Tina part 1

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Six months after my wife left me for a lover, that I had not known about, I was still bitter and not good company. She had taken our three kids with her and moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane. Her lover had been her boss at the job that she worked at for the past 3 years. I found out later that she was pregnant when she left me; since I had had a vasectomy after our third kid was conceived, it had to be someone else’s.

On Friday night I was at home, drinking myself into a state of numbness, when the phone rang.

“John! It’s Jenny. I want you to come for a pool-side barbecue tomorrow. Get here about noon. OK?”

Now Jenny is married to my elder brother, Fred. She is a very stubborn woman who never takes ‘no’ for an answer, so, even though I did not want to go to her barbecue, I replied “OK Jenny. Thank you.” and hung up.

Next day I was a bit late arriving at Fred and Jenny’s. I heard voices coming from the pool area at the back of the house, so I let myself in through the side gate straight into the pool and barbecue area. Jenny came to meet me and gave me a friendly kiss. She was barefoot, wearing very short shorts and a short singlet top which left her midriff bare. It was obvious that she wore no bra because the singlet was moulded (=English spelling) to the shape of her nipples. “My god. You look so sexy, Jenny. If you weren’t married to my brother I’d…” I thought better of finishing that sentence and left it hanging. “You’d what, little brother?” Technically I was Fred’s little brother, not Jenny’s, but she often called me that. “Well. Maybe I’d better not say in front of your husband.”

“Oh! Come on. I would take it as a compliment if you said that you wanted to fuck me. So would Fred, I think.” “Don’t be shy little brother. The thought of you fucking my wife is quite exciting for me as well as for her.” I was stunned because I had never heard either of them speak like that before.

“Anyhow. You know our friends, Roger and Liz.” I dutifully shook Roger’s hand and kissed his wife rather more enthusiastically. I knew them both from earlier visits to Fred and Jenny’s. He was a bit of a bore, but she was great fun and easy to look at, especially today when all she was wearing was a tiny bikini. She has the sort of body that really looks good in a bikini.

“And I want to introduce you to Tina. Tina, this is John, Fred’s little brother. Tina is my little sister. She’s staying with us for a bit after breaking up with her boyfriend.”

Tina was lying face-down on an air mattress on the deck beside the pool. She was wearing only the bottom of her bikini, the top was on the deck beside her. To my surprise, delight really, she did not bother to retrieve her top, but simply stood up and stepped toward me to give me a kiss on the cheek. Delighted, I grabbed her and pulled her against me, pressing her nipples against my T-shirt. I half expected her to push me away, but instead she wrapped her arms around me and held me close. She switched to kissing me on the lips and, when I responded, she slipped her tongue between my lips. Again I responded by pushing my own tongue into her mouth.

After a few minutes of this I felt that that was probably enough for a first greeting in front of the others, so I released my grip on her, expecting her to do the same and step back from me. Instead she continued to cling to me and to kiss me as passionately as you might expect of an established lover. At this point the devil put an idea into my head and I acted upon it, slipping my right hand up between us until I was playing with her left nipple. Her reaction was simply to moan into my mouth, apparently enjoying what I was doing, so I slipped my left hand up to her right nipple and squeezed that too.

Finally Jenny kocaeli escort tapped us both on the shoulder. “Break, you two!” Tina stepped back half a step from me, but she grabbed my hand and held it in hers. “John! Every one here is topless except for you. Don’t you want to be part of the party?” I realised that Jenny and Liz had removed their tops, the two other men had been wearing only swim suits when I arrived. I, rather inappropriately, had arrived wearing my best jeans, a T-shirt and deck shoes. Tina pulled my T-shirt over my head revealing my not-too-bad pecs and my fairly flat abs. I kicked off my shoes, leaving me still over dressed in my jeans.

Fred distracted me from an awkward moment by pushing a cold tinny (=beer can) into my hand. It tasted wonderful. “So! You two were both depressed when I last spoke to you separately. What happened?” “I’m not sure, but it felt good.” said Tina. “It felt good to me too.”

Then Liz chimed in, “Wow! You two really turned me on. I’m quite wet from just watching. I’d love to get some of that action.” Then Roger stepped towards Liz. I expected him to reprimand Liz for what she had said, but, to my astonishment, all he did was to untie the bows on either side of her bikini bottom, letting it drop to the deck and then push her towards where Jenny, Tina and I stood in a little group. As Tina came to her, Jenny grabbed her and pushed her into my arms. I dropped my empty tinny and wrapped my arms around her. She immediately started kissing me as passionately as Tina, minutes before. What else could I do but respond to her passion?

As we kissed I saw a pair of hands, which I recognised as Tina’s, come around my waist from each side and unbutton and unzip my jeans, then slide my jeans and my undies down my legs. Then Jenny knelt down and helped me to step out of them. What was this, a conspiracy? I decided to just go with the flow. Our naked bodies were pressed against each other. Her skin felt wonderful against mine. It’s no surprise that my cock was rock hard and pressing against our bellies.

Then someone’s hand was inserted between our bodies. Was it Jenny’s hand or Tina’s? The hand found my cock and started to manoeuvre (=English spelling) it toward Liz’s cunt. Liz pulled her hips a little away from me to allow the hand to achieve its goal, and, before I knew it, I was inside Liz. Shit! The flow that I was going with had turned into a raging torrent!

Liz’s arms were wrapped around my neck and she lifted herself up, trying to get my cock at a better angle in her cunt. I put my hands under her bum cheeks and lifted her off the ground. There we were, fucking in a vertical position, something that I had never done before. Perhaps not my favourite position, but, hey, it was better than anything that I had had recently. Liz seemed to like it too because, as I lifted her up and down on my cock, she started to scream very loudly in my ear. Her orgasmic squeezing of my cock, combined with the novelty of fucking someone else’s wife in front of her husband, and, apparently with his consent meant that I too came very quickly.

When I recovered from a magnificent orgasm, I realised that the others were standing watching us and clapping and cheering. The two men, now both naked, were showing their approval in another way; both had impressive erections, bouncing in front of them whenever they moved. My cock shrank and slipped out of Liz, and I lowered her gently to her feet. She staggered off towards my brother, Fred. Tina came and stood in front of me with her back to me and pushed her bare bum into my bare crotch. As if drawn by magnets my hands reached around her body and attached themselves to her tits. As we stood like that, with me massaging Tina’s breasts and her rubbing against my cock, we watched as Liz kocaeli escort bayan knelt in front of Fred, and started sucking his cock.

Then Jenny went to Roger and pulled him over to the air mattress where Tina had been lying when I arrived. She pushed Roger down onto the mattress, face up, then straddled his body and lowered herself onto his impressive erection, and started fucking him for all she was worth.

Finally the penny dropped. Jenny and Fred had been swinging for years with Liz and Roger. They valued Roger, not for his conversational skills, but for his huge cock, and to Liz’s more obvious qualities I now added her willingness to share Roger’s cock with Jenny. I had been missing out on this scene for all these years.

As we watched all the action my prick sprang back to life, pressing into Tina’s bum crack. She turned to face me. “You like what you see?” “Yes, but most of all, I especially like seeing, and feeling, your naked body.” She kissed me.

“Do you like anal?” “I don’t know. I’ve never tried it.” “Why not?” “My wife thought it was disgusting. She refused to try it.” “And you’ve never fucked any one else?” “Not before today. I got her pregnant when we were both 17. We married and had two more kids. Then she left me.” “Well, I’d like you to fuck me in my arsehole. OK? I’ll get some lube.” She disappeared into the house.

While she was gone I watched the orgy in front of me. As I turned my attention to them, it was obvious that Fred was cumming into Liz’s mouth. She seemed to be enjoying it as much as Fred, swallowing all of his cum. Then Fred lifted Liz and placed her on the table beside them, so that her cunt was easily accessible to him. Then Jenny and Roger, moaning in unison, distracted my attention from what Fred was about to do to Liz. Jenny was still on top of Roger, but she had slumped down on top of him and was no longer lifting up and down on his cock. All the evidence was that they had cum at the same time and were now satiated. I looked back at Fred and Liz; he was now squatting in front of her with his face between her thighs. Apparently he was eating her pussy.

Not surprisingly my cock was still rock hard when Tina came out of the house carrying a small tube which she thrust into my hand, then leant over a sturdy chair with her bum thrust toward me. “Put some on your fingers, then push them into me.” I started with one finger, pushing it into her arse, then with two fingers, moving them about and stretching her gently.

“I’m going to like this. Now lube your cock and try to push it into me.” I pushed it in until the whole of the head was inside her, then waited for her to get used to it. Shortly she pushed back against me so I pressed on. She was very tight but after a bit I was right inside her, balls deep. Then as I started pumping in and out I reached around and started to massage her clit. We both came together, very quickly. For me the reason that I didn’t last very long was the extraordinary goings on in front of me and the fact that I was fucking Tina in her arse in front of other people, all of which were novel experiences for me. I was relieved that Tina came so quickly too, otherwise my performance would have disappointed her.

When we finished I realised that the others were again standing around watching us fuck, and clapping and cheering. Tina stood up and kissed me then took a mock bow to the audience. Then she took me by the hand and lead me toward the table where the barbecue was laid out ready. She did not seem the slightest bit concerned that my cum was dripping out of her arse.

After we had eaten Tina turned to me and kissed me again. “I’d like to spend tonight with you, John. Will you take me home with you, please?” “Oh! Yes please!” Then she picked up my T-shirt and slipped izmit escort it on over her nudity. “I’m ready. Let’s go.” So I pulled on my jeans, stuffed my undies in my pocket, picked up my shoes and was ready too. We thanked Fred and Jenny, and I kissed Jenny and Liz and shook Roger’s hand while Tina kissed Fred and Roger before we walked, hand-in-hand, to my car.

As soon as we pulled away Tina leant over to me, unzipped my jeans and released my cock. I was so pleased that I had left my undies off, otherwise she would not have found it so easy to release my cock. She went down on me, making it very difficult for me to concentrate on driving. Fortunately I made it safely home, it was only a short distance, and drove into the garage. Tina continued bobbing her head up and down, the length of my cock, taking it right to the back of her mouth but not quite into her throat. Again this was a new experience to me because my wife had always been very reluctant to give me a blow job, although she was quite happy for me to eat her pussy, and so within minutes I was pumping my cum into Tina’s throat. She coped magnificently, then sat up grinning and said, “How was that?” “Fucking great!” “Come on. You’ve cum in my mouth and you’ve cum in my arse, but you still haven’t cum in my cunt. Where’s your bedroom?”

When I got out of the car my stiff cock was bouncing in front of me through my open fly. Once inside the house I grabbed my T-shirt that Tina was wearing and lifted it over her head which left her the way I liked her best, totally naked. She undid my jeans and slid them down my legs and I stepped out of them. I, too, was naked. But we didn’t make it to the bedroom. Once we were inside the living room Tina felt the soft shag-pile carpet under her bare feet and decided that that was as far as we needed to go. She sat down on the floor and pulled me down with her. She lay back, spread her legs wide and somehow manoeuvered my erection into her cunt.

Now I had not fucked anyone for at least six months which helps to explain why I was aroused again after cuming in Liz’s cunt, Tina’s arse and her mouth. However I was not going to cum quickly this time. I hoped that this meant that I would be able to give her an orgasm before I erupted into her cunt. After a few minutes of fucking missionary style, I pulled out and asked her to get on her hands and knees, then I plunged back into her pussy from behind, hoping that my cock would now be rubbing over G-spot. I was rewarded soon after by her moans, then she collapsed forward so that her face was pushed into the carpet. I continued pumping in and out until I felt her cunt walls contracting on my cock as her orgasm struck her. Then I pulled her back against me by her hips and held my cock deep inside her as my fourth load of cum for the day erupted inside her.

I didn’t think that I had another fuck left in me, but I was really enjoying the feel of Tina’s body pressed against mine. We lay together on the carpet for ten or fifteen minutes, just cuddled together. “I’m a dreadful host. I haven’t offered you anything to eat or drink. Are you hungry?” “No, thank you. I ate a huge lunch and we didn’t eat until quite late, but I would love a glass of wine.” “Red or white?” “White please.”

“Would you like to sit on the lounge rather than the carpet?” “But I’m dripping our cum. I don’t want to stain your lounge.” “Here! Sit on my T-shirt.” Then I went to the kitchen and came back with a chilled bottle of chardonnay, two glasses and a bowl of macadamia nuts.

We sat together, sipping our wine, and nibbling nuts as we finally got to know each other. We talked for hours about everything and nothing, laughing and joking, until we both had a fit of yawning. One of us must have yawned first and that triggered the other off. “Come on. Let’s go to bed.” So I led Tina to my bedroom and we lay together. “Tina. It’s wonderful to have you in my bed.” But she was already snoring gently.

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