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You arrive home from work tired from your long day. All you can think about is a hot shower and a cold pint. Your curious as you enter the house. Having seen the strange car with out of state plates in the drive. You shrug it off and head to have your shower. As you near our bedroom you hear the giggles and soft feminine moans. The door is ajar slightly so you quietly step to see what is going on. On the king size bed you see us. Our lips are locked in a deep passionate kiss. Her long hair draped across my breasts. Her hands entwined in my hair. She pulls back my head as her lips move down over my neck. Her pink tongue swirling, causing the moans that had drawn you. You feel your cock begin to swell at the sight of us. You move your hand down to rub your swelling shaft. You’re frozen to the spot unable to do anything but watch.

You see her rise slowly from the bed. She pulls me to a standing position and moves behind me to unzip my dress. You watch as the dress falls slowly to the floor. That body you helped to create now in full view. You watch as she slips her hands up over my flat stomach to my breasts. She flicks the front closure of the bra, drawing it back slowly over my shoulders. My full pink tipped up thrust breasts now in your full view. You suck in your breath to cover a whimper as she rolls my pink nipples in her fingers. You bite at your lips as they become long and hard as stone. She whimpers poker oyna as she steps in front of me. She dips her head and pulls one of my hard nipples into her mouth. She slips her hand down over my firm heart shaped ass, her fingertips sliding up and down the crack. I moan and arch my breasts into her mouth as she sucks and nips at the hard nipples.

Unable to hold back your passion at this sight you let out a whimper. We both turn to the door wide smiles on our faces. Knowing you would be home just as we planned. She walks slowly over to you, taking your hand and drawing you to stand beside me. She stands on her tiptoes to kiss your cheek. “Failte,” she says, her voice a soft thick Gaelic brogue. “I am Erin.”

You look to me, your eyes wide as if you can’t remember how to use words.

“Blair,” I whisper reminding you of your name with a giggle.

You smile and lick your lips. “Hello Erin, I am Blair. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

She giggles at your cracking voice. “Aye, Blair, I am very pleased to meet ye.” She moves back letting her hands slide down your chest and over your hard cock. She looks to me and we begin to giggle uncontrollably.

I lean over to kiss you gently. “Welcome home my Love. I see that you have enjoyed your surprise.” You smile back and reach to caress my bare breasts.

“Yes, My Love, very much.”

“It seems you have some swelling there canlı poker oyna between your legs,” I say, trailing my hands down to join Erin’s on your cock.

You nod. “Yes, Love, I do,” you say.

“Well we planned this so you might be pleased after a long day of work.” We both smile up at you as we lean to you gently, both our tongues darting into your mouth.

We gently lead you to the bed, removing your clothes as we go. As we arrive at the bed we push down your scrubs and your shorts gently. Helping you step out of them, we settle you against the foot of the bed. I quickly help Erin off with her dress. You gasp as we both turn our bare bodies right in front of your eyes. We gently push you back on the bed. Climbing onto your lap we slowly slide our wet slits up over your flat stomach and chest. We can feel you tremble as you moan at the feel of both our soft skin against yours. We slip ourselves higher. Our bodies pressed together as we face each other kissing deeply. We slip higher, leaving a wet trail of our juices on your skin. We slip over your chin together and press our soft wet slits against your lips. You cry out against us, your cock jerking. We pull away from each other and lean to take your cock into our mouths as we slip our wet pussies over your lips. You dip your head back and forth between us flicking at our clits and dipping your tongue into our hot wet slits to taste internet casino the juices. We both moan and press ourselves down against your tongue urging you to please us more.

Our lips meet in a long deep kiss around your hard cock. We lap at the head, fighting for drops of your precum. Our hands wrap tightly around the base of your cock as we stroke you letting our tongues curl together around the sensitive head. Your cock swells and jumps against our lips as we arch our pussies into your mouth, begging you to make us cum. You dip your tongue quickly from one to the other, whimpering and moaning as our juices coat your lips and chin. You can feel our hard nipples pressed into your thighs as we suck and lap at your hard cock. Our cries causing the precum to flow from your cock like a fountain. Then suddenly we throw our heads back and buck against your mouth, screaming, “Yes! Oh, Yes! Oh God! We Are Cumming!”

You lap quickly at the white creamy cum that flows from both our beautiful pussies onto your chin and lips. We suck and stroke your cock harder and faster now. Taking turns begging you to cum for us. Begging you to let us taste your sweet cum. You buck and arch your hips against us as your cock swells in our hands. We lap and stroke at you. You press your face harder into us as the first shots of your thick creamy cum splashes onto our lips. We stroke your cock hard and fast, milking every drop from you. Then, as you begin to settle, we lean to lick your cum from each others lips. We cuddle against you as you lay moaning and whimpering. We lean up to kiss you gently.

“Surprise,” we whisper against your ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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