Trapped in a Tower

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There is a town, located on the outskirts of Hell itself, where strange and mysterious creatures are born. In this town, there is a small cottage, where a man named Raven lived with his wife Percilla, who was secretly the village whore.

One night, she “entertained” a hunting party of Demons roaming through nearby woods. Demons were very large, and loved the chance to have a small human cunt wrapped around them. Of this, two children were born. One was a man named Shawn, who had a large sword and could make certain things happen that seemed almost… Magical. Then there was his mischievous sister Jayca, who had no magical protection, and instead relied upon her lithe feet and quick blade. Everyone always said that when the children were displeased, their eyes turned into those of a Demon.

When the siblings were 12, their mother heard of an exceptionally large Demon that was going to a nearby town. Due to all the times she had been fucked by Demons, even their huge cocks could not satisfy her. But the bigger Demons had even bigger ones, and she was dripping just thinking about them. As soon as she was able, she told her husband she was going to her sisters for the weekend, knowing how brutal Demons are. Since this was a big one, she would need time to recover.

Meanwhile, her kids were coming home early. Jayca went up to her father and asked “Daddy? Where’s Mom at?”

“She went to your Aunts for the weekend, honey. ” He answered.

Hearing this, the children decided to go find her mother. After walking for a few hours, they heard strange noises coming from the kocaeli escort forest.

“I think that sounds like a few drunk demons. Maybe we should go around…”

“No, Shawn! Don’t be such a pussy, we will never get a chance like this! We get to see an actual Demon!” Jayca squealed and ran to the woods, Shawn struggling to keep up with her.

After a few minutes, they were hidden behind a bush, looking into a clearing. There was a huge 15 foot red-skinned Demon standing in the middle, standing over a woman who looked absolutely tiny compared to him.

“Hey… That looks kind of like Mom, doesn’t it?” Asked Jayca.

They clearly could see the woman pleading, tears streaming down her face.

“Yeah… I think it is her!”
They moved closer, carefully staying hidden in the bushes. When they got closer, they could hear their mothers pleads.

“I’m sorry, just let me go home! I just didn’t know, okay?” She said, her voice slowly rising to a screech.

“Bitch, look at us. We aren’t normal Demons, are we? We’re 15 feet tall, did you think that it would be tiny?” the demon retorted, in a voice that seemed more growl than words.

“It’s not that, I can take it, but… I thought Demons only had one?”

“Normal demons only have one” he corrected ”But as I said, we’re not normal. And when they get hard, they stay hard until they BOTH cum. And I ain’t about to walk around with two hard-ons, so get up.” He grabbed her, dragging her over to a high table.

He threw her on top of it, then carefully removed his red knee-length loincloth, revealing two throbbing pricks kocaeli escort bayan about 14 inches long each, one on top of the other.

Suddenly, they heard rustling behind them.

“Enjoying the show?” A muscular Demon asked.

Jayca turned, calling out for Shawn, who was nowhere to be found. The monster grabbed her, dragging her into the clearing and tying her to a tree.

“Just relax and watch, pretty one. Your turn is coming soon.” He said, holding his hand over her mouth.

She was going to be forced to sit there and watch as a dick as wide as a coke can was about to be forced all the way inside her mother.

The Demon grinned, slowly forcing her mothers legs apart. A thick 12 inch tongue slithered out of his mouth, wrapping itself around her clit. Then it moved down to her folds, quickly sliding deep inside her, getting her pussy nice and wet for what was coming. She started moaning despite her fear, her fingers twining into his shoulder-length black hair and grinding against his face. Then she started cumming to the foot of tongue wiggling around in her pussy, squirting and covering his face with it. He pulled his tongue out, quickly shoving it up her asshole. As soon as his saliva was dripping out of it, he straitened up, lining his bottom cock up with her pussy. He slowly slid the head up and down over her clit a few times, then started to push into her. She grunted, the sheer size of him being the greatest pain she’s felt in her life. He kept pushing, his demonic strength being the only way to force his cock into her. He pulled back, then slammed half izmit escort of his prick deep into her. He kept doing this, getting deeper each time. In a few minutes, he had managed to force all of it into her, knocking the wind out of her several times in the process from the force he had used. He pumped in and out of her quickly, her moaning and writhing beneath him. Soon, his dick was covered in her cum and a small amount of blood, probably from a tear deep inside her. He pulled out, placing his slippery lower cock at the entrance to her ass, and his other cock replaced the first one. He popped the head of one cock into her ass, at the same time shoving deep into her pussy. She screamed, the feeling of both holes being stretched beyond their limit simply too much for her. He grabbed her thighs, using them to pound her holes harder. She started squirting and twitching, her pussy and ass both clenching and sucking at him. Feeling that and a flood of her cum, it was like a dam burst in his balls. With a roar, he pounded her hard enough to crack her bones, filling her with his cum, a small bulge forming in her stomach from how much there was.

He pulled out, walking over to his Demon friend.

“Who’s this?” He asked, getting on one knee and looking Jayca in the eyes, watching the tears running down her face.

“I’m not sure, a new toy that wanted to watch.” He chuckled.

“Well… I can’t wait to try her out. Tie her up, and let’s get back to the castle.” He said, walking away. “And get rid of this slut, I’m done with her.”

I’m posting it in parts, I’m planning on it being pretty long. The girl gets it next time, promise. I just wanted to see what people thought, and I didn’t want to start off too extreme. Imma kick it up next time. >:D

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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