What a great trip.

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It was about six in the morning and I was standing outside of the school with my friends. We were going on an overnight trip with my ninth grade class so we were waiting on the bus to arrive. We were just sitting on the benches talking and watching the other kids arrive. They would step out of the car with their luggage, say bye to their parents, and take a seat on the benches as the car pulled away. Once the bus arrived along with the rest of the kids that had signed up for the trip, we were on our way.

All together the drive there took about three hours. I was bored out of my mind having nothing to do but listen to music and talk to friends. I looked around the bus to see what everyone else was doing. Pretty much the same thing. When i brought my eyes to Zack, I noticed i was staring, and apparently he did too. He just nodded his head in a “hey whats up” kinda way. I was a little embarrassed so i just turned around and began listening to my music again, but i couldn’t get him out of my mind. He was 15 about 5’8″, slender with an athletic build,and he had brown eyes that matched his hair which he like to spike up. And I had a crush on him.

I’m about the same build as him. I was also 15. 5’6″.I have blue eyes and black hair that comes just past my ears. And i had a girlfriend but i came to the realization that it was just to hide the fact i like boys.

Once we finally arrived at our destination, everyone piled off the bus and grouped around the teachers who instructed us to stay with our chaperons. We started out by visiting a couple of historic places. Then we went to the aquarium and then out to eat. After that everyone returned to the bus pendik escort and we went to our hotel to check in. The teachers checked us in and started to tell us who we would be rooming with. I really didn’t care so i was just staring off into space when the teacher called my name. Jayden will be in a room with Jason, Carl, and Zack. I wasn’t sure if i had just heard right. Me (Jayden) In the same room with Zack. The teachers gave each of us a room key and sent us to our rooms for 15 minutes to put our stuff down and make sure we found everything ok.

After that everyone reported back to the bus because we were going on a ghost tour. During the entire ghost tour i wasn’t even listening to this guy babble on about some ghosts, all i was thinking about is that i would be sleeping only feet away from Zack. After the tour was finally over, we all returned to the hotel. We had about an hour to go to other peoples rooms and hang out. When our curfew started we all returned to our rooms.

When we were back in our room, I was sitting on my bed texting when Zack announced that he was going to take a shower. I looked up and saw him as he then began to strip down to his underwear in front of me, Carl, and Jason. I knew i was staring again but i couldn’t help it. I was beginning to get hard so i slipped under the cover in an attempt to hide it. I watched his perfect butt move back and forth every step of the as he walked towards the bathroom. When he stepped inside and closed the door, i was snapped back into my senses and began to cool down a little.

When he came out, he was wearing a white t-shirt and basketball shorts. He joined everyone as we were watching tv. About escort pendik about an hour later it was midnight. We were all in our separate beds. Me in Carl in one and Zack and Jason in the other. I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over to the next bed and saw clothes flying to the floor. Zack was now shirtless so i guessed that those were his shorts aswell. “What are you doing Zack?” i asked. “I always sleep naked,” he replied in the sexiest voice i had ever heard.

About thirty minutes later everyone was asleep. I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 12:40. I had woken up only ten minutes after falling asleep. I was sitting there wondering what would cause me to wake up when i remembered the beautiful naked boy sleeping in the bed next to mine. I couldn’t just sit there. My mind was running wild with things i wanted to do to him. I carefully got up and walked over next to him. I stood there admiring how hot he looked. His chest softly moving up and down with every breath he took. Only a thin layer of fabric separated me from the boy of my dreams. I moved my hand above the blanket and slowly began to remove. I was startled when he moved.

My heart was racing as he sat up in bed and looked at me with a deathly glare. He stood up and i couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful body and soft 6 inch cock. He moved closer to me and grabbed me by the back of my hair. I closed my eyes as he clenched his free hand into a fist. I knew what was coming next. I braced myself for the impact of his punch when i suddenly felt the warmth of his body upon mine.

My eyes shot open when i felt his lips press against mine. I began to lean pendik escort bayan into his kiss. He broke the kiss and whispered ” Ive been waiting for this” as he lifted my shirt. He began kissing slowly down my body. When he got to my pants he removed them as i stepped out of them. He took my soft 6 inch cock and began to stroke it slowly. I threw my head back and released a slight moan when he consumed my entire cock. I was in heaven as he engulfed me, gliding his tongue around my length.

I didn’t know how much longer i could last when he released my cock from his mouth. ” I want you to fuck me” he said softly as he got on all fours. I got down on my knees and stared at his beautiful asshole in front of me. He moaned softly as i began to lick his puckered hole. Once i felt that he was well lubed i positioned my member at his hole and applied pressure. I felt his body tense but he begged for me to go on. Once i was fully inside i gave him time to adjust to the intrusion. Once he motioned me to go on, i slowly started to fuck him. It was ecstasy as i moved in and out rhythmically, taking his virginity. He began to moan louder but we had to stay quite.

I held out for as long as i could but the pleasure was too much. I released deep inside of him as i felt his body relax and he let out a loud moan. He had came too. We each passed out on the floor from the incredible pleasure. I reached my head over and took his cock in my mouth, licking off every bit of his sweet come.

We went to the bathroom and toweled off before returning to our separate beds. “I love you Jayden” i heard Zack whisper across the room. “I love you too” i replied as i drifted off to sleep, thinking of my new found love, Zack.

Hope everyone enjoyed it. Remember this was my first story so be nice. Tell me if i should do more. Thanks.

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