The Little Thing Pt. 01

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*** I love feedback. If you like the story, please let me know. – This is a work of fiction, any resemblance with real people or names is purely a coincidence. – One last thing: I’m not an English native speaker. I think my English is pretty good, but I can make little mistakes here and there, so please bear with me. ***

We shared the same lift two or three times a week, sometimes only the two of us, sometimes together with other people: Amyway, I confess I didn’t pay much attention to her at first, as she looked way too young and was clearly very shy, always wearing her headphones and answering my “good evening” with a barely audible voice.

When I say she appeared to be very young, I mean it: she was thin, with barely any breasts, and her head was about the same height of my chest, with her shoulder-length brown hair and complete absence of any make-up completing the looks of what I thought was a teenage girl…

After some time, however, I started to notice that every time we were alone in the lift, she glanced at me when I wasn’t paying attention, looking away as soon as I turned my head in her direction. I thought initially that she was just curious, but for two or three times I was able to look back at her before she could look away and, judging by the way she blushed and tried to disguise her discomfort for being caught, I could say she was in fact checking me out. OK, I know I’m somewhat handsome, especially in a suit like I go to work every day, but even so it surprised me that a girl apparently so young and somewhat pretty could be paying attention to a 40-something guy like me.

Until this point, however, I was only amused by the apparent teenage infatuation I was causing, never giving her any reason to think I was interested in her. In fact, I really wasn’t, as she seemed too young. But everything changed purely by chance.

About six months after I met her for the first time, I was getting home and, as in so many times before, she was waiting for the lift. This time, though, she looked completely different: she was wearing business-like clothing and had her face very well made-up, looking not only older than before but much, much prettier, even with her thin, teenage-looking body. The very small breasts were poking gently through the white blouse she was wearing, albeit partially covered under a sober brown jacket, and her thin legs were now clearly visible inside the thighs and knee-height business skirt that completed her look. To make the picture whole, she was standing over high-heels shoes that made her not only taller but really, really sexy.

As soon as I entered the hall, trying to not check her out too ostensibly, I said my usual good evening and her face turned instantly red. What surprised me the most was that there were another person woman waiting for the lift, a woman in her late thirties, and judging by her appearance It was surely her mother. She answered me politely and then said to the girl:

“What happened, Julie?”

“Nothing, mom!”

She was clearly bothered by her mother’s question, and the lady replied:

“Well, then answer my question, lady. I asked you how the interview for the internship went!”

“It went well… I guess.”

The girl glanced at me as if she was bothered that I was listening to their conversation, but her mother ignored her and said:

“I hope they will call you back. It’s important that you start to get some work experience as soon as possible, even with you being still in your first year of college! Companies today always ask for previous experience, even for an eighteen-year-old like you, as crazy as it seems.”

Julie (now I knew her name) remained silent, and when seconds after that the lift opened its doors she got inside in a hurry, always looking down. Her mother sighed, amused by her manners, and followed her, with myself, as the gentleman I always try to be, being the last one to enter.

The short trip to my floor was completely silent, with everyone behaving like the norm dictates in a small enclosed space with unknown people: being quiet and not looking around. When the lift stopped, however, I made a point of looking directly to the girl before saying “goodbye”, and as her mother replied she kept quiet, her cheeks so red I could see its color despite the make-up she was wearing.


From that day on, everything changed for me. Seeing the mix of woman and girl I saw on the lift, the shyness and girly behavior blended with the sexy clothes she was wearing, and now knowing she was eighteen, had an effect on me, an effect so strong that on that same night I had sex with my wife in a way I hadn’t for a long time, to the point that she asked, laughing and after having a strong orgasm, what had happened with me. As I couldn’t say I was thinking about our eighteen-year-old neighbor, I just kissed her and changed the subject…

Now being very interested on her, the next day I was anxious to get home and meet her again. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in the hall, as she weren’t the next three or four days after that. For the first time, an entire week passed and, to my disappointment, I didn’t meet her even once.

The weekend came and was gone, ankara escort Monday returned, work took my mind away from everything else and I forgot completely about her. At the end of that same Monday, as I was going towards the lift hall, I was completely absorbed answering a text on my phone when with the corner of my eyes I could see someone. As my eyes were looking down on my phone, I just glanced to the side and saw two small, pretty feet with perfectly red-painted nails inside high-heels shoes. I stopped writing immediately and, looking up, found Julie, this time in a pretty business-type dress and again with her face nicely made up, even prettier than the last time. As always, as soon as she saw me, however, she looked down, her face completely red, waiting for my good evening to mumble something back as she always did.

I was, however, not only surprised for finally finding her but liking very much what I was seeing, and even as I knew I was probably making a huge mistake, I couldn’t help but lust after her. Trying to start a conversation, I asked:

“Hello there! It’s Julie, isn’t it?”

She waved her head up and down, clearly surprised by my question, but didn’t say anything.

“So, you got the job? Well done!”

Her face became instantly of the same color of her nails, but she managed to say in a faint voice:

“Thank you…”

The lift’s doors opened and making an exaggerated gesture I bowed and invited her to enter. Julie giggled, still looking down, entered the lift, with myself following her. As soon as we were inside, I asked her:

“Ninth floor, isn’t it?”

“Y… Yes…”

Her shyness was driving me crazy and I wasn’t thinking straight anymore, and as soon as I got out of the lift on my floor I turned back to her and said softly:

“I hope I see you tomorrow again, Julie. Have a good night.”

My scale of reds couldn’t describe the color of her face at this point, but before the doors closed I could see her beautiful smile.


That same day I knew I was fucked. I had never, ever cheated on my wife until then, but I knew that I was going to try to, as I needed to have Julie and her shyness to myself. It was crazy, I knew, and the number of things that could go wrong and fuck my life was enormous, but at that point my cock was speaking louder than my brain, and there was no way this would change until I had her.

From that day on, each day I could find her alone in the hall I tried to make conversation, but her shyness didn’t change a bit. She barely answered me, but at least started to smile more and to even openly laugh with some jokes I made. On the other hand, when there were other people around, she always kept to herself, making me sure that she, too, knew not only what was happening, but that we needed to be discreet.


My efforts finally payed out after five or six weeks of patience, careful work and continuous flattering to get closer to her without spooking the little thing. It was a Friday, I remember, and I didn’t expect to find her as I had left work later than usual, but to my surprise she was there, waiting for the lift, when I entered.

“Hey! Hello! Getting home late today, honey?”

I called her “honey”, “sweet” and other names like that every time we were alone, and I knew she liked it. That day, however, she smiled and, for the first time, looked directly into the eyes before answering, her face as red as always:

“Hi, Mr. Mark…”

She immediately looked down again but hearing her say my name with her faint voice, name that I wasn’t even aware that she knew as she never asked and I never told her, made me shiver with excitement. I took a deep breath and, trying to control myself and to not screw up this opportunity, said to her, looking around to be sure that no one else could hear me:

“Can I say something, Julie? You should look into people’s eyes more. Your eyes are so, so beautiful…”

She put her hands together, clearly nervous, and giggled, thanking me shyly. I continued:

“Where do you work?”

She told me, her eyes down to the floor as always, and I gambled a little more:

“You know, I work near you. We could have lunch together some day. What do you think?”

She looked at me, her eyes widened with surprise, and didn’t answer, and I immediately thought I had gone too far and that she would tell someone. To my surprise, though, after a few seconds she said, her voice stuttering:

“I… Yes, I… I think so…”

I smiled, relieved, and added:

“It would be easier if I could have your number, so we can text and arrange a time and date, don’t you think?”

At that point, the lift was there for some time, waiting for us to enter, but nor she nor myself were interested. I got my phone from my pocket and unlocked it, as if waiting for her to tell me her phone number, and after hesitating a little she did. I happily put it into my contacts list and immediately send her a “hi”, telling her:

“Now you have mine, too.”

I smiled and she giggled, but before I could say anything else an old lady that everyone knew loved to gossip came into the hall. Julie immediately regained ankara escort bayan her composure and entered the lift, followed by me and the “gossip lady” that, as soon as she entered, started to look for her keys inside her purse. I took the opportunity to look back to Julie discreetly and, as she looked back, wink my eye to her, making her giggle once again to the amusement of the lady that didn’t know what was happening.


I confess I tried very hard not to text her the next day, but lost the battle miserably, and it was still 11AM when I sent her a message:

“Lunch today?”

After only a few seconds, her reply came through:

“Yes, I think I can manage.”

“OK, then. At which time do you take your lunch break?”

“My internship is of four hours only… I don’t have a lunch break, but I leave at 1PM. Is it ok for you?”

“Yes, honey, I make my own schedule so it’s not a problem. Do you like Japanese food?”


“At which time do you need to go, after the lunch?”

“No worries, I don’t have classes today. I only need to be home at 7PM.”

“Excellent! This way we can eat calmly and talk. I love your voice…”

I could almost see her face blushing on the other side of the conversation. She took some time to reply, but finally sent me a smile and a heart, clearly flattered. As I was amazed with how she was more open and less shy texting, I took things a little further:

“Look, I know the owner of one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city, but it’s not that close. I could get you with my car at 1:15PM near your work and we could go there. What do you say?”

She replied yes almost instantly, and I sent her an address where she should wait for me.


I asked my secretary to cancel everything I had in the afternoon and left ten minutes before 1PM, so I would not be late. Even so, Julie was already there waiting when I arrived, looking stunning in a pink blouse, black pants and high heels, her lips color matching the color of her blouse and the rest of her make-up nicely done. I stopped the car and, getting out, got to the passenger’s side, greeting her:

“Hi, Julie! You are stunning!”

She blushed, going back to the girl I was accustomed to see in person, and replied faintly:


I opened the passenger door, waiting for her to enter and then going to the other side to join her inside the car. When I entered, she was staring directly in front of her, her purse on her lap, clearly tense, and to be frank I was tense too, but in another way: I was trying to engineer the best way to advance at least a little more that same day, to open the path that would get her in bed with me at some point.

I tried to make her more comfortable while driving talking about her internship, and half an hour later, when we finally got to the restaurant, she was at least a little more talkative and natural. As soon as I stopped the car, the valet opened the door for her and as we entered the restaurant my friend was waiting for us:

“Hello, Mark! Long time no see!”

“Don’t be silly, man. You know I work far from here!”

“I know, I know!”

He replied and, smiling, turned to Julie and added:

“Welcome, miss! Please follow me.”

He guided us to one of the private rooms he has in his restaurant, normally used for business meetings and where you can have complete privacy, as I requested. I could see Julie was really impressed with the place and the way we were being treated from the moment we arrived, and as soon as we were alone in the room I said:

“I told my friend I had a very special guest and that I wanted her to have the best.”

She giggled, replying shyly:

“This place is amazing. It must be expensive, though… I don’t have much money…”

“And what do you need money for? Or do you think I would invite you for lunch and let you pay? No, no, no, miss… Today, you’re my guest. You deserve to be treated like the princess you are!”

Her face went red as always, and she replied, dropping the mister for the first time:

“Thank you… Mark!”

I smiled, satisfied, and rang the little bell to call the waiter.


We had a wonderful time, especially after the wine I ordered and that made her relax a little. We chatted about lots of things, from work to movies, from the law school she had just started to my IT company. But most importantly we talked about herself, and I found out that her father had left her and her mom when she was little not to be seen again. By the way she told me that, I could see the fatherly figure was something she missed very much and couldn’t help but think that she was projecting this lack of affection on me, what only made me more excited about everything.

When we finally finished our fantastic meal, it was already 3PM. As she had told me she only needed to get home by seven, I said:

“Honey, we can go if you want. But the afternoon is so nice until now that the last thing I want is for it to end… What if we stayed a little more? I can order another bottle of wine to go with the talk…”

She looked at me, the first wine bottle already doing escort ankara its job, and asked:

“What about your work?”

“I cleaned up my schedule to be with you, so I’m all yours…”

She smiled, the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen, and looked down, replying:

“I… I don’t know… Maybe we should go…”


I was disappointed and let it show. She appeared bothered by my reaction, and stuttered:

“Because… Because…”

“What, my little thing? Tell me…”

I extended my hand and gently pressed her chin up, making her look at me. Our eyes locked to one another and seeing that she was completely under my spell I pushed the table away from us and slowly approached her face with mine. She didn’t move, clearly tense and nervous, and I added:

“You can tell me, my sweet thing. What’s on your mind?”

She looked down, confused, but finally said:

“We… I… Oh, God… You… You are married…”

I could see the confusion she was in, knowing too well what we were doing and feeling guilty by it. I needed to be careful now, so I lied a little bit:

“Look… You bewitched me since the first time I saw you with your headphones, looking so pretty… I… I couldn’t think about anything else…”

She stared at me surprised and said:

“Really??? I… I thought you thought I was only a silly girl. You were always so… So elegant, so adult. You know, I knew almost all of your…”

She suddenly stopped talking, embarrassed, and I said, caressing her hair and ears and making the hairs of her arm raise visibly:

“Almost what, my girl? Tell me…”

“Your… Your ties. Every day I tried to guess which one you would be using. All of them are so pretty, so smart… You… You are always so beautiful and elegant…”

I smiled, full of tenderness, and took off the tie I was using, giving it to her:

“For you.”

She looked surprised:

“What? But…”

“No buts. I want you to have it, so you will always remember this day.”

She slowly took the tie in her hands like it was a treasure and smiled. Seizing the moment, I approached her and caressed her hair again, our faces only a few inches apart. I could see when she closed her eyes and parted her lips, waiting for my kiss, and I touched her lips with mine, kissing her slowly and tenderly at first but soon starting to invade her mouth with my tongue as she surrendered herself, breathing harder and harder by the minute and kissing me back as the woman she was, despite the girl she looked like.

We kissed for a long time, my hands starting to explore her back through her blouse. At some point, my excitement was too much to control and I started to slowly descend my hands to the sides of her torso and, getting to her waist, climbed back from her stomach to her small tits. When I was almost there, though, she suddenly broke the kiss, pushing me gently, and looked down, confused.

“What is it, my girl?”

“I… I don’t want you to think I’m a little girl…”

“Never, my sweet thing, never!”

“It’s that… I never… I never… did this.”

“This what, to kiss someone?”

“No… To let someone… Touch me.”

I took a very deep breath, trying to control my excitement, and said:

“Look… I promise I’ll not do anything you don’t want to. I only want to feel you, your body… You’re so pretty, so sexy…”

She trembled visibly when I said that, and I immediately started to kiss her again, this time embracing her while resuming my caresses on her neck and head. After a few moments of hesitation, she finally gave herself completely, embracing me and kissing me passionately, and after repeating the previous journey with my hands from her neck to her waist and to her chest, she finally let me touch her very small tits, first through the fabric of her clothes, then directly on her skin, after I pushed her pink blouse up.

I carefully took one of her nipples between my fingers and gently squeezed it, making her moan audibly. After a few seconds I started to slowly unbutton her blouse, button by button, while continuing to kiss her, and when I finally was able to open it I took my time admiring her little pink nipples over her pale skin while she blushed and looked down.

“God, you are beautiful!”

I was being sincere. She was the most beautiful thing, pale and so petite.

“But… But they are so small…”

“They are perfect, as perfect as you are.”

“Your… Your wife’s are bigger…”

She was clearly jealous, but I pushed her chin, making her look at me again, and repeated, locking my eyes into hers:

“You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever been with.”

She trembled, excited, and I took the chance to slowly lower my head and start to suck on her tits. Oh, god, I was in paradise! A beautiful, petite young girl moaning while I sucked her little tits, completely surrendered to me, was too much… A few minutes later my cock was already aching, and I needed immediate relief. Without thinking, I took one of Julie’s hands and slowly but firmly directed it to my pelvis, pressing it over my trousers. She tried to pull her hand back, but I didn’t allowed her to do so, and finally she relented. When she did, I tried to use my other hand to open my fly and to take my cock off my pants, but when she sensed what I was doing she pulled her hand away again, this time vigorously.:

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