Wedding Day Seduction


At fifty-one life has brought many things to experience, joy at the birth of my children, happiness and tribulation through their growing years, and a certain amount of sadness when my not so little girls are ready for that long walk down the aisle. This will be the second time I have made that walk, and I strive to be happy with and for them, looking at it as a new beginning in their lives rather than a loss in mine. Yes, my girls have me quite wrapped around their fingers, but at the same time I have learned how to let them go a little at a time so that when this day comes I can share the happiness with them.

Christy was no exception to this plan. Little by little I let her gain her independence, moving out to go to college, moving to another state for her new job, and yes, finding that perfect man. Mark seemed like a nice guy that cared a lot about her, but in many ways you can tell a lot more about a future husband by meeting his parents and seeing how they interact. There is certainly truth in the statement “like father like son.” To that end it was a pleasure for me to get to spend some time with the future groom’s parents a few months before the wedding. A beach vacation at the gulf coast seemed to be a good environment to relax and get to know each other.

Pleasantly, his parents hit it off well with my wife and myself, enjoying the warm waters and what proved to be good company. It put us at ease with both my daughter’s future husband and with her new in-laws, which would be living much closer to her than we were. Not only were they fun to be with, but Mark’s mother was a pretty good looking woman.

Yes, I know, I am known to be a horrible flirt. But in this instance, I did my level best to keep my horns tucked in, especially around my wife. Admittedly, I did respond to some of what I felt were her flirts when my wife wasn’t around, after all, she was a good looking woman for fifty. I certainly had no expectations of anything happening, but a little flirt here and there is fun and pretty harmless. I enjoyed her compliments to how I looked in my swim suit and actually blushed when she wondered aloud how I would look out of it, not that I wasn’t thinking the same thing about her somewhat conservative one piece suit. Her hips were round and full, her waist surprisingly thin and her chest, well let’s just say that a bikini would have had its hands full trying to contain her. Whether wearing her swim suit, or a tank top, she managed to fill it out very well.

The last night we were there we went to a bit more formal dinner location, forcing me to break out my sport coat and my wife a nice skirt suit. I almost fell over though when Sara met us in the lobby of the hotel in a satiny backless dress that screamed “sexy” at me, her unbridled breasts wiggling enticingly with each step. I was actually glad I was wearing the sport coat to try to cover the sudden bulge in my pants. All through dinner it was a struggle not to stare at her chest, although the way she moved and leaned made her wiggle with what I was pretty sure was an intentional display. After dinner, we said our goodnights and I received a hug from her that pressed her tits into my chest so hard that even through my sport coat I could feel the hardness of her nipples. What was more, the accidental brush of the back of her hand across my crotch was definitely not accidental, and she left me with a lot to think about over the next couple months.

I wasn’t surprised at all when they offered to pick us up from the airport two days before the wedding. After hours of flying and sitting in airports, I was understandably tired, but when she walked up and hugged me, pushing her tits into my chest and giving me a warm kiss on the cheek, I couldn’t help but feel a whole lot better. My wife and Sara sat in the back seat of the car while I chatted with Dave in the front. He seemed to be either ignoring or oblivious to her obvious flirtations toward me. In many ways I wasn’t sure what to think of her behavior, or his. In the end I did my best to keep my horns tucked in unless I was alone with Sara, which wasn’t too often over the next day.

We were all staying in the same hotel and surprisingly had neighboring rooms. After dropping our bags and freshening up a little we headed to dinner with them in the hotel restaurant. We all wore casual attire, so there were no wiggling breasts to stare at this time. On several occasions I did feel Sara’s foot against my leg as she sat across the table from me. At first I thought it was just my long legs getting in the way, but after intentionally moving them to a different place, her foot once again found my leg, stroking her bare foot up and down my ankle inside the leg of my pants.

I let her know I felt it with a smile, and she continued more boldly throughout dinner. After dinner we adjourned to their suite to play some cards to pass the time. As with our trip to the shore, they proved to be fun, and surprisingly good card players, beating my wife and I handily at spades. Given the length Escort bayan of the day, we soon made our excuses and headed off to bed.

Once in bed my wife gave me the third degree about how Sara was flirting with me all night, to which I simply replied that I hadn’t noticed. After a somewhat dubious retort, she rolled over and went to sleep. It wasn’t exactly how I had hoped the evening would end, but then it had been a long day and I was soon asleep myself.

The next day was rehearsal day. The groom and his father chose to go gulfing to kill the day, and my wife, along with the bride and all the girls were off for nail appointments and such. My plans were to curl up with a good book and just kill time till I had to pick up tuxes from the place down the street. I headed down for some breakfast and ran in to Sara sitting in the restaurant.

“Come join me, please!” She called when she saw me.

“My pleasure.” I said as I slipped into the seat across from her. “How are you this morning?”

“I’m doing quite fine. Did you sleep well?”

“Not too bad. It’s amazing how tired you can get just sitting around airports.” I answered as the waitress set a menu down for me and waited for me to order eggs and bacon.

“Flying always makes me tired too. I suppose you have a full day to day as well, huh?” She asked as she took a scoop of eggs from her plate.

“No, actually, I don’t have anything to do almost all day. I have to pick up tuxes at eleven and then rehearsal at four. Other than that, I don’t really have much to do.”

“Well, I don’t have much to do either, so maybe we can do not much together for a while.” She said in a low sexy voice.

I was momentarily taken aback. While she had flirted with me pretty hard, this could be construed as an open invitation. I let my mind mull it over a few moments, her dark green eyes staring at me as if trying to prompt an answer. “I don’t suppose there would be any harm in killing some time together.” I heard myself say. I still wasn’t sure she meant what my mind was trying to tell me she meant, but if she didn’t, it would be just plain rude to not accept.

“Good!” She said cheerily as she leaned back in her chair. “After breakfast we’ll just have to see what there is to do!”

I sat and stared at her smile, wondering if she meant what my mind was trying to imply, finally deciding that she was, as her toes touched the side of my leg.

The rest of breakfast was small talk, each of us sizing the other up while I ate the food that had finally come. We got up and left together, walking side by side toward the elevator. She had on a tan casual sweat suit, zippered up the front, but leaving lots of cleavage on display. The way her tits were wiggling tended to indicate that they were quite free beneath the tan jersey material.

We waited patiently in the lobby before finally getting onto the elevator that seemed to be quite slow this morning. I followed her into the car and turned to press the button for the fourth floor.

“So do you like my outfit?” She asked, stepping toward the doors and turning around for me to admire her, stopping with her back to the door.

“I do. I especially like the lack of bra that appears to be there.” I flirted with a chuckle.

“Oh? Am I to understand you enjoy seeing my unbridled breasts?” She asked almost bashfully.

“Well, since I haven’t seen then unbridled, all I can say is that so far I have enjoyed what I have seen.” I replied, almost suggesting that she should show me more, but trying hard to not be blatant in case I had misread her intentions.

“Oh, well maybe you should take a bit better look!” She grinned, moving one hand to the zipper of her top and slowly pulling it down farther, stopping with it pulled almost down to her bellybutton.

I was still working up the nerve to reach out and pull the material apart to view her breasts when the elevator started to slow.

“Awww Too late!” She said mischievously, sliding the zipper back up to a respectable level. “You will have to be quicker next time!”

“I suppose so.” I said, as she turned with the opening doors. I followed her down the hall toward our rooms, stopping at mine and waiting for her to reach hers. Her hands quickly searched her pockets for her room key.

“I may have left my room key in my room.” She said looking back toward me.

“Well, if you left the adjoining door unlocked, you’re welcome to go through my room to get there.” I suggested.

“Ah, in other words, you’re going to invite me into your room? How am I to know you won’t take advantage of an innocent girl?” She said, clasping her hands together in front of her crotch and slowly sashaying toward where I stood holding my door open with my foot.

“I guess that’s a risk you will just have to take.” I joked.

“Hmmmm I don’t know that I can take that risk. I mean I would hate to be taken advantage of. Here I am in only my sweat suit, not even any underclothes on. I would be just too vulnerable.”

“Ah. Escort I see the dilemma. But then I suppose you could always go to the desk and get a new key.” I said reaching for the zipper on the front of her outfit, and slowly pulling it down. As I pulled it separated and exposed first her creamy white valley between her breasts, and then her bare toned stomach. I didn’t stop pulling until the zipper had completely separated, her top now hanging on her body with nothing to hold it together in the front. I allowed my hands to reach into the material and cup both huge breasts, hefting their weight and letting my thumbs stroke back and forth across her already hard nipples.

“I suppose I could, but that might be a bit awkward without a top on.” She said as she shrugged the sweatshirt off her shoulders, leaving it hang on her arms as she reached out for my belt, tugging at it gently to get it undone. Her whole upper body was bare to my view, her huge creamy tits cupped in my hands, my thumbs gently stroking back and forth across her two large pink nipples, each one perched in an oblong puckered dark pink areola. Her huge creamy orbs had the slightest hint of triangular tan lines that could only be left by an extremely revealing bikini. The lighter triangles of skin were barely large enough to cover her nipples and areola, prompting me to wonder if she wore it only to tan or if by chance she wore such a skimpy suit in public. While each of her fantastic breasts had some sag, it was surprisingly little given their size. The amount of sag also seemed to poke her nipples up at just the right angle for me to cup her breasts with my fingers and still run my thumb comfortably across them.

I stood in the hall, her fantastic tits cupped in my hands, hoping no one came by, while her hands were busy undoing my belt and pulling my zipper down. She pushed my pants down on my hips, snaking one hand into my underwear to grasp my hard cock.

“You know. If we keep going this way we’ll both be naked in the hall. Why don’t we go inside where we can enjoy this in private?” She suggested quietly.

I let go of one of her breasts, and pushed the door open farther, backing into the room as my pants fell around my ankles making me shuffle backwards. She followed close behind me, working my underwear down my body and exposing me more fully as we moved. The door had barely closed when she dropped her arms, letting the top slide off her arms to the ground.

“You know. I don’t have any panties on either if you want to explore that view too.” She whispered huskily.

“Really?” I asked in honest surprise. I slid my hands from under her breasts, around her sides, letting them take in the softness of her skin and the smoothness of her curves. I slowly let them sink down her body, reaching the top of her sweat pants and push them lower as my hands continued their journey down her creamy hips. Slowly her lower body came into view, a tiny line of whiter skin showing low on her hips and leading to a tiny bit of whiter skin on her completely shaved mound, the white skin pointing like a beacon for my eyes toward her pussy. She gave her legs a little wiggle, causing her pants to slide the rest of the way down her legs on their own, her thighs and now exposed pussy in full view. I stared as she stepped out of her shoes and then worked each leg out of her pants by stepping from one foot to the other, working the material off a little at a time. Each step spread her legs slightly, exposing her full lips, only for them to disappear again as she pressed her legs together between steps.

“Ohhhhh Damn.” I breathed quietly as she stood naked in front of me, her hands slipping from my hard cock to my hips. She quickly slid them up my sides, taking my shirt with them until I had to lift my hands to allow her to pull it the rest of the way off. She tossed it aside and then leaned down to kiss my chest and each of my nipples. With agonizing slowness she kissed her way down my body toward where her hand was once again gently stroking my hard cock. She settled to her knees in front of me, kissing her way around my belly, inching ever closer to my cock, her hands abandoning my shaft to work off my shoes and pants.

Now naked as she was, Sara looked up at me with lust sparkling in her dark green eyes, and slowly enveloped the head of my cock with her hot mouth. I felt a warm rush of desire flood my body as her tongue gently stroked back and forth across the sensitive underside of my mushroom head as she slowly pushed her face towards my body, enveloping more of me with each passing second. I stifled a quiet groan as I felt the head of my cock meet resistance and then slip into her throat. Her hand cupped my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze before wrapping her fingers around the very small amount of my cock still uncovered. Her grip followed her lips, my cock now coated with her saliva, as she eased her face away, my cock sliding from her throat. She watched my reaction as I resisted thrusting back into her Bayan Escort mouth, my other head wanting to again feel the delights it had just enjoyed. She began to slowly bob her head on and off my cock, her hand following her lips and twisting at the same time. Every few strokes of my shaft into her mouth she would press farther, her nose touching my curly hairs and the head of my shaft slipping into her throat. She had clearly worked the act of cock sucking to an art form.

“Oh my god.” I moaned quietly as I let my hands play in Sara’s blond hair, her mouth bobbing up and down my shaft, both hands wrapped around it, twisting in opposite directions and moving in time with her talented lips. Her ministrations had me climbing the long slope toward climax at a clip that was likely to cause me to fill her hot mouth with cum in only a few more short minutes. “I am so going to cum if you keep doing that!” I groaned loudly as my cock swelled fatter in her mouth and my balls tightened in preparation for the impending release.

Just when I thought that my load was about to stream into her hot mouth, she abruptly pulled from my throbbing shaft and stood up. “Your turn!” Sara said as she placed a hand in the middle of my chest and slowly pushed me back into the room. She released her pressure on my chest and stepped to the bed next to us, laying herself back on it and lifting her legs up to hook her heels on the edge with her knees spread wide, exposing her obviously dripping pussy to my view. “How about you return the favor?” She asked huskily.

With a crooked grin I knelt at the end of the bed and gently kissed the inside of her right knee. She wiggled and squirmed as I worked slowly up her thigh, each pause an inch from the last, a tiny lick with the tip of my tongue and then a soft wet kiss. I repeated this over and over as I inched toward the fragrant, beckoning pussy. Her meaty outer lips looked freshly shaven, without a hint of stubble on her pussy or mound. Her flowery inner lips were engorged and spread, her clit clearly visible and beaconing to be teased as tiny beads of her juices collected and dripped from her lips.

“Oh god what a tease!” She cried in a high pitched voice as my kisses finally reached her pussy, and that tiny lick just barely touched the tips of her soft lips. I could taste the tangy wetness of her juices, her musky scent filling my nostrils as I allowed my finger tips to slowly stroke up and down the backs of her thighs, my fingers just barely brushing the edges of her meaty outer lips. Her hands tried to grasp my short hair and pull me toward her pussy, her body trembling with desire and anticipation.

I smiled to myself, knowing what effect my attentions had to be having on her, her hips trying to reach for my tongue and her hands searching for a way to pull me closer. I let my hands settle near her pussy, my thumbs gently teasing her lips apart, revealing its soft pink inner passage. Her juices leaked from her waiting tunnel, making a tiny trickle that ran down across her puckered rose.

“Ahhhh God!” Sara cried sharply as my tongue suddenly flicked across her exposed and engorged clit. Her whole body convulsed as I allowed my tongue to flick back and forth across it several times, sending jolts of electricity through her whole body. I knew that if I continued this way, her climax would be upon her in moments. Wanting to prolong her enjoyment as she had done with me, I moved my attention and pressed my tongue deep between her lips, tasting her juices and allowing my tongue to drag them up her slit until I could paint them across her clit with my flat tongue. “ohhhhh god yes!” she moaned loudly as I repeated the trip time after time, driving my tongue as deep into her tunnel as I could and then slowly drew it along her wet lips until I could feel her clit slide under my tongue. Her legs trembled and her whole body twitched each time my tongue found her clit, making me grin at the effect I had on her at the moment.

“So do you want to cum now?” I asked as I blew my hot breath across her exposed clit, making my saliva and her juices chill it slightly.

“Oh god yes….Please!” She begged, hooking her heels on my shoulders and trying to pull me closer to her wet pussy. Her hands had long since given up their futile attempt to grab my short hair and were now busy squeezing and massaging her large tits, occasionally twisting and pulling her own nipples.

With my arms wrapped around her thighs and my fingers gently spreading her lips, I held her body tightly, her hips trying to buck up against my face as I sucked her clit into my mouth, squeezing it with my lips and flicking my tongue across it as quickly as I could. Her whole body shook as she cried out, my tongue induced jolts of electricity flowing through her body in time with my attack.

“OHGODOHGODOHGOD” she cried as I attacked her clit, her whole body shuddering and shaking as her orgasm started to roll across her. I felt and tasted the wetness of her cum as her body convulsed and gushed her juices over my chin. I released her clit from my mouth and spread it wide to enclose most of her gaping pussy, pushing my tongue into her tunnel as far as I could press it, allowing her cum to collect in my mouth as she continued to buck and shake.

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