With My Son


I was almost home as I drove down the street that led to my home. It is a quiet neighborhood, with plenty of nice families. I noticed the neighborhood was a little more busy tonight than usual. The most obvious was the limousine parked in front of my neighbors house across the street.

I pulled into my driveway and crept the car into the garage. I slowly stepped out and walked to my garage door to investigate what was so important for a such a lovely car. I looked across the street, and two beautiful young people emerged from the home.

The young man was dressed elegantly in a black tuxedo, and his beautiful date was dressed in a seductive low cut dress. I could see her cleavage from across the street. I could only imagine the view from a closer look. As I watched them enter the car, my mind drifted back to the prior year when my son Kyle had attended his prom.

My son Kyle is a handsome young man. He is 5’10”, about 160 pounds, blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. He is average build, not really the athletic type. In fact, he was Captain of the debate team. Prom was really important to him. He was taking his high school sweet heart. They had dated for longer than I can remember. We talked about prom every night for at least two months. Everything from what colors to wear, to what car to take, etc. It was the night before prom when Kyle was showing signs of nervousness.

I asked him what was wrong, and after a little prying, he told me he was planning on losing his virginity with his girlfriend on prom night. I thought he had already been having sex with his girlfriend, so I was surprised to say the least. He asked me for a women’s point of view on sex. What should I tell him? I had kept my sex life a secret from him. He had no idea I was having sex with women, one being his older sister. After a few moments, I told him a few pointers.

I told him to use a soft touch, and take it slow. Definitely do not go the “slam bam thank you maam” I insisted to him. I also urged him to use some protection. I told him I was not ready to be a 43 year old grandmother. I remember taking him to the corner drugstore that night so he could buy some condoms.

Finally prom night arrived and my son looked astonishing in his tuxedo. He had picked up his date, who was wearing a nice dress, but I thought it to be a little conservative for such a wonderful occasion. Of course I took plenty of pictures. I remember kissing Kyle on the cheek as he left, and reminded him of soft, slow touches.

That night I spent my entire time trying to find something to do. It wasn’t often I spent the night alone. My daughter Lacey was usually home from college on the weekends, but she was staying to study for final exams. I finally ended up in bed, cuddled up with what turned out to be a boring book. I couldn’t wait for Kyle to get home to see how things went.

I looked at my clock, it was almost 11:00 PM. I wasn’t expecting Kyle for another couple of hours when I heard the door from the garage close.

“Kyle, Lacey, is that you?” I shouted down the hall.

“Yeah it’s me mom” Kyle said with a little gloom in his voice.

“Something Bomonti Escort wrong honey?” I asked.

He just stood in my doorway, leaning against the frame. The look on his face reminded me of him when his puppy was hit by a car when he was younger. His hair was just as perfect as he left, his tuxedo looked like it had just been pressed, and he was still wearing his bow tie. Obviously things didn’t work out. I patted the empty space on the bed next to me, and motioned him to me.

As he sat down, I asked “Want to talk about it?”

“Not much to talk about mom” he said as reached into his pocket. He removed the unopened box of condoms and gave them to me saying, “Guess I won’t be needing these.”

He began telling me about his evening. He told me about the wonderful dinner they had, the beautiful hotel the prom was being held at, and how beautiful he thought his girlfriend looked. Then he told me the bad news. When the prom ended, and everyone started leaving, his girlfriend told him she had something important to talk to him about. He said she told him she felt the need to explore other “avenues” . She said that college is a learning experience, and they both needed to meet new people. She had already met a young man in college, and began having a relationship with him. But she also felt like she owed Kyle a date to the prom, and now that she had fulfilled that “requirement”, they shouldn’t see each other anymore, except as just friends.

I wrapped my arm around Kyle and gave him a hug. I pulled his head into my chest and held him. I knew he was hurting inside.

“I’m sorry dear, is there anything I can do? Can I get you something to drink or snack on?” I asked.

I knew he wouldn’t want anything, but I thought it would help him to get his mind off of her.

“No, I’m fine. Except for being an eighteen year old virgin, I’m just fine mom.” he said with just a hint of sarcasm.

Kyle laid back against the headboard to my bed and took the remote and turned on the television. He flipped through the channels and watched one of the late night comedians. Occasionally he would giggle, so I knew he wasn’t devastated to badly. I placed my pillow beside him and sat next to him. I was wearing a green low-cut slip, and my matching thong panties. I had my sheets around my waist, and laid back into my pillow, and began watching the show with him.

I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I looked towards Kyle’s pants, and saw a bulge begin to grow. I glanced at Kyle’s eye’s and noticed them gazing at my chest. I waited a second and looked to see what he was looking at. My slip had shifted up off my right breast, and it was clearly visible from Kyle’s angle. I knew he could see my entire right breast, including my strawberry pink nipple. I looked back at Kyle’s pants, and they were extremely tight. I could see the bow of his cock pressing against his zipper.

My heart began beating very quickly, so many thoughts rushed trough my head. I began wondering how long it had been since I had a cock in my pussy. Bostancı Escort Several years that was for sure!

I looked back at Kyle’s eyes. He was still gazing at my breast. I had made up mind at that point to let things go wherever they would lead.

“Want to touch it Kyle?” I asked.

I had startled him, and he looked at me and said, “Sorry mom, I was just.”

I interrupted him saying, “Go ahead and touch it honey.”

He just sat there. I knew he was wondering if I was serious. I took his hand, slowly slid it in my slip, and placed his warm fingers on my breast. His hand was on my tit, frozen where I had placed it.

“Slow, soft touches Kyle” I whispered to him.

His hand began to cup my breast, slowly and gently squeezing my tit. I grabbed the remote and turned off the television. I removed Kyle’s hand from my breast. I began to undress Kyle, taking off his bow tie, and then unbuttoning his shirt. Within a few seconds, Kyle was laying next to me in just his boxers. His cock was rock hard, pressing anxiously to be removed. I pulled my slip over my head. I loved the feeling of the satin sliding against my nipples.

I slung the sheets onto the floor. He looked at my green panties and then back to me.

“Want to lose your virginity?” I asked.

“Really? Are you serious mom?” Kyle said with a shake in his voice.

I slid my panties down, and brought them to his nose. He inhaled deeply, and I saw his cock begin to throb.

“Take them off” I said, pointing to his boxers.

He slid them down, and his cock bounced from it’s restraint. It was larger than I expected. Maybe it was just because I hadn’t seen a cock in a few years. I slid my hand up his leg, until I reached his balls. I slid my fingernails over his balls ever so gently.

“Aaahhh” moaned Kyle, as he gazed into my eyes, then to my breast.

“I need you to lay down, and just relax honey, Mommy wants to make you feel good.” I told him.

I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, and slowly began to stroke. Kyle’s breath began racing. My nipples were hard and protruding from my breast. I guided my breast to his mouth. Kyle lay there frozen.

I ran my nipple across his lips as I said, “Suck mommy’s nipple, please honey.”

Kyle wasted not time sucking my nipple into his mouth. His warm tongue fondled my nipple, starting a tingling in my stomach. He took my other tit in his hand and gently squeezed it. I looked back to my sons cock. It was begging for attention. I got on my knees, and put one leg over my son. I could see a drop of precum shine from the head of my sons cock. I leaned in and licked the tip of his cock, tasting his salty droplet. It tasted so good! I had missed the taste of male cum. I wrapped my lips around his shaft, and slid it into my mouth.

“Aaahh, oh mom, uunnnggg.” Kyle began moaning.

I slid him in and out of my mouth, while I reached my fingers down and ran my fingernails over his ball sack.

“Don’t cum yet Kyle, let me know when you think you’re going to cum.” I demanded.

I blew his cock for Esenyurt Escort a couple of minutes when Kyle grabbed my shoulders and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“I was about to cum mom.” he said gasping for breath.

I waited until his dick stopped throbbing, then I slid up until my pussy was over his cock.

“Are you ready honey?” I asked.

He nodded his head yes and placed his hands on my breast. I reached down behind me, grabbed his cock and lowered myself until I felt the head to his cock rest on the opening to my tunnel. My pussy was already wet, the excitement was getting to be to much for me. I started to shift my weight onto his cock. I felt him push through my pussy lips, then slide into my awaiting pussy. I slid him onto me until I felt his cock touch the end of my tunnel. My pussy walls clung to his shaft.

“Aaaaggghh, unnnhhh, mom!” Kyle cried as he slid into me.

I began riding my son’s cock with a gentle rhythm. I watched as his face glowed with pleasure. I continued pumping him as the tingling in my stomach turned to a fire.

“Unngg, ooohhh Kyle, uuunngghh, mommy’s going to cum on you honey!” I screamed.

As soon as I said it. I felt my fluids spray onto my son’s cock. I slammed my pussy down on his cock, and finished ejaculating on him. I was out of breath, gasping for air. I looked into my sons face, and began kissing him.

“Oh baby, you feel so good in me!” I gasped.

I laid down, pressing my breast into my sons chest. I grabbed him and slowly rolled with him onto my back. His cock still in me, my legs spread for him, as wide as I could.

“It’s your turn baby.” I said, as I caressed his face.

He mounted me, and began pumping my pussy. I looked at his cock as he withdrew it from me. It was covered with my milky white juices. I watched as he thrust it back into me, forcing my pussy walls apart.

“aaaaggghh, unnngghh, oh mom it feels so good!” Kyle panted.

“I know it does baby, take your time, you don’t have to rush it.” I calmly said to him.

He pumped my pussy wonderfully. I could feel his balls press into my asshole, and his pubic hairs stimulating my clit. I felt the sensation in my stomach again. My body tightened and suddenly my pussy erupted again. As he continued pumping me, I felt a stream of my cum drip down on my asshole.

“Tell me how it feels Kyle.” I said to him.

“Oh mom, its wet, and warm, it’s better than silk.” moaned Kyle.

I began running my fingers down his chest and his back, and then down the back of his arms. I watched Kyle close his eyes, and I felt his cock begin to stiffen in my pussy.

“That’s it baby, your almost there. Cum in mommy honey.” I begged him.

Suddenly Kyle let out a loud moan.

“Aaannngggg Mommmm! Uunnngghh!” he moaned as he forced his cock into me.

I could feel his explosive ejaculation cover my pussy walls with his semen and sperm. I pulled him down on me while his hips continued to thrust his cock in me uncontrollably. Kyle finally laid on me, completely relaxed. I could feel his cock begin to slide out of my pussy. Then the stream of our fluids flowed from my pussy, down my asshole, and made a puddle between my legs.

I held him as we lay there. I felt completely sexually satisfied. We went to his room were we slept the night, and when we awoke, we continued were we had left off the previous night.

That’s all until my next story.

I look forward to receiving any feedback.

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