The Therapist – Getting Personal

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It had been weeks since Denys and I shared the evening at the hotel in the city. Denys was gentle, calming, and comforting, an appropriate temperament for a therapist. I felt as though I could surrender all my anxiety and fears to him, but now I also craved him in a primal way.

I felt oddly grateful when escalating issues with a supplier at work had me returning to Denys’s area for several days. Sharing this with him, I was surprised that he suggested I come directly to his house. When I asked if that felt too personal, he joked “no, fucking a patient in my office feels too personal.”

After my first nine-hour day auditing, I returned to my hotel, showered, changed, and looked up the address Denys had given me. I learned that he didn’t drink, despite having met at the bar last time, but he suggested bringing something for myself. As the miles ticked away on the drive, I remembered his hands on my body, the taste of his lips, and the feeling of him slipping inside me.

I parked on the street and glanced at the house number then back at my phone to confirm, before grabbing my things out of the passenger seat and climbing the few stairs to his door. Despite having been invited, and nearly all our virtual sessions having been hosted from inside this house, it felt different. I knocked and waited.

“Hey, you made it, come on in.” Denys smiled as he opened the door and stepped back with a wave.

“I did. I brought a bottle of chardonnay for myself; you said you didn’t mind?” stepping through the threshold and scanning around the room.

“Not at all. I hope I still have a corkscrew somewhere, we’ll figure it out.” He closed the door and turned back to me. “Coat rack is behind you.”

I set my bag on an upholstered bench and slipped off my heavy coat, hanging it on a free hook. I recognized some items as I looked around and spotted the computer across the room. A fluffy brown cat was curled up on the chair in front of the desk, her too I recognized. I felt familiar, safe, and with Denys just inches away, aroused.

Denys picked up the bottle in its brown paper sleeve, “Well, ah, why don’t you get comfortable while I get you a glass of this and we can start with whatever this is going to be?” he smirked and backed toward a bright doorway that led toward the kitchen.

“Whatever this is going to be, huh?” I returned an equivalent smile.

I watched Denys disappear into another room and made my way to a dark blue couch. Looking around at the things I recognized and those I did not, I learned more about him. I noted that the lighting was warm and low, much like his office and as I’d seen on video. I wondered if he always kept it this way. I noticed a bass guitar sat on a stand near a wall and an open fly-tying kit on a dining table with scattered hooks, feathers, and spools of what looked like colorful twine. I realized his fingers must be quite skilled.

“This is definitely more than five ounces but I’m sure that’s not a problem.” Denys laughed, returning to hand me a stemless glass.

“Of course not. I’m surprised you even have wine glasses?”

“You know, I actually just like the way the round stemless stuff looks.”

I sunk back into the couch, enjoying the wine’s smooth buttery finish. I looked at Denys over the rim as I sipped and shivered as my eyes wandered his body and I imagined him getting hard.

Denys sat in an oversized chair perpendicular to the couch, sipped from a large black insulated cup, and looked at me. “So this is obviously unconventional. To be honest, and I’m sure you think I’m lying, but I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t really know where the boundaries lie or if there’s even anything left of them.”

“I don’t know.” I stared into my glass nervously and felt the escort çapa alcohol warm me. “It’s complicated.”

“How do I make you feel? I mean, how does all this make you feel? Because you’re still making progress in our regular sessions.”

“I think so. Work is better, I feel less anxious overall, but…” I shuffled in my seat, anticipating his scent and touch. I didn’t expect a session as much as I expected laying him across his own bed and licking, sucking…

“But what?” He set the cup down on the coffee table and leaned forward toward me.

The wine had already taken the edge off, “…but I spend a lot of my free time thinking about you and your cock and the things I want to do with it.”

Denys’s mouth opened slightly, and he took a deep breath. “You know, it’s different to hear you say it than it is to read it in a message.” He glanced down, aware of the growing object in his pants and the attention I had already given it.

My face flushed and I swallowed hard. A rush of tingles ran down my spine as I fidgeted my fingers around the cool glass cradled in my palms.

“I hate the idea that this is bad for you in any way. I think I enjoy this as much as you, but I do think…” Denys sat back in the chair, and I watched his hand adjust the position of the stiff shape down his right leg trying to delay the inevitable.

It was all I could handle. I sat my glass on the coffee table and stood; Denys paused and looked at me. I stepped in front of his chair and absorbed the whole situation. He sat with a half-smile in his usual t-shirt and flannel, leather watch, and hair tied back. I stood in snug jeans, long sleeves pushed halfway up my forearms, and hair falling over my right shoulder.

I sighed and climbed up onto his lab, one knee on either side of his legs, and reached one hand around the back of his head, gripping the knot of his ponytail, while my other hand wrapped around his shoulder. I kissed him deeply and slowly, inhaling him and parting my lips to involve our tongues. He reciprocated my intensity, placing his hands on my ass as I pressed my hips into his, feeling his hard cock demanding that this situation escalate.

Denys gently lifted me away from his lips “Let me take you to the bedroom.”

I crawled backward off him, running a hand over the bulge in his jeans as I did, and biting my lip as I flashed my eyes toward his. Denys climbed up out of the chair and took a step to the side, turning and extending a hand toward me.

Feeling the slickness between my legs escape my underwear and make its way into the fabric of my jeans, I placed my hand in his and he turned toward a hall, leading me away. “Careful.” he whispered as we climbed the stairs to the second floor.

I followed him into his bedroom and was immediately overwhelmed by the romantic ferocity of a kiss. After letting go of my hand he turned toward me, wrapped both arms around my body, and forced his mouth onto mine. We shuffled toward the bed as my hands sought the fly of his jeans and he ran his up underneath the back of my shirt.

I gripped him tightly through his pants as he popped the hooks on my bra apart and with one swift motion, grasped a handful of fabric, pulled my shirt and bra off over my head, and tossed them on the floor. Placing his hands just above my hips he pivoted me to the bed and pushed me onto my back. He lifted my legs by my thighs and thrust his weight into the side of the bed to slide me back across the blanket, roughly centering me on the mattress.

Denys crawled up and over me kissing my bare torso until he reached my neck where he raised his lips to my ear and whispered, “Let me take care of you.”

I melted further into the bed with his words soaking into my brain and let the scent eskort istanbul on his blankets consume me.

Denys unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled my jeans down, stopping halfway along my thighs to discover I’d soaked through my panties. He kissed his way around my hips, picking up the edge of my thong with his teeth and letting it snap back onto my skin. He then looped two fingers into either side of the waistband and pulled them all the way off with the rest of my jeans.

Separating my legs by my ankles, Denys positioned himself between my legs and looked at me hungrily from below the horizon of my pelvis, like a hunting cat. He crawled forward and reached his left hand up toward my chest, tucking his fingers around the curve of my ribcage and simultaneously using his tongue to part the crease of my pussy lips and unveil my clit.

I moaned and pushed my hips toward his mouth as he alternated flicks of his tongue over my clit with circles and gentle sucking. Occasionally pausing to kiss my thighs and presumably catch his breath, he’d flash his aquamarine eyes toward my face. Each flare I caught of his eyes was electrifying.

He adjusted his posture and positioned a hand to spread my lips apart as he glided his tongue over my dripping pink entrance. As I felt him probe into me with a pointed tongue, he looked up and held my gaze. Locked onto him, I watched his eyes squint into a smile as he felt my reaction to him swapping his tongue for two fingers. He bent them slightly and wiggled them inside me, massaging and tickling together.

I arched my back, lifting off the bed and squealing “Ohhh fuck, Denys…” grasping at the blankets compulsively. He continued the work his fingers and returned his mouth to my clit, driving me over the edge into my first orgasm. I moaned and descended into a stupor as he persisted and increased speed to bring on a second and a third.

Backing away from between my legs and crawling his body back over me, I struggled my way out of the near coma he’d left me in and reached instinctively for his pants.

“How was that?” he smiled and bent down, biting my left nipple.

I tried to catch my breath, “I want you, Denys, I want you so bad.”

He eased himself upright and knelt over me. He watched my face, eyes glued to his crotch as he navigated the fasteners of his jeans to free himself. I intently stared as he stretched the waistband of his underwear down to liberate his hard wet cock. My mouth watered at the first glance of his thick shaft and the glint of moisture that had accumulated at its tip.

“Ohhh, oh fuck.” I watched his beautiful piece bounce enthusiastically while he pulled his clothing all the way off and kicked it over the edge of the bed. “Please let me feel you, I wanna feel you inside me.” I petitioned.

“Shhh, you don’t have to beg this time.” He soothed my anxious pleas and directed the head of his cock right to my opening. He groaned and stroked himself, “You’re so wet.” Rubbing his tip around my whole pussy. I felt him, warm and firm, gliding over all the juices he’d created with his tongue and fingers.

“Mmm, Denys.” I watched him watching himself, dragging his paintbrush over my wet canvas. I reached for his ponytail, and he looked up to my face. I wet my lips as he leaned toward me again, diving his tongue back into my mouth.

“Yeah?” he returned himself to my pussy and pressed gently. “Ohhh…” he sighed as he slowly slid all the way inside, bottoming out as his tightening balls rested against me.

I felt the warm fullness of his body filling mine as he looked into my eyes. I whimpered “Oh god! Fuck!” as I felt him begin a rhythmic campaign with his hips. He leaned down over me with his ponytail hanging in front of his shoulder and a satisfied eskort bayrampaşa expression.

Denys continued driving his cock into me, carrying me to another orgasm and growling with amusement as I tensed, twitched, and relaxed around him.

I raised my legs and wrapped them around his back and began to lean to one side. Following my suggestion, Denys rolled beneath me and once he stretched out on his back, I sat up top of him, his manhood still tucked tightly inside me. I looked down at him laid out below me and ran my hands over his chest. “So fucking sexy.” I smiled.

I brought my weight down onto my wrists and lifted my hips without letting him all the way out, giving him a view of his hard cock, glistening wet and half-stuffed in my pussy. I brought myself all the way back down, burying him as deep as I could inside me and watching his eyes roll back as he stretched and opened his mouth wide with approval.

Denys reached his hands down to my hips and let them follow me up and down. Sensing he enjoyed the view, I eased off my wrists and arched my back away from him, letting my hair fall back dramatically and stretching the length from where he entered me all the way to my neck. I tilted my head back and let out a deep sigh before looking back to see Denys with a pleased grin, watching himself sliding in and out of me.

I shifted my weight again and leaned back down, but he wrapped his arms around me, pulled me in tightly and rolled us over back over to the original position with me underneath him.

“I don’t know how much more I can take; you feel so good.” Denys slowed his motions and ran a hand over my firm nipples, squeezing one breast and releasing. His face close over mine, I ran a hand along the side of his head, pulling his lips back down to me.

I locked my tongue in his for a moment and released, “Then let me feel you cum.”

“Mmmm” Denys groaned, and I held my hands to his chest, feeling his deep breaths coupled with his final powerful thrusts that would crescendo in his ultimate prize. “Ohhh, fuuuck, ahhh…” he thrust deep and held position as his hands tightened into claws, gripping the bedsheets and grounding him against the intensity of his orgasm. I squeezed my internal grip on him as tightly as I could, hoping to strengthen his climax.

As he gradually caught his breath and relaxed inside me, I gave a few playful squeezes with my pussy muscles that made him jump “Gah! Oh…that’s really not necessary…” he smiled and gently pulled out of me.

“No, but it’s fun to see your reaction.” I snickered.

“Fun, huh?” Denys leaned on one elbow and reached back with his other arm to pull the elastic band out of his ponytail.

My mouth opened as I watched his hair fall over his shoulder.

“What? What is that face?” Denys grinned and shook his head at me.

“I’ve never seen your hair down like that, it’s fucking sexy.”

“It’s gray!” he laughed “how could gray hair be sexy?” he ran his hand through it and shook his head to let it tumble further, the longest strands landing near my favorite of his freckles.

“It’s not gray, it’s silver, and it’s incredibly sexy.” I reached out to run my hands through it. I grabbed a handful of it and pulled his face toward me for another kiss. “You know, I really don’t think there’s anything therapeutic about this.”

“Yeah…” Denys looked down at the soaked wet spot on his bed “I definitely don’t think there’s any boundaries left.”

“I can think of a few things I haven’t done to you yet.” I played with his hair.

“I didn’t mean those kinds of boundaries. You’re a little devil.”

I giggled, “You say that about your cat.”

“Yeah, she is too. I bet she’s had her paws in the wine you left on the table.” Denys threw a hand in the direction of his open bedroom door.

I looked toward the doorway and smirked. “I want to make a wet pussy joke right now.”

Denys shook his head and I watched the loose curls in his hair bounce. “How about I just get you another glass?”

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