Chapter 02: The Awakening

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I groaned as my head throbbed. Sending sharp pains, pulsating throughout my entire body. I blinked my eyes open but had to squint at the bright light overhead.

“What the….” Then I saw her. The Bitch, standing right over me, and looking down at me with that same, bitchy sneer she always wore upon her lips.

“Ah, look whose coming to finally.” She chuckled coldly and, once again, scraped her bloody red, claws, down my cheek.

My first reaction was to flinch away then hit her, but when I tried to lift my arm, I was stunned to find that my wrists, upper arms, fore arms, thighs, shins, and ankles, were strapped down to a cool metal table-like object. I shivered, a cold chill passing over my body, and to my utter astonishment, when I looked down at myself, I found that I was completely naked all but my skimpy black lace thong and matching poker oyna bra, as well as my trampy six inch Stilettoes.

“Such a lovely sight if I do say so myself..” She mused, more to herself than to me. Her fingernails left my cheek and were now making their way down my neck, over my chest, and drew little circles around my nipple through the thin lace.

I felt myself blush slightly as my nipple involuntarily hardened. Suddenly I let out a small yelp, feeling her take both my nipples in between her thumbs and forefingers. She pinched, pulled, and twisted them, making me arch upwards and a causing a small moan slip past my lips.

I cursed myself mentally for being the masochistic that I was. I had never thought of doing anything like this with a female before, but I couldn’t deny the dampness that was quickly growing between my thighs.

And canlı poker oyna I guess she had noticed my lust at the same time I had because she had my bra off in less than a second, one of my nipples between her teeth and the other still being fondled with roughly. She let her pink, warm, glistening tongue snake out between her lips and flicked at my nipple. Not able to control myself, another moan escaped my lips. Her free hand was trailing down my stomach and to the hem of my lace panties. Lowering her hand further, she rubbed my clit slowly, teasingly, through the flimsy fabric.

I gasped softly and my hips lifted off the rack as much as the bonds that held her down allowed her. I began to buck wildly when she bit down hard on my erect nipple and slipped her hand inside my panties. She didn’t hesitate for even a moment before she plunged internet casino a slender digit into me. I moaned loud and ground my hips against her hand, whining when she pulled her finger out of me. I yelped loud in surprise when she shoved her warm finger back into me, filling my tight cunt, and stretching it slightly.

“Such a filthy little slut,” She murmured, “you are mine now. You are mine to do with what I please and when I wish to use you. You will do anything and everything I say. You will not question me or my motives. And in return, I shall give you a home and love, all of my love…that is…if you give me your love as well…. You are my pet, my girl, my slut, and if you are a good girl, you will get many a reward. And if you’re a bad girl, then punishment is what you will receive….”

My response was a simple moan as she pushed me over the edge, pinching my clit and digging at my G-spot. I was sent into sub-space, the orgasm racing through my body, shattered everything in its path. And for the second time that night, darkness engulfed me and I passed out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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