My First Gay Experience

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This is a true account of my first gay experience at 50.

A little background first. Ever since I was 19 and single I have been attracted to cock. I would buy the usual girly mags and leave them in my bedroom but most of the time I would go across town to buy gay ones. I spent many hours masturbating to the photos and stories. I would then hide them in my secret spot to enjoy again. Other than that I never did anything to quench my lust for cock.

Fast forward 25 years , married with c***dren and a completely suppressed urge for cock. That is until I started to cruise the net for sex sites. I found one that was strictly for chat and had many different rooms geared for all tastes. Initially I visited the hetero rooms but I eventually ventured into the “Bathhouse” which was for bi/gay men. It was my hallelujah moment. I discovered there was loads of married men like me and my old gay feelings came rushing back.

After that I spent many hours on various gay chat sites, chatting and camming with other men. There was one site I preferred over others because you could chat/cam with men who were truly local. I eventually met this other married man, Ted, who I chatted with several times, then moved on to camming which we did a few times.

One day we going to cam but I was having problems with my camera which frustrated both of us. I was so horny and wanted to see his cock that I suggested we meet. Ted immediately agreed and we arranged a rendez-vous an hour later. I quickly showered, shaved and put on a t-shirt and shorts, no underwear as I felt sexier. I drove to the meeting point where I was approached by a good looking man who asked if my name was Chris. I told him it was and asked if he was Ted. He nodded and walked around to the passenger side where he got it. He told me that he knew of a private spot not too far away. As we were driving over there I couldn’t help but put my hand on his leg and start rubbing it. He in turn smiled and started rubbing mine. By this time my heart was pounding and I was probably the horniest I had ever been. Ted continued to rub my leg but he continued up to my cock where he start to massage it through my shorts. I returned the favor by rubbing his cock through his. It felt so good. He asked me if I liked what I felt to which I giggled and told him I did.

We finally arrived at the spot and set out on foot. As we were walking in the woods Ted stopped me and asked me if I still wanted to go through with it. I agreed eagerly at which point he grabbed my head and gave a very sensual and passionate kiss. I returned it back to him, sticking my tongue into his mouth.

When we came to this tiny clearing in the trees Ted turned and started kissing me while his hands undid my belt. I started to do the same but I was fumbling too much due to my excitement. When he unbuckled my belt he then unzipped me and lowered my shorts over my rock hard cock. He then told me to wait while he got his shorts off as well. Like me he was beautifully hard and ready to go. Ted grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. He told me to do the same to him which I immediately did. It felt like a huge electrical shock went through my body when I first touched it. I couldn’t believe how hard it was yet soft to the touch. It was wonderful!!

After a few minutes Ted dropped to his knees and told me he wanted to suck my cock. He asked if it was ok. I couldn’t speak so I just nodded my head. He then put my cock in his mouth and proceeded to give me an amazing blowjob. I was in heaven. Very quickly I realized I was going to cum so I told him to stop as I didn’t want to go over so soon. Ted stopped and stood up. I don’t know what came over me but I had to have Ted’s cock in my mouth. I immediately dropped to my knees and quickly started sucking his cock. It felt so surreal to me, here I was on my knees sucking another man’s cock. It was amazing. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock trying my best to bring him pleasure, occasionally stopping to lick his large mushroom head which caused him to moan loudly. As this was my first time I was surprised how big his cock felt in my mouth although he was no bigger than me. I even went so far as to suck his big smooth balls, loving every minute of it.

By now Ted was ready to shoot so he told me to stop, which I did. He pulled me up and started kissing me again. He told me that he wanted me to cum in his mouth. He again dropped to his knees and proceeded to give me more of the amazing blowjob he had started earlier. Within 2 minutes I was ready to cum and told him. Ted just pulled me in closer to him as I had my best orgasm ever. I don’t know how much I shot but it was a lot yet Ted took it all. After I finished he licked my cock clean and then stood up. I felt so weak in the knees at this point I could barely stand up. He asked if I liked it and I answered by giving him a hot wet kiss, swirling my tongue around in his mouth.

What came next surprised me as he told me that he didn’t want me to suck his cock again. He didn’t want to rush me but next time he would love to cum in my mouth. Although I was disappointed I asked if I could stroke his cock until he came to which he agreed. I then proceeded to grab the lube I had brought with me and lubed up his hard cock. I loved the feeling of his slippery hard cock sliding in my hand. Within minutes he was shooting gobs of cum onto the ground. The little that ended up on my hands I licked clean, enjoying the salty taste.

We then got our shorts back on and headed back to my car. As we walked Ted grabbed my hand and told me how much he enjoyed it. He also said he was surprised that I sucked his cock as he was not expecting it. I stopped, kissed him and told him I was so hot for his cock that I felt the time was right.

When we got back to our original rendez-vous location, Ted gave me a long hot kiss and told me that we had to do it again. I couldn’t agree more and we made plans to meet again in 3 days.

This was my first time sucking cock but it wasn’t my last.

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