White Lace

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She loved white underwear. She always has. Fresh, crisp, white lace against the creamy peach of her skin. Just sheer enough to show the deeper, rose coloured hue of her nipples and the inviting, bronzed glint of hair between her thighs.

The day had been long and sticky. Despite showering and oiling her skin, tiny beads of sweat were forming on her temples and top lip. She ran her tongue along her lips, moistening them and tasting the saltiness from her skin. She wouldn’t have to wait much longer. He’d be arriving soon. He always loved it when she was ready for him. Ready and waiting. He liked it when he arrived to find her touching herself, on the brink of a climax, so she made it her routine to be close to orgasm when she heard key in the door.

Today was no exception she thought as her fingers gentle teased her nipples through the soft, sheer fabric. She felt them harden as she pressed harder through the fabric, before slipping her finger inside her bra. Her skin felt soft and warm as she teased her nipple between her finger tips. She could feel warmth spreading between her thighs. The familiar thudding sensation in her clitoris as her body began to respond to her touch, begging to be explored. She gave in to her yearning and leant back on the bed as she slipped her hand down to her g string. The fabric already damp and transparent from her anticipation, she began to tease her swollen clitoris with her finger tip.

Moaning lightly, she leant further back and pulled her knickers to one side, allowing her fingers full freedom to explore her smooth, moist skin. Dipping her finger inside herself, feeling her body tighten as it readied for orgasm, she heard the familiar click in the door. As usual her heart quickened, partly from the anticipation of almanbahis his arrival, and partly as she knew she was reaching a climax. She circled her clitoris with the tip of her finger, gentle at first, then harder and faster as she felt her body tighten with a wave of pleasure. Warm, smooth, creamy moisture flooded her fingertips as her shuddering orgasm rode through her body. She opened her eyes and saw him standing in the doorway, watching her with those piercing green eyes.

He was beautiful in only the way a man can be. Tall, thick dark hair, green glassy eyes. The five o clock shadow spreading over his strong jaw added to the rugged appeal of him. He had loosened his tie and shirt, and as he made his way over to the bed, he masterfully removed the rest of the days clothes from his tanned, honed body. His already hard penis, snapping against his firm stomach as he removed his underwear and threw them to the floor.

There was a burning hunger in his eyes, she could see his passion as he took her in his arms upon the bed and pressed his soft lips against hers. His tongue parting their lips, tasting her desire, causing a deep stirring inside her. He pulled away from their embrace and looked at her, taking in every inch of her beauty. Her long blonde hair, the pale gleam of her skin, her inviting, erect nipples through the lace of her bra, the soft dampness between her legs. Slowly, tenderly, he kissed her stomach, her ribs, moving up her body with hot, delicious kisses. He reached her collar bone, narrowly missing her breasts that longed to be touched. She moaned, arched her back, inviting him to take in her desire.

He didn’t resist. Unhooking her bra he took her nipple into his mouth and felt it harden again his tongue. He felt her body almanbahis adres tense and shudder, he knew she was close to orgasm again. He sucked hard, feeling the smooth skin pulled tight between his lips as his fingers trailed their way to her swollen, throbbing clit, pressing gently on the outside of her knickers, feeling her body beg him for more.

He slid a finger under the waist band of her knickers and slipped them down past her hips. Releasing her breasts from his embrace he pulled back and lowered his body so that his mouth hovered above her soft, pink lips. He slowly, almost painfully, lowered his mouth upon her and drank in her taste. Her body collapsed beneath him, giving him every inch of her to explore with his tongue. He found her smooth, pink tip and allowed his tongue to lap at it, tasting her desire, making her writhe with anticipation of the soon approaching orgasm. It didn’t take long. He knew she was close so moistening 2 fingers with his tongue, he slipped them inside her, bringing her instantly to orgasm. She cried out as her body convulsed in pleasure, smothering his fingers and tongue in her cum.

He pulled his body upon hers, barely allowing her time to catch her breath before plunging deep inside her. His hard, throbbing penis drove deep inside her body, forcing every hungry inch inside her hot, warmth. He withdrew and thrust himself in again, repeating over and over. Each stroke harder, more urgent than the last. Her body limp beneath him, trying to take in the pleasure this man was giving her.

He was close to cumming. He could feel his penis harden, ready to explode inside her. No! He thought, not yet. He wanted more first. Much to her playful annoyance he pulled out, her creamy fluid trickling out and almanbahis yeni giriş onto her lips. He scooped her up in his arms and kissed her, before moving her body onto all fours. His hands on her hips, taking in the full view of her smooth buttocks, tight anus and her warm inviting pussy. He pressed the tip of his cock into her, maybe an inch or two, teasing her. She tried to push her hips back to swallow the full length inside her vagina, but he held her hips with such force that she was powerless. He smoothly slipped in and out, all the time watching the arch of her back, the nape of her neck, the small beads of sweat forming on the shoulders. He loved her, he wanted her, all of her.

He removed his penis and in its place slipped 2 fingers, coating them in her cum. He put his hard shaft back where it belonged and whispered something in her ear. She nodded, allowing him access to her most intimate parts. He smoothed the milky fluid around the opening to her anus. Her body clutching at his every stroke. With a gentle, tender action, he slid his finger tip into her bottom, and at the same time withdrew his penis, before reversing that action and pushing deep inside her. He double fucked her, alternating between plunging into her rectum and her wet pussy. He could hear her screams of pleasure somewhere beneath the pounding of blood in his ears. His orgasm was coming hard and fast, flooding her with his semen. Every droplet pushed deep inside her, coating her body with his lust for her.

His body fell limp onto hers, their limbs intertwined. He kissed the soft nape of her neck and breathed in the scent of her skin. They lay there, a tangle of love, until the silence was broken by her voice. She hadn’t needed to say it, he knew she loved him. That made it only harder. More painful. For now, he had to leave. He knew he would see her again, the same time tomorrow, but for now, she was not his and he not hers.

Their love and passion for each other, forbidden yet burning and growing every stronger by the day.

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