The Order: Training Lyla Pt. 01

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Double Penetration



My name is Maxwell Rollings. I’m forty-six and in pretty good shape for my age. Best of all, I’m filthy rich and living in the Hamptons. I have a wife, Karen, two sons, Brett, who’s 25, Jace, who’s 23, and three daughters. Lyla is 18, and my twin girls, Kacey and Kendal are 16.

I’m also part of an elitist organization that’s practices are not only illegal in most parts of the world, but are also taboo. Our beliefs are simple: that every man has the right to own what belongs to him. That as long as proper precautions are taken, no man should be limited by the law as to what he may do to his own property, whether it be object or person. Our members are rich, they are influential, and they are powerful. Because of our beliefs, our organization, The Order, is kept secret.

The Order believes in keeping its line strong. We marry our children off to other families in the Order, at least, whenever possible. But we aren’t savages; we have learned from the European royal families. Strict breeding within mingled bloodlines creates defects—defects that are against what we believe in: strength. So we recruit—and marry— new members to keep our lines from becoming weak.

Currently, there are six men who are of age for marriage, but no women. My own son, Brett, is one of those men. At twenty-five years old, he is the man I groomed him to be. He’s successful, attractive, and loyal to the Order. After graduating college with his four best friends—also of-age men in the Order—he has already started recruiting the next female member to be his bride.

As far as of-age women, my daughter, Lyla, will be the first in two years, though she won’t be permitted to marry until her twentieth birthday, which is still another two years away. Our laws are very strict and must always be obeyed. Lyla must be trained from her eighteenth birthday until her twentieth on how to be a proper woman of the Order. And it is my responsibility to see that she is trained.

The first part of her training took part at an exclusive all girls boarding school, run by widowed Order women. All Order daughters are required to attend the school from their fifth birthday to their eighteenth. A special curriculum has been designed for them. Education is important. We strive for intelligent women so that our future generations will be strong, but we must also be careful to keep much of the world hidden from their innocent eyes.

The school is located in the rural English countryside. There is no television or internet available and the nearest village is over twenty miles away. We must keep our daughters pure. They must be curious about sexual relations, knowledgeable of the act, but naïve in its practices. The must understand their purpose in this world and know how proper women should act in it.

I am the fourth generation of ruling Order families. The Rollings name was around since the Order was born and my father and grandfathers before me also served on the council, just as my son and grandson will serve after I’m gone. There are twenty seats on the European council, and another twenty on the North American council–twelve of which are my neighbors in the Hamptoms.

Today is a very special day; it’s Lyla’s eighteenth birthday. My beautiful daughter has finally come of age and my brother Peter and I are tasked with throwing her a party.

Chapter 1— Max’s Plans


“Lyla’s flight will arrive at five pm, and the party starts at seven. I’ve arranged to have her picked up and driven here,” my best friend and brother-in-law, Peter Branson, said from his seat across the table. “Ellen will come early to help Karen with any last minute party arrangements.”

“As long as our wives leave for Canada by eleven, they can do whatever they like,” I said, more than ready to ship my wife off for the month. Peter smiled, glad to get his wife out of the picture too.

“Where are you sending them?”

“To Canada,” I said with a smirk. “Karen’s a great wife, but she’s gotten a bit boring. I’m hoping Phillip can … liven her up a bit. You know how he is with women.”

“He’s a brute,” Peter laughed. “She’ll be begging to come back early but he’ll teach her a trick or two. And Ellen too. Actually, Ellen’s been mouthing off lately. Maybe I should tell him to prepare something special for her?”

Peter was right—Phillip was brute. Like Peter and myself, he was fourth generation, but Phillip had a dark side. When he punished a woman, she never forgot it. In fact, many Order men sent troublesome wives and daughter’s to his ranch to learn a lesson. He was well respected in our community and I trusted that my wife would come back in better condition than when she left.

“And as for Lyla?” Peter asked. “Have you been monitoring her progress with the headmistress?”

“Of course I have. I’m quite confident, she’s ready. I have big plans for her future, Peter. We need to make sure her training goes perfectly.”

“And it will. We have a straight month alone with her. ataşehir escort I’ve already secured two girls to help her along the way. You’ll be very pleased,” Peter says with a smirk.

Of course I would. I’d panned the whole night. It had been arranged just for the two of us. Nothing would happen by chance. Not tonight.

Chapter 2– The Party


Everything was beautiful. The house, the decorations, the dresses. I’d only been home for a few hours, and already, my life had changed for the better. I’d been afraid that I’d miss my school, or at least the other girls, but so far, I didn’t. My mother helped me get ready for my coming of age party, and my father had let me wear the family diamonds!

I looked fabulous, completely grown up! My mother had dressed me in a sexy red dress the hugged every curve. It was strapless and dipped low in the front to show off my cleavage. There was even a slit that went from the hem all the way up to my upper thigh. I’d never worn anything like it before. It felt incredible.

I can’t stop thinking about what it will be like to live here for more than just a few weeks a year when on quarterly vacation from school. My brothers both have homes of their own and my sisters are still in boarding school in England, so it will be just me and my parents. Or, actually, just me and dad, since mom is going on a spa retreat with Aunt Ellen.

I’m actually excited to be alone with my dad. He’s been allowed to visit me at school for one weekend a month, so I already know how much I love spending time with him. He’s a handsome man with blond hair, bright blue eyes and a square cut jaw. When other people are around, he’s formal and businesslike, but when we’re alone, he’s relaxed and playful. He tells the best jokes and can always make me smile.

After a few hours, the party started to drag. Everyone was drinking, but daddy only let me have one glass of champagne to celebrate. Most of the other girls were old, but a few were in their mid-twenties. One of them, a girl named Anna, told me she’d been married for two years. She wore a very short light blue dress with sequins covering the fabric over her breasts. I couldn’t help but notice– her chest was so big that dress barely covered them, and I wondered if I’d see her nipples peak over the edge if she moved the wrong way.

The men around her kept looking at her exposed cleavage and her husband even pulled her down onto his lap so that she straddled him as he kissed the tops of her breasts. I thought I should look away, but no one else did, and a few of the men even started to whistle when he grabbed her bottom and pulled her closer so that he could kiss her.

I wasn’t stupid; the teachers at my school educated me on sexual relations between a man and woman. I’ve seen diagrams and read about pleasure spots. Not only that, but during my last few visits home, I’ve accidentally walked in on my father having sexual relations with different women. The lessons I learned at school explained how men are hungry for sex and that it is a woman’s duty to see that he is fulfilled, so long as her father or husband consents.

In another two years, my father would pick my husband and I would finally enjoy the intimate touches that Anna now experienced. Until then, I would continue to pleasure myself in the privacy of my bedroom.

After another hour, my mother found me to say goodbye. She and Aunt Ellen were leaving for their retreat. She whispered in my ear for me to be a good girl and obey my father. I told her I would and to have a wonderful trip. A few people left with them and at first, I thought the party was coming to a close…until Uncle Peter started pouring more champagne for the remaining guests.

He handed me a glass but I shook my head.

“Come on, Lyla, it’s your party,” he said.

“Daddy doesn’t want me to have more than one glass.”

“It’s good of you to obey your father. Your teachers taught you well then?”

“They told me to always obey a man of the Order, but to obey my father or husband above all else.”

“Did they tell you what happens if you don’t obey?” He asked, taking a sip from the glass he had offered me only seconds earlier.

“I’ll be punished.”

“Did they tell you how?”

“They said it would be up to my father to punish me.”

He smiled a strange smile. “Have you met the other girls?”

“Yes, they seem lovely.”

“Have you seen the way the men look at them?” he asked, gesturing to a girl about the same age as Anna. She was wearing a black satin dress that dipped down low in the front and even lower in the back. The length of it barely covered her rear. Three men surrounded her, touching her and brushing against her. She laughed with them, then allowed one of them to kiss her lips. The man’s hands snaked down her back before slipping under the satin hem and cupping her rear. The material slid up, revealing the girls bare cheeks. “How they touch them?”

“Yes, I see,” I said, feeling kadıköy escort bayan slightly uncomfortable. After all, I’d never been at a party before, and while I’d caught glimpses of my father having sex, I’d never seen this kind of behavior with more than two people. The lessons back at school didn’t say anything about this.

“You aren’t ready for all of this, Lyla. You’ll have to learn to be comfortable with your body and with the men who crave it. Pay close attention, my dear,” he said, his eyes sliding down to my cleavage. “We need more champagne. You’re father keeps some in his office; go and get it for me.”

Relieved at the chance to escape, I turned and walked the hallway to my father’s office. I was surprised by all of the sexual undertones at the party. It was new and … exciting. My nipples were hard and the thong underwear that mother had insisted I wear was damp between my legs. I needed to get into bed and rub my fingers—

“Oooh, yes, that feels good,” moaned a woman from somewhere down the hall. “Ooh, God, please…don’t tease me anymore. Please, baby, please put it in me.”

I stopped, startled by what I’d heard. It was coming from my father’s office; the door was only partially shut. I tiptoed forward and peaked inside to see Daddy, his shirt open and pants undone, leaning over the girl in the blue dress.

Anna sat on top of his desk, her legs open to my dad. He stood between them, one hand pushing Anna’s leg up, spreading her wide. The position gave me the perfect view of her pink swollen flesh and of my dad’s bulging erection. It stuck straight out, long and thick and hard. I had to hold in a gasp. I’d never seen a man’s penis before, even during the times I’d walked in on Daddy, it was always blocked from my view. It was both amazing and frightening.

With his other hand, he rubbed the sensitive spot between Anna’s legs. The girl moaned and begged some more.

“You want me to fuck your pussy, baby?” he asked, touching the tip of his penis to her opening.

“Yes, please…Max, stick your hard cock in my fucking pussy,” she replied, writhing beneath him.

“Show me your tits,” he ordered. “You’ve been teasing me with them all night. If you want my cock, you’ll—”

Anna didn’t let him finish. She reached down and flipped the top of her dress over, her breasts—no, what had Daddy called them? Tits? Yes, that sounded right—her tits bounced free. My mouth parted slightly as I watched. Anna’s breasts were big, bigger than mine even. They looked so soft while the nipples were hard and pointed. Daddy reached out and grabbed one, roughly fondling it in his big hand. When he brought his head down and licked the hard bud, Anna moaned. He teased her a few seconds more before sucking it into his mouth. Anna’s hands wove into his hair and pulled him tighter to her breast.

“Ooh, ooh, Max… I can’t… mmmm, I can’t wait another second,” Anna gasped.

“You need me inside you, baby?” My father asked her as he pushed her back against the table.

“Ooh yes. I need you inside me, Max. Please, stick it in me.”

Daddy chuckled, and then slowly began inserting his penis into her hole, going in just barely before pulling out and starting in again. Each time, his strokes went deeper into her, and each time, Anna’s moans got a little louder and a little more desperate. I watched, captivated. I couldn’t look away if I’d wanted to…which I didn’t.


The night had gone perfectly. Lyla drew the men’s eyes wherever she went and the small sexual scenes he’d arranged had drawn her in. Her nipples had been standing straight out for hours now and I could only imagine how wet her panties were.

Peter had sent her at the perfect time for the champagne, just as we’d arranged, and she now stood at the door, peaking in as I pushed myself in and out of Anna’s cunt. Anna lay back against the table, her dress pulled down past her big tits, and pushed up to her belly button. Her whole pussy was exposed; the shaven twenty two year old was the youngest pussy available to the Order…until today. She was the last of the daughters to marry and because of her age, was used regularly by most of the twelve families who lived in the Hamptons. The little slut was always taking one cock or another.

I waited a few more moments, watching my daughter in the reflection of the glass cabinet. Her hand was at her throat, her tits rising and falling steadily with each breath. As Anna’s moans increased, Lyla’s breaths came faster. Not able to wait another minute, I finally addressed her.

“Lyla,” I said in as stern a voice as I could manage. Her eyes jerked up to meet mine. “Come here.” She took a shaky step forward. “Come here,” I repeated and she took a few more steps into the room. “Do you need something, baby?”

“I…uh…Uncle Peter…champagne,” she muttered, her eyes now looking straight down at the floor.

“Peter wants more champagne? He will just have to do without,” I said, beckoning her closer with escort maltepe a finger. “Lyla, have you met Anna?”

Her eyes flicked up to Anna’s rack before looking back at the ground. She nodded. “Yes, we met earlier.”

“Don’t be shy, darling. Go ahead and look. You’re an adult now. A daughter of the Order. You’re teachers told you of your duties, correct?”

“Yes… they told me to obey the men of the Order. That a good woman will do what is asked to please them and make their busy lives a bit easier.”

I had to hold in a chuckle. My poor baby girl had no idea what that actually was referring to.

“Well tonight is your night, baby. Tonight, you get to relax.” I looked down at Anna who was anxiously fingering her nipple as she looked hungrily at Lyla. “Anna, you want to make my daughter’s birthday special, don’t you?” I asked, thrusting my cock into her, inciting a moaned ‘yes’. “You want to make her feel good?” I asked again as I pulled out, then thrust into her again.

“Oh, yes, Max. I’ll make her feel soooo good,” Anna groaned as I resumed a steady pace of thrusting in and out of her dripping cunt.

“I knew you would, Anna, you’re so good at following instructions,” I said, flicking her nipple. “Come here, Lyla. Stand beside me.”

My daughter walked forward hesitantly. When she was close enough to touch, I reached out and cupped her chin, pulling it up so that she could see me. “I will not punish you tonight, as it is your birthday. But in the future, a hesitant obedience is just as bad as disobedience. Do you understand?”

She nodded, nervously. Her eyes seemed to keep drifting down to where my cock was rocking in and out of her new friend’s pussy.

“Do you like to watch people fuck?” I asked her. “I’ve seen you watching me before, when you’ve come home on quarterly breaks.”

“I, uh…it was an accident. I didn’t mean…”

“Don’t apologize, baby. You’re a grown woman now. It’s only natural that you would enjoy sex—-watching it and having it.” I paused. “You are still a virgin, aren’t you, sweetie?”

Of course she was. She was watched like a hawk at the school. There was even a hidden camera in her bedroom and bath so that her teachers—and I—could watch her every move. She’d played with herself often, but had never so much as had another girl in her room. This was going to be perfect.

“Yes, I’ve never—”

“Good, good baby. You’re such a good girl, and I see that. As a reward, I’m going to give you something special for your birthday.” I reached behind her to find the zipper on her dress. As I pulled it down, her eyes snapped to mine, and I could see that she wanted to object, but she didn’t. Good. Her teachers had trained her to never disagree. As the dress loosened, it slipped off her breasts and slid down to her waist. She used her arms to cover her exposed tits, and I nearly slapped her for it. Catching myself, I said instead, “Lyla, you are never to cover yourself again. When a man of the Order undresses you, you are to stand still until he instructs you further. Do you understand?”

Again, hesitantly, she nodded and put her arms at her side. I nearly came as I took in her perfect breasts. They were large, though not quite as large as Anna’s. A D cup, according to the measurements the teachers had given me. The nipples were dark and hard as little pebbles. Her breasts had the perk of any eighteen-year-old’s tits. Immediately I wanted to burry my head in them bite her dark nipples until she screamed. But I held myself back; this was her day after all. And I didn’t want to scare her.

“Now push that dress over your hips and let it fall to the floor,” I instructed. She had perfect curves. Good tits, tiny waist, and the perfect hips for grabbing onto. I knew what I’d see as soon as she pushed the dress down. Her little body had undergone both laser hair removal, to keep away any unsightly hair, and the birth control shot. Her teachers had prepared her well for her training.

As the fabric crumbled to the floor, I saw smooth skin leading down to curving lips. I wanted to lay her down on the table and spread her legs, but I remained in control.

“Beautiful,” I said, caressing her skin with the backs of my knuckles. I couldn’t help myself when I got to her breasts. I caught the tight nipple between my fingers and tweaked it. Lyla let out a startled squeak. “You truly are beautiful, baby.”

For a moment, my brain seemed to freeze. There was a plan for tonight. I had to stick with the plan. I slammed my dick extra hard into Anna to both ground my thoughts and elicit a moan from the girl. When she called out, Lyla’s eyes flicked over the girl. Cautiously taking in her bouncing tits before her eyes locked in on Anna’s pussy. The folds slid around my cock as I thrust in and out, taking me as easily as if she were made for me. Lyla bit her lip, watching– hypnotized it seemed, by the act of fucking.

“On your knees on the table, Lyla,” I said sharply. She jumped, startled out of her trance. Slowly she climbed onto the table, careful to hide herself from me. She didn’t need to worry—I knew better than to take a look between her legs. I’d lose all control and then my whole plan would be ruined. “Do you like Anna?” I asked her, gesturing down to the girl I still fucked.

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