The Sidewinder Caper


Orlando eased back on the yoke, cut thrust, and the sleek Gulfstream jet settled gently onto the runway of the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.”Hey! Wake up, beautiful!” he said, leaning across the thrust console and giving Indri a gentle nudge. He braked seconds after touchdown, steered towards the apron, and cut across a taxiway, heading for a private hanger on the outskirts of the busy Middle Eastern airport.”We there?” she murmured, rousing herself from an inflight nap. Indri lifted the headphones off her ears, tousling her auburn curls, and shifted her hips in the co-pilot’s seat to straighten up. She’d fallen asleep to the strains of Aram Khachaturian’s Gayane Ballet Suite over the private jet’s sound-system, with an open book of Carlos Castaneda’s Journey to Ixtlan splayed across her lap. She had almost finished reading it, as the luxurious aircraft had crossed the Mediterranean on its final leg from Mykonos, where the last girl had been picked up.As she pulled her seat-back upright, she felt the last trickle of Orlando’s semen ooze from her wet slit and soak into her silk panties. She and a couple of the other models aboard the Prince’s private jet had availed themselves of the Prince’s private pilot’s privates, to become initiated into the mile-high club en route. Indri had been the first model picked up on the international flight, and the last one to be fucked. Orlando Falconi had gotten to know her pretty well, as just the two of them had the plane to themselves over the long trans-Atlantic stretch. The rest of the girls had just been fuck-toys, mile-high quickies, as the plane had jumped from airport to airport around Europe, picking up gorgeous girls headed for the Prince’s bed. Prince Neyaf, one of the many royal grandsons of King Abdulaziz had a weakness for indulging in grand sex-parties with the world’s most beautiful women, and it was an indulgence he could well afford. Most of the women he sought were top-models, or jet-setters who used their exceptional beauty to gain favors from the world’s richest men. While not directly in line for the throne, the Prince was nonetheless royal blood, and shared handsomely, if indulgently in the profits from his family’s vast oil holdings.Indri had made a name for herself as a rising Victoria’s Secret lingerie model, and had attracted the attention of the young Prince on one of his clandestine visits to New York, when they had been introduced at the party of a hedge-fund manager who lived on the mersin escort Upper East Side. She hadn’t fucked the Prince on that occasion, but she had certainly made a strong impression on the swarthy royal, as well as a number of other billionaires who were in attendance, from the moment she made her entrance, wearing a see-through Versace gown, sans bra.The plane rolled to a stop outside a flood-lit hanger, and the cabin door swung open to a couple of Bentleys, parked just beyond a red carpet leading up to the executive jet. As the twin engines mounted on the plane’s tapered empennage whirred down to silence, six girls wobbled down the foot-lit steps in their heels. Two limo-drivers were holding doors open, waiting on the warm evening tarmac to transport them to one of the royal family’s palatial compounds for their indefinite stay. As the other girls exited the plane, Indri wheeled around in her four-inch spikes, and returned Orlando’s kiss before leaving the cockpit door. He gave her a small Burberry case, handing it over almost reverentially, and asked her if she had memorized the detailed time-table for the plan.”Of course!” she smiled, and as the door to the flight-deck opened onto the now-empty cabin, she talked freely to the young, handsome pilot, “…but why did you pick me?””It’s really quite simple,” he began, and as they walked together out the hatch and down the stairs, a closed-circuit camera zoomed in on them from the corner of the hanger.”Who’s the cunt talking to the ‘Sidewinder’?” asked Duran, watching the closed-circuit monitor at the other end of the remote feed.”That’s His Majesty’s new toy. Some underpants-model from New York,” replied Selvaski, Duran’s fellow Academi employee. They both worked for the private security contractor engaged to protect the royal family and the palace compound. From the control center on the estate grounds, they could monitor the mansion, the airport, and all the other facilities controlled by the royal family.”How’d he get that handle anyway?” Duran asked in passing.”In Iraq. The approach to Baghdad airport required a corkscrew descent over protected airspace to avoid missile fire from insurgents around the perimeter. He took the maneuver to the extreme, usually banking heavy jets over sixty degrees on his spirals – scared the shit out of most of the visiting brass and Washington dignitaries, but he never took a hit, and picked up the nickname in the process. The guy’s a real alpha. Takes mersin escort bayan everything to extremes no one else can pull off. The guy’s a natural!””Tell me we get to strip-search those babes in the limo when they get here!” Duran drooled.”They’re way outta your league, sonny!” Selvaski snorted.The Bentleys passed through security at the main gate of the compound, and pulled up to the front entrance of the mansion. The girls were escorted to their private suites on the second floor. Indri was new to the routine, but some of the models had made the trip before, and on the ride from the airport, they had told her what to expect. The girls were there as playthings for the Prince and his guests – expensive playthings! These were some of the most beautiful women in the world, and as models, were well-known in the industry, earning fortunes posing for layouts, magazine covers, and doing runway work for many of the largest fashion houses.Money was no object for the magnates of the Middle Eastern oil cartels, however. They could afford to compensate them beyond the dreams of mere call-girls. These were courtesans of royalty – both blood and financial variety. They often returned home with hundreds of thousands of dollars transferred into their personal bank accounts, depending upon how unobtainable they were perceived by mere mortal men. The Prince prided himself on bedding super-models. It was a point of honor few men could aspire to, and these women knew their bodies were their tickets to wealth. This gig was just big coin, for a future when they were no longer so young and beautiful.Their bags were brought up, but none of the women had bothered to pack much. They would be given shopping excursions around the best outlets in Riyadh, which were opened for their personal use whenever the proprietors received orders from the Prince’s people. Nepotism ran deep around the ruling house, and you paid to play in the Saudi capital. Indri was provided with a personal staff to tend to her every need, want, and desire. Her dresser was an attractive Arab girl in her early twenties, the daughter of a vassal family indentured to the Royal House.”Thank-you, Amani. How long have you been working here in the palace?” Indri asked the pretty, young girl, as she laid out the dress she had just un-packed.”I have worked here since I was nine, Miss. My grandfather owed a debt to the Royal Family, and all my sisters and brothers are required to serve at the escort mersin pleasure of the ruling house, as were my father and uncles.”Indri picked up the Dolce & Gabbana dress and held it up to the young girl, whom she was quite sure could never dream of affording such a dress, working as she did, a virtual slave. “See if this will fit you, Amani.” The dark-eyed girl looked at Indri with a stunned look and shook her head, as if it were not allowed. But she looked at the dress admiringly, nonetheless.”Memsaab?” “Please! I would like you to have it.” Subdued, the girl lowered her eyes, but after a moment, looked up again with an expression of renewed hope. Indri handed the girl the dress with a kindly look, and she received it hesitantly, but held it to her body closely, turning to admire herself in the mirror.”You are spoiling my servants!” chided the Prince, who startled them both, as he stood with a bemused look on his face in the vestibule of Indri’s apartments. “It is alright, girl. Take the dress. You may leave.” Amani rushed out with a nod to the Prince, and closed the door behind her.”That was a great kindness. She will serve you well, now!” the Royal Prince observed.”So may I serve you, your Highness.” Indri smiled, thankful that he had allowed the girl to keep the dress. She admired his confident manner as he approached her.”When I first saw you that night in New York, I told my brother Saud that you had the look of a Princess, and he agreed. I am afraid we played a little trick on you that night in Manhattan. You see, my brother and I are twins. You met us both that night, perhaps not realizing it. When I went to get you that drink, it was my brother who brought it back to you. I wanted him to meet you, so I told him of our conversation, and he continued our chat in my place. A harmless deception I have come to use unnecessarily and too often, I’m afraid, but yet, still necessary at times. My needs have become… somewhat complex in recent years. Having a double can be very convenient. “You are… incredibly beautiful, my dear.”The Prince took her hand and kissed it, and looked into her silver-gray eyes intensely. He held her hand intimately, kneading her fingers with his, rubbing her palm gently. She felt the desire in the way he touched her, and she wondered if he intended to consummate their arrangement this very moment. She was used to being around powerful men who never hesitated to take what they wanted, and nothing they did ever surprised her.”I am Saud, my jewel. Truly!” he said with a sly wink, “My brother desires your company. Please come to his suite around the other side of the stairwell at eight.” With that, he released her, and retired from her suite with a polite nod.Indri stood there, perplexed at the game.

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