a sensual circle as she turned. Jason again looked to Joyce, who again nodded knowingly.She stepped behind Stacy and tugged away the robe belt, then pulled off the robe altogether. There Stacy stood in all her nakedness, instinctively covering her tits and pussy with her hands. Joyce, gently but firmly, pulled Stacy’s hands behind her back and scooted her feet farther apart. Jason nodded approvingly at Stacy’s tits now thrust in his direction. “I wonder now,” Jason spoke for the first time, his accent unrecognizable, “what she tastes like.”He knelt beneath her legs still apart, spread her labia with his fingers, and licked her wet pussy. She gasped at the sensation as his tongue explored her slit firmly, deliberately, slipping inside as she moaned in-position held in place by 

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