The Story of Love Pt. 02


My training with Reiko continued at a leisurely pace. I watched as she made love to various men, including one, Shiguro, who made my heart leap. He was lean and bronze and his body seemed restrained and powerful. When he plunged his penis into Reiko’s vagina, I wished fervently that someday I could make love with him. Reiko showed me all of the techniques and sexual positions that could excite men — but she showed me more. She showed me the small compliments and gestures — the nuanced touches that a woman could provide to drive a man to the heights of ecstasy. Although I was scared to be intimate with a man, I was also yearning to become a grown woman and to put what I had watched to practice.

I had hoped that Reiko would give me an orgasm again, but we spoke nothing of the event and Reiko did not kiss me intimately again after that night. We hugged and kissed each other on the cheek as friends, but I longed for her kisses and her tongue. That night, after my lessons in conversations, I asked Reiko, “When will I put what I have learned to practice?”

“Oh, Love,” Reiko took my hands. “Do you think you are ready?”

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “But I want to try.”

“I will arrange for a man to make love to you tomorrow night,” Reiko told me. “Out of all the young men you have seen, is there anyone in particular you liked best?”

I flushed in embarrassment at the question and found that I could not speak.

“There is one, isn’t there,” Reiko teased me.

“Yes,” I admitted, “Shiguro.”

Reiko looked curiously at me. “Are you sure?” she asked me. “Shiguro can be very aggressive. There may be other men that would be nicer for you.”

“I think I like Shiguro best of all,” I told her.

“Very well,” she told me. She paused, sighing, but then kissed me on the cheek and left.

The next day, I was clumsy and absent-minded. Reiko was constantly redirecting me. “Tonight will come soon enough,” she whispered to me, as I was mangling a relatively simple dance step. “For now, you must concentrate on your lessons. All aspects of your training are important. You mustn’t focus on a single aspect at the expense of the other skills.” I nodded, but my mind kept returning to Shiguro and his elegant, long penis — I felt fear and excitement at the thought of taking Shiguro into my mouth and of feeling a man inside of me for the first time.

I could hardly eat dinner because of my excitement. After dinner, Reiko instructed me to bathe and prepare myself. I returned to my room, putting on the robe Reiko had given me. I must have sat still for nearly an hour when I finally heard my door slide open. “Love, Shiguro is here for you,” Reiko told me.

“You will stay with me, won’t you?” I pleaded.

Reiko looked at Shiguro, who nodded back at her. “Yes, if that is what you want.”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized to Shiguro, bowing my head slightly. “I’ve never been with a man before and I’m quite nervous.”

“Reiko told me you were a virgin,” he noted, approaching me and removing my robe. He took my breasts in his hands and pressed my breasts together. “You did not exaggerate,” he told Reiko. “Her breasts are by far the largest I have ever seen.” I wanted Shiguro to kiss me, but he stood holding my breasts as if he were evaluating two melons at the market. I smiled at him, but he was transfixed on my breasts.

I walked to the bed and lay down. Shiguro ignored everything but my breasts. He squeezed my breasts and sucked on my nipples. I felt a combination of pleasure and pain at his rough play. Reiko must have seen the pained expression on my face, for she admonished him, “Please be gentle with her, Shiguro, she is so young.”

Shiguro paused and then removed his clothes. “Do you know how to suck cock?” he asked me. I nodded my head and even as I was nodding, he thrust his erect penis toward my face. I opened my mouth and he began to vigorously move his penis in and out of my mouth. For a moment, I did nothing but accept his penis, but then I focused on lathering my tongue around his shaft. “You do know how to suck cock,” he told me, and I felt flattered by his compliment. He then straddled my chest, his penis between my breasts, and placed a pillow behind my head so that my face was angled forward.

“Reiko probably didn’t show you how to titfuck, since her breasts are so small, but I’ll teach you!” he laughed. I must have looked stupidly at him, because he explained his meaning. “You will press your breasts together and I will fuck your breasts Kadıköy Escort just as I will fuck your pussy later.” I pressed my breasts together and he began to buck his hips back and forth. “Open your mouth,” he instructed me, and as I did, he leaned forward so that at the end of each thrust, his penis entered my mouth.

I felt overwhelmed by the experience and I certainly did not feel any pleasure. Remembering the gentle touch of Reiko I wanted to cry, but I knew I could not. I simply did my best to accommodate Shiguro and his vigorous movements. “Yes, yes, yes!” he cried out, and at the end of his last cry, hot semen flew onto my face and breasts. I winced instinctively and turned my head away. My hands went to my face and Shiguro continued to thrust his penis atop my breasts, his semen spraying onto the bed, my breasts, my hair, my hands, and the side of my face. “She is a novice at accepting cum,” Shiguro noted to Reiko, “but with breasts like that, she will command an excellent price.”

I lay still, feeling the semen drip down the side of my face. “You will have to allow me to clean her up,” Reiko noted to Shiguro.

“Of course,” he responded. He took his penis in his hand and slapped it several times against the side of my face. It felt like a rebuke to me.

“I will come back in an hour or so and truly take her virginity,” Shiguro stated simply. Reiko bowed to him and he left the room.

Reiko took a small towel and wiped the semen from my face. “Well, I suppose you are a woman, now,” she told me. “Why did you pick Shiguro, of all the men?” she wondered, more to herself, than to me. I did not say anything; I felt ashamed of myself — I felt like a receptacle.

“Is this what it will be like with men for me?” I asked Reiko. “The men are so gentle and loving with you and he treated me like an animal. It’s because you are beautiful and I am not.” Reiko took my head into her lap and caressed my face lovingly.

“Not all men are this way,” she told me.

“I don’t want him to come back,” I told Reiko. “I want men to love me the way they loved you.”

She smiled at me as if I were a child. “You have to take him again, tonight,” she told me. “I advised you not to select him, but you were certain in your choice.”

“I want to be loved the way you loved me, Reiko,” I told her. Sitting up, I kissed her fully on the lips.

Reiko placed her hands on my shoulders and held me firmly. “Love, you are very beautiful and there is so much for you to learn. I hope you can keep your sweetness even as life teaches you unpleasant things.” She held my hands and brought them to her lips and kissed them. “When I made love to you, it was as your teacher. I am glad you felt the love I have for you as a student, but I don’t have a natural physical love for women. What I gave to you that night was important to your knowledge, but it was nothing more than that.”

She had stated her words kindly, but my heart sank and it would have been better if she had struck me. I bathed and returned to the room. Reiko and I sat silently together, each of us alone in our thoughts. When Shiguro came back, Reiko spoke quietly to him and I could not hear what she told him.

“I guess I’m a lucky man,” Shiguro told me. “Teacher is going to help the pupil.” Reiko led me to the bed and, as she had done before, kissed and caressed me. As she moved her kisses down past my belly, I felt myself relax and give myself over to her affection — an affection I knew now had boundaries — but an affection that meant everything to me, nonetheless. Shiguro sat in a chair, smoking a cigarette, watching us and absent-mindedly stroking his penis. Finally, he ground out his cigarette and approached the bed. I dreaded his approach.

“This is only to prepare myself for fucking,” he told me, and he mounted me in reverse, the ballsack of his penis in my face, as he pressed my breasts together and began once again to fuck my tits. Dutifully, as would be expected of me, I licked at his scrotum and anus as he pressed himself against my face and breasts. Meanwhile, Reiko’s attentions were producing the desired effect and I climaxed loudly, my cries muffled by Shiguro’s scrotum, which was pressed into my mouth. “Lord, she has almost brought me off again!” Shiguro cried out. He moved himself between my legs and, nodding toward Reiko, told her, “thank you for preparing this little slut. Even though she is fat, she will probably have a tight pussy.” I looked to Reiko, wishing she were Ataşehir Escort in my arms. The way Shiguro talked about me — as though I didn’t exist, other than as a receptacle for his penis — made me feel like my whole identity was being expunged.

With one thrust, Shiguro plunged his entire penis into my vagina and interrupted my reflection. I stifled a cry and then felt myself being rocked back and forth as he rammed into me again and again and again. I felt like a child knocked down by wave after wave at the sea.

“Tight!” Shiguro cried out. “Oh you are a great little fuck toy, Love,” he shouted. I concentrated on accepting his thrusts, even as I felt a wet liquid emerge from my vagina. Later, I could see from the sheets that this was my blood from the sacrifice of my maidenhead. After several minutes of thrusting, Shiguro repositioned me so that I was on my knees and he had intercourse with me in the dog position. As he entered me, he grasped onto my breasts and squeezed them forcefully. “Moan for me and it will make me cum faster,” he told me. I began to moan, even though I felt only confusion, not pleasure. Suddenly, Shiguro stopped thrusting, and he pushed me over to my side and scrambled toward my face. He gripped his penis inches from my face and began to stroke himself, finally unleashing streams of semen onto my face. Spent, he thrust his penis back into my mouth, and I tasted a metallic tinge of blood along with his sweat and semen.

As I suckled Shiguro’s penis gently, he kneaded my breasts as though they were dough. Then, just as suddenly, he got up. “I’m going to sleep,” he told me. Glancing at the bed, he told Reiko, “she didn’t lie — she’s a virgin.” And then he left.

Reiko led me to the bath and helped me clean myself up. We returned to my bedroom. “Don’t go,” I pleaded with Reiko. Reiko sighed and climbed into the bed with me. She held me as I fell asleep sobbing. When I awoke, Reiko had left my bed and I felt very alone.

I later came to realize that Shiguro had done me a favor in one sense. I now realized that sex with men was not necessarily a type of affection — it could be merely accommodating an animalistic urge inside of men. This realization helped me as Miss Akemi began to arrange visits for me. None of the men were as rough as Shiguro — in fact, most were polite and respectful to me and seemed to value me, both for my personality as well as for my breasts — but I felt detached and I even felt a sense of pride in that I could remain apart from what was happening. I analyzed my techniques and noted the response of the men and in course, adjusted my techniques and approaches. I began to gain confidence in my skills and Miss Akemi acknowledged to me that my popularity was rising to such a level that soon I might be one of the top girls at the house. Had Shiguro not destroyed my innocence, I doubt that I could have been so objective about sex and I would thus never have been able to develop my skills so rapidly. I think that may have been the problem with school — I needed to be driven out of my mind, in a way — to detach myself — to truly put myself in a position to learn.

I also began to feel pride in my body — after all, it was so intensely desired by men that it must therefore have incredible value. At first, immediately after my experience with Shiguro, I had eaten poorly and lost weight. I unwittingly infuriated Miss Akemi by my weight loss. “Love, you have deflated your breasts,” she accused me. This shocked me because I felt that I was more beautiful with a slim waist — yet as I considered her words, I noticed that men desired me far more with stomach fat and full breasts. Reiko and Miss Akemi saw to it that I ate full meals, and my breasts once again ballooned to their full size — possibly even larger. My breasts were now 120 cm in circumference. Realizing that I was desirable, even when fat, gave me confidence in myself and I found that my posture was improving — and in turn, my improved posture seemed to give me even more confidence.

Gradually, my lessons with Reiko became very brief. Reiko then took on another student, a girl named Aiko who was very ill behaved and my time with Reiko became minimal — we would pass each other in the hallway but we had no prolonged time together. Each time I saw Reiko, my heart leapt with joy, but at night, loneliness would overcome me. It felt strange to be so physically close with the men, but to have my heart so far removed. I felt a kind of apathy overcoming Bostancı Escort me.

The one joy in my life was a friendship I struck up with an errand boy, K______, who provided a variety of duties to the house. He was tousled haired and cute and would tease me relentlessly, though never in a mean way. Once, when I wore a flower in my hair, he fell over as I walked by. I helped him to his feet and asked him what had happened. “Your beauty has destroyed me,” he told me. “If you were any prettier, I would simply die.” I flushed in embarrassment at his compliment.

“It’s mean of you to tease me,” I told him.

“I’m actually serious, Love,” he told me. “I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I hope someday to have a wife who is as half as beautiful as you.”

I don’t know why, but his words pained and angered me. “You will do well to find a wife who is not a prostitute,” I scolded him. I began to walk past him, but he impertinently held me by the shoulder.

“Being a prostitute does not make you any less beautiful, Love,” he told me. “And you don’t have to be a prostitute all your life.” I had never thought of my future and his words stunned me. Was it possible to create another life outside of the house? Could I someday be a wife — a mother? I stumbled away from K; his words had shaken me to my core.

The following week, I was in a fog. I had so many thoughts in my head and my performance in the house suffered. Several of the men complained to me. “You are usually such an attentive lover,” one of the men told me. “If I wanted some mindless fool to plunge my cock in and out of, there are plenty of girls who can do that.” I resolved to improve my focus, but I also knew that I needed to resolve the thoughts racing in my mind.

My chance came at dinner one night. Reiko attended the dinner — I later learned that Aiko had tried to rob a client and had been expelled from the house — and she sat next to me. “Oh, Reiko,” there are so many things I need to ask you. “I know you are not my teacher, but I hope that I can help you.”

“Love, you will always be my pupil,” Reiko told me. She held my hand. “I will help you in any way I can.”

I explained to her my interaction with K and the thoughts it had triggered. She listened patiently and then gave me her advice. “K is a hustler, Love. You need to be careful as much of what he is telling you could be an attempt to flatter you.”

“He’s just a simple errand boy,” I told Reiko. “What would he gain by flattering me?” I asked.

“I’ve heard things about K,” Reiko told me. “They say he recruits women for a pimp — one who doesn’t operate as a formal house. And they say that he uses drugs and gambles. He only runs errands at this house to try to find new women. It’s a dangerous game he is playing. If Miss Akemi catches him, it will be the end of him.”

The thought of K as working for a pimp seemed ridiculous to me. “You are teasing me, Reiko,” I told her.

“I don’t know these things firsthand,” Reiko admitted. “But you must be careful, Love. Miss Akemi will be very upset if she thinks you are contemplating leaving. She has invested so much in you and it will be at least two years before she would even consider giving you your release.”

“So I am a slave here?” I asked Reiko, horrified at the thought that I had no liberty.

“Miss Akemi has a note from your parents, who signed on your behalf. They agreed to repay her the cost of the training if you leave before earning back your training cost.”

“My parents had no right to sign such a document! It will serve them right if they have to pay back the note.”

“It’s not your parents who are responsible for your debt, Love,” Reiko told me. “It is you. Miss Akemi can have you put in jail if you were to leave. K is simply filling your head with dreams. You have several more years of work here before you can even think about setting out on your own.”

Involuntarily, I did the math in my head. Miss Akemi had me make love to 15 to 20 men a week. Two more years of service to her meant that I would make love to nearly 2,000 more men. I imagined the men arriving all at once, overpowering me, and covering me in their semen. One by one, the men didn’t seem so bad, but considered in their totality, the thought was overwhelming.

“I don’t know if I can do that,” I admitted to Reiko.

“Love,” Reiko whispered, “You are already doing it and you are doing it very well. You need only concentrated on each moment — do your job well and retain your beautiful spirit. When the time comes that your note is repaid, Miss Akemi will let you know. At that time, you can decide for yourself what to do.”

I nodded, but in my mind, I was thinking, No, I cannot go on like this for another two years.

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