Wife fucks hubbys best friend

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Cheating wife with best friend

Cheating wife with best friend

This story takes place about 4 years ago when my husband was away on business.

The company my husband works for had asked him to go away for a few days for training, my husband knows I don’t like being alone and as much as I like hanging out with women I generally prefer male company so hubby said to me why don’t you get Adam to come over for tea and chill with your for the evenings ( Adam is my husband’s closest friend).

On the day of my husband leaving to travel I arranged with Adam to come round for dinner and then chill to watch a film or something along those lines as he is really good company and I can have a right laugh with him as he knows just how open me and my husband are.

I left work around 4ish popped to the shop to grab a few bits and headed home to start preparing dinner for us both but made sure I left plenty of time to have a quick shower as I didn’t want the awkwardness of me walking around in my towel whilst he was here so anyway finished preparing dinner stripped off jumped in the shower and did all the things ladies do in the shower shall we say keeping ontop of things as I like to keep myself nice and smooth finished up and headed back to the bedroom.

Just as I was getting dry I heard a knock and the front door open and Adam shouting hello down the hallway so I shouted back just in the bedroom won’t be a minute but Adam just walked straight up and stood in the door way as I still had the towel around me, not thinking anything of it I carried on about my duties not being revealing maybe just a little bit of thigh as I put some moisturizer on but the whole time chatting away, I had done everything possible I could do without dropping the towel so had no choice but look over to drop a hint to leave the room but I couldn’t help notice the slight bulge in his shorts I was rather taken back as is never looked at Adam in that way and never thought he looked at me like that either but needless to say I dropped the hint and he left and went into the lounge as I jumped into some loose pj’s.

So I made us dinner and sat on the sofa to eat it then put the film on but my mind couldn’t stop think about what had happened earlier and after plucking up some courage I blurted it out as I do and said so what was with the slight bulge in your shorts before, he went bright red and tries everything to divert the conversation but I was curious and persistent and he explained that when me and my hubby have a laugh openly about our sex life and how naughty it can be seeing me in just my towel knowing I was nude underneath just sent blood rushing and apologised I just laughed it off and said in a joking way it doesn’t take much to get you going and again he blushed.

God I love being a tease so I couldn’t help myself I adjusted my top so I had most of my tits on show but just covering my nipples and made them very obvious and sure enough whilst chatting his eyes seem glued else where totally fixed to my cleavage I said to him so do you like big tits or small tits having a giggle to myself and he said he had never been with a woman with big tits before so I blurted so you’ve never had a tit wank before then he replied I wish so with this little naughty talk going on I had to see if there was a reaction so asked him to fetch a drink from the kitchen trying to make him stand up but he wouldn’t so I teased a little more by saying don’t say a little bit of banter has made you hard this time his face was glowing red reply no no I haven’t got a hard on so I said go and get me my drink then so slowly menouvered himself off of the sofa making sure that area stayed out of sight but as he turned to walk by I instantly swung my arm out and grabbed his crutch, oh Adam u said you weren’t hard what’s going on here he was big and only semi hard I never imagined he’s be this big.

He was frozen to the spot his best friends wife clenched onto his cock I don’t think he knew what to say or do so I had no choice but to take control I looked up at him and said well I’ve felt it now I might aswell see it as I started pulling at the waiste band, he didn’t move just stood there luke he was in disbelief of what was happening, I pulled his shorts down and revealed his big thick cut cock nicely trimmed facing straight out at me I couldn’t resist I reached out grabbed that big dick and started stroking it back and forth and felt it grow in my hand he was huge not just long but thick I’d say he was atleast 8 inches I glanced up and said I think you must be enjoying the attention your getting and he mumbled something back, what did you say he replied your my best friends wife.

By now I was on my knees infront of him still playing with that cock looked up and said it was his idea you kept me company then let my tongue whip at the tip of his bell end then engulfing as much as I could into my mouth, suddenyl.i felt his hands on the back of my head and his hips thrust meeting the motion 
Of my head bobbing up and down hitting the back of my throat making me gag I could t take it anymore I stood up stripped off naked and stopped his t shirt off of him then laid back on the edge of the sofa showing all and said so what are you gonna do to me.

With only a second to spare from the last word coming out of my lips his head was between my legs lapping at my clit as his fingers invaded my soaking hole I started bucking my hips as his tongue brushed over my clit repeatedly send me to climax and letting out a loud moan if pure pleasure.

My husband didn’t even cross my mind whilst I lay there completely naked legs spread with Adam eating my pussy pike there was no tomorrow his tongue examining every part of my married hole.

Adam was amazing my husband is ok at oral but Adam was something else he knew exactly what he was doing driving me crazy bringing me to the edge of cumming then depriving me to do so.

He suddenly stood up infront of me his huge meat right infront of my face put his hands through my hair then pulled me forwards driving his cock into my throat again whilst he said to me you better make my cock nice and wet before I fuck your tight cunt.

I couldn’t say or do anything apart gag as his cock kept hitting the back of my throat with each thrust of his hips.

After a couple of minutes he let go of the back of my head allowing me to pull off of his pole, I couldn’t take it and threw myself backwards onto the sofa lifted my legs into the air spread open and said fuck me like my husband can’t!

With that he jumped ontop of me and I felt the head of his big meaty cock probing at the entrance of my cunt I could feel my juices running down to my ass as he just slipped in and out not giving me what i wanted then suddenly he forces his cock into me as deep as he could I let out a cry of a mixture of pain and pleasure as I struggled to accomdate him inside me.

My husband only has a small cock I was not used to something this big inside me but I couldn’t get enough of it I don’t know if it was the excitement of cheating on him or all the more cheating on him with his best friend but either way I was laying there acting like the world’s biggest slut screaming, moaning thrusting my hips to me his whilst telling him to fuck my tight pussy like my husband can’t.

Withbthat he let out a deep moan and slammed his cock into me as deep as he could hitting my cervix as he unloaded his sperm into my awaiting ruined pussy.

That’s the night I became Adams whore it’s not the case of I want his cock I need his cock inside me I need more then my husband and his tiny dick that can’t even satisfy me.

I spent the next three days doing what ever he wanted to me he must of fucked me 4 times a day each time pouring more of his spunk into me leaving me like a ruined cum bucket.

I don’t know if my husband has ever expected anything but my pussy was not as tight as it was before his trip and being used as Adams fuck toy but with or without my husband knowing anytime Adam what’s my hole I’ll be on my knees or my back waiting for his huge cock to come a ruin me

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