The Shower Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 (The Revenge)


Alicia knew exactly what Jason was doing in the shower, hell normally he’d be in there a minute, two minutes at the most, so when he took nearly ten minutes she knew he was in there jacking off. It didn’t make her mad, when she went to bed she was simply too tired to want anything to do with him, sexually or otherwise, so if he wanted to take things into his own hands she wasn’t going to complain. Of course now, thinking about what he was doing was beginning to distract her and as she tossed and turned she realized it might take a while to go to sleep now.

Yeah, instead of sleeping she began trying to guess what he was up to. Knowing how long it took for the shower to heat up she figured he was probably getting himself worked up some. Whenever they played together Jason simply went nuts when Alicia touched his nipples, usually any session they had involved her using her fingers and then her mouth and tongue on both his nipples. Because of this she figured he would be toying with his nipples, maybe even pinching them as the water heated up.

After a few minutes she heard the shower door bang shut and then heard the squeaking of the shower controls. So he was adjusting poker oyna the temperature and then she heard the high pitched hammering of the water she recognized from the pulsate setting on the shower head. Now she figured he was pushing his cock into the pulsating jets of water while most likely soaping up his nipples.

Picturing all these things she began to feel her own nipples harden a bit and, slipping a finger down between her legs, yes, she was a bit moist. Figuring he wouldn’t hold off too long, Alicia pictured him soaping up his right hand and sliding it up and down his cock while his left hand continued toying with his nipple. Of course she pictured the ultimate conclusion of the event with the cum spurting out of his cock splashing into the water and disappearing down the drain.

When he turned off the water she knew he had finished and when after a few minutes she heard the knob on the bathroom door turn, she closed her eyes pretending to be asleep. She remained motionless as he pulled on his tee shirt and climbed into bed. Just before diving into his pillow, he leaned over, gave her a kiss and said, “Goodnight.”

Alicia, trying to act as if she just woke up, mumbled, “Hope you had fun.”

He simply canlı poker oyna fell onto his pillow and within a few minutes she could tell by his breathing he was sound asleep. In spite of the fact she was very tired when she went to bed, she was now wide awake and somewhat turned on. She remained in bed for a few minutes and then thought to herself, “What the hell, I’ll have one of ‘those’ showers too.”

She carefully climbed out of bed and tiptoed into the bathroom. She slipped out of her gown, pulled off her panties and then turned on the shower. Immediately stepping inside, she adjusted the shower head to her favorite setting, a mix between the steady stream and the pulsating jets. Letting the water splash over her body, she turned to face the spray letting the tingling sensation of the water on her breasts get her nipples very firm. She then soaped up her hands and ran them over her breasts, letting her palms circle over her nipples.

As she got more turned on, she leaned her shoulders back and pushed her hips forward so the water was splashing on her pubic mound and over the lips of her pussy. Adjusting the angle of the spray she then reached down and pulled her lips apart, exposing her clit. Pushing her internet casino hips a little further forward she moved to where the spray was hitting her directly on the clit.

While Alicia would have preferred a hand held shower nozzle so she could be more in control of how the water hit her clit, things seemed to be working okay now and with the tingling sensations running down to the depths of her pussy she knew she didn’t need to do anything else. She just needed to lean back and let the water kiss her clit exactly as it was doing just then.

Closing her eyes, she held her hips still, letting the random splashing of the water titillate her clit and flood her with pleasure. She was breathing hard now and she felt herself getting closer and closer until finally, oh yes, yes, yes, she came. Closing her legs and turning from the water she let the shower stream over her ass as he let the pulsation inside her pussy shiver through her.

Finally calming some she took a deep breath, turned around and turned off the water. Pausing for a moment to try to catch her breath, she then opened the shower door, grabbed the towel and dried off. She then pulled on her gown and panties, slipped quietly out of the bathroom door, climbed into bed with her husband and kissed him on the cheek, whispering, “Goodnight.”

Smiling the relaxed back onto her side of the bed, fluffed up her pillow and tried to get back to sleep.


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