(A Real ‘Fantasy’ Lesson Learned..) Skip

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When I was s***een years old, I fucked; and ate, a seventy two year old woman’s pussy!! (I’ll call her Mimi)…
Mimi was my stepfather’s grandmother. I used to skip morning glasses and go to her apartment. The thing I loved about Mimi.. She always wore black or white thigh-highs, and a see through lace trimmed nighty! Mimi was 5’3, had short gray hair, light brown eyes; and for a woman of her years, she barely had any wrinkles. She took good care of herself and had great fucking legs!! (My God!! Great Legs!!)
One morning I left school and walked to Mimi’s apartment. When I arrived she opened the door wearing a light, yellow, silk nightie trimmed with black lace! She was also wearing my favorite thing… Mimi was wearing black thigh-high stocking!! She smiled and gave me a big ol hug and a soft kiss on the cheek. I got hard holding her soft, frail body next to mine! I walked in her den; as I always did, and laid on her couch. My dick was throbbing!! I couldn’t take my eyes off of Mimi’s nylon covered legs!! This seventy two year old woman had me ready to explode!! I told her I was going to go take a nap on her bed. When I got to her bedroom I shut the door, took off my pants, spit in my hand; and, I started playing with my cock!!
I didn’t notice Mimi walk in until she said…
“Well… Just what are you doing Kevin?”
I said to her…
I’m playing with myself; because when I saw you in those sexy fucking stockings, my dick got hard!!”
She climbed in the bed with me!! I shivered and came as soon as her leg brushed against me!! Mimi just smiled and said that she couldn’t remember how long it’s been since someone said she got them hard!! She put her slender fingers on my burning, throbbing cock and started kissing my neck!!
I told Mimi to stand beside the bed. As I got completely naked, I said…
“Take off that nightie!! I want to see you in just your panties and those stockings!!”
She did what I asked. She stood beside the bed and took off her nightie! This seventy two year old woman stood in front of me wearing white silk panties and black thigh high stockings!! Mimi’s breast we’re still perky, and her nipples, were so dark and brown.. so fucking hot!! I sat on the side of the bed, took Mimi by her plump little hips, pulled her to me; and, I started sucking her tits as I rubbed her hot little pussy!!
Mimi’s cunt was warm and wet!! She put her hands on the back of my head and started to moan!!
Suddenly; Mimi dropped to her knees, and placed her soft lips against mine!! She parted my lips with her hot tongue and I shivered as I came again!! Mimi slowly slid her hand between my legs!! She pulled her lips from mine and said…
“I’m going to suck your cock Kevin!! I guarantee you’ll never have your dick sucked like I can!!”
I laid on my back and Mimi climbed onto the bed beside me. She removed her dentures, and put my hard dick into her wet hot tight mouth!! I never knew my fat little cock could be sucked like that!! I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming!! I moaned with pleasure…
Mimi sucked me like I’ve never known before!! I came hard as fuck!! She raised her lips from my dick with a tight slurping sound!! I pulled her on top of me and slid my fingers into Mimi’s soaked panties!! I played with her hot, wet cunt; and, I had to ask…
” Baby… when was the last time someone touched you? When was the last time someone made you wet?”
Mimi said that it had almost been fifteen years since she felt the way I made her feel right then!! I rolled her over, removed her panties, started sucking her throbbing clit; and, I slid my fingers into her tight wet pussy!! Mimi started squirming and moaning…
She wrapped her nylon covered legs around my shoulders as I sucked her clit, tongue fucked her pussy; and tasted every sweet drop of her juice!! The feeling of those stocking covered legs wrapped tightly around my shoulders made me shiver and cum!! Mimi continued moaning, groaning, and cumming in my mouth!! I couldn’t stop tasting her!! Mimi began to beg for me to please stop!! She was mumbling the words as her body shivered!!
I pulled my mouth from her wet sweet cunt!! I rolled Mimi on top of me, guided her dripping pussy over my hard, throbbing cock!! She leaned forward and placed her hands on my chest!! Mimi started riding me hard and fast!! She grunted with every thrust…
This woman was fucking the shit out of me!! I was cumming so hard, and so was she!! Her pussy was gushing!! Mimi’s cum flowed over my balls!! She rode my cock faster and faster; as she came, over and over!! Mimi squeezed her nylon covered knees tightly against my hips as she came!! I grabbed her waist; and thrusted into her, and came over and over again!! I didn’t know a seventy two year old woman could make me cum so fucking hard!!
Mimi and I trembled as we lay on top of each other!! I caressed and kissed her shivering flesh!! She took my cock in her mouth again!! That woman sucked me to three more orgasms!! I returned the favor!! I went down on Mimi one more time!! I licked, sucked, finger fucked; and, I tongue fucked her sweet, sweet pussy until she begged me to stop, again!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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